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31 Great Motivational Quotes From Famous Movies

31 Best Motivational Quotes from Movies

You have must watched Harry Potter or The Lord of the Ring, but had you remember the lesson these great movies taught us in their word of motivation? Movies are not just the mean of entertainment or what you watch in the spare time in cinema or on a date with your mate, but it could be the way to ... Read More »

31 All Time Best Motivational Quotes from Disney Movies

Quotes from Disney Movies

From Mickey Mouse (1928) to Frozen (2014), almost everyone grew up watching heart touching Disney movies and in fact, regardless of age, we fell in love with Disney films and their non-human characters. They are the big part of our childhood’s memories. For me, Disney Movies are not just a mean of entertainment, but it produced great impact on our ... Read More »

10 Proverbs from around the World to learn from

Following is the list of 10 popular proverbs which have many lessons hide in them. 1.  An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. ~Arabian Proverb~ 2.  A light is still a light even though a blind cannot see it. ~Austria Proverb~ 3.  It’s not shameful not to know, but ... Read More »

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