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This is How Futuristic Apple iCar Might Look Like

iCar is a project by Apple to transform the future vehicles by introducing a totally new electronic car concept that will be more environment friendly, semi-autonomous integrated with different features of Apple Inc. like LED Screen for both front and rear view. The possible year the car will hit road is 2020 but here the designer gives concept of this new car design that how the rumored iCar will look like. Freelancer.com hosted a contest on their site for designers to depict what the new Apple iCar might look like. There were total 193 contestants. Among all the entries some designs are really look like the cars that we hae seen in science fiction movies while some cars are look like an alien’s vehicle.[AdSense-A]

futuristic-icar-concept (2)

futuristic-icar-concept (3)

futuristic-icar-concept (4)

futuristic-icar-concept (16)

futuristic-icar-concept (1)


Although these all pictures have no basis in reality but few imagination are there. The contest was to know how the designer tool Apple iCar shape and design and apply them to futuristic car.

The winning design of the contest is from Aristomenis Tsirbas win the prize of $1500 by giving a flat design with sliding doors and smooth curves. The designer of the winning iCar entry rationalizes their design and says

“This concept explores a semi-autonomous electric car in the minimalist tradition of Apple design. It features external high resolution LED screens front and back for user selected headlight/taillight designs. The car includes structural body modeling with discreet hatch and doors that open laterally”

futuristic-icar-concept (12)

futuristic-icar-concept (7)

futuristic-icar-concept (6)

Other than the winning entry, there are many other popular entries with an exemplary futuristic design of iCar and a try to depict a different type of car than the conventional cars, vans and trucks.

futuristic-icar-concept (15)

futuristic-icar-concept (13)

futuristic-icar-concept (11)

futuristic-icar-concept (10)

futuristic-icar-concept (9)

futuristic-icar-concept (8)

Images Source: Freelancer iCar Contest

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New Aluminum Battery Will Bring Many Changes in Smartphones

New Ultra-fast Charging Aluminum Battery

Well Dreams come true. The future of smartphones will be more bright and long lasting and soon we will have wearable and flexible Smartphone with an extreme battery life with the invention of new aluminum battery that is safer, cheaper with ultrafast charging and long lasting power than the traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Smartphone goes advance day by day. Latest smartphones come with new features, slim design, heavy hardware, ultimate graphics and High Resolution Cameras for photo capturing and video recording. All these features requires a powerful battery to gives the phone long life for days so that the user can enjoy all of the features while going on outing. In recent years, there are so many changes and advancement in the Smartphone shape, configuration and features but the battery remains same.


Traditional lithium ion batteries were not enough to stand up for days and the Smartphone users often carry a pair of extra battery (if the phone comes with exchangeable battery) and charger or power bank with plugin-in cable to keep their phone running everywhere they go. Now all of that are going to change in future with invention of new aluminum ion batteries.

Announced on April 6, 2015, Hongjie Dai, professor of chemistry at Stanford University, says that “Aluminum batteries will soon replace the traditional lithium-ion batteries in Smartphones and from other gadgets”. He further explains the battery and said “This is a simple piece of aluminum that is cheaper and safer than today’s the conventional lithium-ion battery”. Regarding the safety and efficacy of the battery, Hongjie Dai stated “Our new battery won’t catch fire, even if you drill through it. You can bend the battery and it will still work”. Regarding the manufacturing of the battery to be availed for commercial use, Hongjie Dai and his team said that “Several companies expressed interest to license the technology and make products. This new aluminum ion battery will be available soon in market and will integrate in Smartphone soon because of its simple design”.

Here are some key features of this new invention that will bring revolution in the Smartphone’s industry:

New Ultra-fast Charging Aluminum Battery

Ultrafast charging

The new Aluminum ion battery has high speed charging capability and can charge in just one minute. That is too fast than today conventional lithium ion battery which takes somewhat 30 minute to 1 hour to get fully charge. Some either take 2 hours.

Flexible Battery

Unlike the rigid lithium ion battery, Aluminum-ion battery is much flexible can bend easily and so the Smartphone using Aluminum Battery. So we will have flexible and wearable Smartphone in near future.



As far as the safety is concern, the new aluminum ion battery is much safer than the one right now in your Smartphone. Aluminum ion battery will not get fire or blast even if you make a hole in it.


Well easily available components of the new aluminum ion battery will make it cheaper than our current lithium ion battery. It will also influence the cost of Smartphone as well

Long lasting

One of the distinct features that will fall you in love with the upcoming aluminum battery is its long life. The battery will standby for days so you don’t need to carry the bulky power banks, charges, cables or extra pair of battery with your future Smartphone

Long Life Cycle

The aluminum battery has a great life cycle and unlike the conventional lithium-ion battery, aluminum ion battery can charge easily more than 7500 times without any significant change in the battery life or performance.


Simple, easy to manufacture

Again, due to simple structure and easily available ingredients of this new aluminum ion battery, it will be easy to manufacture and of course more economic therefore.

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10 Features to Make You Fall in Love with Android Lollipop

10 Cool Android Lollipop Features

Cool Android Lollipop Features

Cool Android Lollipop Features [source: wikipedia.org]

Since its latest release on November 12th of the year, we all are now much familiar with what cool feature Google has added to the latest Android version “Lollipop”. With No doubt, the new Android v 5.0 “Lollipop” is the biggest released version of the Android with brand new gorgeous design called material design and so many cool features that can easily make you fall in love with “Lollipop”. From Screen pinning to notification control, Do Not Disturb Mode to Guest Mode and powerful file sharing feature “Android Beam”, there are many cool features in New Android 5.0 “Lollipop” that you can enjoy from the day first.[AdSense-A]

Among so many cool feature added in New Android L, here we collected and review 10 best features you probably never heard about. So take a deep breath and dive through the list of coolest features that we have dug out for you.

01. Lock screen notifications

Lollipop come with an exciting feature which give you full control to view and deals with the notifications right from your lock screen. You can swipe to dismiss, tap on screen to reply / respond to the notification or double tap to go to the relevant app. You can control which information should appear or hide by heading to setting –> Sound & Notification and set the sensitive information of notification from apps as “Redacted” to hide sensitive alerts


02. OK Google

Now you can talk to Google even if your screen is off and mobile on standby mode. Just say “OK Google” and your phone will wake let you to do voice search, get directions, send text messages and more. But this feature requires compatible hardware with digital signal processing support and work well with Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.


03. Do not Disturb Mode

With this feature integrated in Android 5.0 “Lollipop”, you can control the kind of notifications alerts and the time when you want to stop them. Do not Disturb mode is a Notification control feature allow user to control the notifications alerts as and when they want. The same can be achieved with Priority App Notification feature but Do Not Disturb Mode let you set the time in a day where you don’t want to be disturbed by any notification alert. Just head to setting –> Sound & Notification and set Interruption as you want.

04. Tap and Go

Buy a new Smartphone and worry about the data, settings and apps on old Smartphone? Lollipop gives you control to transfer the data, apps and preferences from your old Smartphone to the new one with its new “Tap and Go” feature. The “Tap and Go” feature uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology such as Bluetooth and allows your Smartphone to transfer all the details, Back-ups, Google accounts, wallpapers, widgets and feature apps to the new phone

05. Ambient Display

This cool feature integrated in Android 5.0 Lollipop is inspired by Motorola. Ambient Display makes your phone light up or displaying useful information whenever you get a new notification, pick your phone off your table or take it out of your bag or pocket.

But, once again, this feature requires a compatible hardware, OLED screen, to work and work well in Google Nexus 6 so far.

06. Flashlight

No need to buy or download a third party Flashlight app from Google Play Store as this feature is now added into the Android Lollipop to save your time and effort put on downloading a third party one. Since the Flashlight app is among the popular apps on Android thus Google decide to give its Android Lollipop customers a built-in one Flashlight app. To turn it on, just pull down the notification drawer and tap the top bar to turn on Flashlight. Once again your phone should have an LED flashlight alongside the camera.

07. Guest Mode

Thanks to Lollipop, Your android phone is now safe to give to your kid or your friend can make a call or check his email while your accounts, main profile and personal data will remain safe and untouched. With Android Lollipop, you can add or configure guest account on your phone as you want and can hand it over to your friends or children with no more worry about your sensitive data. Once done, just drag the notification drawer and tap “Guest” from user accounts to activate Guest Mode.

08. Pin Apps & Screen

Screen Pinning or app pinning is among the highlighted features of Android Lollipop which let you to limit someone to a specific app, share specific screen and restrict them to mess with your data, mail or contacts. If one of your distracted child or an annoying friend wants to play game or use a specific app, launch the game or app, pin it and hand your phone to your child or friend. Once pinned, your kid or friend won’t be able to leave the app and go to home screen or go back without entering pin code.

To “pin” your child or friend inside a single app, you first need to activate this feature by heading to Settings –> Security –> Screen pinning.

09. Android Beam

Android Beam is a powerful file sharing feature of New Android Lollipop which will let you to share files other then photo, piece of music or clip. Android beam make possible the sharing of almost anything between two devices easily, no matter how smaller or larger the file size is.

10. Predict and Save Battery

Last but not least, after all these hot and cool features, you may just run out of your battery. But don’t worry, new Android Lollipop has a built in feature to see how much battery is left and to save your battery timing. Tap on the battery icon to predict how much battery is remaining and activate Battery saving mode which can save your battery up to 15% and extends your device use up to 90mins, through minimizing the battery usage by vibration or background syncing.

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10 Remarkable Facts About Facebook You Didn’t Know

10 Interesting Facebook Facts

Facebook is a social networking site and the 2nd most popular website (after Google). Facebook is place where people share interesting information, facts, uploads pictures, videos and share links. Beside all these, there are some interesting facts about Facebook itself list below which most of you probably didn’t know before.


Facebook Facts # 01

From FaceMash to FaceBook

From FaceMash to FaceBook Source

Did you know that your favorite social media site Facebook were initially nicknamed FaceMash.com The company let the domain expires in 2007 and it is sold again for $30K on 25 October, 2010

Facebook Facts # 02

If Facebook were a country it would be the 2nd Largest Country

Facebook would be the 2nd Largest Country

Facebook has 1.3 billion users right now almost half of the total internet users (while the other half who doesn’t have Facebook account lives with one who has). So if the Facebook were a country, it would be the world 2nd largest country (after china) based on population.

Facebook Facts # 03

Facebook User and Usage Statistics

Facebook User and Usage Statistics Source

Among 1.3 billion Facebook users, there are 800 million daily active users who posts, updates status and share something on Facebook daily. On the basis of these data, there are 350 million photos uploaded daily and 4.75 billion pictures, videos or links are shared on Facebook daily

Facebook Facts # 04

338 Average Number Of Facebook Friends

338 Average Number Of Facebook Friends

On an average, every Facebook users has 338 Facebook friends making around 150 Billion Friends connection in total

Facebook Facts # 05

Facebook Dead People Account

Facebook Have Lots Of Dead People’s and Fake Account [source: pixabay.com]

Beside 1.3 Billions Facebook user’s accounts, there are more than 40 million dead people on Facebook and more than81 million fake Facebook account make for spamming.

Facebook Facts # 06

Canada, The Country of Most Active Facebook User

Canada, The Country With Most Active Facebook User

Initially created for college students of Harvard University, Facebook is now used by 70% of US population age under 26. Although Facebook is US based but 70% of it users are outside the US. The country with most active Facebook users is Canada.
Being popular worldwide, Facebook on the other hand is banned in China, Vietnam, Iran and Syria.

Facebook Facts # 07

Facebook Blue Color

Did you know the reason behind the blue color and theme of Facebook? Well in fact the blue is calming color and most social media sites has apparent Blue color but in the case of Facebook, the blue color of the site is because the founder of the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is color blind and can’t differentiate between red and green color, thus blue color is more apparent for him.

Facebook Facts # 08

Type in URL bar www.facebook.com and add 4 at the end of URL separated with “/” (i.e http://www.facebook.com/4). This will redirect you to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg profile. Don’t know yet why he chooses the number 4 instead of 1. Adding 5, 6, 7 into the end of Facebook URL will redirect you to the Facebook co-founders and Mark’s colleagues. They all were the initial users of Facebook

Facebook Facts # 09

Add Pirate Language To Facebook

Add Pirate Language To Facebook

In your Facebook account setting, you can change your language to “Pirate”. With Pirate as your language, you will see the Word “Cap’n” (Captain) before everyone’s name, “Friends” will appear as “Mateys” and “Pictures” are called “Portraits”. “Arr!” will replace Liking and “scrawling a mark” instead of Commenting.

So if you like and want to apply these changes, go into Account > Language, find and replace English (US) with English (Pirate).

Facebook Facts # 10

Facebook Tracks Your Browsing History

Facebook Tracks Your Browsing History Source

Even after logging out from your Facebook account, Facebook still able to track the site you visit. This is primarily  due to cookies that Facebook leave on your system which send the record of your browsing history.

If you know something more about Facebook, let us know in comments and if really enjoy these interesting facts about Facebook, Share it with you friends.

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Did You Know These 10 Remarkable Facts About Google

Interesting Google Facts

Indeed, Google is the Planet famous search engines as it is along with billions of visitors from earth; sometime visited from Mars too (a famous Google April Fool). Well that’s a joke but following is really some surprising facts about the search engine giant Google which most of you probably didn’t know about before.[AdSense-A]

Google Fact # 1

Google Search Statistics

Google Search Statistics

On average there are 40,000 search queries processes by Google in just one second (equals to 23, 051 Gigabytes of internet traffic per second); over 3.5 billion searches per day (more than half of the total population on the Earth) reaching more than 100 Billions searches per month.

See how many Google Searches have made today up till now here

Google Fact # 2

Google Search

Google Search Source

Of all the above every second and daily Google Searches data, 10 to 20% of queries are that get asked are unique and have never been searched before.

Google Fact # 3

Google search statistics

Just type Facebook in Google search and the Google will return around 5,300,000,000 results in just few milliseconds. Amazing! Billions of results in a fraction of second. Even a simple query searches on Google take at least 1,000 computers to process on together to reproduce the search result.

Google Fact # 4

Google Simple Hompage

Google Has the Simplest Hompage

All of you know that Google has the simplest homepage. The reason behind so bare homepage is that the founder of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page didn’t familiar with HTML and thus created a quick and simple interface. They keep it and make it simpler yet even in the presence of advance web development technologies as the simple design of Google Homepage is now the symbol of excellence in internet search industry.

Google Fact # 5

Google, The Fastest Loading Web Page

Google, The Fastest Loading Web Page

Due to its simple interface, Google page loads fastest than any other site on the web (less than 0.5 s) and thus most of people use Google to test their internet connection.

Google Fact # 6

Google Originate from Googol

Google Originate from Googol

Google was initially nicknamed as BackRub (due to backlinks determination technology used initially) but then changed to Google which is interestingly the misspelling of world Googol (the mathematics term used to describe the figure such as 1 followed by 100 zeros)

Google Fact # 7

Google Owned Misspell Of Google

Google Owned Misspell Of Google

As the Name “Google” originated from misspelling of Googol, the company also owns the common misspelling of Google as well. Some common misspelling which is now owned by the Google Inc. including goggle.com, gooogle.com. Just type one of these URLs in your browser and see what happened. It will redirect you to the Google Homepage. Not surprised yet? Type www.466453.com in address bar and you will redirect to Google homepage as the company also own the Google spelled out on mobile or phone keypads.

Google Fact # 8

I m Feeling Lucky

Have you been used “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google’s homepage? I have never been used while searching for queries until I want something tricky. This famous button is almost never been used regularly but when the company try to remove the button from their homepage, the interface of the homepage looks annoying to the users. Users feel more comfortable having this button on homepage which compels the Google to keep it.

Google Fact # 9

Although Google keep “I’m feeling lucky” button on its homepage but the button costs the company $110 million each year. This is because the “I’m feeling lucky” button lands directly to the top web page for the specific search query; don’t let the Google to display ads to the users on its search result page.

Google Fact # 10

Google Goats Operation

Google Goats Operation Source

Last but not least, less technical but more interesting fact is that Google Inc. sometimes gets help of hungry goats to cut down the grass and keep their lawns in shape. Yes it is true and probably not one of the Google April Fools. The California based Google Head Quarters rents out goats (sometimes 200 goats) from California Grazing Company. This special force of lawn mowers is environment friendly, cut down extra grass, weeds and bushes to keep the lawn in shape.

Like the facts about Google? Take some time to share it with your friends too.

Read some more interesting facts here:



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10 Surprising facts about Smartphones You Didn’t Know

Surprising Smartphones Facts

1. Smartphone Usage

1.75 Billion Smartphone Users In The World

1.75 Billion Smartphone Users In The World

33% people (among all age groups, but mostly between 18 – 24 years of age) using Smartphone which means that there are 1.75 Billion Smartphone users in the world (more then the combine population of China and USA). Although the total mobile phone devices exceeds the total population. The number is increasing constantly and estimated to reach 10 billion by 2020.[AdSense-A]

2. Slim or Massive

Stack of All Smartphones Would Stretch 8, 285 Miles Source

Stack of All Smartphones Would Stretch 8, 285 Miles Source

Although Smartphones are relatively slim and thin but if you stacked all of them on each other, the queue would stretch 8, 285 miles. It is almost double the length of one of the world longest high way TransCanada or same the length of Australia Highway 1, the longest national highway in the world. Or this figure is equals to 1500 times the height of Mount Everest.

3. Performance and Speed

iPhone 5s 15, 625 times more Speed Than Computer Used In Apollo 11 Source

iPhone 5s 15, 625 times more Speed Than Computer Used In Apollo 11 Source

If compare to one of the primitive computer used for Apollo 11 Mission for Moon landing, Apple Smartphone iPhone 5s would be the supercomputer as it has 15, 625 times more processing speed and hundreds time less bulky and more handsome. Indeed, it is cheap too.

4. Time spent

Smartphone User Checks Their Phone 110 Times a Day

Smartphone User Checks Their Phone 110 Times a Day Source

On an average, Smartphone user checks their phone 110 times a day and spent 37 hours (even more than that) per month on installed apps. Although it seems waste of time but, if it comes to the academic progress, smartphone users are three time more likely to track their academic progress and somewhat smarter as compare to others as they can study on the go.


5. From Sex to Shower

Smartphone users Don't Take it Down

Smartphone users Don’t Take it Down Source

People tend to addict to Smartphones and it’s hard for them to put their phone down even during sex. A online survey shows that 55% Smartphone users using their phone during driving, 12% take their Smartphone to bathroom during taking shower, 9% during sex and 19% during worships (in churches). Even more,  44% Smartphone users take phone with them to bed and 91% users want to keep their smartphone within easy access everywhere every time.

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World’s Top 10 Supercomputers with their Cost, Speed and Usage

Top 10 supercomputers

The history of Supercomputers are dated back to early 60s with development of Atlas, the first supercomputer (installed at Manchester University) with asynchronous processor due to which the processing speed is not measurable but far less than an ordinary desktop computers at your home. But today’s supercomputers have thousands time more processing speed and in fact, thousand time costly too than our desktop computers.


The performance or processing speed of supercomputer is measured in petaflop that is equal to a million billion or a thousand trillion floating point operations per second. These massive machines are not made for fun but rather help scientists, meteorologists to do research or forecast global climate and whether, while some are used being to simulate brain activity or effects of storm or wind on a plane.

 Take a look at world top 10 supercomputers as announced in November 2013 by Top500.org, the organization updating the list half-yearly.


1. Tianhe-2 (MilkyWay-2)

Top 10 supercomputers

In the war of supercomputer manufacturing, Chinese Tianhe-2 (TH-2 or Milky way2) dominated and has on top of the list since June 2013, remain undefeated till to date. Tianhe-2 is a 33.86 petaflops supercomputer developed by a team of 1300 scientists and engineers located in University of Sun-Yat-sen, Guangzhou, China. This supercomputer has 3,120,000 core processors.

Country: China
Site: National University of Defense Technology (NUDT)
Manufacturer: National University of Defense Technology (NUDT)
Cores: 3,120,000
Linpack Performance (Rmax): 33,862.7 TFlop/s
Theoretical Peak (Rpeak): 54,902.4 TFlop/s
Power: 17,808.00 kW
Memory: 1,024,000 GB
Operating System: Kylin Linux
Purpose/Usage: For local weather service and the National Offshore Oil Corporation
Cost: 2.4 billion Yuan or 3 billion Hong Kong dollars (390 million US Dollars)

 2. Titan

Top 10 supercomputers

Titan supercomputer is 560,640-core computer which is actually an upgraded version of Jaguar supercomputer developed by an American Supercomputer manufacturer Cray Research Inc. (CRI) located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The initial cost of the unit were approximately $60 million, funded by U.S Department of Energy (DoE) which is raised to $97millions due to addition of Storage system.


Country: U.S.
Site: DOE/SC/Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Manufacturer: Cray Inc.
Cores: 560,640
Linpack Performance (Rmax): 17,590.0 TFlop/s
Theoretical Peak (Rpeak): 27,112.5 TFlop/s
Power: 8,209.00 kW
Memory: 710,144 GB
Operating System: Cray Linux Environment
Purpose/Usage: Use to simulate Molecular physics, energy, activity and interaction between electron and atom, global atmosphere modeling.
Cost: $100 million

3. Sequoia

Top 10 supercomputers

Sequoia – Blue Gene/Q supercomputer manufactured by IBM for National Nuclear Security Administration (NSSA) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is deployed over the site in June 2012 and gain the world #1supercomputer award.

Country: U.S.
Site: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 1,572,864
Linpack Performance (Rmax): 17,173.2 TFlop/s
Theoretical Peak (Rpeak): 20,132.7 TFlop/s
Power: 7,890.00 kW
Memory: 1,572,864 GB
Operating System: Linux
Purpose/Usage: Nuclear weapons simulation, energy, astronomy, study of the human genome, and climate change.
Cost: $250 million dollar

4. K computer

Top 10 supercomputers

Country: Japan
Site: RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS)
Manufacturer: Fujitsu
Cores: 705,024
Linpack Performance (Rmax): 10,510.0 TFlop/s
Theoretical Peak (Rpeak): 11,280.4 TFlop/s
Power: 12,659.89 kW
Memory: 1,410,048 GB
Operating System: Linux
Purpose/Usage: Climate research, Medical researches and Disaster prevention
$1.2 billion US dollar

5. Mira

Top 10 supercomputers

Country: U.S.
Site: DOE/SC/Argonne National Laboratory
Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 786,432
Linpack Performance (Rmax): 8,586.6 TFlop/s
Theoretical Peak (Rpeak): 10,066.3 TFlop/s
Power: 3,945.00 kW
Operating System: Linux
Purpose/Usage: Used for scientific research in the fields of material science, climatology and computational chemistry.
Cost: $50 million dollar

6. Piz Daint

Top 10 supercomputers

Country: Switzerland
Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS)
Manufacturer: Cray Inc.
Cores: 115,984
Linpack Performance (Rmax): 6,271.0 TFlop/s
Theoretical Peak (Rpeak): 7,788.9 TFlop/s
Power: 2,325.00 kW
Operating System: Cray Linux Environment
Purpose/Usage: Weather forecast, climatology and scientific researches
Cost: ??? dollars

7. Stampede

Top 10 supercomputers

Country: U.S.
Site: Texas Advanced Computing Center/Univ. of Texas, Austin
Manufacturer: Dell
Cores: 462,462
Linpack Performance (Rmax): 5,168.1 TFlop/s
Theoretical Peak (Rpeak): 8,520.1 TFlop/s
Power: 4,510.00 kW
Memory: 192,192 GB
Operating System: Linux
Purpose/Usage: In the field of medicine to detect brain tumors, biology (especially microbiology) human genetics, geophysics and earth sciences for earthquake forecast.
Cost: More than $56 million dollar



Top 10 supercomputers

Country: Germany
Site: Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ)
Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 458,752
Linpack Performance (Rmax): 5,008.9 TFlop/s
Theoretical Peak (Rpeak): 5,872.0 TFlop/s
Power: 2,301.00 kW
Memory: 458,752 GB
Operating System: Linux
Purpose/Usage: For researches in different fields of science
Cost: ??? dollars

9. Vulcan – Blue Gene

Top 10 supercomputers

Country: U.S.
Site: DOE/NNSA/ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 393,216
Linpack Performance (Rmax): 4,293.3 TFlop/s
Theoretical Peak (Rpeak): 5,033.2 TFlop/s
Power: 1,972.00 kW
Memory: 393,216 GB
Operating System: Linux
Purpose/Usage: Used for researches in Biology, Plasma Physics, Climate Science, Molecular Systems and Solid & Fluid Engineering
Cost: $100 million

10. Super MUC

Top 10 supercomputers

Country: Germany
Site: Leibniz Rechenzentrum
Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 147,456
Lin pack Performance (Rmax): 2,897.0 TFlop/s
Theoretical Peak (Rpeak): 3,185.1 TFlop/s
Power: 3,422.67 kW
Operating System: Linux
Purpose/Usage: Researchers in Medicine, Astrophysics, Earth quake simulation, computational chemistry,  fluid dynamics and genome analysis
Cost: $111million dollar

source: www.top500.org
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Hi-Tech Night Vision Capable Contact Lenses and Cell Phones

Night Vision Contact Lenses

Although Night vision technology is not new and have been around us from many decades emerged dated back in 1970, but the devices for night vision are big and bulky, wearing which on your night jaunt will surely not be a smart idea. Currently existing night vision devices or the clunky, huge goggles are used by army to take over the enemy in night or by professional wildlife researchers while they are in forest.[AdSense-A]

But what if you have the same technology fit in your eyes?
What if you have night vision enables cell phones or cameras?
Yeah, this will be really cool.

Thanks to the team of researchers leading by Zhaohui Zhing at University of Michigan, USA, we will soon have contact lenses with the capability to sense infrared and ultraviolet lights renders our eyes to see in darkness.

The team is doing research on Graphene (a thin layer of pure carbon) using it on contact lenses will give the lens the power to sense non-visible infrared and ultraviolet light plus visible lights and, as heard through some sources, can enhance ambient light up to 200 percent.

These lenses will have several advantages over the conventional night vision goggles as these lenses will be more comfortable to use, provide full peripheral vision and sure, will be less expensive.

The technology will not only limited to contact lenses but can also be integrated with camera phones and other visual gadgets.

The lenses would probably used by military in war field mostly but you too can enjoy the power of night vision even while walking home in dark late night or go for a night-time journey through jungle. These lenses may help medical professional to sense the blood flow in patients body and can aid in historian and artists eyes to analyze the old paintings or sculptures.



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