Why Is KickAssTorrents down? Know the unknown Truth

After the Kickasstorrents official site goes down, there was ambiguity among the visitors of this site and the torrents fans that what happened to kickass torrents and why it is banned. Most of the website reported that the site goes down after the arrest of its owner Artem Vaulin. Artem is a citizen of Ukraine but shifted to Poland. Upon U.S government request, Polish Police department and Cyber Crime agency arrested him and handed-over to the U.S Department of Justice. He is now in their custody, facing charges against him due to copyright infringement case. Most of these cases or petitions are put by Hollywood film industry for hosting the newly released movies on Kickasstorrent. The site owner and the legal assistant of the KAT however deny this allegation and say that we do not store or host any file on our database, we just link to the file uploaded by users using BitTorrent technology. Mostly the files are stored on third party servers and torrent storage providers like TorCache.net.


With such a strong excuse, Artem, the owner of KAT still have to face the court process because of violating the DMCA law and distributing of Copyright material. The site received on an average, 10 to 30 DMCAs on their DMCA page out of which only few are entertained by deleting the spotted torrent file from there server. Still there was a huge number of complains remain unnoticed as the owner purposefully or aimlessly don’t entertain it all and the requested files were not deleted. The KAT team argues that most of the part of Kickass torrents was management by users who uploads torrent files daily on a huge basis. The users have full control of what to upload and where to put it. This make sense for a normal internet user but having no control over you own site can results in such a big trouble.

Here our experts have pointed out the top reasons due to which the Kickasstorrents goes down and their domain got seized.


1. Kickasstorrents Movies

One of the main reason for which the KAT site is seized is the movies they uploaded. Kickass torrent was famous for the distribution of movies upon its release. When it was live, one can easily found a newly released movie on the site whether in HD or simple CAM format on KAT. This causes huge lost in the revenue that is to be generated by the movie in a specific duration of time. When people get it for free at home, no one would like to pay a huge amount for Cinema ticket.Along with English movies by Hollywood, almost all foreign languages movies can be founded easily on the site. Hollywood takes this issue seriously and submit petition in court against KAT.

why kickasstorrents banned

2. Distribution of Premium Software

Premium software like anti-viruses, firewalls, office applications like Microsoft Office, MS Access, Photoshop and other Adobe application e.g.Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, LightRoom, Aftereffect and many more was once founded easily on KAT for free. These softwares cost thousands of dollars if the original and genuine versionsbuy from market. Some even have uploaded Operating System like Window Vista, 7, 8 and Window 10. Distribution of these precious programs for free is a real crime. Distributing someone efforts for free and without even credit the developer is immoral. So the software distribution especially the premium one without permission from the developer is the second main reason behind the closure of Kickasstorrents.

3. Hosting TV Serials

KAT also has hosted popular TV serials like Game of Thorne, Ghost Hunter and the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series for free. While a TV channel has paid millions of dollars for making and promotion of their TV serials, letting it to the potential viewers of that serial for free is another offense by KAT. Kickasstorrent has received many DMCA complaints in this section of the website too, which the team didn’t take seriously.

4. Copyrighted Music

When a new album released by a pop-singer, a rock-star or when a new music is created to be sold on iTunes, people got crazy about it. The singer has limited time to generate handsome revenue from the sold copies of the album. Kickass torrent gives it away for free by uploading the music on the site. Such copyright infringement too, causes the closure of this Mega torrents site.

kickasstorrents books

5. Pirated Books

Now let comes to the theft of text, the piracy of books. KAT was a great source to get books for free on almost every topic. Whether it is business related, medical books, history book, stories novels or literature, user was able to find and download them all on Kickass torrents. If not being listed there on the site, visitor uses the forum to ask the community of hundreds of thousands other users for a specific. Well this is not bad but distributing someone else efforts like that is a crime and this was one of the reasonsthat is notified by publishers and author to the U.S Department of Justice to take some action against KAT to stop literature piracy.


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