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5 Highest Paying Survey Sites to Make Extra Money

5 Highest Paying Online Survey Sites to Make Extra Money

We all have some Leisure or extra time which we can use to make money online instead of watching Videos on YouTube or liking the friend’s status on social media. So if you are serious about making money right from your home in free time and turn you free time into money, Online Paid Survey sites is the answers. Yes, you can earn up to £1000 per year being taking part in or active on online survey sites which rewards you in turn for each survey form you fill.[AdSense-A]

Well you may think why these sites will pay you for few clicks or just spending a few minutes?

The answer is simple. You are a potential consumer of some products, your opinion or feedback about a product is valuable for companies. To know the opinion of customers like you, companies hires market researchers to conducts surveys for them, taking part or spent time on these surveys rewards you with cash.

Although there are 100s online paid survey sites, out of the crowd, we have selected and review the best and reliable highest paid online survey site, spending time on which is worthy. Sign up there and make extra money on the go.

Valued Opinions

ValuedOpinions Online Paid Survey Site

Among all online paying survey sites, Valued Opinions is one of the most paying sites pays £1 to £5 per survey or around £10 per hour. Your rewards or earning will be in the form of retail voucher of Amazon, Topshop, Sainsbury’s and John Lewis. You can claim your reward vouchers once your payment ££ reaches £ 8.50. It will generally took 4 to 6 weeks to get your vouchers

Valued Opinions site is actually a group of market researchers; send surveys to their members based on the demographic location and product requirements. Start adding little bit more to your pocket money and Sign up for Valued Opinions here. By signing up there, you will enter into a lucky draw for an iPad.

Quick Overview

  • Average Survey Time: 15 – 20 minutes
  • Average ££ per Survey: £1 – £5
  • Payment Threshold: £8.50
  • Payment Methods: Retails vouchers (Amazon, Topshop, Sainsbury’s & More)


  • Interesting topics
  • Relevant surveys
  • High pay rate per survey
  • Low minimum payment threshold


Ipsos Online Paid Survey Site

Ipsos is another high paying survey sites which you must join to have an extra pocket money. The Ipsos team is a well trusted group of market researchers founded the company in 1975. Up till now the company has conducted 200 million surveys for more than 5000 companies or clients worldwide in 100 countries.


While answering the questions during taking surveys, you will be rewarded 5 to 250 points which turn into £10 for 1380 points. Members can have 4 surveys per month which is sufficient to make £10 or more per month.

Quick Overview

  • Average Survey Time: 10 – 15 minutes
  • Average points/£ per Survey: 5 – 250 points or £1.80
  • Payment Threshold: £10 (1380 points)
  • Payment Methods: Retails Vouchers (Amazon, Argos & John Lewis)


  • Well trusted Company
  • 4 or more surveys per month
  • High points per survey
  • Low minimum payment threshold
  • Pay in Retails vouchers


MySurvey Online Paid Survey Site

In fact, joining only one online paid survey site will not add much to your pocket money, hence you have to join several sites carefully which have high pay rate and not just the waste of time. MySurvey is one of that. With high pay rate and very low payout threshold, MySurvey is the site of choice for those who can’t wait to have £40 or £50 to get payout.

Like the site stated above, MySurvey along with retail vouchers of Amazon or Argos, pay cash through PayPal for the points you earned. You will be rewired with points (100 per survey) which will be exchange with cash (£3 for 345) or gift cards / vouchers

Quick Overview

  • Average Survey Time: ~20 minutes
  • Average points/£ per Survey: 100 points or £1
  • Payment Threshold: £3 (for 345 points via PayPal)
  • Payment Methods: Cash and Vouchers (Amazon, Argos etc.)


  • Pays in Retails vouchers
  • Pays in Cash as well
  • Relatively high points per survey
  • Earn £3 to £5 per hours
  • Very Low minimum payment threshold


vivatic Online Paid Survey Site

Vivatic is another greater name in the list of top paid online survey sites. The only things which the members don’t like is it’s high payout threshold which £25. But the good thing is their frequent number of survey per month, the short survey time required and ~£1 reward per survey. This will make it easy for you to reach their payout threshold in a month or less.

Other than surveys, Vivatic allows you to have extra cash via a number of ways such as writing reviews & data entry. This makes the site worthy to sign up.

Quick Overview

  • Average Survey Time: ~15 minutes
  • Average ££ per Survey: £1 to £2
  • Payment Threshold: £25 (relatively high)
  • Payment Methods: Cash via PayPal


  • Have plenty of surveys
  • One of the sites which Pays in real Cash, not just vouchers
  • High pay rate per survey
  • Earn £25 to £30 per month
  • Allows to earn money through Data Entry and Review Writing


Toluna Online Paid Survey Site

In the list of highest paid online survey sites, Toluna is totally different. Toluna is not like usual survey sites listed above but it is a place where you can earn via giving feedback, answering questions and giving opinions.

Toluna offers has relatively high points per survey that is 3,000 to 6,000 points / survey which you will be able to exchange with cash, vouchers or gift cards. Their average survey time is more or less 15 minutes and Minimum payout threshold is 60,000 points which is equals to £10.

Quick Overview

  • Average Survey Time: ~15 minutes
  • Average points/£ per Survey: 3000 – 6000 points (~£1)
  • Payment Threshold: 60,000 points (£10)
  • Payment Methods: Retails vouchers of Amazon & Love2Shop


  • Give opinion, do survey, answer questions
  • High points or pay rate per survey
  • Low Payout threshold
  • Let you earn up to $4,500 in sweepstakes competition

Now It’s up to you. Sign up for an account on these Online Paid survey sites and take part or fill the survey forms as many as you can to earn some money.

If you like these sites, share it with your friends as well to let them know how to make money online with these survey sites. If you know some other survey sites, let us know in comments.


You can also make money reading these simple strategies:


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You’re Just 10 Steps away to Make Money On YouTube

Make Money with YouTube

Ever tried making money online? Most of us thinks it’s only possible if you have a reputable blog or own website with tons of interesting information and lots of visitors. In fact, that was true and all these are required a few years ago. But now Google let you to make money with your favorite video-sharing site YouTube.[AdSense-A]

YouTube is one of the most visiting sites on internet, visits by hundreds of thousands of people daily and billions monthly, which make it a huge market for Google, through which the company (Google) makes more than $4 Billion annually. The income is generated from advertisement which is being place on the user’s uploaded videos.

As a huge market and one of the most revenue generated products by Google, it could also be a source of good income for you. As Google make revenue from advertisements on the uploaded videos, the company also share a cut of the revenue generated from advertisement with those who uploaded the content. Your video uploaded on YouTube could make your luck too. Although the income may not be sufficient at first but there are some people (so called YouTube Stars) who make 5 figures income a month from YouTube.

Follow the steps listed below to join these so called YouTube Stars and make a smart income from YouTube.

Make Money On YouTube Step 01: Sign up for YouTube account

Create YouTube Account

To be partner with YouTube, you need YouTube account. You can easily signup for YouTube account with your existing Gmail ID or you may create a new one for this purpose. I suggest it is better to create a separate Gmail ID if the exiting one is coupled with your name. Thus make new Gmail ID with Eye catching, keyword’s specific User ID to connect it with Your YouTube Channel (Read next step). Try to make ID short easy to remember, not only for you but for the visitors too

Make Money On YouTube Step 02: Create YouTube Channel

Create YouTube Channel

Build a YouTube Channel and define it well, give it an attractive title name which is easy to find and remember and a brief meaningful description. “PhotoshopForBeginner” will attract more visitors and easy to remember as compared to “johnbmc88”.


Apart from your YouTube channel name, you can also add keywords in your YouTube channel setting in Advance section. Add keywords relevant to your content and make it sure not to play keyword game with Google as it will result in cancelation of your YouTube Partnership.

Also add an attractive image which will be displayed at the top of your YouTube Channel

Make Money On YouTube Step 03: Add Content to your channel

Upload Content to Your Channel

Once created account and YouTube channel, fill the pot with flower. Try to fill your YouTube channel by uploading keyword specific, high quality original videos.  Remember the guidelines before uploading something. You cannot upload anything containing adult content, violent and hateful content, hatred speech and the copyrighted video or video which contain copyrighted images and music. Infringing these rule and regulation will result in loss of your YouTube partnership

Make Money On YouTube Step 04: Define Your Video Well

Define Well Your Video

Your visitors and even YouTube will not know well that what you have uploaded and where to put it if you haven’t describe your effort. So make sure to upload and publish your video with specific keyword, tags and a nice description of it. This will make your video search friendly and help t drive more people to your video.

Make Money On YouTube Step 05: Be Consistent

Be Consistent

Uploading a video or two are not enough. Your job even isn’t done with uploading only few. More videos, more visitors, more reputation, more clicks. Be consistent in uploading quality content to make sure that visitor will subscribe for your channel and visit it often for a reason.

Regular publishing schedule is recommended by YouTube too. So make it habit to regularly upload and update your YouTube channel more often to build reputation and gain audience.

Make Money on YouTube Step 06: Gain Audience

Gain Audience

The key to successful monetization of your videos is to build large audience. In order to make money from your videos (and the advertisement placed there), it needs to be viewed by people.

One great effort to build audience is to upload unique and quality content. The best you upload the more visitors it will attract.

Another way to gain visitors is to publish your video elsewhere as you can. YouTube made it really simple to share videos on social media (Facebook, Twitter) or embed it on websites. So distribute your videos on the internet as much as you can.

Also take part in discussion on your videos in comments and clarify if they have any quarries.

Make Money On YouTube Step 07: Enable Monetization To Start Earning

Enable Monetization On Video

The next step to earn money on YouTube is to monetize your videos. Monetization means to allow YouTube to display ads in or on your video and you acknowledge it too that your video do not contain any copyright material.

You can enable monetization on video or on channel in Monetization tab under channel setting tab and checking in the “Monetize with Ads”.

If you put really good content or if your videos goes viral on YouTube, their Team will send you email by their own with subject “Apply for revenue sharing for You Video” indicating the video title. So be prompt to apply for what they stated.

Make Money On YouTube Step 08: Set up AdSense

Build AdSense Account

One more step is to setup Google AdSense account (if you don’t have one) and link it to your YouTube account. With this you’ll be able to collect your revenue. YouTube will pay for per ad click and per view. The more your video attracts audience, the more views and more potential of ads click leads to more revenue.

Although AdSense were initially designed and allotted to webmasters (through a difficult process), but it is now quite simple with YouTube to setup AdSense account.

You can add AdSense account for free but you must be 18 years older (or need help of your elder brother or father), must have a bank or PayPal account and a valid physical mailing address.

Make Money On YouTube Step 09: Promote You Video

Promote Your Video

Don’t just relay on the traffic from YouTube organic search but take all steps to promote and share your video on the internet to get huge visitors. To get better result, use your social media account; share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble upon and where ever possible. You can even embed them on you website. This will increase the chance of your video getting noticed and more visitors it will attract.

Make Money On YouTube Step 10: Just Wait and Watch Your Analytics

Wait and Watch YouTube Analytics

After you publish some good videos which are being notice by audience and have monetized it, check your video analytics to see the status of your video. i.e. Video views, estimated minutes watched, ad performance, estimated earnings, demographics and more. Interpret the data to know if your video attracts the right audience which you want and use it guide to change the content, theme, idea of your video or the marketing to attract the right audience.

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10 Simple Yet Free Ways To Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Since everybody wants to make handsome amount of money from home online, admit it, no one wants to spend even a penny and most of us want to start making money from the day first, they even don’t want to spent time as well. If you are among them, remember one thing, making money online is not gambling, you have to be patient and will spend a little $$$ to get more.[AdSense-A]

But if you still want to make money without paying, I mean if you don’t have a blog, website or don’t want to build them at first or pay to get one, you still can make money from home sitting on the chair in front of your computer using what you have I mean, your Brain and Skills.

So get ready. Here are 10 decent ways to make money from home without spending a penny (legal way, not fraud or scam). Although there are some others method of making money such as blogging (which I really prefer), affiliates programs, pay per click (PPC) programs, selling products from home online etc but all these required cash, time, efforts and some know-how, but here I explored the way that don’t require these. All you need is, and will probably have, a Computer (or laptop), internet connection, a comfortable room (I mean without distraction) and a creative mind and I am sure all have some sort of creativity. So let being to make money from home right now

1. Online Survey

Take Part in Online Survey To Make Money

Take Part in Online Survey To Make Money Source

Take part in Online Surveys isn’t time wasting, rather it can add in your online income a bit without spending even little. There are many trusted website where you can register to take part in online surveys. These websites or companies are willing to pay handsome bucks in returnee to taking part to fill their online survey forms. Although people make around $300 – $400 per month from taking part in online surveys but a single site would not be enough to give you this decent amount. Sign up for multiple sites to add good cash in your pocket money. Following are few reputable online survey sites, to earn good cash, register in all of these Online Survey Sites.[AdSense-B]

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Savvy
  3. My Survey
  4. Opinion Outpost
  5. Survey Head
  6. Global Test Market

Remember: Online survey would not make you rich, so don’t be fool to quite your day job for online surveys as it would never replace your day job income.

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