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Best Free Movie Apps for Smartphones Updated 2017


For movies lover, here we are going to list the top 15 best free movie apps for smartphone. Since smartphones are now part of our life, we use to watch live sports streaming, dramas, TV serials, shows and movies on these high-end devices. However these devices are difficult to browse movies and TV shows using a browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox) as we do on computer or laptops but thanks to smartphones application or simply apps, this is not a big issue now.


There are thousands of apps available in app store or play store for almost every task. Whether it is learning, fun, entertainments, finance or health, there must be an app for that. Same is true for watching movies. There are thousands of available apps to watch movies for free. Some of them also let the user to save these movies for offline use. So let’s starts with the number one in the list.

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1. MegaBox HD

MegaBox is a free android movie app that let the user to enjoy free movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. This app stream in two different qualities; the 720p HD and relatively low 360p quality streaming. MegaBox HD is for now only available to Android users, we are expecting it launch for Apple users as well. This brilliant app is free to download and required 1.8 MB of space in your smartphone. Once downloaded it will let you enjoy your favorite movie in real HD.


2. CinemaBox

An advanced version of PlayBox HD, CinemaBox is a versatile app that has several unique features. Cinema Box movie app let you save and play videos for offline mode, have a kid mode, subtitle supports and Chrome Cast support. All these features make the app number one in Play store as well as in Apple iTunes.

3. Newest Movie HD

As its name suggest, Newest Movie HD is one of its kind movie app that let you watch the newly released movies from Hollywood and Bollywood on your smartphone. Along with newest movies, this app also brings the vintage movies to your phone on demand. The offline mode is there where you can download movies in your phone. Newest movie HD sorts the movies according to its date of release, genre and language.

4. Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie Box brings the box office top movies to your phone with just a few touches of finger. Downloading this app in your smartphone will connect you to the world of entertainment where you can enjoy the latest and old movies in English, Hindi and other foreign languages. This app is currently for iPhone users but soon android users will get this app from Play store. Bobby Movie Box playsmovies and videos in 720pHD.

5. Flipps HD

With Flipps HD movie app, smartphone users can watch any of required movies instantly with a few touches over screen. The app features latest and most popular movies on the home screen. The search bar is there to search for your desire movie. Tag section of the app let you explore further movies based on the categories, language, Genre and the film industry. With Flipps HD, you can also enjoy music as this app also allows you to listen to the latest movies songs. The streaming quality of this movie app, as its name suggest is HD. This app allow downloading of movies to watch it offline.

One of the unique features of Flipps HD movie app is that it let you watch movies over TV or the big screen. To do so, all you need is to connect your smartphone to the TV and hit the transmission button on the app screen. You can then watch the movie on the bigger screen and since the quality is HD, there will be no resolution issue.


6. Crackle

One of the best movies streaming apps that I’ve used in past and hence included it in my post. The app works efficiently without any freeze or hanging issue. The quality of streaming is good so the sound quality is. This app brings the latest movie watching features and let you surpass the complicated procedure of movie watching over internet.  This app, just like other apps in the list also let you stream media files over TV and play movies on the big screen or home theater.

7. ViewSter

ViewSter is a free movies streaming site where you can watch your favorite movie. To make their presence on smartphone and high-end mobile devices, this website has developed an app for users, the ViewSter. Similar to the website, ViewSter movie app let you watch movies and download it for later use. The app has an edge over other smartphone movies app by sharing TV shows, drama serials and realty shows. This app didn’t require any account or log in and all you need is to download this app for free, install it on mobile and watch movies on the go.

viewSter is among the few apps in the app store that is compatible with ChromCast. This feature let you enjoy the movies over the big screen of TV.

A little drawback of this app is that it slowdown the smartphone by consuming most of the RAM. This sometime freezes the movie in the mid or slow down the movie streaming speed. To work smoothly, this app requires phone with higher configuration RAM, Processing speed and resolution. The freezing issue is addressed to the developer and they will soon fix it in next updates.

For Android

For iOS

8. ShowBox

For those who love to watch movies, dramas, TV serials and shows on Smartphone, ShowBox is the app of choice. We have chosen this app from thousands other because it is easy to use and has indexed thousands of films. This app could bring movies from 1970s  as well as the recent movies of 2017. As far as the language is concerned, the app mainly support English but also hosted foreign languages movies especially Hindi movies from Bollywood. Its ease of use and user-friendly interface make the app most popular among the movies lovers. The quality of streaming is high and so the voice quality.  You can enjoy full HD movies of 1080p without any hassle.

Download ShowBox

9. Hubi

When speaking about Hubi, you can call it the best utility to watch movies online on mobile phones. This Smartphone app let you surf through the ocean of thousands beautiful films and series from all genre and different languages. You can find Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi or Chinese and lots of more with this little app. Hubi is not just a movie watching app but it is intended to replace many apps like video downloading and converting apps. Hubi let you download any of the video from any source to save it in disk and watch it later.

Hubi movie app comes in Free and Paid version where there is some ads in the free version and a little compromise on the quality of streaming. The paid version is ad-free and you can watch movies in real HD with stunning graphics and sound.

Download Hubi


10. Yidio

For no doubt, Yidio is one of the best movies app but put at the bottom of the list because of two reason. The paid version is a bit costly and the free version has plenty of ads that you have to face while watching movie. It is not free at all but still provide you most of the movies for free. However you can rent any movie on-demand.

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Top 30 Best Torrent (Torrenz) Search Engines and Sites

Best Torrent Search Engines and Sites

Most of the people are already using torrent websites to download movies, software, books and other premium stuff or tools. Few of these files are shared legally and are free to use, access or re-distribute. These premium stuffs, books or software are expensive which you have to buy from market. If you don’t know about the torrent or have not used the torrent before to download files, see the section below.

What is Torrent (Torrenz)?

For those who don’t know about torrenz file or torrent sites, here is a quick review of that. A torrent file is actually link to a file that is located on a distended PC. Torrent which is sometime referred as Torrenz or Bittorrent is a set protocol over internet where the users or PCs can share files with each other. The connecting PCs or users are known as Peer so the whole process is sometime called as Peer-to-Peer or P2P. Unlike traditional method of file downloading where the file is being uploaded to and downloaded from server, in torrent, the file is actually hosted or located in the PC and is directly accessed and downloads from that PC. The file might be a Hollywood movie, a TV show, graphic software, an anti-virus or a book. Torrent websites are collecting these torrent files or uploading it to their server. Users can download these files and then via torrent client, connect to the server where the desired file is located.

How Torentz Works?

Torentz file is just a locator which when open via torrent client, initiates the transfer of movies or something to the requested PC. There are many torrent clients that can be used to open and then access the file. Commonly using torrent clients are Vuze, Bittorrent, uTorrent and BitComet.These torrent clients usetorrent trackers to connect to peer computerand make the downloading fast. The file that is required is downloaded in chunks or pieces which is then reassembled into one by torrent tracker or by the torrent client.

Is torrenting legal?

While torrenting is considered as an illegal process or unlawful, there are many legal uses of torrenting (sharing or downloading via torrent).There are conditions the distribution of copyrighted material or their parts are legal. These including

  • File under Creative Commons (cc) are free to use by anyone so can be shared or put for downloading via torrenting.
  • Software or tools that give permissions of Fair Use are also legal to download or share via torrents sites. The original author or developer must be credited.
  • Works that are in Public domain are not subjected to copyright law and therefore can be redistributed via torrent.


What is Torrent Search Engine?

A torrent search engine is actually a torrent Meta-search engine which indexes other torrent websites and their content like torrent files of movies but do not actually host these files. While searching for a file or movie via torrent search engine like Torentz eu or torstatus.com, these sites will return the download link to the file or to the webpage where the torrent file exists.


Disclaimer:Note that using torrent for downloading illegal or copyrighted material is illegal by all. Sites sharing such illegal stuff are banned in many countries like USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia and Germany. Many sites got banned worldwide because their domains are seized by Law enforcement agencies or Department of Justice. A recent example of such closer is Kickasstorrents and the Torrentz.eu.So use torrent to download legal stuff only that are either on Public domain or Creative Commons


Best Torrent (Torrenz) Search Engines and Sites

Following are some of the best torrenz search engines sites. The List is updated and the banned, shut-downed torentz sites are being removed.

S# Torrent Site Specialty Alexa Rank Support Status
1. Pirate Bay All files 209 Yes Live
2. TorrentZ Torrent Search Engine 140 No Dead
3. Kickass All files 226 Yes Dead
4. Extratorrent All files 670 Yes Live
5. YTS Movies 850 Yes Live
6. Nyaa.se Anime 2,190 Yes Live
7. ezTV TV Shows 55,987 Yes Live
8. Isohunt All files (.iso) 1,134 Yes Live
9. Iptorrents All files 105,343 Yes Live
10. Bitsnoop All files 5,435 Yes Live
11. TorrentR All files 65,309 Yes Live
12. Torrentleech TV shows 84,501 Yes Live
13. H33t All files 1,340 Yes Dead
14. Torrentproject All files 6,798 Yes Live
15. Yourbittorrent All files 1,10,327 Yes Live
16. Asiatorrents Asian Movies 1,46,221 Yes Live
17. Btdigg All files 78,943 No Dead
18. What.cd Music Albums 2,05,167 Yes Live
19. Broadcasthe TV Series 96,056 Yes Live
20. Revolutiontt All files 1,12,987 No Live
21. Mininova Legal Torrents 61,098 Yes Live
22. Bt-chat Non-specific 3,23,065 Yes Dead
23. Sceneaccess Movies torrent 2,09,287 Yes Live
24. Torrentus All categories 3,43,119 Yes Live
25. Anonamouse eBooks and journals 1,15,665 Yes Live
26. Animesuki Anime torrent 2,90,832 Yes Live
27. Popcorn.cab Movies torrent 90,198 Yes Live
28. Mamega All categories 2,65,387 Yes Dead
29. Trancetraffic TV series and movies 1,94,523 No Live
30. Bitmetv TV shows 1,56,761 Yes Live
31. Blackcats Video Games 2,84,345 Yes Live

Best Torrent Search Engines and Sites

Selected Torrent Search Engine and Sites List

From the above given list of torrent search engines and torrent websites, here we are going to review the top 10 websites. The link is giving along the website name for reference only; we are not promoting any of these sites or the torrenting process at all.

1. Torrentz / Torentz

Torrentz is a torrent search engine which got popular last year due to closure of some famous torrent sites. Torrentz itself emerges with numerous extensions like torrentz.com, torrentz.org, torrentz.eu and torrentz.it. The search engine was accessed by millions of visitors daily to find and download their favorite movies, books or required software. Torrentz.eu actually indexes other torrent websites like Bitsnoop, The Piratebay, Kickasstorrents and lime torrent. The site then reproduces the links to torrent files from these websites to the visitors


2. Kickass torrents (KAT)

Kickasstorrents is the major torrent downloading website of the era. Came into existence in 2007, KAT faces many ups and downs to reach to the top of the all torrent websites. This site provides files from all categories but kickass movies torrents are the popular and most searched item over kat.ph.

3. ThePirateBay TPB

ThePiratebay can be said as the pioneer of torrenting in the millennium. The site faces ban in many countires but is now fully functional under thepiratebay.org domain. Millions of people use this mega-torrent website to get their desired software, ebook, movie or audio files. Unlike other torrent websites, TPB uses magnet links to the file which can be fetch via torrent client like BitTorrent or uTorrent.

4. Isohunt

Isohunt.to is reviewed here because of one of its unique feature and that is, the .iso files. Iso hunt return back the results in the form of ISO files. These iso files can be open via MagicIso or other software. Almost files from every category can be found and downloaded there.

5. Bitsnoop

We personally like Bitsnoop for a few reasons. The major one is its simple interface where one can easily locate and download the torrent file on the page. The site has fewer ads. It allows you to comment the status of downloaded file and also to seed or leech a file.

6. Welltorrent (free movies torrent)

Well torrent (welltorrent.com) is a free movies torrent website that is relatively new but has a large database of movies, tv shows, drama serials. Welltorrent uploads movies torrents files of Hollywood, Bollywood and other film industries in English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and Punjabi languages. You can request a movie torrent as they provide torrents on demand.



Welltorrent | Free Movies Torrents



So fan of Torrenz websites and torrenting, hope that we have covered the torrenting giants and search engine. The above list of torentz website however need addition from your side. So if you thinks that there is something lacking in the list or if you want to add your favorite torrnez site, please let us know in comments. We will add it later to the list of torrent search engine.

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Top 10 sites to watch Bollywood Movies for free

watch Indian movies online

On an average, 200 million people watch Bollywood movies online, at home or in Cinema every month. This number is increase to 2, 700 million cinema tickets sold in year 2015. The number grows day by day and outreach to 450 million on a special occasion, holydays, festivals etc. Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world that produces hundreds to thousands movies each year. Few got popular while other got unnoticed by fans. Being the film industry of India, the 2nd dense populated country in the world, this film industry has huge fan base and viewers. Not only popular in India but Bollywood movies are loved and watched in other countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE, US, Bangladesh, UK and few African countries.


Many of the movies from Bollywood casting high profile stars and celebrities are being nominated and have won Oscar award as well. This shows that international fans are being interested in Bollywood movies too as they are in Hollywood movies.

While shooting a movie in India, the culture is kept in mind. The movie is made on a true story of life of someone, a journey, a romantic novel or a fairytale style. All these plots have positive end.

Here for our fans who love to watch Indian movies online, we have compiled a list of best Indian streaming websites. These sites are free to use and can be access worldwide.

  • Movies.indiaeveryday.in
  • Ibollytv.com
  • Bollyzone.co
  • Bedesi.net
  • Todaypk.is
  • Snagfilms.com
  • Zmovie.co
  • Badtameezdil.net
  • Filmlinks4u.is
  • Latestonlinemovie.com

Sites For Watching Bollywood Movies for free

Detail description and review of each of the above listed movies streaming website is given below

1. Ibollytv.com

Ibollytv.com is on the top of our list of free Hindi movies watching wastes because it is free and update more frequently to add latest movies into their database. The site already being uploaded and hosted millions of Indian movies, Tamil movies and other films in local languages. The main focus of this website is the Bollywood movies for which the site provides streaming for free. This site streams in HD and for free. There is no sign in requires however the site has option to make an account and log in there to track record of your favorite and watched movies.

2. Movies.indiaeveryday.in

India Everyday is a popular online Indian movies and TV show streaming website that brings free Bollywood, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Hollywood movies online for free. This site also publishes TV serials and show like comedy show, sports talk, reality show, cooking show and fashion shows. The site also let the user to chat with each other while watch the movies. This site is best for those who loves to watch documentaries.

3. Bollyzone.co

Bollyzon.co is a non-official site that brings movies from Bollywood to it visitors. The site is more like a forum where members uploaded drama serials, movies and TV show. Bollyzon.co is free to use and free to access too and can be access from outside the India as well. Making an account on Bollyzone is good but you can watch movies for free as well. There is no geo-location based restriction and no subscription charges are required. The streaming quality of this top video streaming site is fine and it displays few ads.

4. Bedesi.net

Be Desi, as its name suggest is the site for lovers of Desi Indian movies. Desi movies are referred to those shoot in Hindi or being filmed by Bollywood. Lovers of Desi movies can find their favorite film on this site for free. The great design and easy to use interface of BeDesi.net make it one of the most favorite site that is worth to bookmarked

5. Todaypk.is

Well the fifth website in our list is not truly from India. Todaypk.is is a Pakistani website but due to similar language, it also provides Indian movies. Todaypk.is is like a search engine of movies indexes sites which provide Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali and other foreign languages movies.

watch Bollywood movies online

6. Snagfilms.com

Snag films let you watch movies as well as TV shows and series online for free. This site is popular for Hollywood movie and History shows but it also hosts Indian movies as well. The site is free to use and can be accessed in any country however you must look for if it is being banned in your country because of copyright infringement. The streaming quality of Snagfilms.com is fine and has less annoying ads on the site. The site has an app on iStore for iPhone users and in Google play store for Android users. You can watch movies now on you mobile using Snagfilm App.

7. Zmovie.co

On number 6 of our list of top 10 sites to watch Indian movies for free resides the Zmovie.co Z Movie should not be confused with Indian Zee TV or Zee Cinema but it is rather operated by another team of developers and blogger. The site hosts Indian movies as well as TV show. It also hosted Hollywood movies. All for free and at your finger tips. No need to sing in or make account. Just visit and enjoy watching movies for free

8. Badtameezdil.net

Named after an Indian movie, Badtameez Dil is a free Indian movies streaming site where you can watch as well as download your favorite Bollywood movie for free. This movie sharing site is more popular for its TV serials and popular comedy show of Color TV, the Comedy night with Kapil. The site regularly updates its database to bring more and more dramas, shows and Indian movies to its visitors. This site is worth to bookmark for future use. The plus point of this website is that it does not open ads pop-ups as like the other do.

9. Filmlinks4u.is

Film Links 4 U is not an old movie watching site, it is relatively new one but got famous over nights. The site brigs Bollywood and Hollywood movies in real HD for free. This site is just like and online cinema for me where I really enjoy watching new movies at home. Best site that is worth to visit and bookmark

10. Latestonlinemovie.com

Last but not the least in our list is the LatestOnlineMovies.com. This site, as its name suggests bring latest movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood and Nollywood. The site is free to use and anyone can access it from anywhere in the world. So if you want to stay updated with what’s new on Box Office, keep visiting us as well as the Latest Online Movie website.

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40+ Best Websites To Watch TV shows and Series Online [Full Episodes]

Watch TV Series Online

There are millions of fans watching TV Series daily or on weekly basis. You are at this page because you too love to watch TV series talk shows, debates, TV serials, CID encounters, Game of Thorn etc. and looking for a trusted, reliable and free online source where you can watch your favorite TV show or serials. These TV shows are usually broadcasted on TV channel, which may or may not be available in your area or in the cable listing. In this case, an online source, a website is good alternate to watch Full episodes of Series and is great when the website providing serial and TV shows streaming for free.

So here my friends, I have compiled a list of websites where you can watch TV shows, Series and Drama serials for free. There are might be thousands of site but those listed below are free to use, easy to access and requires no registration, sig up, accounts or log in.


What make streaming site good for watching TV shows and series

We carefully handpick the list among thousands on the basis of few factors. Following attributes of a streaming website arekept in mind while picking it up for watching series among thousands.

  1. Website with lots of TV serials to watch
  2. Site that Regularly updating its database and including new episodes of TV shows
  3. Providing full-length episodes
  4. Have good quality streaming, preferably HD stream.
  5. Let the users able to download a series for future
  6. One that have at least 500,000 monthly visitors on average
  7. Site with Alexa Rank below 100K
  8. Have organized the shows according to genre, language, date and region.
  9. Site which is easy to navigate
  10. Have user-friendly interface
  11. Sleek and beautiful design


Websites To Watch TV Series Online


Number 1 in our list of online TV show streaming is the WatchseriesTV.cc. This website hosted tons of TV shows, drama serials in full length. Watch Series TV allow the user to download the series for offline use. No sign up is compulsory however it is worth to signing in.


The site is best for watching movies online as well but here we have included this site because of its free series streaming. WatchMoviesFree not only offering movies for free to watch but also the popular TV shows and Drama serials mostly in English language.Currently the site has 260,028 episodes from 8000+ TV series in full-length. The list is consistently updating day by day to include the new and recent TV shows as well. You can watch all these stuff online for free without registration, or can register to get the best.


Yidio is a best platform for TV show lovers. It hosts all the popular TV serials from United States, UK and Canada while updating the database with the other as well. Yidio.com is already discussed here on this site as a best online movies streaming website, this website is popular and useful to watch television series as well.

hulu tv series and movies


Hulu.com let you Watch Series online. This online version of Hulu TV has hosted many popular TV serials and shows including the Modern Family, south Park, Once Upon a Time and the vampire series. Hulu Alexa rank is 330 which make it among the top 500 popular sites in the world.


CNF Studio is famous for its popular TV shows and drama series including the century famous Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Arrow, CGI and many more. This Entertainment studio broadcasting its series for free on the official site, the link is given above.You may need to log in to watch the full length series and all episodes on Game Of Thrones or any of your favorite TV show by CNF Studio.com


This is Free Online TV Shows and Series streaming website is particularly for Australian and New Zealand users. Here you can watch all episodes of TV shows by Ten Play, Ten one on Demand and the Channel Ten. The site is quite popular with 100+K daily page views. Sign up is required to access all the features of this TV series website.



After reviewing the channels or streaming that broadcast English TV shows and series, here comes the first foreign language TV shows telecaster in the list, The Zee TV. Zee TV is basically an Indian TV channel that is popular for its news and TV dramas. This TV channel has millions of viewers on TV as well as online. So click on the link given above to Zeetv.com official websites where you can get a complete schedule of TV shows, drama serials, Reality shows, Talk shows, full episodes of TV serials, archived videos and more.The site updates daily to bring you most recent episodes of what you are looking for. The Alexa Rank of Zee TV is 3454 and on average, it has 1 million page views daily.


Craving for Series? Then this site is for you. Series-craving.me as its name indicates is an online shows broadcaster where you can enjoy most of the TV shows from your country Live or archived. The site however required registration before accessing full length episodes of any TV serial. The site has millions of page views and visits per month.


On number 9 of the list, here come another Indian TV serials channel or streaming website, the Desi TV Box. On DesiTVBox.me, you can watch TV shows from number of Indian TV channels including Star Plus, Color, Zee TV, Sony TV and NDTV. Not only Dramas, this site do streams Talk Shows and Reality show as well.


Stream-TV2 is another great place to stream TV channels and their shows and series. Stream TV let the visitors watch full episodes of the TV show from USA, UK and Canada. Other countries are not in the list but sooner or later the site will includes foreign language tv shows from French, Korean, and Asian countries.

20+ Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading 2016


For full TV series episodes, I’ve never seen such a beautiful site like watchepisodes.tv. I’ve been personally using this site to watch my favorite TV and reailty shows. The site claims to be the number 1 TV show broadcasting site on internet.


Here comes another great site to watch TV shows online, the TV Land. Tvland.com hosts many popular shows on their server, few live other in archive of thousands TV shows. I Love Lucy , King of Queens, The Exes are few popular hits from TV.


After reviewing TV shows sites from UK, USA, Australia and India, here comes the first streaming website from New Zealand where fans of TV shows from New Zealand can enjoy and watch Series Online Full Episodes. The site however only stream shows from New Zealand currently in English language.


Tamil Serials TV is the first in the list which bring TV shows and serials in Tamil language. There are millions of viewers of Tamil shows that love to watch it online using TamilSerials.tv.


As its name suggest, BharatChannels.com bring TV shows, drama serials and legal live streaming of most of the TV channels including Zee TV, Star Plus, Sony TV, Sony Max, NDTV, Color TV and more. Here you can enjoy the morning show, reality show, talk shows and drama serials along with Bollywood movies and lots of fun.


Popular for TV shows, TV serials and reality shows online for free. IM TV receives thousands of hits daily.


Registration is required to watch full episodes of TV shows over HDTVshows.net. Once register, you can watch full-length TV shows for free.

18.DIRECTV.COM Direct TV let you watch TV shows online in HD. TV shows can also be available on-demand. Register to stay tuned with latest episodes of TV shows.


OV Guide let you watch full TV seriesand on demand TV shows online for free. The site also informs users. OvGuide.com has Alexa rank 986 make it the site in top 1000.


TamilTVShows.net is another great website for those who love to watch Tamil Tv shows and movies. So watch Tamil Movies and TV shows online on this free to sue website online.

Watch Series and TV shows Online with these Best Websites (Cont.)

S# Website Language Shows
21 WATCHEPISODES1.COM English, French TV shows, Movies, Reality Shows
22 RLSERIES.COM English and some foreign languages Talk shows, Dramas, Movies, Reality Shows
23 WATCHSERIES-ONLINE.LI English and some foreign languages Movies (Hollywood and Bollywood), TV shows, Dramas
24 WATCHSERIES.LA English and some foreign languages Movies (Hollywood and Bollywood), TV shows, Dramas
26 THEWATCHSERIES.TO English, French TV shows, Movies, Reality
27 WATCHSERIES.ONE English and some foreign languages Talk shows, Dramas, Movies, Reality Shows
29 COUCHTUNER.BZ English , Urdu, Hindi Talk shows, Dramas, Movies, Reality Shows
31 IWATCHSERIES.ME English , Urdu, Hindi Full Series, Movies and talk shows
32 GOWATCHSERIES.BIZ English,  French, Italian Movies, TV shows, Dramas
33 WATCHSERIES.CR English,  French, Italian Movies, TV shows, Dramas
34 WATCHS.ME English , Urdu, Hindi Full Series, Movies and talk shows
35 GLOBALTV.COM English,  French, Italian and Hindi Movies (Hollywood and Bollywood), TV shows, Dramas
36 TVBUZER.COM English Movies, TV shows, Dramas
37 WATCHSERIESONLINE.EU English, French Movies, TV shows, Dramas
38 THEWATCHSERIES.ORG English only Movies, TV shows, Talk shows
39 TVGO.XFINITY.COM English only Movies, TV shows, Talk shows
40 NATGEOTV.COM English , Hindi Documentaries, reality Shows
41 UVERSE.COM English On-demand series


Watch TV Series Online

What is required to Watch Series Online?

Not special software or media player is required, you only need the following things to enjoy series and TV shows online

  1. A computer with good configuration / specs. Not necessary the heavy graphics system.
  2. A smartphone or tablet having Wi-fi internet access or data connection
  3. Web Browser preferably Google Chrome, Torch or Firefox
  4. Flash Player should be pre-installed on the web browser
  5. High Speed DSL or 3G / 4G internet connection


It’s Your Turn Now

So this is an awesome list of websites where you can watch full-length episodes of your favorite TV show or drama serial. We will continuously update the list to add more TV serials websites to it. We will appreciate your reporting about any of the website in our list that goes down or do not provide the desired services.

Let also know about your favorite TV show streaming website that is missing from the list. We would also like you to share our efforts one social media to let other about this handy list.

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20+ Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading 2016

watch free movies online


Everyone loves to watch free movies online whether it is from Warner Bros, an animated movie from Disney, a Hollywood action movie or a film full of suspense. Most of the people are crazy about watching a newly released movie in Cinema; with friends or alone. Some on the other hand, enjoy watching movies online rather than going to cinema. I am personally among this kind of folks. That’s of course free and convenient.

Here for my friends who are kind of computer geek, stick with their PCs and live life there, I have compiled a list of websites where one can watch movies for free without downloading. The list comprises a total of 20 websites, most of which do not require sign up or login details. These free movies websites provide good quality videos streaming and sound, although not premium one.

In today era of internet, if you search for a website where you can watch online movies for free, you’ll end up with having some paid video hosting websites on the front pages of Google. They are of course authority websites, provide you premium HD quality movies but charge you money. So to give you a direct access to free video hosting website where you can watch next Hollywood film, the list along with the site name and link is given below.

Note that the list is up to dated but there is still a chance that we might have missed a favorite site. We will try our best to update the list as comprehensive as possible. New website will be added on weekly or monthly basis. If you found some lacking in the list of if your favorite movies sharing site is not in our list, let us know by commenting below or contacting us.

Note: Please check the availability and legality of the movies streaming websites for you location.



So let’s start with our first online movies sharing site, The MoviePlus.cc. This website is an amazing place to watch movies online whether Hollywood, Bollywood or Animated movies. Over this Movie Tube site, you can watch all the latest 2016 movies for free. The site truly is a home Cinema for movie lovers.

02. MovieTvHub

Note:Movie TV Hub was formerly known as WATCHMOVIES-PRO.COM.Clinking on the link will redirect you to free online movie hub.Movie TV Hub, as its name suggests is a hub or portal of online movies where one can enjoy the latest or vintage movies without logging in or making account. There is no need to download the movie, however the site allow you to save it to playin offline mode.This is the largest collection of online movies.


Number 3in the list of best movies watching site but EvoMovies.com is the number one site for most of the online movies viewers. The site is bookmarked by many visitors and on average the site receives thousands page views per day.

04, Movie TV All

As its name suggest, this website sever as an online place to watch all the movies whether newly released movies or the old one.This site is perhaps free to use and easy to access therefore it is listed in our Top 20 Free Movies Streaming sites.

05. Ozoomic.com

Here comes my favorite movie streaming site, theOzoomic. The site is popular due to its user friendly and appealing user interface. Once can watch all the movies there from past, present and of course the upcoming movies in future. The front page of Ozoomic is beautifully craft and organized, showcasing the popular, the newest and the most watched movies of the week. Here you can watch Disney movies, Hollywood movies and few selected Bollywood movies for free.


OZOMovies was built as clone of Ozoomic but has never gain such popularity. However the site is worth to mentioned here due to the quality of streaming the site provide. Not all but most of the movies hosted on Ozomovies.com are in HD which the movies lovers love to watch. The site receives huge number of visitors per day and gain popularity day by day.

List of Websites To Watch Free Movies Online (Cont…)


MovieWatcher.to is for the online movies watcher or viewers. The site has a huge database of old and new movies dated from 1961 till 2016. The streaming by MovieWatcher s of fine quality, noise free and has very few ads to display. You can access the site without registration however registering there is worth because, then you can keep record of your favorite movies.



WatchMoviesOnline is the online source of free English, French and Hindi movies. The site offers a free streaming where you can watch movies online without downloading it on PC. There is no registration required to watch the movie trailer. Logging in Watch-Movies-Online account enables you to watch full length movies and do more.


Here you can watch free online movies as well as TV Shows and series. The site mostly hosts content in English language and from countries like United State, Canada and England. Full length movies and complete episodes of your favorite TV show can be found and watch over VODLockerB.com. Enjoy watching free movies with this site and share it with your friends as well.


Just like YouTube,this movies tube website let the user upload movies of their choice to Movie Tube Online. This online source of movies is for free and any one form everywhere in world can access this site to watch movies. You can watch any movie here without prior downloading it or can download it too for offline use.


On our list, the number 11 is occupied by Top Movies Online.CC. The TopMoviesOnline website is one of its kinds as it is full of adventure, action, horror, suspense, warand animated movies. Not only could the place to watch movie online but this fulfill your desire to watch TV Serials for free on internet.  Visit the site today; there is lot of fun over there.


FreeMoviesOnline.cc is a real source to watch movies for free. This movie streaming website emerge in the mid of the year 2013 and till now, gain popularity because of the quality of video streaming it share with the visitors. This site for true is an online movie cinema for those who love to watch films there.

Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online (Cont…)


The site let you to watch the trailer of a newly release movie, full length movie online or to watch it offline by downloading the file you are looking for. The user interface of HaloaMovies is clean and user-friendly which makes the site easy to use. Not only Hollywood movies but this site does stream Bollywood files as well.


Housemovie.to is truly a Movie house and remain one of the best movies watching site for those who love to watch movies at home. Free to use, easy to access, clean interface, less ads, HD Sound and quality streaming are all the great features of House Movie TO. So bookmark this movie streaming site for future and enjoy latest movies for free.


Finding a good movie streaming site is difficult but finding a great place like MoGoMovies.com is almost impossible. This is because the site sometime penalized and de-indexed from search engines. Mogomovies is the best site and worth to be included in our list. This site provides free movies from 5 years and has huge fan base. The site remains up and running 24/7 providing a great deal on free movies online.


On number 16 of our list of top online free movies sharing sites, here comes the WURA.tv, an online TV to watch and enjoy your favorite Hollywood movies and TV serials. This free to watch movies streaming site is famous for its foreign language movies. The site provides streaming of Bollywood and Nollywood movies as well. A few Chinese movies, Yorubaand movies from Africa can be watch here for free.



This site indexes the streaming of new movies as and when the movie release. Here you can watch free trailers of movies before the movie launched on Box office. New Movies Online is a handy site to watch all the latest movies that are otherwise paid to watch. So be seated and watch the newly released movies of 2016, this site has it all for you.


Not only a site but HugeMoviesDB.net serve as a database of movies from different filmmakers industries like Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood&Lollywood and differen genre like Action, Adventure, Suspense , Drama, Romance,Comedy and War movies.


Here comes another great and user-friendly movie-streaming site, the FMovies. The initial F from FMovies.to represents both the FREE and FULL. This means that here you can watch any new or old movie in full length for free. There are some ads but not the annoying popups. No sing in is required, no account is needed, no subscription, no pay-per-view charges are required. All for free all the time.


Last but not lease, the Putlocker. This movie streaming engine has stored a huge collection of English and foreign language movies to fulfill the needs of people from different origin with different language preferences. Putlocker121.com is the actual domain or URL where this popular site is located. Click on the link to land on the page of free online movies. Next time when you wish to watch a movie with your friends, family or the lover, use PutLocker and enjoy what you want.

Bonus Free Online Movies Streaming Site


I have added this site here for two main reasons, 1) it has a huge collection of movies, over 10000+ movies are stored in their server and 2) it also hosts TV shows and documentaries from Animal Planet, History TV and Nat Geo. Bookmark the site if you are documentary lover or fond of TV shows.

watch free movies online

[Post Updated]

Other Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Apart from the above mentioned free movies sites, here are 10 more worth to mention in this post. These 10 sites allow you to watch movies online for free without downloading.

  1. http://www.zmovie.co/
  2. http://www.icefilmstube.com/videos
  3. http://www.alluc.to/
  4. http://www.freemovielinker.com/
  5. http://www.boxtv.com/
  6. http://www.movie25.com/
  7. http://www.tvmovielinks.com/
  8. http://www.solarmovie.so/
  9. http://www.filmlinks4u.com/
  10. http://www.freefullmovies.net


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Rio Olympics 2016 Boxing Live Stream & Schedule

Boxing Live Stream

Boxing is always an exciting and thrilling game that is loved by millions of fans worldwide. Boxing fans strive hard to watch the fight live or online on a reliable streaming site. And when we talk about the Boxing in Rio Olympics, it is always the most interesting sports in the sport mega event. For those crazy fans of boxing, we bring the live streaming guide of this fighting sport where you can enjoy the whole schedule of Olympics boxing fights live from your computer of mobile.[AdSense-A]

This summer Olympics comprise many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the boxers who will prove themselves in the main event. Boxers from different countries will fight in different weight categories such as lightweight, flyweight, cruiserweight, featherweight, middleweight and the super heavyweight. Both men and women boxers are participating in Rio Boxing. Before going into the detail about the streaming guide of Rio Olympics, we first look at the boxing schedule, the fights that are planned to hold in the summer Olympics of Rio. Boxing fights will start from 6th August 2016 and will continue till the end of Olympics i.e. 21st August. It means that the fans of boxing will watch hot fights among big names everyday. Here is the full 15 days long schedule.

Boxing Live Stream

Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Boxing Schedule


Saturday, 6 August 2016

  • Men’s lightweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light Heavyweights prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s Heavyweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s lightweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s light Heavyweights prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s Heavyweight prelims(1:30 am)

Sunday, 7 August 2016

  • Men’s light flyweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light Heavyweights prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s Heavyweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light flyweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s light Heavyweights prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s Heavyweight prelims(1:30 am)

Monday, 8 August 2016

  • Men’s welterweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s middleweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s welterweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s middleweight prelims(1:30 am)

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

  • Men’s lightweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s heavyweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s super-heavyweights prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s lightweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s middleweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s super-heavyweights prelims(1:30 am)

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

  • Men’s light flyweight quarterfinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s bantamweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light welterweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light heavyweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s heavyweight quarterfinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light flyweight quarterfinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s bantamweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s light welterweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s light heavyweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s heavyweight quarterfinals(1:30 am)

Thursday, 11 August 2016

  • Men’s bantamweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light welterweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s welterweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light heavyweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s bantamweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s light welterweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s welterweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s light heavyweight prelims(1:30 am)

Friday, 12 August 2016

  • Women’s flyweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Women’s lightweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light flyweight semifinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s lightweight quarterfinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s middleweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Women’s flyweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Women’s lightweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s lightweight quarterfinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s middleweight prelims(1:30 am)

Saturday, 13 August 2016

  • Men’s flyweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s welterweight quarterfinals
  • Men’s heavyweight semifinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s super-heavyweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s flyweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s welterweight quarterfinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s heavyweight semifinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s super-heavyweight prelims(1:30 am)

Sunday, 14 August 2016

  • Women’s middleweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s bantamweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s lightweight semifinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light welterweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light heavyweight quarterfinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light flyweight Gold Medal match(7:30 pm)
  • Women’s middleweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s bantamweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s lightweight semifinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s light welterweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s light heavyweight quarterfinals(1:30 am)

Monday, 15 August 2016

  • Women’s lightweight quarterfinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s flyweight prelims(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s welterweight semifinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s middleweight quarterfinals(7:30 pm)
  • Women’s lightweight quarterfinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s flyweight prelims(1:30 am)
  • Men’s welterweight semifinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s middleweight quarterfinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s heavyweight Gold medal match(1:30 am)

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

  • Women’s flyweight quarterfinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s bantamweight quarterfinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light welterweight quarterfinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s light heavyweight semifinals(7:30 pm)
  • Men’s super-heavyweight quarterfinals(7:30 pm)
  • Women’s flyweight quarterfinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s bantamweight quarterfinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s light welterweight quarterfinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s light heavyweight semifinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s super-heavyweight quarterfinals(1:30 am)
  • Men’s lightweight Gold Medal match(1:30 am)

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

  • Women’s lightweight semifinals(10:30 pm)
  • Women’s middleweight quarterfinals(10:30 pm)
  • Men’s flyweight quarterfinals(10:30 pm)
  • Men’s welterweight Gold match(10:30 pm)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

  • Women’s flyweight semifinals(10:30 pm)
  • Men’s bantamweight semifinals(10:30 pm)
  • Men’s middleweight semifinals(10:30 pm)
  • Men’s light heavyweight Gold Medal match(10:30 pm)

Friday, 19 August 2016

  • Women’s lightweight Gold medal match(10:30 pm)
  • Women’s middleweight semifinals (10:30 pm)
  • Men’s flyweight semifinals(10:30 pm)
  • Men’s light welterweight semifinals(10:30 pm)
  • Men’s super-heavyweight semifinals(10:30 pm)

Saturday, 20 August 2016

  • Women’s flyweight Gold medal match(10:30 pm)
  • Men’s bantamweight Gold Medal match(10:30 pm)
  • Men’s middleweight Gold Medal match(10:30 pm)

Sunday, 21 August 2016

  • Women’s middleweight Gold Medal match
  • Men’s flyweight gold Medal match
  • Men’s light welterweight Gold Match
  • Men’s Super-Heavyweight Gold Match

Watch Rio Olympics Boxing Live on TV Channels

So now you have the full schedule, it is now time to know about the streaming, sports channels and the websites that will live broadcast the fights. Many sports TV channels will telecast the event live, there will be some regions and countries where there is no TV channel with the right to broadcast the Rio Olympics.A complete list of such sports channel is given below.

1. CCTV Sports China

The Chinese sports streaming channel will live telecast the boxing rounds as well as other sports in many Asian countries mainly in China. The channel is however not in English but is a good choice for those who understand Chinese.

2. CBC, the Canada Broadcasting Corporation

This national TV channel of Canada is the official broadcaster of all Rio Olympics events in Canada. It means that boxing fans can enjoy the boxing bouts on the channel from anywhere in Canada.

3. NBC Sports, USA

NBC sports TV channel is the official partner of Rio 2016 and will show the event live in United States. All the boxing fights will be broadcast there for free in America.

4. BBC, United Kingdom

The British Broadcasting Corporation also buys the rights to stream and broadcast the Rio Olympics matches, races and fights. Boxing lovers from UK, Ireland and Scotland can watch their favorite matches and fights with BBC.

Boxing Live Streams Online

Now here is the list of live sports streaming channel where you can enjoy boxing bouts and fight for free. All you need is just a browser, internet connection, and flash player to watch any boxing round online. These live boxing sites are free to access and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

  • First Row Sports
  • Atdhe
  • Vipbox
  • MyP2P
  • PTV sports
  • Front Row Sports
  • And many more…..


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Top 5 Best and Free Live Football Stream

Live Football Stream

Football is the most popular game and hence has more number of fans than any other sports. The crazy fans of football always struggle hard to find a free and reliable source, a site, a stream or a channel to watch football matches live. Few of them love to watch it on cable TV while most of other looking for an online source. Here we bring the list of such nice sources and free football live streaming sites for those who love to watch this exciting and thrilling game over internet from home or office. You can watch a match from Rio Olympics, FIFA world cup or the Thursday night football streaming. The list comprises some of the best sports streams that are free to access and easy to use. [AdSense-A]

We have just reviewed top 5; however there are thousands of football’s streaming sites on internet. You can also find a Live Stream on YouTube as well where you can watch the full length match and football tournament, FIFA world cup or euro cup. But sometimes these channels do not have the right to broadcast the matches or might not give coverage to the match that you are looking for. The streaming link might be broken or the site might be banned due to violation of law. In these cases, there must be some legal yet free sources to watch your favorite game on time. The sites listed there in this post are up to date, live and free of cost. Few of these sites might have some annoying ads that you have to face in the beginning, but you know that this would be the only source of income for their efforts. So let start the countdown from Number 05 and discover the best soccer streaming site.

Live Football Stream

Free Live Football Stream


5. Atdhe

ON number 5 of our list, here comes a great name in sports streaming site, the Atdhe. ATDHE is among those favorite and popular sports streaming site that is accessed and visited by millions of sports fan every month. This authority sport site is included in our list because it provide 24/7 live football stream of almos every match from Rio Olympics or FIFA world cup. This site reliable and legal, hosting links to the streaming only. It means that no stream is being hosted on the site actually but a third-party stream. The site do covers the other sporting events like current season of summer Olympics Rio 2016, Baseball, basketball, hockey, swimming, archery, cycling, weightlifting, UFC, WWE wrestling and boxing. The site is easy to use, free of cost and requires no sign up or login to access the football stream.

4. VipBox

VipBox was once trying to compete it native rival first row sports to be the number 1 sports streaming site but face many allegation due to which the site didn’t get much popular as the Firstrowsports. Vipbox is however far better than other low quality streaming providing sites. Here you can find the links to live football matches that is on-air or is about to start in next 30 minutes. It means that the site put link to the match just half an hour before it begin.  The look and design is so professional that it can change your perception about live streams if you don’t use them regularly. Vipbox is perhaps a good alternate to TV channels if not available in your region.

3. MyP2P

Resides on number 03 in our list of Live football stream providing sites, MyP2P is a great source that a football fan can get in love with. The first impression of this streaming site looks really professional and it seems that this website is maintain by professional bloggers and experts sports writers. Myp2p covers almost all the soccer events whether national of international including FIFA, Euro Cup, Copa America and the football matches from Rio Olympics 2016. These all are free to watch, easy to access and live 24/7. The schedule of everyday matches are being published on the front page of this sports streaming site and when a match over, it’s been achieved as highlights. So if you are looking for a few great options to watch your favorite match live, you should definitely bookmark this site and visit it frequently in future.


2. Front Row Sports

The one among two sports streaming giants, Front row sports make it place on number 02 in our list of top 5 sports streaming and live football streams. Front Row Sports, as its name indicates, give you the ultimate sports viewing experience. Watch football with Frontrowsports is just like sitting in the first row of the stadium from where you can truly enjoy the whole match hassle free. The site is good for watch football, boxing, UFC, car racing, MotoGP, Cricket and other sports as well. However the best is yet to come. Check the number 1 sports streaming site below.


1. First Row Sports

Firstrowsports is the pioneer of sports streaming site and unmatched source of football streaming on the internet. Firstrow faces many allegation and even ban in different countries but still remains the number 1 choice and hence resides on the top of our list. Firstrow has many versions with different extensions and Uniform Resource Locator or URLs such as fristrow.eu, iforstrow.com, justfirstrowsports.com, Firstrowsports.mobi and many more. Almost all of these provide same level of football watching experience.

Final Words

Now you have the links and review about the top 5 streaming sites to watch football matches live, it is up to you to choose the best among them. Check all the five, surf them and use them to stream the matches and then pick the best for you, bookmark it and enjoy the game for free.

It’s Your Turn Now

If you feel that your favorite site is missing in the list or if you have another great sports streaming or football stream in mind, please share it with us by commenting below or by contacting us.


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Watch Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony Live Streaming

Rio Olympics Live TV Streaming

Rio Olympics is going to start form Friday August 5, 2016. This will be the mega sports event this year. Since all the countries are taking part in the summer Olympics, the event is watch live by millions of fans from all around the world. There will be hundreds of thousands of fans as well who will be watching and supporting their country’s athletes and team right from the first row of stadium. Summer Olympics is held every four yearly and in each event, there is something special to surprise the sports fans and viewers. This Olympics will be a Brazilian culture themed event where the beauty of Brazil and the model girls will perform Samba dance on the occasion of the opening ceremony.[AdSense-A]

Many sports TV channels including NBC, BBC One,  StarSports, HotStar, Sky Sports, Fox Sports,  Sportfive3, TV 2 and CBC sports TV and Radio of Canada will live broadcasts the whole Olympics games and the opening ceremony. However there might be an hour or more delay in transmission, so some people may not watch the beginning of rio 2016 olypmics in real-time. To overcome this, they might look for online sources and live Rio Olympics 2016 streaming and websites. Here for your ease, we have compiled a list of such live sports streaming sites to enjoy every second and every moment of Rio Olympics opening ceremony.

 Rio Olympics Live TV Streaming

Watch Rio Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony Live


There are numerous TV channels from different countries that will broadcast this sports mega event of the year live. To watch live opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics, here we have created a table showing country-wise TV channels along with the day of broadcasting the event and start time.

Sports TV Channels List to Watch RIO Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony

Country TV Channel Day of Telecast Time
Afghanistan Dentsu1 Saturday 03:30
Argentina Fox Sports Friday 20:00
Australia (Sydney) ORF Saturday 09:00
Bangladesh Ten Sports Live Saturday 05:00
Brazil Rede Globo & ESPN Friday 08:00
Canada (Vancouver) CBC/Radio-Canada Friday 16:00
China CCTV Saturday 07:00
Germany ARD & ZDF Saturday 01:00
Hong Kong TVB Saturday 07:00
India Star Sports, NDTV Saturday 04:30
Italy RAI &  Sky Italia Saturday 01:00
Japan Japan Consortium Saturday 08:00
Mexico Mexico TV Friday 18:00
Nepal Star India Saturday 04:45
Pakistan PTV sports, Geo Super Saturday 04:00
Switzerland SRG SSR Saturday 01:00
South Africa SABC & SuperSport Saturday 01:00
United Arab Emirates ShowTime Saturday 03:00
Unites States of America NBC Friday 16:00
Zimbabwe Sky Television Saturday 01:00

Live Rio Olympics Streaming Websites

While the above table include the list of TV channel country-wise, in case of you country and favorite sprots TV channel is not listed there in the above table, you can use live Rio Olympics 2016 streaming sites to enjoy the ceremony at your home. These sites are really good alternate to sports TV; free to use required no subscription or account to access the streaming. Keep visiting and enjoy the summer Olympics.

  1. First Row Sports
  2. MyP2P
  3. PTV sports
  4. Atdhe
  5. Sports Lemon
  6. NeoLive.com
  7. Vipbox
  8. Dracula Streams
  9. Front Row Sports
  10. Firstrow.Eu
  11. PTV Sports Live
  12. ESPN Live
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