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Features That Makes A Backlink High Quality Backlink

Backlink and Its Importance

Backlinks are one of the major component of site SEO and used to improve the worth and ranking of a blog or website. Since people were used to over optimize their thin content sites with plenty of backlinks, Search engines (especially Google) take notice of this habit and make some change in their search algorithm. Google release Panda and Penguin updates to its search algorithm and penalize the sites or blog with thin content and abundance of backlinks.[AdSense-A]

But it doesn’t mean that backlinking strategy to improve site SEO and Ranking is dead. No, you can still use backlinks as a means to improve ranking but make sure that these backlinks should be quality backlinks. Now the question is, what is a Quality backlink or what characteristics determine the quality of a backlink. This is sound question which you should ask when generating links to your site and here is the answer. Following in the post, we have highlights the features or characteristics which determine the quality of backlink and which you should consider when opting for quality backlinks.


01. Relevance

One of the features that make a backlink “quality backlinks” is the relevancy between both the source and the target page. Links from same niche are considered as quality backlink by Search engines. For example your blog is about Health and fitness tips, only link form the same topic or the sites with same content on it will benefits your PageRank and pass link juice to you as compared to the link from technology blog even if there is the PageRank of the Technology blog is high. Make it practice to get backlink form site with same topic and post in forums related to your niche.

02. Backlinks from Trusted Source

The quality of a backline is also determine by its origin, that where the link comes from. Search engines consider only those backlinks as quality backlinks that come from high quality trustworthy blog or website. On the other hand, links from spamblog or the blog with low reputation passes no any link juice to your blog and sometime even can lower your ranking and hurt your site SEO. Try always to get backlinks from popular sites with high reputation.

03. Generates Traffic

Most of the blogger don’t care about the visitors to redirect to their site or blog via backlink. They only try to get backlinks to improve their search engine ranking and not so much concerned about the visitor from the link. Backlinks is not only for search engines but they can be a source to redirect targeted visitors to blog too. A quality backlink is one which along with improving you site SEO, redirect visitors to your site as well. So try to put backlinks on the site such as forums which benefits you in both ways.

A good example of backlink that will send you traffic as well is commenting on CommentLuv enables sites (which gives you link back to your recent post) and forums. Both of these strategies will send a stream of targeted audience continuously.

04. Arise from Post Content

Although it is much easier to get backlinks from a blog or website through commenting and participating in discussion on a post published there, but search engine gives value to the link that originate from the content inside the post rather than the comments or side bar. Although this is tough job to get backlink right from within the post but you can get in-content backlinks which are really high quality backlinks by guest posting on relevant blogs or by posting high quality content on your own blog which others love to quote and mention on their blog with link back to your blog.

05. From Higher PageRank sites / Page

Search engines uses several parameters or feature to measure the worth and quality of backlinks. But among all the parameters or features, PageRank is the most obvious and key feature that determine the quality of a backlink. A high quality backlink is one originating from popular blogs with higher PageRank (PageRank 3 or greater) and passes link juice to the target blog as compare to those originating from lower PageRank sites. Higher PageRank, high quality backlink.


Want to get high quality backlinks from high PageRank site to optimize your site for search engines. Here are some great resources

06. From High Domain Authority Sites

Along with the PageRank, Domain authority is another crucial factor which search engine uses to determine the value of a website or blog and thus the quality of the backlinks located on the given blog. The Domain authority is determined on the basis of the Domain Age, ranking and popularity. In order to get high quality backlinks, check the domain authority of the blog from where you want to get backlinks by guest posting or commenting along with PageRank and other factors

07. Matches with Anchor text

Another factor of the backlink which play vital role in determination of its worth, and which is underestimated by many bloggers is the text to which the backlink is anchored. The perfect match between the anchor text and the anchor link give value to the link and make the link a quality backlink. This mean that the high quality backlink is one which clickable text (anchor text) used similar words as in the backlink or, in other words, the title of the targeted page to which the link is made. So when trying to get quality backlink, use keywords or the title of your blog as a clickable text to add some quality to the backlinks


08. Not A Reciprocal Backlink

Link exchange or Reciprocal links or were once the most common and popular method to improve the site SEO in past but now it can results in Penalty by search engines and instead of passing any benefit, harm the website or blog SEO. While trying to get backlinks from the same niche blogs, make sure that these links are natural and you do not provide any backlink in return to that blog.


09. Dofollow Backlinks

Another crucial factor which determines the quality of a backlinks is the dofollow attribute. The dofollow attribute of a backlink tells the search engine to follow the link. The search engines acknowledge only dofollow backlinks and do not follow and transfer PageRank to nofollow links

Note: All links are by default “dofollow”. There is no dofollow attribute, only the absence of nofollow makes a link dofollow.

10. Deep Link

First let us explain what a Deep link is.

A deep link is a hyperlink or backlink that links to one of your blog page other than the homepage. For example www.crizmo.com/tags/seo is a kind of Deep link as it made to a specific page rather than to home page (www.crizmo.com).

Deep links are really high quality backlinks and add ranking to the other pages on your blog as well. So to get high quality backlinks, make backlinks (or deep linking) to the other pages of your blog as well not just to home page.

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What are Backlinks and What is their Importance in SEO

Backlink and Its Importance

Backlink and Its Importance

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links from other sites on the internet pointing back to your blog or website or to a specific post published on your blog. Using these backlinks, users can navigate from the source site to your site. A link can be nofollow or dofollow.

What is different between dofollow and nofollow links and which of these two is best? Get answer below.[AdSense-A]

Why backlinks are important?

In respect to SEO, Backlinks are the key to improve it. Every blogger knows the major source of traffic to his blog is Search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But what make the search engine to send traffic to your site instead of thousands others with same niche, topic and even with almost same content. The answer is the blog popularity that the search engines determine by number of backlinks to your site (and some other factors as well). But remember these backlinks should be high Quality dofollow backlinks in order to crawl by search engines bots.

What are dofollow Backlinks?

A dofollow link is one which in addition to a point to your site, is also get noticed by search engines and count as a vote in favor of your site. These backlinks are crawl by Google bots and boost the SEO of the site. Blogs or websites with plenty of votes (dofollow backlinks) get higher position in Search Engines Result Pages and get high PageRank too.

 What are nofollow Backlinks?

A nofollow links is one which points to your site but didn’t get notice by Google. It means that if a visitor clicks on nofollow link pointing to your site, will redirect to your site but these links did not attract search engines (especially Google) and do not count as a vote to your site. Although nofollow backlinks are respected by some search engines in favor of your blog.


Which one is good? Dofollow or nofollow?

Definitely the links which are get noticed and respected by Search Engines are the best and these are the dofollow links. Dofollow links are loved by every blogger and Search Engines too and really valuable. But remember, it doesn’t mean that nofollow links are worthless; they provide a referral to your site and being respected by some search engines (other than Google) in favor of your site.

How to Get Dofollow backlinks?

One can get dofollow backlinks using one of these methods:

  1. Active participation in discussion on forums and Use the site URL in signature (here is a list of 65+ High PageRank Dofollow Forums List to get Quality Backlinks)
  2. Guest posting on other blogs
  3. Commenting on with dofollow enabled blog (here is a list of 45+ High PR DoFollow enabled Blogs List)
  4. Participate in WordPress forum and try to solve the issue rise by other WordPress blogger
  5. Submitting site to Internet Directories (Like Dmoz.com)

These are some of the ways to get backlinks but remember, try to get quality backlinks not quantity. It means that try to get backlinks from a page with higher reputation or High PageRank not from the one with low or Zero PageRank. Get only few backlinks from High PageRank sites is worth than thousands of backlinks from low PageRank sites.

So, How to Get Quality Dofollow Backlinks?

Quality backlinks are the incoming links from High PageRank websites. All you need is to find high PR site and activity comments on these sites.

Need a list of High PR dofollow enabled blogs and websites; here is a list of 45 High PageRank blogs (range from PR 5 to PR8). Just visit these sites and comments on one of their new publish post to get quality backlinks.

Want more resources to get backlinks, checkout these post

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