20 Breathtaking Creative 3D Street Artworks

Well you may inspire from 2D art on paintings but what about the 3D artworks? 3D artwork especially 3D street art are going viral and popular day by day. There are some really cool and stunning 3D street artworks done by famous 3d artist around the world which will fall you in love with 3D street paintings. These 3D artists adorn the streets with cool 3-dimensional chalks and painting artwork which attract visitors from around the world to visit and see these smart and cool 3-dimensional artworks.


So, here is a cool collection of breathtaking nicely done 3D artwork done by famous 3d artist so realistically that you can’t bat your eyes. 3D Street art is actually a 2 dimensional artwork done so realistically and creatively that is look like a real life object or scene. In these 3 dimensional artworks, some depicted themselves while others portrayed the beauty of waterfall, paintings of flowers, ancient history, giants coming from inside the earth etc. Just checkout these cool 3D artwork by yourself and let us know in comments about your favorite one.

Hot river. This 3D artwork took nearly whole of the street to create such a breathtaking earth cracking effect. Really brilliant 3D art (via Edgar Mueller)

Hot River 3D Street-Art

Ice Abyss. After the Hot River, it’s now time to look at the huge Ice gulf. Be careful or you may fall in this ice abyss!

Ice Abyss 3D Street Art

Raft. What if your town is flooded like this? Enjoy this creatively depicted flooded street.

Raft 3D Street Art

Johnnie Walker in Taipei. What you like in this painting? The scene or Beer? By Johnnie Walker

3D Illusions Street Art By Walker

Mysterious cave. Well you may have seen some underground caves in Disney Movies, here is a real one under your feet.


Mysterious Cave 3D Street Art

Reflection. Although its look like a mirror or a pool of water reflecting the People seeing in it, but it’s not the case. This cool 3D street artwork is depicting the reflection.


Melstorm. Hmmm, what its look like? Yes, the vortex!


Muses. Similar to the 3D art shown earlier, this 3-Dimensionla artwork is a classic painting similar to old medieval castles paintings.


Hole. Look like a hole to the underworld.


Relaxing giant. The Giant come from the Greek Mythological stories is relaxing on the street


Horses. Horess, familiar hats and ropes, yes, this 3D painting depicting the cowboy show.


Office stress. Did you feel in your office like that? This cool 3D artwork represented and depicted the Office Stress you may have in a typical working day in your office. Or maybe not?


Crazy river. Somebody help them. There is an alligator in that Crazy River.



Escalator. Escalator in the shopping mall from the basement. Cool and Creative

3D-Illusions-Street-Art-Escalator 3D-Illusions-Street-Art-Escalator

Grant’s. Cool 3D chalk panting of “Grant’s”.


Nails. It’s not a circus or magic trick, it is quite real.


Escape of the mummy. Be careful, it’s old ancient mummies coming out of underground.

The world’s biggest fly. The World’s biggest fly found dead on the street.

HDI. What will you do if this happens to your car? So, be careful while parking your car.

Eiffel Tower Sand Sculpture. A nicely depiceted 3D Effie tower Send sculpture on the street.


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