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Top 10 Best US Based SEO Companies Ranking and Reviews

Top 10 Best USA Based SEO Companies Ranking and Reviews

Have an online business and want to attract large number of visitors or buyers through organic source like? The answer is Search Engine Optimization. Since SEO is the only way to drive more traffic through organic means, you must need to take care of this aspect of your business seriously. However Search Engine Optimization is not an easy job, you need to be expert, hire an expert or give your business website in the hands of trusted SEO services providing agencies to move your business forward.

So your next question would be “Who is the best SEO service provider”. Here we have compiled a list of top 10 SEO services provider agencies from Unite State. This rating is based on our criteria being set as per the company’s quality of services, rate of customer satisfaction, customer retention rate and the affordability.



In our list of top 10 best SEO services providing agencies in USA, WebiMax dominating the list and secured the 1st position by providing valuable SEO services to both local and international clients.

Based in Camden, New Jersey, WebiMax was founded and started its operation in 2008 and up till now, the company satisfied more than 250 local and international clients with their powerful SEO strategies and valuable services. To serve the huge number of returning clients, the company hired 100+ full time SEO experts and Marketing professionals strive 24/7 to fulfill the needs of their clients and help them achieve their goals. The company’s happy clients list including the top brands and industries like Toshiba, Marriott, GotJunk, Aeropostale and DirecTV. These big names are satisfied with the SEO services provided by WebiMax using their services for long time. The overall client satisfaction and retention rate of WebiMax is 98%, make the company far most trusted SEO services providing company in USA.

The core SEO services provided by WebiMax are the On-Page and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, SEM and Pay Per Click Management. The company providing its services at slightly higher cost than the other but it is worth to use their services.

The competition for the WebiMax to be the number 1 SEO Company in the United State is really tough and the company continues its effort to remain there on the top.

Visit WebiMax Official Site


As its name, Boostability SEO Company has ability to boost the SEO for sure. The company resides on the top 2nd position in our list because the Company offers ultimate SEO services to take online presence of your business to next level.

Established in 2009, Boostability performing its operation from its head quarter based in Lehi, Utah. The company employed a team of energetic SEO professional and over one hundred supporting staff to fulfill the needs of company’s more than 750 regular clients. Few major brands and businesses that avail the SEO services by Boostability including Dexter Law, Artbeats, Decisions, Alegria Shoes and Fieldstone homes. With this huge number of customer and happy clients, the company generates more than $10million annual revenue. The customer satisfaction rate is more than 90%, which seems that Boostability is good in what they provide.

The key SEO services by Boostability fits well both for large enterprises and small business. Their valuable SEO services including Off-Page and On-Page Search Engine Optimization, Map SEO optimization, Keyword Analysis, Local SEO optimization, SEM and many more.

Visit Boostability Official Site


ThinkBIGsites is the SEO service providing company of choice for both small business and large enterprises to dominate the local, national as well as international SEO. ThinkBIGsites is at the 3rd position in our list of top 10 best SEO services providing firms in USA providing all-in-one SEO solutions to their valued customers.

Based in Huntington, New York, ThinkBIGsites is in the field of SEO from 2007 and up till now, the company served their SEO services to 300+ clients. The client satisfaction rate is 97% which make the company to be your trusted SEO partner. The client profile of ThinkBIGsites includes many big names that are Edwards Jones, Mrs. Fields, The Extreme Group Inc., Borders Books, Candy.com and Bunn Coffee. One of their happy customer testimony their excellent services and says,

“The team at ThinkBIGsites has been absolutely extraordinary in their results and customer service. I never imagined that they could get my company ranked on Google´s page 1 as quickly as they did, and so I have to sincerely congratulate and compliment them on a job very well done. I would be glad to act as a reference for ThinkBIG going forward.” John Collins President – The Extreme Group, Inc

To continue the journey of excellence in providing valuable SEO services, the company hires 60+ SEO professionals who strive hard to keep the customer satisfied and fulfill their needs 24/7. The SEO services by ThinkBIGsites are the same as offered by other SEO companies but at an affordable cost. With their services, the company generates revenue of more than $5 million each year.

Visit ThinkBIGsites Official Site


At number 4 in the list of top 10 best SEO services providing agencies in USA, 1SEO is suited well because of its large number of happy clients and an excellent client’s satisfaction rate.

1SEO is based in Levittown, Pennsylvania and stared its operations in 2009. Since then, the company grows from a crew of few to team of 50 SEO experts and has provided their valuable services to more than 200 clients covering both local firms and international enterprise business and the number is still expending.

Their satisfied clients including the Belfor USA, The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, AWMA, Holts Cigar Company and Rand Spear the Accident Lawyer.

1SEO providing full range SEO services including Off-Page SEO, On-Page Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, SEM and many more. The 95% client retention rate shows that they are good in what they providing.

Visit 1SEO Official Site

Straight North

In the list of top 10 best SEO services providing companies in USA, Straight North secure the top 5th position and continue the struggle to become the leader in providing best SEO services in the area.

Based in Downers Grove, Illinois, Straight North was founded and started its operation in 1997. With 70+ full time employees, the company providing its Search Engine Optimization services to more than 125 local as well as international clients. Few of their major clients including but not limited to the Famous Chicago Bears, BluePay, The XO communication, PlayLand and National Metal Fabricator.

The core SEO services provided by Straight North are the Off-Page and On-Page Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Analysis and Optimization, Local SEO, SEM and Pay Per Click Management. With 97% client retention rate, it seems that their customers are happy with their services and getting results what they want. The company providing its services at an affordable prices and is worth to use.

Visit Straight North Official Site

eMarketing Concepts

eMarketing Concepts deserves to be in the list of top 10 US based SEO services providing Companies as it has innovative SEO services to optimize the SEO and maximize online presence of your business. The company resides on the top 6th position in our list because based on the number of customer, rate of satisfaction, quality of SEO services and the affordability of services.

Established in 2003, eMarketing Concepts located in Culver City, California. Since then, the company served over 2000 clients with above average satisfaction rate and 97% customer retention rate.

With more than hundred SEO professionals, the company is serving its customers with great enthusiasm 24/7. Their satisfied customer includes ABC Financial Services, Wine.com, EquinoxFitness.com, ILUS Electronics and Pacific Sports Health Management and. with more than 10 million annual profit; it seems that the company is really good at providing value SEO services.

The key SEO services by eMarketing Concepts including on and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization, Map SEO optimization, Local SEO optimization and SEM; fits well to both large enterprises and small local business.

Visit eMarketing Concepts Official Site

Web Talent Marketing

In our list of top 10 best SEO services providing agencies in USA, Web Talent Marketing got rank 7th as the company is evolving now and will soon get better ranking to beat its rival in the list.

Web Talent Marketing was found in 2009, performing its operation from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Up till now, the company served 80+ local as well as international clients with their influential SEO strategies and valuable services. The company hired 30+ SEO professionals and Marketing experts who strive to fulfill the needs of their clients and help them achieve their goals. The company’s satisfied clients including National Notary Association, Albright College, DGI – 4colorprint.com, Pyramid Healthcare and Armstrong World Industries. Their success and the quality of SEO services provided by Web Talent Marketing evident by 94% client satisfaction and retention rate.

The core SEO services provided by Web Talent Marketing including Web Development, Local SEO, SEM and Pay Per Click Management. The company providing its SEO services at slightly higher cost as compared to its other competitors.

Visit Web Talent Marketing Official Site

VJG Interactive

VJG Interactive is on the 8th position in our list of top 10 US based SEO services providing Companies but their SEO services are is good enough to satisfy their clients. VJG Interactive providing innovative SEO services to optimize and maximize online presence of your business and suit perfect for small and large businesses.

VJG Interactive established in 2006 and based in San Jose, California. Since 2006, the company served over 200 clients with above average satisfaction rate and 98% customer retention rate. The company is generating an annual income of about 10 million, all these parameters indicates that they are really good in providing the quality SEO services.

More than hundred SEO professionals and Web Developers struggle hard to take care of their 200+ customer’s business and optimize their online presence. Among these 200+ customers, few big names include ACE Hardware, Subway, Werth Reality, Circuit City and Studio 8. VJG Interactive not only provides quality SEO services but Web development services as well.

Visit VJG Interactive Official Site

Online Image

AS their name indicates, Online Image is intended to improve the online reputation and presence of your business with their valuable and skilled SEO services. In our list of top 10 best SEO services providing firms of USA, Online Image secured the 2nd last position with huge number of satisfied clients.

The valuable SEO services range from On-Page and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click Management and Web Development to take care of all aspects of better SEO

Online mage is based in Salt Lake City and functioning since 2009. The company has served 3000+ customers up till now which is really a huge number than any other SEO services providing company. Their major clients include Christian Brothers Automotive and Paul Davis Restoration. Online Image has 90% client retention rate which means a good satisfaction rate.

Visit Online Image Official Site

Peak Positions

The last contender in our list of top 10 US based SEO services providing Companies is Peak Positions. The 10th position for Peak Positions doesn’t mean the low performance; they are really good in maximizing your business online presence with their powerful SEO tricks and strategies as do the others. Peak Positions is the company behind the SEO of Sony and Dell which mean they are trustworthy SEO service providers.

Peak Positions was founded in 1999 by Jack Roberts and his team of SEO professionals. The company is based in Traverse City, Michigan providing their valuable SEO services to both local and international clients. Few of their happy customers include Sony, Dell, Hamilton Beach, Detroit Medical Center and Barnes Jewish Hospital. Other than these clients, the company serves more than 100 small business and large enterprises worldwide. The key services ranging from Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM and Pay Per Click Management.

Visit Peak Positions Official Site


So, here is the list of best SEO services providers but the decision is yours to choose among them. You can only call an SEO company best when it’s do the best for your business and make your online presence remarkable.

However if you don’t agree with the list and know any other best US based SEO service providing firm, let us know in comments.

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130+ High Domain Authority Sites To Get Valuable Backlinks

130+ High Domain Authority Sites To Get Valuable Backlinks

Those days are gone when the SEO mean the huge numbers of backlinks. There bloggers can easily get high rank and appears top on the search engine result pages for any keyword by spamming thousands of backlinks. Now SEO is totally different old strategies didn’t works now and search engines prefer quality of the backlinks instead of quantity. One among few characteristics of quality backlink is the Domain authority of the site from where link is coming. So when ever trying to get backlinks, make sure and make it habit, get it from sites with higher domain authority, not only from the high PageRank sites.


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Being a blogger, you may know well regarding the importance of domain authority. Domain authority is one of the parameter which the Search engines like Google or Bing consider when displaying results for a specific search term or query. Websites or blog with higher domain authority appears high on Search Engine Result Pages; get more organic traffic and ranking.

130+ High Domain Authority Sites To Get Valuable Backlinks

There are many ways to improve Domain authority of your blog or website; one is to get backlinks from the sites with High domain authority. On the scale of 1 – 100, high domain authority means 40 or more, while some SEO expert says that websites with Domain authority more than 50 will pass link juice.

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During my practice of making quality backlinks, I got mixture of dofollow and nofollow backlinks from high PageRank high domain authority sites. Here is the list of high domain authority sites which accept comments, articles or content which will ultimately gives you quality backlinks. The links are arranged according the niches which including the Technology, Health and Fitness, Education, Blogging, SEO, Real Estate as well as General websites.


01. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from General Niche

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow /Nofollow
http://www.ireport.cnn.com 100 No follow
http://www.voices.yahoo.com 100 Do follow
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ 97 Do follow
http://www.slashdot.org 95 Do follow
http://www.newsvine.com 94 Do follow
http://www.change.org 92 No follow
http://www.buzzfeed.com/ 92 No follow
http://www.Examiner.com 91 No follow
http://www.dailykos.com 90 Do follow
http://www.instructables.com 90 No follow
http://www.storify.com 90 No follow
http://www.alameda.patch.com 89 No follow
http://www.purevolume.com 85 No follow
http://www.luckymag.com 82 Do follow
http://www.rebelmouse.com 82 Do follow
http://www.medium.com 82 No follow
http://www.theepochtimes.com/ 80 No follow
http://www.buzznet.com 79 No follow
http://www.sparkpeople.com 78 Do follow
http://www.kiwibox.com 78 No follow
http://www.linkup.imanet.org 73 Do follow
http://www.bubblews.com 68 No follow
http://www.ourmidland.com 64 Do follow
http://www.victoriaadvocate.com 62 Do follow
http://www.realitysandwich.com/ 60 Do follow
http://www.sportsblog.com 55 Do follow
http://www.trainingzone.co.uk 54 Do follow
http://www.storeboard.com 48 Do follow
http://www.lerablog.org 48 No follow
http://www.paramuspost.com 47 Do follow
http://www.groundreport.com/ 46 Do follow
http://www.nat-ti.com 43 No follow
http://www.broowaha.com 43 Do follow
http://www.rockdalenews.com 43 Do follow
http://www.sportsrants.com 45 Do follow
http://www.katyperrypurr.com 44 Do follow
http://www.creativetimes.co.uk 44 Do follow
http://www.community.covnews.com/ 42 Do follow
http://www.51ideas.com 41 Do follow
http://www.deer-digest.com 40 Do follow

02. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Business Niche

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow /Nofollow
http://www.nationofchange.com 85 Do follow
http://www.benzinga.com 78 Do follow
http://www.customerthink.com 67 Do follow
http://www.business-opportunities.biz/ 67 Do follow
http://www.evancarmichael.com 64 Do follow
http://www.wamda.com 63 Do follow
http://www.savethestudent.org 63 Do follow
http://www.biznik.com 60 Do follow
http://www.accountingweb.co.uk 58 No follow
http://www.knoji.com/ 55 Do follow
http://www.recruitingblogs.com 53 Do follow
http://www.ms-jd.org 52 No follow
http://www.kscripts.com/ 51 Do follow
http://www.exploreb2b.com 42 Do follow
http://www.wamda.com/ 41 Do follow

03. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Blogging Niche

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow /Nofollow
http://www.caringbridge.org 86 Do follow
http://www.topofblogs.com 69 Do follow
http://www.authorsden.com 67 Do follow
http://www.blogrollcenter.com 59 Do follow
http://www.superghostblogger.com/ 56 Do follow
http://www.glipho.com/ 40 Do follow

04. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Education Niche

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow /Nofollow
http://www.edublogs.org 87 No follow
http://www.academia.edu 85 No follow
http://www.schoolrack.com 60 Do follow
http://www.futureofeducation.com 50 No follow
http://www.community.eflclassroom.com 42 No follow

05. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Health and Fitness Niche

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow / Nofollow
http://www.ideafit.com 71 Do follow
http://www.blog.ideafit.com/ 71 Do follow
http://www.wellsphere.com 66 Do follow
http://www.empowher.com 55 Do follow
http://www.healthynewage.com/ 55 Do follow
http://www.fruitnfood.com 54 Do follow
http://www.lensaunders.com/ 51 No follow
http://www.healthncure.net/ 47 Do follow
http://www.medcheck-up.com/ 45 Do follow
http://www.shanestrong.com/ 45 No follow
http://www.medicalmingle.com 41 Do follow
http://www.healthmeup.com 40 Do follow

06. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Marketing Niche

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow / Nofollow
http://www.moz.com 93 Do follow
http://www.talent.adweek.com 90 No follow
http://www.hubspot.com 90 Do follow
http://www.socialmediatoday.com/ 86 Do follow
http://www.kissmetrics.com 81 Do follow
http://www.crazyegg.com 79 Do follow
http://www.b2bmarketing.net 56 Do follow
http://www.automotivedigitalmarketing.com 40 No follow
http://www.exeideas.com/ 40 No follow

07. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Real Estate Niche

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow / Nofollow
http://www.activerain.trulia.com 89 Do follow
http://www.trulia.com 89 No follow
http://www.realtreasure.realtytimes.com 75 Do follow
http://www.realtown.com 55 Do follow
http://www.blogs.realtown.com 55 No follow
http://www.realtyjoin.com 40 Do follow
http://www.lottocheatah.com 40 Do follow

08. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Technology Niche

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow / Nofollow
http://www.renewableenergyworld.com 82 Do follow
http://www.renewableenergyworld.com 82 Do follow
http://www.tech.co 76 Do follow
http://www.tech.pro 49 Do follow
http://www.e-junkie.info 44 Do follow
http://www.dokisoft.com/ 42 Do follow
http://www.codedwebmaster.com 41 Do follow
http://www.techandtrends.com/ 41 Do follow

09. List of High DA Sites for Backlinks from Women’s & Fashion Niche


URLs Domain Authority Dofollow / Nofollow
http://www.blogher.com 84 Do follow
luckymag.com 82 Do follow
http://www.cafemom.com 75 Do follow
http://www.modernmom.com 64 Do follow
http://www.shewrites.com 56 No follow
http://www.becomegorgeous.com/ 54 Do follow
http://www.community.babycenter.com/ 50 Do follow
http://www.mombloggersclub.com 49 No follow
http://www.mommysavers.com/ 48 Do follow
http://www.bloggymoms.com/ 46 Do follow
http://www.girlsguideto.com 45 Do follow
http://www.blog.wewomen.com/ 45 Do follow
http://www.craftstylish.com/ 42 Do follow

10. Others

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow / Nofollow
http://www.houzz.com 91 Do follow
http://www.venturebeat.com/category/games/ 90 Do follow
http://www.community.martindale.com 87 No follow
martindale.com 87 Do follow
http://www.gameinformer.com 79 Do follow
http://www.frontiersin.org 77 Do follow
http://www.corephp.com 68 Do follow
http://www.hometalk.com 67 Do follow
http://www.speakingtree.in/ 60 No follow
http://www.designshuffle.com 52 Do follow
http://www.homeclick.com 49 Do follow
http://www.azadnegar.com/ 49 Do follow
http://www.bordersalertandready.com/ 47 Do follow
http://www.melodyhome.com/ 46 Do follow
http://www.legalhelp.org 45 Do follow
http://www.wood-furniture.biz 40 Do follow


So you have now a huge list of high domain authority sites to get valuable backlinks from. Few of these sites accepts comments, others allows you to upload content with backlinks. Although it may take time to cover all these sites, try first to take backlinks from the sites or blogs related to your own niche or category, sites with high domain authority and with dofollow link type.


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Best Reliable Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

Ever heard about or have used backlink checking tools? What are these backlink checker tools and what’s their importance in blogging? Can you name some popular yet free online backlink checking tools? All the questions will be answer in the post, first let us discussed some important aspects of SEO and backlinks.[AdSense-A]

Blogging is easy but SEO is not painless. Optimizing your site for search engines requires lot of work and efforts by blogger to remain on the top of the search engines results pages and to rank the page high. One of the conventional methods to stay at the top of Search engine results pages is to get as many backlink as you can, but after the release of Penguin update in Google search algorithm, SEO with backlinking is changed now. In old days, the number of backlinks was important while nowadays the quality matters. To get quality backlinks, there are lots of high PageRank backlinks that we have published on Crizmo using which you may have made number of backlinks to your blog; it’s time to check them now with Online Backlink checker tools. Although there are number of backlink checker tools, some of these aren’t much accurate or not free. Here in this post, we comes with some useful free online Backlink Checker tools which will helps you to find both the quantity and the quality of the backlinks you get or you can view the backlinks to made to your competitor blog.



OpenLinkProfiler is among the free reliable online backlink to check backlinks to your blog, no matter how old or fresh they are. This free backlink checker tools will not only fetch the number of backlink to your site or blog but also reveal the quality of these backlink such as the nofollow or dofollow attribute, the source text, the site’s niche and the date where the link has been created. Along with these handy backlink checking feature, the tool also let you to expoert and download up to 1000 latest backlinks pointing to your site in .csv (one of Ms Excel extension) format completely free. Just visit the OpenLinkProfiler now to disclose its potentials. Try this SEO and backlink checking tool here




AHrefs is the best ever free backlink checker tool with premium functions to try for free. This tool is far beyond the conventional backlink checker tools and reveals the other aspects of your site or blog along with the number of backlinks pointing to your site.

Some of its great features that you can try for free are the number of backlinks, number of referring pages and domains, the social impact of your site or the social popularity and sharing of your site and many more. You can export backlinks in PDF or CVS format and download it. Try this SEO and backlink checking tool here




Although not all of its features are free, the free version BuzzSumo is still enough to get the list of backlinks pointing to your site. Along with backlink checking option, this tool is best to check the social impact or sharing of your latest and old post so you can know which of your post goes viral on social media. This tool also let you to expert the backlinks in CSV or PDF format and downloads it on your PC. Try this SEO and backlink checking tool for free here



If you only want to know the number of backlinks along with the PR of the site and the anchor text, BacklinkWatch online backlink checker is best tool for you. With only few useful features, BacklinkWatch is best to fetch the list of thousands of backlinks pointing to your site in just few seconds. The tool shows the backlink along with the anchor text or image and the dofollow or nofollow attribute of the backlink. Try BacklinkWatch tool for free here to get the latest list of backlinks

Link Diagnosis

Link Diagnosis

Yet another free and powerful online backlink checker tool, Link Diagnosis provides the blogger different features along with backlink checking option. The tool, as its name indicates not only reveal the number of backlink pointing to your blog but the nature, the health, its nofollow or dofollow nature and the current status of a link that is pointing to your site. This tool is worth to try too to reveal all of its great features. Try this SEO and backlink checking tool here

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7 Ways to Get PageRank 9 Backlinks for Better SEO

Backlink and Its Importance

After Google Panda and Penguin updates in search algorithm, SEO is now quite different from the conventional methods where the bloggers focuses on creating as many backlinks as they can no matter how authentic the backlinks are and where they come from. This is now considered as spamming and many of the sites are penalized by Google due to irreverent low quality backlinks. Although the backlinks are still an important SEO component but the backlinks should be Quality Backlinks from high PageRank websites. Such backlinks will really boost your site ranking and SEO. [AdSense-A]

Among high PageRank backlinks, PR 9 backlinks are the highest possible backlinks to get although there are some PageRank 10 sites but it is impossible to get backlinks from them.

Read What Makes Backlinks Quality Backlinks

So here is a list of PageRank 9 websites and the methods to get backlinks from them.

01. Get Backlink from Mozilla (PR 9)

Mozilla is a reputed software company famous for its Internet Browser Firefox. The company has a huge community of developers continually developing scripts and add-ons to add functionality into the browser.

The official website of Mozilla is Mozilla.org which is a PageRank 9 website. Getting backlink from PR9 is really beneficial and here’s how you can get a valuable PR9 quality backlink from Mozilla.org, just follow these simple steps

  • Visit https://addons.mozilla.org/En-us/firefox/users/register
  • Sign up for an account
  • Fill the registration form with required information
  • Type your website or blog URL in the homepage box
  • A confirmation mail will sent to your Inbox for authentication
  • Confirm you mailing address by clicking on the link

That’s all you done.


02. Get Backlink fromGoogle + (PR 9)

Not only the popular Social Media site but, Google Plus can be a good source to get quality PR 9 backlink from. Although you can share your post links on your Google plus profile page or in communities which is helpful for fast indexing of your pages but this didn’t provide you a dofollow backlinks. Getting backlink from Google plus is just like backlink from Google itself, and it is really easy to get backlink from Google plus. Just follow these steps

To get dofollow backlink from Google+, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Your existing Google+ account (or create new one if you don’t have yet)
  • Head to Profile and Go to About Section
  • Look for Links and Click Edit to add you blog URL

03. Get Backlink from WordPress (PR 9)

WordPress is one of the most popular and famous blogging platforms used globally as content management system to create blogs or sites. According to New update on PageRank of websites, WordPress.org is PR 9 website have backlink from it will really boost your own site PageRank.

Although it is PR 9 site but it is really easy to get backlink from WordPress.org by staying active on their forums. To get PageRank 9 backlink from wordpress.org, just follow these steps

  • GO to http://wordpress.org/support/
  • Make an account there to register yourself
  • In your profile, insert URL of your blog
  • Participate in discussion or solve other blogger queries with reference back to your site.

This way you can get many PageRank 9 quality backlinks from WordPress

04. Get Backlink from Wikipedia (PR 9)

Wikipedia.org is a gigantic encyclopedia covering almost every topic ranging from general knowledge, history, arts, health, science, technology and even blogging. So for sure your niche or blog topic must be there on Wikipedia. Although it is tough job to get backlink from Wikipedia but it’s worth to get one from the site as Wikipedia is PR 9. In order to get backlink from Wikipedia, first write some quality article on your blog and then search Wikipedia for the specific topic (your blog niche), edit the article there and put link back to your site in references.

05. Get Backlink from YouTube (PR 9)

YouTube is PageRank 9 website with Alexa rank 3 which means it is the 3rd most visited website on the internet. There are more search queries made on YouTube then Bing and Yahoo. With all these characteristics, YouTube can be great source to divert traffic to your site as well as to get quality PageRank 9 backlink from. All you need to get backlink from YouTube is to have an account on YouTube, add your website or blog URL in “Associated Website” tab under Advance section of Channel Setting and you’ll get a PR 9 dofollow backlink.

Also upload some videos and put your site or blog URL in the description. This will help your site get backlink for better ranking and have targeted traffic too.

06. Get Backlink from Pinterest (PR 9)

Pinterest, with PageRank 9 and Alexa rank 27, is one of the fastest growing social media and social bookmarking website as compare to others. Pinterest due to its millions of unique visitors is a place of hub for Marketer, bloggers and SEO experts to share their brand awareness and to get quality backlinks to their websites.

One can easily get PageRank 9 backlink from Pinterest just by making an account and put your site URL in your bio data. Once verified your site by entering code provided by Pinterest API, your site will get a PR 9 backlink.

Pinterest is more than just getting backlink. You can pin your images there to get targeted traffic too.

07. Get Backlink from Opera (PR 9)

Opera is among the popular browser use for surfing internet. Due to its popularity, the Opera Official website is PageRank 9 getting backlink from the site will really beneficial for your offsite SEO. To get one such backlink from opera just go to https://link.opera.com/loginfront, create profile there and insert your website or blog URL in your profile. Also stay active on their support forum and post your link as a reference to get quality backlinks.

Are these Backlinks enough? Want More Quality backlinks? Read these articles:

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On Site SEO Factors and Tips to Improve Them

On Site SEO Elements

Optimizing your site for search engines is among the main marketing strategies to promote site or product or to become a successful blogger. While this vital part of brand awareness and promotion is sometime don’t taken seriously, many industries and firms are much conscious about this aspect of blog promotion and hire SEO experts to do job for them.[AdSense-A]

Site SEO encompasses two main components, the On-site SEO and the Off-site SEO. It will be easy job for you if you understand the importance of the both SEO strategies and know the elements or factors of onsite and offsite SEO. This post will only focused on the elements of on-site SEO which is synonym with on-page SEO too, and the tips to optimize them.

On Site SEO Elements

On site SEO

What is On-site SEO?

As an important strategy of search engine optimization, onsite or on page SEO is anything or any efforts you made within your site or to a specific page/post to improve the SEO of your site and get better rank in search engines. This may include the keywords, content, internal linking and navigation and some other components.

What are the Elements of On-Site or On Page SEO?

Following is a list and detail description of onsite SEO elements along with the tip to improve them in order to improve your site SEO.

On Page SEO Elements

01. Domain Name

However the Google has declared that domain name of a website now plays no more roles in site SEO and will not further attract search engines bots if the domain name is same or relevant to the site topic or content. But this element of the on-site SEO should need to be consider to attract human as human are more tend to visit the sites with a catchy and relevant domain name.


SEO Tip: Want to start you blogging journey, do some research on domain name research tools to get a catchy and general purpose domain name that seems to fit wide array of topics.

02. The meta description

A Meta description is a statement or a short overview which defines the purpose of the blog or what your blog is all about. In short the description of your blog, its purposes and the niche or topic of blogging. The Meta description is visible to both search engines and human as it appears in along with your blog name in search engines results pages (SERPs).

Among the other On-Site SEO elements, the Meta description is the important one which can have a great effect on your site’s search engine reputation, ranking and the visitor’s perception about your site as the Meta description is visible to the visitors too.

SEO Tip: Thus make a brief overview of your blog that possess targeted keywords and its length should be 160 words as most of the search engine show only first 160 words of meta description on search engine result pages.

03. Content

Contents are the king in determining the site reputation and play a key role in on-site SEO. Both the quality and quantity of the content matters in this regards. A site updated regularly and more frequently appears high in search engine results pages, indexed rapidly by search engines and get high Page Ranking.

SEO Tip: Try to update your site at least twice a week with fresh, unique and quality contents to get maximums hits through organic sources. Do not forget to add an eye-catching title and to insert proper keywords in your content for which you want to appear high in search engines result pages. Make sure that your post has relevant images, audio or video files as these files catch attention of both search engines and human.

04. Keywords

Keywords are some specific word or phrases (long tail keywords) which are relevant to your niche or site topic. Being as an important on-site SEO factor, these specific words play an important role in determining the site reputation and ranking and thus keyword research is considered one of the most initial steps toward a successful on-site SEO strategy.

SEO Tip: You may have put more efforts on this part of on-site SEO as thousand competitors will be there in your niche or blog topic using and dominating the search engine for the same keyword. To improve your site ranking for specific keywords and to stand out of the crowd of blogger in your niche, do some research for the keywords in your area of interest that searched more but have low competition.

05. Internal links

While external backlinks are crucial aspect of offsite SEO, internal links are important component of onsite SEO. Websites or blogs that have well organized and properly placed internal links gain rank high in search engines pages. A good example of such website with proper internal linking and high page ranking is Wikipedia.

SEO Tip: As an important part of part of onsite search engine optimization, put links on your newly publish post to other relevant post on your blog or update the key phrases in your old post that match with you new post. Site navigation is an example of linking too, and should be flawless so that the users can navigate easily the blog to find right page or post.

Read 10 Common Link Building Mistakes and Ways To Overcome Them

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Features That Makes A Backlink High Quality Backlink

Backlink and Its Importance

Backlinks are one of the major component of site SEO and used to improve the worth and ranking of a blog or website. Since people were used to over optimize their thin content sites with plenty of backlinks, Search engines (especially Google) take notice of this habit and make some change in their search algorithm. Google release Panda and Penguin updates to its search algorithm and penalize the sites or blog with thin content and abundance of backlinks.[AdSense-A]

But it doesn’t mean that backlinking strategy to improve site SEO and Ranking is dead. No, you can still use backlinks as a means to improve ranking but make sure that these backlinks should be quality backlinks. Now the question is, what is a Quality backlink or what characteristics determine the quality of a backlink. This is sound question which you should ask when generating links to your site and here is the answer. Following in the post, we have highlights the features or characteristics which determine the quality of backlink and which you should consider when opting for quality backlinks.


01. Relevance

One of the features that make a backlink “quality backlinks” is the relevancy between both the source and the target page. Links from same niche are considered as quality backlink by Search engines. For example your blog is about Health and fitness tips, only link form the same topic or the sites with same content on it will benefits your PageRank and pass link juice to you as compared to the link from technology blog even if there is the PageRank of the Technology blog is high. Make it practice to get backlink form site with same topic and post in forums related to your niche.

02. Backlinks from Trusted Source

The quality of a backline is also determine by its origin, that where the link comes from. Search engines consider only those backlinks as quality backlinks that come from high quality trustworthy blog or website. On the other hand, links from spamblog or the blog with low reputation passes no any link juice to your blog and sometime even can lower your ranking and hurt your site SEO. Try always to get backlinks from popular sites with high reputation.

03. Generates Traffic

Most of the blogger don’t care about the visitors to redirect to their site or blog via backlink. They only try to get backlinks to improve their search engine ranking and not so much concerned about the visitor from the link. Backlinks is not only for search engines but they can be a source to redirect targeted visitors to blog too. A quality backlink is one which along with improving you site SEO, redirect visitors to your site as well. So try to put backlinks on the site such as forums which benefits you in both ways.

A good example of backlink that will send you traffic as well is commenting on CommentLuv enables sites (which gives you link back to your recent post) and forums. Both of these strategies will send a stream of targeted audience continuously.

04. Arise from Post Content

Although it is much easier to get backlinks from a blog or website through commenting and participating in discussion on a post published there, but search engine gives value to the link that originate from the content inside the post rather than the comments or side bar. Although this is tough job to get backlink right from within the post but you can get in-content backlinks which are really high quality backlinks by guest posting on relevant blogs or by posting high quality content on your own blog which others love to quote and mention on their blog with link back to your blog.

05. From Higher PageRank sites / Page

Search engines uses several parameters or feature to measure the worth and quality of backlinks. But among all the parameters or features, PageRank is the most obvious and key feature that determine the quality of a backlink. A high quality backlink is one originating from popular blogs with higher PageRank (PageRank 3 or greater) and passes link juice to the target blog as compare to those originating from lower PageRank sites. Higher PageRank, high quality backlink.


Want to get high quality backlinks from high PageRank site to optimize your site for search engines. Here are some great resources

06. From High Domain Authority Sites

Along with the PageRank, Domain authority is another crucial factor which search engine uses to determine the value of a website or blog and thus the quality of the backlinks located on the given blog. The Domain authority is determined on the basis of the Domain Age, ranking and popularity. In order to get high quality backlinks, check the domain authority of the blog from where you want to get backlinks by guest posting or commenting along with PageRank and other factors

07. Matches with Anchor text

Another factor of the backlink which play vital role in determination of its worth, and which is underestimated by many bloggers is the text to which the backlink is anchored. The perfect match between the anchor text and the anchor link give value to the link and make the link a quality backlink. This mean that the high quality backlink is one which clickable text (anchor text) used similar words as in the backlink or, in other words, the title of the targeted page to which the link is made. So when trying to get quality backlink, use keywords or the title of your blog as a clickable text to add some quality to the backlinks


08. Not A Reciprocal Backlink

Link exchange or Reciprocal links or were once the most common and popular method to improve the site SEO in past but now it can results in Penalty by search engines and instead of passing any benefit, harm the website or blog SEO. While trying to get backlinks from the same niche blogs, make sure that these links are natural and you do not provide any backlink in return to that blog.


09. Dofollow Backlinks

Another crucial factor which determines the quality of a backlinks is the dofollow attribute. The dofollow attribute of a backlink tells the search engine to follow the link. The search engines acknowledge only dofollow backlinks and do not follow and transfer PageRank to nofollow links

Note: All links are by default “dofollow”. There is no dofollow attribute, only the absence of nofollow makes a link dofollow.

10. Deep Link

First let us explain what a Deep link is.

A deep link is a hyperlink or backlink that links to one of your blog page other than the homepage. For example www.crizmo.com/tags/seo is a kind of Deep link as it made to a specific page rather than to home page (www.crizmo.com).

Deep links are really high quality backlinks and add ranking to the other pages on your blog as well. So to get high quality backlinks, make backlinks (or deep linking) to the other pages of your blog as well not just to home page.

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101 High PageRank Social Bookmarking Sites To Improve SEO

101 High PageRank Social Bookmarking Sites

Even after the release of Panda and Penguin updates in Google search algorithm, submitting your site to social bookmarking sites is still legitimate and safe way to quality build backlinks. Social bookmarking sites like Digg.com, reddit.com or pinertest.com are really helpful to boost site SEO and one among the best ways to get quality backlinks to your site. Having a plenty of quality backlinks from social bookmarking sites helps to increase the SERPs Position and a way to drive targeted traffic to you site as well


Benefit of submitting site URLs to Social Bookmarks Sites

  1. Helps to built quality backlinks as these sites have High PageRank and Alexa Ranking.
  2. Helps to get targeted traffic to your site as lots of visitor visits these sites daily
  3. Improve your brand awareness
  4. Improve your site or blog SEO by having lots of backlinks
  5. Improve your site or blog PageRank and Alexa Rank
  6. Improve your site or blog SERPs position
  7. Increase your site or blog domain authority


101 High PageRank Social Bookmarking Sites

So, to get all these benefits and link juice from social bookmarking sites, we are here proudly sharing a huge list of 101 top Bookmarking sites having Good PageRank and Alexa Rank.

Note them all and make a habit to post there or submit your content on these sites to get quality backlinks and lots of traffic in return.


S. No

Page URL


Alexa Rank

1 http://www.pinterest.com/ 9 25
2 http://www.reddit.com/ 8 46
3 http://www.stumbleupon.com/ 8 165
4 https://delicious.com/ 8 1327
5 http://www.bibsonomy.org/ 7 4944
6 http://blinklist.com 6 6278
7 http://actweb-sport.com/ 6 24962
8 http://www.bizsugar.com/ 5 7806
9 http://ak3.biz/ 5 25690
10 http://online-gv.com 5 28888
11 http://madeinusadirectory.org/ 5 29088
12 http://www.iesa.co 5 30039
13 http://www.arizonavalueshuttle.org 5 32436
14 http://youmob.com/ 4 6618
15 http://fwisp.com/ 4 17903
16 http://factson37.com/ 4 20629
17 http://www.airpim.biz/ 4 21237
18 http://softsblog.com/ 4 21300
19 http://qqpipi.com 4 25074
20 http://www.careep.org/ 4 25626
21 http://registertovotetoday.com 4 26634
22 http://37warrenave.com/ 4 27428
23 http://aixindashi.org 4 28934
24 http://www.digitalnatives.co/ 4 30508
25 http://www.ptquiz.com 4 31763
26 http://epinex.biz/ 4 38327
27 http://www.usefulenglish.net 4 38465
28 http://www.bookmark4you.com/ 3 11001
29 http://www.yemle.com/ 3 11015
30 http://www.pulsimo.com 3 19988
31 http://www.felmausa.com/ 3 21499
32 http://freeticketopen.com/ 3 26261
33 http://cyberplea.com/ 3 28101
34 http://www.limesparrow.com 3 29419
35 http://biolocator.org 3 31160
36 http://www.emolinks.com 3 35129
37 http://bynu.info/ 3 37386
38 http://deathlyyours.com 3 38678
39 http://cabaneduvelan.info 3 38793
40 http://chaoticcoding.info/ 3 39095
41 http://jayrigby.info 3 39173
42 http://a2zbookmarks.com 3 40328
43 http://hostlerburrows.info/ 3 41302
44 http://bestouyagames.info/ 3 41346
45 http://guter-punkt.info/ 3 42803
46 http://adrp.info/ 3 44235
47 http://jazbomb.info 3 46760
48 http://desert-dwellers.info/ 3 47096
49 http://jordaninfo.info 3 47362
50 http://salbithuette.info/ 3 48177
51 http://midascareteam.info 3 49144
52 http://loetschenpass.info/ 3 50643
53 http://x-drl.info/ 3 51543
54 http://theineptowl.info/ 3 53034
55 http://aperfectimage.info/ 3 54919
56 http://saintpierreandmiquelonnews.info 3 56002
57 http://anndas.com/ 3 56011
58 http://punteglias.info/ 3 56115
59 http://edictosonline.com/ 3 56581
60 http://icebreak.co/ 3 60533
61 http://sendgift.info/ 3 63586
62 http://savvima.info/ 3 65912
63 http://cocosislandsnews.info 3 70136
64 http://chrisfolk.info/ 3 73217
65 http://somemorphs.com/ 3 77649
66 http://trucktor.info/ 3 83847
67 http://colegioclaret.org/ 3 107000
68 http://sciora.info/ 3 121309
69 http://skinnybikiniswimwear.info 3 164498
70 http://psbrno.info/ 3 378064
71 http://recoverysong.info/ 3 429527
72 http://wikikod.com/ 3 1312362
73 http://www.sociopost.com/ 2 16040
74 http://indofeed.com 2 20723
75 http://openfaves.com 2 21157
76 http://www.addthismark.com/ 2 25214
77 http://joyku.com/ 2 28011
78 http://eshoptong.com/ 2 34310
79 http://www.whatisyourmoo.com/ 2 36154
80 http://bookmarkindonesia.com 2 42522
81 http://3-peace.info/ 2 43952
82 http://articleto.com/ 2 59185
83 http://transd.info/ 2 70474
84 http://www.ikaaro.net 2 99994
85 http://global-networkers.info/ 2 119585
86 http://justshaunna.info/ 2 124841
87 http://coloradospringsroofing.info/ 2 133112
88 http://www.sociopost.com/ 2 16040
89 http://indofeed.com 2 20723
90 http://openfaves.com 2 21157
91 http://eshoptong.com/ 2 34310
92 http://bookmarkindonesia.com 2 42522
93 http://articleto.com/ 2 59185
94 http://1look4.com 1 22807
95 http://4bukmark.com 1 26540
96 http://mettablog.com/ 1 30219
97 http://pligg.in 1 46299
98 http://bookmarks2u.com 1 48584
99 http://activebookmarks.com 1 59379
100 http://onlinewebmarks.com 1 62799
101 http://votetags.info 1 63699

Note: PageRank and Alexa Rank Mentioned for All above Book marking sites are as on 18.10.2014. Both of these parameters are dynamic and can change day to day.

Do you know any other High PageRank Social Bookmarking site to get quality backlinks from? Let us know in comments and if you like the list, share it with others too.

Want more natural and safe backlinks to optimize your site for search engines? These article can help you to get high quality natural and safe backlinks:

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10 Common Link Building Mistakes and Ways To Overcome Them

10 Common Link Building Mistakes and Ways To Overcome Them

Backlinks are an essential SEO element toward which every blogger is conscious and try to generate as many backlinks as they can. In their journey to generate backlinks in order to improve blog or site SEO and PageRank, blogger sometime make mistake and harm their site SEO rather than improving it.[AdSense-A]

Following is a list of 10 common link building mistakes which will harm your site SEO and the way to overcome these mistakes.

01. Links only to Home Page

One of the major SEO mistake regarding generating backlinks is to promote links only to your blog’s homepage and pay no attention to the rest of site. This major backlinks generating mistake is carry out by many novice bloggers as well as by SEO experts. It will not look natural if you have hundreds of backlinks to your homepage but have ignored others pages of your blog. Google hats this as well and will panelize the sites with an imbalance backlinks proportion among the homepage and other pages

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

To make your backlinks account look natural, balance the proportion of backlinks to your blog’s homepage and other pages

02. Over Optimized Keywords Anchor Text

Even after Penguin updates in Google Search Algorithm, many blogger still believe in over optimization of keywords by having hundreds of backlinks using same anchor text. They still tend to repeat the same mistake and got punished by Google by dropping the blog’s ranking in SERPs. Again it is not natural to have too many links from same anchor text whether internal or external.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

To avoid over-optimized anchor text backlinks generating mistake and penalty by Google, try to get backlinks from mixed keywords or anchor texts. This will look natural to both Search engines and to the readers.

An example of well optimized and balanced anchor text backlinks is to have 80% of the links coming from your brand name (like Crizmo or Crizmo.com for my blog) and 20% from keyword rich anchor text (like SEO or How to Get Backlinks for my blog).

While some brand and SEO experts follow the 80:20 rule, others keep keyword rich anchor text backlinks limited to only 5% as compared to 95% links coming from their brand name

03. Links from Bad Reputation (De-Indexed) Sites

Google and other search engines don’t like the sites with thin or duplicate contents, gambling sites spam blogs, auto-blogs and p*rn sites. These sites are usually de-indexed by Search Engines due to violation of rules or due to stealing of Copyrighted material. Backlinks from such sites which are usually banned by search engines, are for sure much easy but will results in low ranking of your blog or website in SERPs and may even get de-indexed.

So the bloggers who want to generate the quantity of backlinks rather the quality must conscious about this dangerous backlinks generating mistake.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Never try to get links from sites stated above or if you want to get backlink from sites which you don’t know much about, do some background search about it to avoid penalty y search engines especially Google.


04. Lots of Backlinks in Short Time

Another common backlinks generating mistake which most of the blogger made is generating too many backlinks in a short period of time. It doesn’t require building backlinks quickly but it is the quality of backlinks that matters to improve SEO. Creating too many backlinks in a short period will consider as spam links and will hurts your site SEO.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Try to build backlinks naturally not quickly and try to get it from authoritative domains. Have one link from High PageRank site with authoritative domain in a week is better than 100 backlinks from low PageRank domain in a day.

05. Buying Backlinks

Generating natural backlinks requires time and efforts but if you spent money to overpass the time and effort section of generating backlinks, you are doing it wrong. Although few so called SEO companies offering High PageRank Backlinks for a small amount of money but these links will be consider as spam and illegal by search engine and will hurts your site SEO rather than promoting it.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Don’t buy links no matter how less it costs because it is not natural anyhow. Be professional in regards of generating backlinks and try to build your backlink bank at your own.


06. Reciprocal links (Links Exchange)

Reciprocal links were one of the most popular methods of generating backlinks in past because it was easy to do. All it required is to find relevant site in industry and mutual understanding between webmasters. But when this method grows at rapid rate and people misuse it to over-promote their thin content-website, search engines like Google take notice of this method. Websites which participates in “link farming” (technically known as blogroll) were panelized by Google as this method is unnatural way of building backlinks and reputation.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Reciprocal links or link exchange get really bad reputation so avoid this mistake to generate backlink and don’t take part in any reciprocal link building or link exchanging campaign. Some high PageRank online web directories too, offer to list sites and give backlink in turn of a reciprocal link to them. Don’t accept the offer and be natural to build backlinks.


07. Backlinks from Irrelevant Niche sites

My blog is about SEO and Blogging but if I get a backlink from PageRank 7 blog related to travel or Health and Fitness, will it benefit my blog reputation? Definitely No. Many bloggers repeat this mistake and do comments on irrelevant sites to get backlinks. Backlinks from irrelevant sites add very less magnitude to your site SEO.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Try to get backlinks from relevant sites in your industry or site with same niche instead of irrelevant site.


08. Links from Low PageRank Sites

Building backlinks to improve SEO means to built quality links not just the quantity and quality mean to get backlinks from High PageRank sites with authoritative domain. Using low PageRank (PageRank 0/10 or PageRank N/A) sites to build backlinks will not boost your SEO and sometime will harm your site reputation and ranking too.

How to overcome This Link Building Mistake

Try to get backlinks from at least PageRank 2 to PR 3 and look further for Higher PageRank sites (PR 4 to 9). These quality links will pass you “link juice” and boost your SEO.


09. Linking from High PR sites only (Ignoring Low PR)

It’s true that quality matters in case of backlinks rather than quantity. But contrary to above stated point #8, links from low PageRank sites are necessary too to generate natural backlinks. A mix of backlinks from both High and Low PageRank sites is required to get link juice.

How to overcome This Link Building Mistake

To make your backlinks bank look more natural, try to keep a balance of backlinks from high PageRank and low PageRank sites as it will give good result.


10. Forgetting Internal Links

Last but not least, forgetting or not paying attention to internal links is really common linking mistake most of blogger made. Internal links are as essential as incoming links or backlinks. Internal links are not only essential for site navigation but they pass the link juice effects throughout the site. Suppose that one of your blog pages have high PageRank, linking others low PageRanked pages from the said page will boost the other page rank as well.

How to overcome This Link Building Mistake

Try to spread internal links all over the blog or website. Include links to low ranking pages or post from relevant high ranking or most read post and page.

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