New Aluminum Battery Will Bring Many Changes in Smartphones

Well Dreams come true. The future of smartphones will be more bright and long lasting and soon we will have wearable and flexible Smartphone with an extreme battery life with the invention of new aluminum battery that is safer, cheaper with ultrafast charging and long lasting power than the traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Smartphone goes advance day by day. Latest smartphones come with new features, slim design, heavy hardware, ultimate graphics and High Resolution Cameras for photo capturing and video recording. All these features requires a powerful battery to gives the phone long life for days so that the user can enjoy all of the features while going on outing. In recent years, there are so many changes and advancement in the Smartphone shape, configuration and features but the battery remains same.


Traditional lithium ion batteries were not enough to stand up for days and the Smartphone users often carry a pair of extra battery (if the phone comes with exchangeable battery) and charger or power bank with plugin-in cable to keep their phone running everywhere they go. Now all of that are going to change in future with invention of new aluminum ion batteries.

Announced on April 6, 2015, Hongjie Dai, professor of chemistry at Stanford University, says that “Aluminum batteries will soon replace the traditional lithium-ion batteries in Smartphones and from other gadgets”. He further explains the battery and said “This is a simple piece of aluminum that is cheaper and safer than today’s the conventional lithium-ion battery”. Regarding the safety and efficacy of the battery, Hongjie Dai stated “Our new battery won’t catch fire, even if you drill through it. You can bend the battery and it will still work”. Regarding the manufacturing of the battery to be availed for commercial use, Hongjie Dai and his team said that “Several companies expressed interest to license the technology and make products. This new aluminum ion battery will be available soon in market and will integrate in Smartphone soon because of its simple design”.

Here are some key features of this new invention that will bring revolution in the Smartphone’s industry:

New Ultra-fast Charging Aluminum Battery

Ultrafast charging

The new Aluminum ion battery has high speed charging capability and can charge in just one minute. That is too fast than today conventional lithium ion battery which takes somewhat 30 minute to 1 hour to get fully charge. Some either take 2 hours.

Flexible Battery

Unlike the rigid lithium ion battery, Aluminum-ion battery is much flexible can bend easily and so the Smartphone using Aluminum Battery. So we will have flexible and wearable Smartphone in near future.



As far as the safety is concern, the new aluminum ion battery is much safer than the one right now in your Smartphone. Aluminum ion battery will not get fire or blast even if you make a hole in it.


Well easily available components of the new aluminum ion battery will make it cheaper than our current lithium ion battery. It will also influence the cost of Smartphone as well

Long lasting

One of the distinct features that will fall you in love with the upcoming aluminum battery is its long life. The battery will standby for days so you don’t need to carry the bulky power banks, charges, cables or extra pair of battery with your future Smartphone

Long Life Cycle

The aluminum battery has a great life cycle and unlike the conventional lithium-ion battery, aluminum ion battery can charge easily more than 7500 times without any significant change in the battery life or performance.


Simple, easy to manufacture

Again, due to simple structure and easily available ingredients of this new aluminum ion battery, it will be easy to manufacture and of course more economic therefore.

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