Hi-Tech Night Vision Capable Contact Lenses and Cell Phones

Although Night vision technology is not new and have been around us from many decades emerged dated back in 1970, but the devices for night vision are big and bulky, wearing which on your night jaunt will surely not be a smart idea. Currently existing night vision devices or the clunky, huge goggles are used by army to take over the enemy in night or by professional wildlife researchers while they are in forest.[AdSense-A]

But what if you have the same technology fit in your eyes?
What if you have night vision enables cell phones or cameras?
Yeah, this will be really cool.

Thanks to the team of researchers leading by Zhaohui Zhing at University of Michigan, USA, we will soon have contact lenses with the capability to sense infrared and ultraviolet lights renders our eyes to see in darkness.

The team is doing research on Graphene (a thin layer of pure carbon) using it on contact lenses will give the lens the power to sense non-visible infrared and ultraviolet light plus visible lights and, as heard through some sources, can enhance ambient light up to 200 percent.

These lenses will have several advantages over the conventional night vision goggles as these lenses will be more comfortable to use, provide full peripheral vision and sure, will be less expensive.

The technology will not only limited to contact lenses but can also be integrated with camera phones and other visual gadgets.

The lenses would probably used by military in war field mostly but you too can enjoy the power of night vision even while walking home in dark late night or go for a night-time journey through jungle. These lenses may help medical professional to sense the blood flow in patients body and can aid in historian and artists eyes to analyze the old paintings or sculptures.



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