UEFA Champions League 2016-17 Confirmed Schedule

The annual season of UEFA Champions league for the year 2016-17 is going to begin on 29th June 2016 with qualifying rounds. The last play offs of qualifying rounds will be on 24th August 2106. The whole year long schedule of this football mega event is confirmed by the official authority of Union of European Football Association. They have revealed the calendar of the event past week. There will be three qualifying rounds followed by playoffs and then the Group Stage draw will being on 13 and 14 of September 2016. Group Stage Draw will be then followed by knockout round starting from 14 – 15 Feb 2017. The event will end on the 3rd June 2016 where the final will take place at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales.

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Here is the full-year calendar and complete schedule of Qualifying Rounds, Group draw stage rounds, Knockout rounds, Quarter Finals, Semi-final and the final matches of UEFA champion league.

UEFA Champions League 2016-17 Confirmed Schedule


UEFA Champions League 2016-17 Schedule & Calendar

Rounds Dates
Qualifying Rounds
1st Qualifying Round (Leg 1) 28-29 June 2016
1st Qualifying Round (Leg 2) 05-06 July 2016
2nd Qualifying Round (Leg 1) 12-13 July 2016
2nd Qualifying Round (Leg 2) 19-20 July 2016
3rd Qualifying Round (Leg 1) 26-27 July 2016
3rd Qualifying Round (Leg 2) 02-03 August 2016
Playoffs (leg 1) 16-17 August 2016
Playoffs (leg 2) 23-24 August 2016
Group Stage Draw (Friday, 26 August 2016)
Matchday 1 (Group Stage) 13–14 September 2016
Matchday 2 (Group Stage) 27–28 September 2016
Matchday 3 (Group Stage) 18-19 October 2016
Matchday 4 (Group Stage) 01-02 November 2016
Matchday 5 (Group Stage) 22–23 November 2016
Matchday 6 (Group Stage) 06–07 December 2016
First Knockout Stage Draw (Monday, 12 December 2016)
1st Legs (Round of 16) 14–15 & 21–22 February 2017
2nd Legs (Round of 16) 07–08 & 14–15 March 2017
Quarter-Finals Draw (Friday, 17 March 2017)
1st Legs (Quarter-Finals) 11–12 April 2017
2nd Legs (Quarter-Finals) 18–19 April 2017
Semi-Finals Draw (Friday¸ 21 April 2017)
1st Legs (Semi-Finals) 02-03 May 2017
2nd Legs (Semi-Finals) 09-10 May 2017
Champions League 2016-17 Final Saturday, 03 June 2017


About UEFA Champion League 2016-17

Qualifying rounds for UEFA champion league is near to begin. People and football fans are getting excited about the event and eager to watch their favorite team and player playing and dribbling the football. This annual competition of continental football clubs will be organized by Union of European Football Associations since 1992. The competition held every year with all year long matches, knockout rounds and then final. UEFA champion league tournament is among the most watched event and it is predicted that the event organized for 2017 will break the record of 20102 – 13 tournament which was the most watched tournament ever in the history of UEFA league. The event has drawn the attention of 360 million viewers worldwide for the said year.

UEFA Champion League Format

Starting in the end of June, a total 42 teams will appear in the qualifying rounds out of which 10 surviving teams will enter the Group Stage Draw. They will join the 22 other teams in group stage draw. These 22 teams will be the winners and runner-ups of the UEFA champion league 2015 – 16 knockout and group stage draw phase. The total 32 teams will be divided into 8 groups, each co tainting four teams. Out of the 8 groups, the winners and the runner up will proceed toward the knockout rounds. From there the team who survive will qualify for quarter final, semi final and then final. The winner of the Final of UEFA champion league automatically qualifies for the FIFA Club world cup and UEFA Super Cup.

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