Increase Your Blog Traffic up to 80% with These Smart Strategies

10 Proven Ways to Drive and Retain More Traffic to Your Blog

To become popular in the industry or to be a famous blogger is the dream by mostly new comers and novice bloggers. Everyone knows the path to become famous and that is of course, the interest people show in your brand or blog which is reflected by the number of unique and returning visitors. In order to bring more traffic to your blog and retain it there, you need to take some action and work on traffic generation strategies not only dreaming.[AdSense-A]

Driving more traffic to your blog isn’t hard task but it actually requires some efforts in a smart way. Although there are 100s ways to get more traffic to your site or blog, the following 10 strategies are the best and proven ways to drive lots of traffic to your blog and of course retain it there in a smart way in short time.

01. Promote Your Blog With Social Media

Perhaps, social media now days has key role in promotion of brands, product or blog. Social media sites receive almost half of internet traffic daily and may be the great opportunity for your blog to get a bit from such huge traffic. So be consistent to promote you blog through social media platforms. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn are some good examples and can be helpful to drive lots of traffic by just posting on these sites regularly.

Tip: Make a Facebook group or join the existing one with vast number of members and post on it with link back to your blog. Same can be done on Google Plus communities to drive more traffic.

02. Submit Blog To Social Bookmarking Sites

There is no any fastest way to drive traffic to your blog other than submitting your blog or content to social bookmarking sites. Submitting your blog to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, pinterest and Digg will not only provide you a dofollow backlinks but will drive a stream of targeted traffic to you site or blog as well.

So make a schedule and take time for submitting your post regularly to social bookmarking sites to drive lots of traffic to your blog.

Tip: Stay active on these social bookmarking sites to built a large number of followers and share your content with them.

03. Post Well and Post Often

Don’t forget to catch the attention of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo as they are the major source of organic or natural visitors. To gain their attention, I mean to make the search engine crawler to visit and index you blog pages more often, you need to post often. Keep in mind, Quantity is the King in this regards. So be active and post quality content at least daily. The sites or blogs which updates or posts daily or more frequently appears in Google News.

Tip: Visitors are not only hard to gain but hard to retain as well. Regularly posting great contents will also retain the visitors and they will be more likely to visit your site again and again.

04. Don’t Forget Site SEO

As stated earlier, attract search engine to get more traffic. Just don’t rely on the content even if you post really quality content every second day or on daily basis, you still need to optimize your site or blog for search engines using proper on-site, on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

Tip: Add some relevant keyword to the new post or page you publish, built internal linking to your old post from the new one, use related post plugin like YARPP (Yet Another Related Post Plugin) and try to generate quality backlinks from high PageRank sites to improve your own PageRank and SEO.

05. Add interesting Images / Graphics

It doesn’t mean to make your blog look appealing or eye catching (although images do so) but it is a best way to drive traffic from image search option presented by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. People often search contents (like Quotes, Wallpapers etc) using Image search option. Adding interesting image and put a proper title and alt tag for each image will results in High SERPs of your post on Image Search option of search engines and there are chance to have more traffic.

My own blog, receives almost 10% of total traffic just from Image search via Google image. So don’t forget to add few images to your new post and make them Search engine optimize by adding Title and Alt tag.

Tip: Make some interesting infographics and upload it in your post so if they go viral, you will receive tons of visitors. Don’t forget to add a watermark or stamp of your blog name on it.

06. Stay Active in Forums

Forums are the hubs for bloggers, developers, tech geeks and people to ask queries or share ideas. There are numerous high PageRank forums where you can participate by solving queries asked by other people or share some valuable information with them referencing your blog for more information or adding a link to you blog in your signature or in profile, so that the people may visit your blog to learn or know more about.

07. Write About Hot and Trending Topics

 Don’t choose and waste time on the out dated topics that are no more interesting. Pick a hot and trending topic and write post on it. Use Google Trends Hot Searches to see what is trending around and pick the one from list and make a post on it. It can be the release of new products like Apple’s iPhone 6 on which you can write and post review.

Also remember notable days and dates like 14th February Valentine day, national days, world health days, holidays and post content relevant or suited to these occasions.

Tip: Add a descriptive and eye catching title or headline to your post. You may post the interviews of the trending personality in your niche as these posts get more attention and will bring lots of visitors. Write a Top List of facts related to important days like 10 interesting facts about heart on World Heart Day.

08. Giveaway to Get Traffic

Another proven way to get more visitors and retain them for long time is to offer something. It means that you have to giveaway something in order to get traffic. The giveaway can be something like WordPress theme, an E-book on how to make money, collection of HD wallpapers or some other stuff according to your blog niche and interest of the visitors.

Tip: Whenever you offer something valuable to your visitors for free on your blog, don’t be shy to ask for their e-mail address so you may send them newsletter or offer them some other good stuff in future.

09. Don’t Ignore Email Promotion

Don’t ignore this traffic building strategies as email is one of the major sources of traffic generation. So promote your blog or the new post via emails to visitors subscribed to your blog or collected through free offers. It doesn’t mean to send them mails daily but make it once a week especially select the weekend as people are free to read and respond to their mails.

Tip: You can offer an E-book, a giveaway product or promote the new post published in order to bring the old visitors back. Remember, your email readers are your real fans and they are more likely to share your content on social media as well.

10. Focuses on What Work Best

 After the application of all the above methods to drive more traffic to your blog, track that which of these methods work best and bring lots of traffic to your blog and spent most of your time and energy on that specific method (but don’t ignore the other methods even if they bring only 1% of the traffic).


As I stated earlier, there are 100s ways to increase traffic to your blog but these 10 strategies are the best to take start with and will be enough bring lots of traffic to your blog. Stay focused on these strategies to build more traffic and got popular in the industry.

If you really like these strategies share it with your friends as well and if you like to add another proven strategy to drive more traffic, let us know in the comments.


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