Proof of Ancient Aliens Visits and Interaction with Humans

Are we alone in the universe? Or, is there any extra terrestrials creatures in our neighbors? If yes, had they ever visited us? Did they made contact with us? Had they ever play role in development of our culture and modern technologies? These questions always wondered the human and for which they seeks answer.[AdSense-A]

Many scientist, archeologist and alien theorists say yes for the presence of alien and claim that earth was visited in past by intelligent extra terrestrials being who made contact with humans and helped shape human civilization, culture, religions and technologies.

Scientist found many clues scattered throughout the world, suggested that alien could have visited the earth long ago. Aliens like strange humanoid creatures and flying objects similar to UFO (quite same as today’s reported modern UFOs and aliens) are depicted in paintings, found in some religious text (which mentioned flying cars or flying chariots) and the presence of astronauts like stone sculptures from ancient culture. On the bases of these evidences, scientists claim the presence of ancient aliens or astronauts. Although there are many opponents to the theory, here are few evidence of ancient aliens existence, after looking at which, it’s up to you to believe or disbelieve the theory.


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