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10 Interesting Facts About Human Body


1. Stomach is full of a strong digestive acid the HCL, which (in specific duration of time) can digest bones but don’t worry, stomach cannot eat itself because the lining of stomach renew itself quickly than the acid digest.[AdSense-A]

2.  Lungs consist of 300,000 millions capillaries (tiny blood vessels) which is queued end to end would stretch up to 1500 miles. If all the blood vessels in human body were placed end to end, they would stretch up to 25000 miles, enough to circle the globe.

3. It is always confusing and most of us think the liver or the brain as the largest organ of the body. But the largest organ of our body is skin (integument). It weighs 8 to 10 pounds (triple the weight of Brain and liver together) making 15% of total body weight. If stretch out, the skin would cover the surface area of 16 to 22 square feet or 2 square meters.

4.  Human bones are 4 times stronger than concert (especially the bone of thigh or femur bone). A cubic inch of bone can bear the load of 19000 lbs.

5.  The largest proportion of dust on our bed, table and Television is the cells that shads from our skin. Human skin is continually shad dead cells on an astonishing rate of 30,000 to 40,000 cells per minutes and about 8 pounds per year. During half of our life, our skin shads approximately 80 kg of dead cells

6. Salivary glands in our mouth produce about 0.5 to 0.7 ml saliva per minute (up to 3 ml per minutes when you see or eat delicious food) making 1.5 liter per day. In this perspective, we can produce enough saliva to fill up to two swimming pools

7.  On average, the testicles produce 10 million sperms each day. Enough to repopulate the entire world in just 6 months.

8. On an average day, ocular muscles which helps to focus eye, is move about 100,000 times. To put that in perspective, this would be same as walking 50 miles every day for our leg muscles

9.  A postage-stamp sized piece of circumcised foreskin (prepuce) takes only 21 days to grow enough to cover 3 basket ball courts. The circumcised foreskin is frequently grown in lab and is used as a skin graft while treating deep burns.

10.  Among all the mammalian, Humans are the only mammal who cannot swallow and breath at very same time.

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