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7 Leading Causes of Obesity That You should Know

Obesity or over weight is not just the beauty concerns but it is rather a complex disorder which involves excessive amount of fat in body. If you are obsessed, it means that there are too much fat or lipids accumulated in your body. A person can be said obese if his or her weight is 20% more than the average or reference weight for the same highest and age.


Although not a disease itself, obesity can lead to more serious disease or disorders. The more you obese and overweight the more there are chances to get disease particularly cardiac diseases, Hypertension or High Blood Pressure and Diabetes mellitus. But don’t worry; obesity is not an incurable disorder it is rather can be treated by simple means without medicines. In this article we are just focusing on what makes you obese and then we’ll try to cover the topic on how to overcome obesity.

Why do people become obese?

There are too many reasons a person become obese. Here we have selected the most common leading causes of obesity which including but not limited to:

01. Eating too much or consuming too many calories

There is a well defined range of calories a person should take based on the age, sex and activity level. But if someone takes more calories than the required range, it will eventually lead to the obesity. Along with eating more, eating high calories diet like those contain fats and carbohydrates, is another common reason of obesity epically if someone has sedentary lifestyle.

02. Have a lazy or sedentary lifestyle or Physical inactivity

You may be at risk of developing obesity if you have sedentary life style. Watching televisions, sitting on computer, playing video games, using remote controls to on or off fan/lights after coming from office will result in less calorie consumption by body leading to obesity.

03. Not getting proper Sleep

On an average, there is 8 hours sleep required for body and mind to work properly. In case if you don’t get enough sleep (either low in quality or quantity) or have Sleeplessness you become overweight soon. The link between obesity and improper sleep, your body inner homeostasis and hormonal balance will disturb which leads to obesity.


04. Endocrine or hormonal disorders

Proper hormones are required for proper growth and metabolism. In case if you have any hormonal imbalance due to some hormonal deficiency or excess like that in Thyroid disease or Adrenal Disease, the food particularly lipid metabolism will affected which results in over accumulation of fat in your body hence leads towards the obesity.

Diabetes mellitus; which is an endocrine disease, too in which there is no or less production of insulin from endocrine part of Pancreas gland, is another common cause of obesity. In Diabetes mellitus, the body cells do not get enough glucose and thus signals the brain which perceived as hunger and the patient’s are eating more then the usual and required

05. Use of Certain medications that make patients put on weight.

Obesity can be side effect of certain medicines, especially of those which alters the hormonal balance of body and build up fat in body. There are many medicines which build up fat in body make patient obese but some of those medicines are Steroids; not only the anabolic steroids but those which use to treat Asthma, Allergic reaction, inflammation (joint inflammation) and contraceptive or birth control pills or injection as these pills or injection contains Estrogen and Progesterone.

Both these listed types of medication can interfere with normal metabolism of food particularly the lipids and enhance the accumulation of fat in body.

06. You are more prone to be Obese if You have obesity gene

Researchers at University College of London found a gene an FTO and its connection with Obesity. The individuals who carry FTO genes are tend to overeat and more likely to eat food rich in fat and energy. This faulty gene FTO make 1 in every six people to eat more, reported in research. People who carry FTO gene are less likely to fade up and lack the feeling of fullness or satiety after eating.

However the research didn’t explain and understand well that how this particular gene FTO drives the behavior of a person to eat more and become obese.

07. Lower rates of smoking (smoking suppresses appetite)

Well sounds awkward but those who quit smoking gains weight. The research being conducted and published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported that “Among people who stop smoking, the average weight gain is between 6 and 8 pounds while roughly 10 percents of people who stop smoking gain up to 30 pounds or more weight.” However not every person gains weight after they stop smoking, so quit smoking doesn’t confirm that you’ll become obese but chances are there.

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