Top 10 Best and Free Live Sports Streaming Sites

Regarding the live sports streaming sites, everyone has his own priority and choice. You may like first row sports over Vipbox sports or may prefer Atdhe over MyP2P. It’s up to you but sometime the favorite match or fight which you want to watch online can be missing from the list of “Live” streaming in your favorite site. In this case, an alternate link or streaming might be helpful. Of course, web is a network of millions of networks, contain billions of sites. Out of these, hundreds of thousands sites are about the live streaming of sports. But only few of them maintain their quality to an optimum level which makes them most favorite. And, here we have compiled a list of such beautiful and useful streaming sites to enjoy any live match or boxing fight at home.[AdSense-A]

Live free sports streaming sites are really helpful in cases where there is no Cable or Dish to watch your favorite game show on TV. Or, in case if your cable operator or Dish TV didn’t have the channel which will live broadcast the match. Here the internet plays its role to bring the streaming on your computer screen. But still you have to find the right place, the right site by yourself. Here we have reviewed the best possible streaming site for you so you can enjoy everything related to sports live.

Live Sports Streaming

Free Live Sports Streaming Sites


1. First Row Sports

In our review of best sports streaming websites, remains the first choice by most of the sports fans. It is unique in the sense that the site provides real-time live streaming of most of the sports. The list of such sports including Basketball, baseball, football, hockey, cricket, boxing, UFC, WWE, cycling, MotoGp, Formula 1 racing and many more. It also cover many local and less popular sports and events. A few limitation and thumbs down for the First Row sports is that the links are some time didn’t work and there are lots of annoying pop-ups when click on a link or streaming. The quality of streaming is however fine, best to watch on the small screen of mobile to the big screen of PC.

2. VipBox

VipBox sports website remains on number 2. It has more organized streaming section. It is free to use, requires no logins or signups. However you can make account to surf the site more easily and get notified for a specific match or fight. Ads and pop-ups are the same concern for many users of this site. The streaming quality is good which make it worth to stream live sports with and bookmark.

3. MyP2P

This site comes on the 3rd place. The site has live streams for almost all the popular sports but unlike first row and Vipbox, it didn’t include the local sports like Cycling, fencing etc. MyP2P has user-friendly interface and is easy to use by anyone. It also contain ads both on-page, pop-ups as well as ads on the streaming window while it loads.

4. Atdhe

ATDHE is popular among the sports fans based in Europe and United States. It is a valuable site that provides streaming of football, cricket, baseball, basketball as well as the streaming of special events including the NHL Super Bowl, MLB World Series, Stanley Cup competition, Grand Prix, Euro Cup, Copa America, World T20 cup and ICC World Cup. The site uses Window Media Player for streaming instead of flash player.

5. Wiziwig

Wiziwig is another popular name for streaming the sporting events like Rio Olympics, FIFA world cup, Car Racing and more. Wiziwig got popular after many other sports site got seized by DOJ due t violation of law. The site provides quality streaming with less on-page ads. However you might see some annoying ads while the stream loads and during buffering.

6. Roja Directa

Roja Directa was once a popular sports streaming site loved by football fans as the site broadcast live matches of soccer event. The site got banned but few other versions of Roja Directa are available with the extension of EU, TV, and Me. The later versions are not much popular and as updated as the original site, still it is worth to use the site for a match streaming

7. Front Row Sports

Here comes another great name for sports fans to watch live match or fight. Front Row Sports has similar API and interface as of The site updates every hour to include the latest streaming links for upcoming events. The sources of income for Front Row Sports are the affiliate links and ads. Most of the affiliate link over there may lead you to the betting sites. Be careful if you’re asked for an account, signup or payment.

8. Sports Lemon

This site is for sure one of the best streaming site and therefore included in our list. The site provides really good quality sports streams along with the scores and updates during a match. is perhaps good because it can be your alternate to the Cable TV. You can watch all the sports events or at least your favorite one when out of home.


This site should be on the top of the list of sports sites for those who like to watch the Field Hockey, horse racing, darts, cycling and other less popular sports. The site focused more on these local sports and hence didn’t get into noticed by football, cricket, baseball and basketball fans. However the site is updating constantly and has included the streaming of international sports events as well.

10. AllSportLive

As its name suggests, AllSportLive is the best option to watch live game show of all the popular and less popular sports. Here you can enjoy the ongoing Pakistan vs England and India vs West Indies test cricket series. The site is a good choice to watch Live NBA, MLB, NHL and Rugby streaming. From the homes page of the site, you can access the streaming of football, hockey, cricket, baseball, basketball and all other sports. The site although do not hosts a streaming on their server, instead they just indexed the links to the streaming hosted on different servers and websites.


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