Top 10 Interesting Human Psychological Facts

1. LiesLying

Lies – The average person tells 4 lies a day, 28 lies a week, 1460 a year and a total of 87,600 till they are 60. The most common lie of which is ‘I’m fine’. It is said that lying is the second thing Human develop soon after they learn to walk. (a 2 year old baby can lie too). People who lie more are good at detecting other people’s lie.[AdSense-A]

2. Smile

Smile to make your self happy

Smile – Smiling can make you feel happier and energetic, even if you are in bad mood, smile will immediately improve your mood, even thinking about smile and using the face muscle is enough to trigger the happy chemicals (Endorphin and Dopamine) in your brain.

3. Placebo

Power of Placebo

Placebo effect: Placebos (when a substance is perceived as a drug, has effect as a drug) can be as good as real treatment. The placebo effect is a scientific proof that our thoughts are powerful enough to bring things into existence and have the ability to heal our self.

4. Feeling Sad

Sad vs Happy

A psychological study suggest that when your are sad, you feel all the people around you happy, and similarly when you are single, all you see are happy couples – when you are in relation, you see happy singles.

5. Multitasking


Performing many tasks at once or multitasking is not the inborn ability of human brain but research suggests that you can train your brain for Multi-tasking. Women brain, as compared to men, is more capable of multitasking at same time, they tend to listen to phone calls and watch TV show while cooking. Although multitasking reduces efficiency of work because we have to allocate different cognitive resources to different tasks and have to shift between different thought processes quickly.

6. Creativity


Creativity: People are more creative in rooms colored blue, more creative in night and least in afternoon. However daydreaming and naps in noon can help with creative thinking. Left-handed people are more creative than right-handed.

7. Dreams


On average, human brain forget 90% of what it dream about, but people who fall in Love remember 30% more dreams.

8. Blaming

Blaming Others

In a bad situation, Humans tend to blame other people rather than circumstance. In a quarrel with neighbors, it’s your neighbors who always wrong.

9. Thought Suppression


Trying to suppress or avoid your thoughts actually makes you think more about it. Similarly trying to forget about your Ex and there is more chance to fall in love again with him/her.

10 . Group Decision and Brainstorming

Group Decision

Group are bad at decision making, similarly brainstorming (group discussion to generate ideas) doesn’t work  because people in group are less active and more worried about what others think. So when it comes to generate great ideas and make decision, it is better to think alone.


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