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Football is the most popular game and hence has more number of fans than any other sports. The crazy fans of football always struggle hard to find a free and reliable source, a site, a stream or a channel to watch football matches live. Few of them love to watch it on cable TV while most of other looking for an online source. Here we bring the list of such nice sources and free football live streaming sites for those who love to watch this exciting and thrilling game over internet from home or office. You can watch a match from Rio Olympics, FIFA world cup or the Thursday night football streaming. The list comprises some of the best sports streams that are free to access and easy to use. [AdSense-A]

We have just reviewed top 5; however there are thousands of football’s streaming sites on internet. You can also find a Live Stream on YouTube as well where you can watch the full length match and football tournament, FIFA world cup or euro cup. But sometimes these channels do not have the right to broadcast the matches or might not give coverage to the match that you are looking for. The streaming link might be broken or the site might be banned due to violation of law. In these cases, there must be some legal yet free sources to watch your favorite game on time. The sites listed there in this post are up to date, live and free of cost. Few of these sites might have some annoying ads that you have to face in the beginning, but you know that this would be the only source of income for their efforts. So let start the countdown from Number 05 and discover the best soccer streaming site.

Live Football Stream

Free Live Football Stream


5. Atdhe

ON number 5 of our list, here comes a great name in sports streaming site, the Atdhe. ATDHE is among those favorite and popular sports streaming site that is accessed and visited by millions of sports fan every month. This authority sport site is included in our list because it provide 24/7 live football stream of almos every match from Rio Olympics or FIFA world cup. This site reliable and legal, hosting links to the streaming only. It means that no stream is being hosted on the site actually but a third-party stream. The site do covers the other sporting events like current season of summer Olympics Rio 2016, Baseball, basketball, hockey, swimming, archery, cycling, weightlifting, UFC, WWE wrestling and boxing. The site is easy to use, free of cost and requires no sign up or login to access the football stream.

4. VipBox

VipBox was once trying to compete it native rival first row sports to be the number 1 sports streaming site but face many allegation due to which the site didn’t get much popular as the Firstrowsports. Vipbox is however far better than other low quality streaming providing sites. Here you can find the links to live football matches that is on-air or is about to start in next 30 minutes. It means that the site put link to the match just half an hour before it begin.  The look and design is so professional that it can change your perception about live streams if you don’t use them regularly. Vipbox is perhaps a good alternate to TV channels if not available in your region.

3. MyP2P

Resides on number 03 in our list of Live football stream providing sites, MyP2P is a great source that a football fan can get in love with. The first impression of this streaming site looks really professional and it seems that this website is maintain by professional bloggers and experts sports writers. Myp2p covers almost all the soccer events whether national of international including FIFA, Euro Cup, Copa America and the football matches from Rio Olympics 2016. These all are free to watch, easy to access and live 24/7. The schedule of everyday matches are being published on the front page of this sports streaming site and when a match over, it’s been achieved as highlights. So if you are looking for a few great options to watch your favorite match live, you should definitely bookmark this site and visit it frequently in future.


2. Front Row Sports

The one among two sports streaming giants, Front row sports make it place on number 02 in our list of top 5 sports streaming and live football streams. Front Row Sports, as its name indicates, give you the ultimate sports viewing experience. Watch football with Frontrowsports is just like sitting in the first row of the stadium from where you can truly enjoy the whole match hassle free. The site is good for watch football, boxing, UFC, car racing, MotoGP, Cricket and other sports as well. However the best is yet to come. Check the number 1 sports streaming site below.


1. First Row Sports

Firstrowsports is the pioneer of sports streaming site and unmatched source of football streaming on the internet. Firstrow faces many allegation and even ban in different countries but still remains the number 1 choice and hence resides on the top of our list. Firstrow has many versions with different extensions and Uniform Resource Locator or URLs such as,,, and many more. Almost all of these provide same level of football watching experience.

Final Words

Now you have the links and review about the top 5 streaming sites to watch football matches live, it is up to you to choose the best among them. Check all the five, surf them and use them to stream the matches and then pick the best for you, bookmark it and enjoy the game for free.

It’s Your Turn Now

If you feel that your favorite site is missing in the list or if you have another great sports streaming or football stream in mind, please share it with us by commenting below or by contacting us.


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