5 Recently Extinct Animals That You’ll Miss in 2015

5. Passenger Pigeon

Recently Extinct Passenger Pigeon

Passenger Pigeon Source

Passenger Pigeon was a common bird in North America which tends to have large flock with billion of birds in it just 200 year ago. But then the tragic part of the Passenger Pigeon occurs where this beautiful bird were hunted to extinct because their meat was commercialized for profit and sold at very cheap rate. The commercialization of the meat of Passenger Pigeon lead to massive hunting comparing against the bird which wipe-out all pigeons from the earth. The last Pigeon of this species, named Martha were kept in Cincinnati Zoo which was died alone there on September 1914. Now, no single bird of this species left behind.


4. Thylacine, the Tasmanian tiger

Recently Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

Last Tasmanian Tiger “Benjamin” Source

Despite the name and shape of this extinct animal was neither a tiger nor a dog rather they are the carnivorous marsupial which were the largest known Carnivorous marsupial of its time. In contrast to their name, Tasmanian Tigers were harmless to human but hunted to extinct because the farmer believe that this creature is responsible for killing their sheep, goats and small farm animals. Inhabiting the Tasmania and Australia Thylacine were being recognized in 1936 as being at risk of becoming extinct. The last Tasmanian tiger was died on September 07 of the same year (1936) in Hobart Zoo of Tasmania.


3. Golden Toad

Recently Extinct Golden Toad

Golden Toad Source

This small beautiful Golden Organ colored Toad, named as Golden Toad after its Golden color, was first discovered by Jay Savage, a herpetologist in 1966. Inhabited in the tropical forests of Montverde, Costa Rica, the species were not in danger to become extinct till 1987 and were found in large number there. But due to weather changes, the pools which were their breeding sites were dried and there were only 29 Toads left behind. In 1989 the researchers found the single male of the species and up till now, even after extensive searches, the researches failed to search out even a single Golden Toad.

2. Pyrenean Ibex

Recently Extinct Pyrenean Ibex

Pyrenean Ibex Source

Found in the Pyrenean Mountain range of Spain, France and Andorra, Pyrenean Ibex is the only extinct animal that was clone after its extinction but a few minutes after the reborn of the Pyrenean Ibex, the animal become extinct again as the cloned one died due to lung failure. This animal was extinct because of continuous persecution by human being. There were about 100 animals of the species found in the beginning of 20th century and in 1981, there were 30 individuals of the Pyrenean Ibex reported. The last member of this species named Celia was died on the 6th January 2000 at the age of 13 and the Pyrenean Ibex were announced as the extinct animal.

1. Caribbean Monk Seal

Recently Extinct Caribbean Monk Seal

Caribbean Monk Seal Source

Caribbean Monk seal is one of the most recently extinct species officially declared as the extinct animal on 6th June 2008. As the name suggest, the seal was native to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea and the only recognized seal of Caribbean Sea.

Discovered by Columbus along with his team on his second journey America in 1494, the Caribbean seal extinct because of human. Hunting of this seal was start by Columbus and his colleagues for food, the Caribbean seal were hunted massively to get the oil and food from the seal and become declared as extinct species in 2008.

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