Famous 3D Street artwork from around the world

3D street artwork is going popular nowadays and going viral on internet. 3D artist doe their work so brilliantly that you won’t believe on your eyes. After the 20 famous breathtaking 3D street artworks published last week, here is another cool collection of 3D street art that wait for your admiration. So watch them all and let us now about your favorite one.[AdSense-A]

01. Smart. “Smart” 3D drawing depicting a shiny translucent car.

3D Illusions Street Art Smart

02. Easy Jet – Edinburg. Now you can enjoy the beach on the street. Easy Jet is a clever depiction of beach on a street in the center of Edinburg.

3D Illusions Street Art Easy Jet

03. Costa – Covent Garden. Want to take such a huge cup of Italian coffee cappuccino? This 3D artwork is a sensible depiction of cup cappuccino.

3D Illusions Street Art Costa Covent Garden

04. Ford Mexico. Your favorite Ford car is coming out from the underground. Want to drive it?

3D Illusions Street Art Ford Mexico

05. Bukaresti – Romania. Another clever and realistic 3D painting of a crashing car. Watch it out.

3D Illusions Street Art Bukaresti

06. A fair in cologne. This cleverly depicted 3D painting of old tape recorder cassette in the middle of street will take you back to the era when Walkman were a common gadget.


3D Illusions Street Art A Fair Cologne

07. Self-portrait. It’s look like a mirror in between but it is actually a 3Diemensiaonal self portrait of the 3D artist on the street.

3D Illusions Street Art Self Portraits

08. Lizards. Incoming huge Lizards, Frog and mentis to attack on human. Watch out.

3D Illusions Street Art Lizards

09. Spiderman. It’s not a scene from Spiderman movie, it’s a beautiful and creative 3D artwork by 3D artist Julian Beever

3D Illusions Street Art Spider man

10. Basketball On the Road. Be careful Drivers, someone put that Basketball on the road. A clever and realistic 3D drawing of basketball

3D Illusions Street Art Basket Ball

11. Honeybees. The underground pole of Honey. Honeybees coming from underground.

Famous 3D street artwork honeybees

12. Asian Paints – Mumbai. A cool 3D color-fall by Asian Paints depicted on a famous street of Mumbai.

Famous 3D Street Artwork Asian Paints

13. Walk on Rope. Don’t worry, she won’t fall.

Famous 3D street artwork Rope Walk

14. Waste of water. Someone please stop the man wasting water on the street.

Famous 3D artwork West of Water

15. Water In The Way. Looks like a Pool filled with water; this is so realistic 3D artwork I have ever seen.

Famous 3D artwork Water in the way

16. King Kong. Oh It’s King Kong! A clever depiction of famous Hollywood movie King Kong.

Famous 3D artwork kingkong

17. Treasures. Look like if the artist has found a gold treasure in the middle of the city! A cool and clever 3D drawing.

Famous 3D Street Artwork Treasures

18. Machu Picchu. One of the Seven Wonders of the World. Machu Picchu is now on your town’s street.

Famous 3d street artwork machu Picchu

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