Main reasons you can’t get a girlfriend

There is a reason basically for everything, including figuring out why you can’t finally land a fine girlfriend which isn’t always that easy. What’s more, if you already knew why, you would not come there, right? So how can a nice guy get a girlfriend? To resolve that mystery we’re going to uncover oodles of different common reasons why you appear to be having some serious trouble in the hunt for girls, so you can make positive changes after all. Because you have to understand why you are having issues in order to make up a plan to break through your boundaries and find an ultimate solution.

1. You’re too picky

Chances are you have actually been inspecting too many Victoria Secret magazines and those have painted an unrealistic concept of the perfect girl for you in your mind. Chasing too many features or parameters is going to set you up to failure. Get real and you’ll figure out how you can get a girlfriend. Make a step outside your habitual comfort zone and take a second look at a girl that was not previously fitting your perfect picture. You’ll never know until you try.

2. Quitters never win

If you’re the type of guy that gives up too soon, there’s small wonder you still don’t have a girlfriend. Flexibility is gold when it comes to dating and relationship department. Ask a lady out and if she will politely tell you to get the hell out, don’t force. Your choice is not limited with exactly that one. Ask another girl out and remember to have a little patience and persistence. In the end, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to actually get a girl.

3. You let in your insecurities

Everyone has things they aren’t proud of and some things that just need to be accepted if they can’t be changed. Maybe you got a scar that is pretty visible, so all you have to do about it is to just get over that one. But if you are a bit overweight, you can make that issue dissolve and lose weight to gain more self-esteem. Regardless, you are who you are and if you don’t learn to love yourself, you can never make others do. Everyone has certain drawbacks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a girlfriend. Take a glance around you. Happy couples come in all shapes and sizes. Stop allowing your insecurities to be your excuse.

4. You feel lost in a crowd

If the reason of “why can’t I get a girlfriend” lies precisely in your inability to be the guy that hangs out with cool and popular dudes, you will be last in the line for getting a girl. So if the guys around you are shining brighter – your precious personality will never been seen much less valued. You will never ever in a billion years get a decent girlfriend, if all the chatters are only about the friends you’re with. Some stuff to think about, huh?

5. You’re not ballsy enough to say it how it is

To all the boys out there! If you miss the nuts to actually let a girl know you are interested in being more than just friends, you risk the possibility of only being friendzoned and nothing more. What you HAVE to do is move straight to the subject and tell a girl you want to date her and that you want her to be your chick. When saying this, she will either be head over heels astonished or… she won’t. Don’t you want to find it out?

6. You’re out of shape pretty bad

An answer to “how can I get a girlfriend” does not suppose you to be pumped up and have a full six-pack! What it does mean is that you should work out your beer belly and you make an effort to gain some muscle mass. That is super hot, don’t you think so?! You don’t have to be like Dwayne Johnson, but you certainly need to get in shape. Because when you have some relief muscles, you are showing her you care about your body and that will turn to your advantage when you are focused on getting a girl. Slobs get lost!

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