10 Fascinating Human Brain Facts That You Must Know

Human Brain is the center of Nervous System which control and coordinate all the functions of human body. It is an extremely powerful and sophisticated organ that stores our memory, control emotions, our feelings and the way we think and react.

The functions and importance of brain were discovered even in ancient time by Hippocrates, but still there are some interesting facts and mysterious functions of brain that most of us don’t know. Here is a list of top 10 interesting facts about brain, you need to know. [AdSense-A]

1.  Brain Weight vs Energy Usage

10 Fascinating Human Brain Facts

Brain comprises a smaller portion of total body weight (only 2% weighing 3 pounds or 1.4 Kg) but it consumes largest portion of energy generated in human body. It consumes 20% of total blood oxygen, 25% of blood glucose and to fulfill these requirements, Brain receives 15 to 20% blood (750 to 1000 ml) from total cardiac output in a minute. With the energy brain uses, it is able to produce enough electricity (necessary to send and receive nerve impulses/signals) to illuminate a small light bulb (about 25 Watts).

2. Neurons and Blood Vessels in Brain

10 Fascinating Human Brain Facts

Neurons are the main functional parts of the brain. Human brain contain approximately 100 billion neurons (15 times greater in number than total human population) the length of these neurons range from few micrometer to 100 cm (1 meter). The total length of these neurons, if lined up end to end, would be 5000 kilometer (if multiply 100 billion with an average length of 50 micrometers). This huge number of neurons is supplied by numerous smaller blood vessels, the total length of which, if stretched out, would wrap around the World four times (100,000 kilometer).

3. Male Vs Female Brain – Smarter vs Faster

10 Fascinating Human Brain Facts

Male have 10% bigger brain than female’s brain and also have 6.5 times more gray matter (upper parts of brain made up of fully functional neurons) making them somewhat smarter as compare to females. Female’s brain, on the other hand, have 12% more neurons, packed tightly together and have 10 times more white matter (which consist more of connection between neurons), due to these properties, female’s brain process faster.

4. Brain vs  Pain – The Pain Free Brain

10 Fascinating Human Brain Facts

The human brain is the only organ in body that lacks Nociceptors (pain receptors). It perceives pain singles from all over the body but cannot feel pain by itself. Thus, Neurosurgeons are able to perform brain surgery on a conscious patient, as some surgeries (called Intra-operative Brain Mapping) requires the patient to stay awake, communicate and respond to the Surgeon and express his/her feeling.

5. Left vs Right Brain

10 Fascinating Human Brain Facts

Brain is anatomically divided into two main lobes or hemisphere. The right side of the brain actually controls the functions and movements of left side of body while left side of the brain controls the right side of body. Similarly, the upper parts of body are controlled by lower portion of brain while the lower parts and organs are directed by upper areas in brain. The person who has their right side of brain dominated over left side tend to use their left side of body. For example, they are tending to write with their left hand.

6. Lazy or Smart Brain

10 Fascinating Human Brain Facts

Our Brain tends to ignore an object that it deems unimportant. A good example of this phenomenon is that the brain constantly ignores our nose while we can always see it. To prove this fact with reality, pick a small object near you or a spot on wall and trying to star on it for a few second without blinking your eyes. In just a few seconds, you will notice that the spot become disappears.

7. Lucid Dreaming

10 Fascinating Human Brain Facts

If you lay down and did not move for 15 minutes, you will fall asleep. but in this duration, your brain will constantly check if you are awake or asleep by sending you impulses such as an itch, an urge to move or blink eyes (while eyes are still closed) and to change body position. If you ignore and don’t follow these instruction from your brain while still stay awake, you will go into the state of sleep paralysis and will begin lucid dreaming.

 8. Memory – New Cells or new Connections

10 Fascinating Human Brain Facts

Memory is stored as a result of new connection between our neurons in our brain. Every time we remember something new or have a new thought, our brain creates new connections in itself. Repeating or rehearsal continually stronger the connections while these connections can become weekend over time result in forgetting of memory.

9. Thinking – We Think more than we think

10 Fascinating Human Brain Facts

Human Brains perform too many functions simultaneously, but major of all is thinking. We think allot. On average, human have approximately 70,000 thoughts, speaks 7,000 to 16,000 words and blinks eyes 12,000 times each day.

10. Tickling – Why Can’t we do it

10 Fascinating Human Brain Facts

It’s nearly hard to tickle yourself because Cerebellum (part of brain) actively monitors and anticipating touch sensations. In case when you about to tickle yourself, Cerebellum warn the rest of the brain about what’s going on. The brain, than ignore or dull the sensation resulting from tickling.


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