10 Surprising facts about Smartphones You Didn’t Know

6. Internet and Data

Smartphones Generated Internet Data

Smartphones Generated 18 Exabytes Internet Data Source

Till to date, more than 50% of world population has access to 3G internet connection, most of this used via Smartphone. Shocked? Not yet? Read the fact.

In the year 2000, the entire world population generated 01 Exabyte (I billion Gigabyte) of data on internet, while in 2013 mobile phones generated 18 Exabytes of internet data. With advent 4G, this would reach 15 Exabytes per month in 2018.

50% of teens having smartphones surf web and social networking through their Smartphones.

7. Mobile Business

Fastes Growing Mobile Business

Mobile Commerce Payment Expected To Reach $114 Billion Source

Shopping and trading are now more common with Smartphones as 88% of Smartphone users expressed that they are more spontaneous with buying due to their Smartphones.

In year 2013, $$27 billion of mobile payment was processed by PayPal. In recent year, the mobile commerce payment is expected to reach $114 billion

8. More populated, More Smartphone

More populated, More Smartphone

People who live in more densely populated urban areas tend to use Smartphone more as compare to those living in less populated rural areas. On an average 37% people in urban areas have Smartphone as compared to 22% of rural areas.

9. Apps and Downloads

75 billion Smartphone Apps Downloads

75 billion Smartphone Apps Downloads Source

Apps to Smartphones are like soul to body. Every Smartphone users, on average, has 12 apps installed on their Smartphones on which, they spend 80% time out of the total mobile usage a day.

Apple app store has 1.2 million apps to which, 75 billion downloads has made. 75% of these apps (on both iphone and android app store) downloaded for free. The popular of which are Facebook, Youtube, Skype, Instagram and Pandora, all are free. The popular paid app downloaded is Angry Bird.

10. What to expect next, the Future of Smartphones:

Flexible Smartphone

Flexible Smartphone will Replace Rigid Mobiles in future Source

  • Use of internet through Smartphone will increase and there will be 85.9 billion searches from mobile yearly (By 2015)
  • Mobile payments will surpass $721 billion (By2017)
  • Being as a growing industry, the total worth of mobile commerce will exceed $3.2 trillion (By 2017)
  • Almost the same amount of internet data will be generated monthly as it’s generated yearly now (2018)
  • Total number of Smartphone devices will reach 10 billion (2020).
  • Traditional stiff rectangular phones will replace by curved screens phones which can be roll up or fold like a map.
  • Your Smartphone will replace steering wheel in near future as self-driving cars will be available which will be likely to control by Smartphones.

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