Why NFL Annual Championship Game Called Super Bowl

You might be a big fan of American Football and the NFL, but did you know that your popular America Football sporting event Super Bowl was initially called the AFL-NFL championship Game for the first two years and then the “World Champion Game” for the next game that was held in 1970. So why we called it Super Bowl now? Who suggest the name for the former AFL-NFL championship? When the name was suggested, when it goes official? There is an interesting story behind the origin of this name but first we’ll take a look of the 2 words, “Super” and “Bowl” to answer all these questions. [AdSense-A]

Both these words, Super and Bowl are not new and enter the English language a thousand year ago. We all know that Bowl is referred to a deep and round basin or dish that is used to store food or contain water. But did you know that in the context of sports, the term bowl is used for Stadiums that shaped like a bowl. Most commonly the football stadiums are shape like this so that every person can watch the match uninterruptedly. The basin shaped stadiums are first built in early 1900s and the first know bowl-shaped stadium was the Yale Bowl and the one built in 1923, the Rose Bowl.

From Superball to Super Bowl

From Super Ball to Super Bowl


So it is now clear that the bowl actually used for a stadium a bowl shaped ground in sports which means that the word bowl is used in some context in sports. However the origin or the name super bowl is not inspired with the stadiums. It is actually inspired from and a misspell of Super Ball and was first introduced and suggested by Lamar Hunt, Businessman, a member of American Football League and the owner of Kansas City Chiefs . In 1966, Hunt wrote letter to the NFL commissioner of that time Mr. Pete Rozelle about the name he has in his mind. He wrote “I have kiddingly called the game the ‘Super Bowl’ which obviously can be improved upon.” Hunt later stated that he inspired with the word Super Ball used for a rubber ball. So it means it was not the Bowl-shaped stadiums but it was the Super Ball from which the name for the popular American sporting event coined.


However the Hunt’s suggested name do not take seriously at that time by NFL and hence the first 3 events are named as AFL-NFL championship and world championship game, which is obviously not attractive and specific. Once the AFL came into the authority and when considered equally to the AFL, the name Super Bowl is considered for the game. It happened after the New York Jets (AFL team) won against the NFL Green Bay Packers. Click here for the complete list of super bowl winners.

Now that was all about the name process, do you know why the event is numbered or suffixed with Roman Numerals? The same person, the Lamar Hunt advised to use the roman digits with the contests. And after that, it becomes a tradition which continues till today .

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