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10 Simple Yet Free Ways To Make Money Online

8. YouTube

Make Money With YouTube

Make Money With YouTube Source

Google is internet giant and the most profitable company in the industry and has billions of dollars annual revenue, increasing day by day. Google isn’t selfish by all and let you to earn money with the company. Although it was very easy for blog or website owners to be the part of Google advertisement Network, Adsense, and earn by placing ads on their website or blog. But Google now let you toot to earn money, and this will still achieved through Adsense but you don’t need a blog or website for this method. So how it is possible? The answer is your favorite Video sharing website, the Google owned YouTube. Yes you can earn money with YouTube, just sitting in your home and enjoying the streaming. The process of making money with YouTube is quite simple and can be done in easy steps. Once you publish a high quality video, click on monetize and, wait & watch your analytics. Google will pay you per click on the ad or the number of time the ad along with your video watch.

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