10 Common Link Building Mistakes and Ways To Overcome Them

Backlinks are an essential SEO element toward which every blogger is conscious and try to generate as many backlinks as they can. In their journey to generate backlinks in order to improve blog or site SEO and PageRank, blogger sometime make mistake and harm their site SEO rather than improving it.[AdSense-A]

Following is a list of 10 common link building mistakes which will harm your site SEO and the way to overcome these mistakes.

01. Links only to Home Page

One of the major SEO mistake regarding generating backlinks is to promote links only to your blog’s homepage and pay no attention to the rest of site. This major backlinks generating mistake is carry out by many novice bloggers as well as by SEO experts. It will not look natural if you have hundreds of backlinks to your homepage but have ignored others pages of your blog. Google hats this as well and will panelize the sites with an imbalance backlinks proportion among the homepage and other pages

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

To make your backlinks account look natural, balance the proportion of backlinks to your blog’s homepage and other pages

02. Over Optimized Keywords Anchor Text

Even after Penguin updates in Google Search Algorithm, many blogger still believe in over optimization of keywords by having hundreds of backlinks using same anchor text. They still tend to repeat the same mistake and got punished by Google by dropping the blog’s ranking in SERPs. Again it is not natural to have too many links from same anchor text whether internal or external.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

To avoid over-optimized anchor text backlinks generating mistake and penalty by Google, try to get backlinks from mixed keywords or anchor texts. This will look natural to both Search engines and to the readers.

An example of well optimized and balanced anchor text backlinks is to have 80% of the links coming from your brand name (like Crizmo or for my blog) and 20% from keyword rich anchor text (like SEO or How to Get Backlinks for my blog).

While some brand and SEO experts follow the 80:20 rule, others keep keyword rich anchor text backlinks limited to only 5% as compared to 95% links coming from their brand name

03. Links from Bad Reputation (De-Indexed) Sites

Google and other search engines don’t like the sites with thin or duplicate contents, gambling sites spam blogs, auto-blogs and p*rn sites. These sites are usually de-indexed by Search Engines due to violation of rules or due to stealing of Copyrighted material. Backlinks from such sites which are usually banned by search engines, are for sure much easy but will results in low ranking of your blog or website in SERPs and may even get de-indexed.

So the bloggers who want to generate the quantity of backlinks rather the quality must conscious about this dangerous backlinks generating mistake.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Never try to get links from sites stated above or if you want to get backlink from sites which you don’t know much about, do some background search about it to avoid penalty y search engines especially Google.


04. Lots of Backlinks in Short Time

Another common backlinks generating mistake which most of the blogger made is generating too many backlinks in a short period of time. It doesn’t require building backlinks quickly but it is the quality of backlinks that matters to improve SEO. Creating too many backlinks in a short period will consider as spam links and will hurts your site SEO.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Try to build backlinks naturally not quickly and try to get it from authoritative domains. Have one link from High PageRank site with authoritative domain in a week is better than 100 backlinks from low PageRank domain in a day.

05. Buying Backlinks

Generating natural backlinks requires time and efforts but if you spent money to overpass the time and effort section of generating backlinks, you are doing it wrong. Although few so called SEO companies offering High PageRank Backlinks for a small amount of money but these links will be consider as spam and illegal by search engine and will hurts your site SEO rather than promoting it.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Don’t buy links no matter how less it costs because it is not natural anyhow. Be professional in regards of generating backlinks and try to build your backlink bank at your own.


06. Reciprocal links (Links Exchange)

Reciprocal links were one of the most popular methods of generating backlinks in past because it was easy to do. All it required is to find relevant site in industry and mutual understanding between webmasters. But when this method grows at rapid rate and people misuse it to over-promote their thin content-website, search engines like Google take notice of this method. Websites which participates in “link farming” (technically known as blogroll) were panelized by Google as this method is unnatural way of building backlinks and reputation.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Reciprocal links or link exchange get really bad reputation so avoid this mistake to generate backlink and don’t take part in any reciprocal link building or link exchanging campaign. Some high PageRank online web directories too, offer to list sites and give backlink in turn of a reciprocal link to them. Don’t accept the offer and be natural to build backlinks.


07. Backlinks from Irrelevant Niche sites

My blog is about SEO and Blogging but if I get a backlink from PageRank 7 blog related to travel or Health and Fitness, will it benefit my blog reputation? Definitely No. Many bloggers repeat this mistake and do comments on irrelevant sites to get backlinks. Backlinks from irrelevant sites add very less magnitude to your site SEO.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Try to get backlinks from relevant sites in your industry or site with same niche instead of irrelevant site.


08. Links from Low PageRank Sites

Building backlinks to improve SEO means to built quality links not just the quantity and quality mean to get backlinks from High PageRank sites with authoritative domain. Using low PageRank (PageRank 0/10 or PageRank N/A) sites to build backlinks will not boost your SEO and sometime will harm your site reputation and ranking too.

How to overcome This Link Building Mistake

Try to get backlinks from at least PageRank 2 to PR 3 and look further for Higher PageRank sites (PR 4 to 9). These quality links will pass you “link juice” and boost your SEO.


09. Linking from High PR sites only (Ignoring Low PR)

It’s true that quality matters in case of backlinks rather than quantity. But contrary to above stated point #8, links from low PageRank sites are necessary too to generate natural backlinks. A mix of backlinks from both High and Low PageRank sites is required to get link juice.

How to overcome This Link Building Mistake

To make your backlinks bank look more natural, try to keep a balance of backlinks from high PageRank and low PageRank sites as it will give good result.


10. Forgetting Internal Links

Last but not least, forgetting or not paying attention to internal links is really common linking mistake most of blogger made. Internal links are as essential as incoming links or backlinks. Internal links are not only essential for site navigation but they pass the link juice effects throughout the site. Suppose that one of your blog pages have high PageRank, linking others low PageRanked pages from the said page will boost the other page rank as well.

How to overcome This Link Building Mistake

Try to spread internal links all over the blog or website. Include links to low ranking pages or post from relevant high ranking or most read post and page.


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