FIFA Football World Cup Winners List Year-wise

Before talking about the winners of FIFA world cup, let’s have some ice breaking question. So all the sports fans, can you name the world most viewed sports event? Are you thinking about Summer Olympics? Super Bowl game, or the ICC cricket world cup? No, none of these sports event is on the top of the world most viewed sports event. But the fact is that the FIFA world cup is the most viewed event with an estimate that 3.2 billion people have watched the 2014 FIFA football world cup. That is almost the half of the world total population. For more interesting information, here we have compiled a list of FIFA world cup winners along with the year it held and the fans that have watched and witnessed the event live.


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If you’re a crazy fan of sport especially the football, you might know that the last world cup which was held in Brazil in 2014 was won by……… yes, the Germany. The final match held between Germany and the Argentina with the Argentina being hot favorite for the season, still face defeat by Germens. So this is all or most of us know. But can you tell me about the first FIFA football world cup? When and where was it held? Who won it and which team remains the runner-up? You might don’t know it. So here is another easy question, how many times you country won the world cup final and how many time it remains the runner-up? To get answers to all these questions, refer to the table below.

FIFA Football World Cup 2014 Winner

FIFA Football World Cup 2014 Winner is Germany

The list includes the world cup results since 1930. Total 20 FFIA world cups have held till now. The event held regularly with the interval of 4 years. The only exception is the period of World War 2 where the game postponed for 2 consecutive seasons, 1942 and 1946. The last world cup was hosted by Brazil in 2014 where as the upcoming world cup will be hosted by Russia in 2018.


List of FIFA World Cup Winners

Year Winners Vs Runner-up Total Teams Hosts Attendance
2014 Germany vs Argentina 32 team Brazil 74, 738
2010 Spain vs Netherlands 32 team South Africa 84, 490
2006 Italy vs France 32 team Germany 69,000
2002 Brazil vs Germany 32 team Korea/Japan 69, 029
1998 France vs Brazil 32 team France 80,000
1994 Brazil vs Italy 24 teams United States 94,194
1990 West Germany vs Argentina 24 teams Italy 73, 603
1986 Argentina vs West Germany 24 teams Mexico 114,600
1982 Italy vs West Germany 24 teams Spain 90,000
1978 Argentina vs Netherlands 16 teams Argentina 71,483
1974 West Germany vs Netherlands 16 teams West Germany 75,200
1970 Brazil vs Italy 16 teams Mexico 107,412
1966 England vs West Germany 16 teams England 93,000
1962 Brazil vs Czechslovakia 16 teams Chile 69,000
1958 Brazil vs Sweden 16 teams Sweden 51,800
1954 West Germany vs Hungary 16 teams Switzerland 60,000
1950 Uruguay vs Brazil 13 teams Brazil 174,000
1946 Not held due to WWII Plan to held at Brazil
1942 Not held due to WWII Plan to held at Germany
1938 Italy vs Hungary 16 teams France 45,000
1934 Italy vs Czechslovakia 16 teams Italy 50,000
1930 Uruguay vs Argentina 13 teams Uruguay 80,000


Team-wise winning of FIFA Football World Cup

Look at the above list and you’ll find that Brazil is the most successful country that has won 5 world cups. Brazil reaches the final 7 times and won 5 out of it. Brazil won its first FIFA cup on 1958, then in 1962, 3rd in 1970 and 4rth one in 1994. Brazil won its 5th world cup in 2002. Current world football champion Germany is the 2nd most successful country that has appeared in the FIFA final 8 times and won 4 out of it. For information about other country winning ratio, see the list below. Here we have the country-wise standing of FIFA World Cup for you

  • Brazil 5 times
  • Germany 4 times
  • Uruguay 2 times
  • Italy 2 times
  • Argentina 2 times
  • Spain 1 time
  • England 1 time
  • France 1 time

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