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Why NFL Annual Championship Game Called Super Bowl

How Super Bowl Gets its Name

You might be a big fan of American Football and the NFL, but did you know that your popular America Football sporting event Super Bowl was initially called the AFL-NFL championship Game for the first two years and then the “World Champion Game” for the next game that was held in 1970. So why we called it Super Bowl now? Who suggest the name for the former AFL-NFL championship? When the name was suggested, when it goes official? There is an interesting story behind the origin of this name but first we’ll take a look of the 2 words, “Super” and “Bowl” to answer all these questions. [AdSense-A]

Both these words, Super and Bowl are not new and enter the English language a thousand year ago. We all know that Bowl is referred to a deep and round basin or dish that is used to store food or contain water. But did you know that in the context of sports, the term bowl is used for Stadiums that shaped like a bowl. Most commonly the football stadiums are shape like this so that every person can watch the match uninterruptedly. The basin shaped stadiums are first built in early 1900s and the first know bowl-shaped stadium was the Yale Bowl and the one built in 1923, the Rose Bowl.

From Superball to Super Bowl

From Super Ball to Super Bowl


So it is now clear that the bowl actually used for a stadium a bowl shaped ground in sports which means that the word bowl is used in some context in sports. However the origin or the name super bowl is not inspired with the stadiums. It is actually inspired from and a misspell of Super Ball and was first introduced and suggested by Lamar Hunt, Businessman, a member of American Football League and the owner of Kansas City Chiefs . In 1966, Hunt wrote letter to the NFL commissioner of that time Mr. Pete Rozelle about the name he has in his mind. He wrote “I have kiddingly called the game the ‘Super Bowl’ which obviously can be improved upon.” Hunt later stated that he inspired with the word Super Ball used for a rubber ball. So it means it was not the Bowl-shaped stadiums but it was the Super Ball from which the name for the popular American sporting event coined.


However the Hunt’s suggested name do not take seriously at that time by NFL and hence the first 3 events are named as AFL-NFL championship and world championship game, which is obviously not attractive and specific. Once the AFL came into the authority and when considered equally to the AFL, the name Super Bowl is considered for the game. It happened after the New York Jets (AFL team) won against the NFL Green Bay Packers. Click here for the complete list of super bowl winners.

Now that was all about the name process, do you know why the event is numbered or suffixed with Roman Numerals? The same person, the Lamar Hunt advised to use the roman digits with the contests. And after that, it becomes a tradition which continues till today .

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List of Super Bowl Winners by Year

Super Bowl Winners by year

Have you heard about the last super bowl competition? So would you name the winner of Super Bowl 50? Ok here are the choices, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks or New York Giants. And the answer is, Denver Broncos. Well Super bowl is among the top rated and highly viewed competition that held every year in United States. It is a like a world cup, you can say of American Football, the Arm football or the Rugby.


The game first started in 1967 where the first Super Bowl competition (the Super bowl I) held in Los Angeles between the Kansas City and the Green Bay. The winner of the first superbowl competition was Green Bay. From 1967 till now, 50 competitions of super bowl has held in different cities. While looking at the year-wise list given below, you can notice that each super bowl game suffixed with the Roman Numerals like Super bowl I, II, III, IV, V and so on. The exception is the most recent game that is written as superbowl 50 with regular numerals (held in 2016). The next American Football game, the super bowl LI, is scheduled to be on 5th Feb 2017.

Super Bowl Winners by year

Denver Broncos: The Winner of Super Bowl 50

Super bowl was first play among the champion of National Football league (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL) from 1967 to 1970. From 1971 to onward American Football Conference and National Football conference take part in competition.

So after a brief overview of the Super bowl, its date of origin and the first and last superbowl result, here is a complete list of Super Bowl Winners that is arranged year-wise starting from the most recent to the least. At the end of this, we also let you know the team with most win and so on.


List of Super Bowl Winners by Year

Year No. Winner vs Loser Venue
2016 50 Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers California
2015 XLIX New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks Arizona
2014 XLVIII Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos New Jersey
2013 XLVII Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers New Orleans
2012 XLVI New York Giants vs New England Patriots Indianapolis
2011 XLV Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers Texas
2010 XLIV New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts Miami
2009 XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals Tampa
2008 XLII New York Giants vs New England Patriots Arizona
2007 XLI Indianapolis Colts vs Chicago Bears Miami
2006 XL Pittsburgh vs Seattle Detroit
2005 XXXIX New England vs Philadelphia Jacksonville
2004 XXXVIII New England vs Carolina Houston
2003 XXXVII Tampa Bay vs Oakland San Diego
2002 XXXVI New England vs St Louis N Orleans
2001 XXXV Baltimore vs NY Giants Tampa
2000 XXXIV St Louis vs Tennessee Atlanta
1999 XXXIII Denver vs Atlanta Miami
1998 XXXII Denver vs Green Bay San Diego
1997 XXXI Green Bay vs New England N Orleans
1996 XXX Dallas vs Pittsburgh Tempe
1995 XXIX San Francisco vs San Diego Miami
1994 XXVIII Dallas vs Buffalo Atlanta
1993 XXVII Dallas vs Buffalo Pasadena
1992 XXVI Washington vs Buffalo Minneapolis
1991 XXV NY Giants vs Buffalo Tampa
1990 XXIV San Francisco vs Denver N Orleans
1989 XXIII San Francisco vs Cincinnati Miami
1988 XXII Washington vs Denver San Diego
1987 XXI NY Giants vs Denver Pasadena
1986 XX Chicago vs New England N Orleans
1985 XIX San Francisco vs Miami Stanford
1984 XVIII LA Raiders vs Washington Tampa
1983 XVII Washington vs Miami Pasadena
1982 XVI San Francisco vs Cincinnati Pontiac
1981 XV Oakland vs Philadelphia N Orleans
1980 XIV Pittsburgh vs LA Rams Pasadena
1979 XIII Pittsburgh vs Dallas Miami
1978 XII Dallas vs Denver N Orleans
1977 XI Oakland vs Minnesota Pasadena
1976 X Pittsburgh vs Dallas Miami
1975 IX Pittsburgh vs Minnesota New Orleans
1974 VIII Miami vs Minnesota Houston
1973 VII Miami vs Washington Los Angeles
1972 VI Dallas vs Miami N Orleans
1971 V Baltimore vs Dallas Miami
1970 IV Kansas City vs Minnesota N Orleans
1969 III NY Jets vs Baltimore Miami
1968 II Green Bay vs Oakland Miami
1967 I Green Bay vs Kansas City Los Angeles


Most Successful Super Bowl Teams

Now you have a complete list of the winners, take a close look of this and you will see that there is a team that won the game 6 times, yes and the team is Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh Steelers appears in the competition 8 times and won six out of it. Next team with most winning ratio is the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys are really good at American football and they have won 5 out 8 super bowls. San Francisco 49ers stands on number 3rd in the list of most successful and winning teams of Super bowl. They won 5 out of 6 competitions where they appear in. a complete list of such teams is given below.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers appeared 8 time and won 6 games
  • Dallas Cowboys appeared 8 time and won 5 games
  • San Francisco 49ers appeared 6 time and won 5 games
  • New England Patriots appeared 8 time and won 4 games
  • Green Bay Packers appeared 5 time and won 4 games
  • New York Giants appeared 5 time and won 4 games
  • Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders appeared 5 time and won 3 games
  • Denver Broncos appeared 8 time and won 3 games
  • Washington Redskins appeared 5 time and won 3 games
  • Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts appeared 4 time and won 2 games
  • Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams appeared 3 time and won 1 game
  • Miami Dolphins appeared 5 time and won 2 games
  • Chicago Bears appeared 2 time and won 1 game
  • Seattle Seahawks appeared 3 time and won 1 game
  • Kansas City Chiefs appeared 2 time and won 1 game
  • Baltimore Ravens appeared 3 time and won both times
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Famous 3D Street artwork from around the world

3D Illusions Street Art Smart

3D street artwork is going popular nowadays and going viral on internet. 3D artist doe their work so brilliantly that you won’t believe on your eyes. After the 20 famous breathtaking 3D street artworks published last week, here is another cool collection of 3D street art that wait for your admiration. So watch them all and let us now about your favorite one.[AdSense-A]

01. Smart. “Smart” 3D drawing depicting a shiny translucent car.

3D Illusions Street Art Smart

02. Easy Jet – Edinburg. Now you can enjoy the beach on the street. Easy Jet is a clever depiction of beach on a street in the center of Edinburg.

3D Illusions Street Art Easy Jet

03. Costa – Covent Garden. Want to take such a huge cup of Italian coffee cappuccino? This 3D artwork is a sensible depiction of cup cappuccino.

3D Illusions Street Art Costa Covent Garden

04. Ford Mexico. Your favorite Ford car is coming out from the underground. Want to drive it?

3D Illusions Street Art Ford Mexico

05. Bukaresti – Romania. Another clever and realistic 3D painting of a crashing car. Watch it out.

3D Illusions Street Art Bukaresti

06. A fair in cologne. This cleverly depicted 3D painting of old tape recorder cassette in the middle of street will take you back to the era when Walkman were a common gadget.


3D Illusions Street Art A Fair Cologne

07. Self-portrait. It’s look like a mirror in between but it is actually a 3Diemensiaonal self portrait of the 3D artist on the street.

3D Illusions Street Art Self Portraits

08. Lizards. Incoming huge Lizards, Frog and mentis to attack on human. Watch out.

3D Illusions Street Art Lizards

09. Spiderman. It’s not a scene from Spiderman movie, it’s a beautiful and creative 3D artwork by 3D artist Julian Beever

3D Illusions Street Art Spider man

10. Basketball On the Road. Be careful Drivers, someone put that Basketball on the road. A clever and realistic 3D drawing of basketball

3D Illusions Street Art Basket Ball

11. Honeybees. The underground pole of Honey. Honeybees coming from underground.

Famous 3D street artwork honeybees

12. Asian Paints – Mumbai. A cool 3D color-fall by Asian Paints depicted on a famous street of Mumbai.

Famous 3D Street Artwork Asian Paints

13. Walk on Rope. Don’t worry, she won’t fall.

Famous 3D street artwork Rope Walk

14. Waste of water. Someone please stop the man wasting water on the street.

Famous 3D artwork West of Water

15. Water In The Way. Looks like a Pool filled with water; this is so realistic 3D artwork I have ever seen.

Famous 3D artwork Water in the way

16. King Kong. Oh It’s King Kong! A clever depiction of famous Hollywood movie King Kong.

Famous 3D artwork kingkong

17. Treasures. Look like if the artist has found a gold treasure in the middle of the city! A cool and clever 3D drawing.

Famous 3D Street Artwork Treasures

18. Machu Picchu. One of the Seven Wonders of the World. Machu Picchu is now on your town’s street.

Famous 3d street artwork machu Picchu

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20 Breathtaking Creative 3D Street Artworks

Mysterious Cave 3D Street Art

Well you may inspire from 2D art on paintings but what about the 3D artworks? 3D artwork especially 3D street art are going viral and popular day by day. There are some really cool and stunning 3D street artworks done by famous 3d artist around the world which will fall you in love with 3D street paintings. These 3D artists adorn the streets with cool 3-dimensional chalks and painting artwork which attract visitors from around the world to visit and see these smart and cool 3-dimensional artworks.


So, here is a cool collection of breathtaking nicely done 3D artwork done by famous 3d artist so realistically that you can’t bat your eyes. 3D Street art is actually a 2 dimensional artwork done so realistically and creatively that is look like a real life object or scene. In these 3 dimensional artworks, some depicted themselves while others portrayed the beauty of waterfall, paintings of flowers, ancient history, giants coming from inside the earth etc. Just checkout these cool 3D artwork by yourself and let us know in comments about your favorite one.

Hot river. This 3D artwork took nearly whole of the street to create such a breathtaking earth cracking effect. Really brilliant 3D art (via Edgar Mueller)

Hot River 3D Street-Art

Ice Abyss. After the Hot River, it’s now time to look at the huge Ice gulf. Be careful or you may fall in this ice abyss!

Ice Abyss 3D Street Art

Raft. What if your town is flooded like this? Enjoy this creatively depicted flooded street.

Raft 3D Street Art

Johnnie Walker in Taipei. What you like in this painting? The scene or Beer? By Johnnie Walker

3D Illusions Street Art By Walker

Mysterious cave. Well you may have seen some underground caves in Disney Movies, here is a real one under your feet.


Mysterious Cave 3D Street Art

Reflection. Although its look like a mirror or a pool of water reflecting the People seeing in it, but it’s not the case. This cool 3D street artwork is depicting the reflection.


Melstorm. Hmmm, what its look like? Yes, the vortex!


Muses. Similar to the 3D art shown earlier, this 3-Dimensionla artwork is a classic painting similar to old medieval castles paintings.


Hole. Look like a hole to the underworld.


Relaxing giant. The Giant come from the Greek Mythological stories is relaxing on the street


Horses. Horess, familiar hats and ropes, yes, this 3D painting depicting the cowboy show.


Office stress. Did you feel in your office like that? This cool 3D artwork represented and depicted the Office Stress you may have in a typical working day in your office. Or maybe not?


Crazy river. Somebody help them. There is an alligator in that Crazy River.



Escalator. Escalator in the shopping mall from the basement. Cool and Creative

3D-Illusions-Street-Art-Escalator 3D-Illusions-Street-Art-Escalator

Grant’s. Cool 3D chalk panting of “Grant’s”.


Nails. It’s not a circus or magic trick, it is quite real.


Escape of the mummy. Be careful, it’s old ancient mummies coming out of underground.

The world’s biggest fly. The World’s biggest fly found dead on the street.

HDI. What will you do if this happens to your car? So, be careful while parking your car.

Eiffel Tower Sand Sculpture. A nicely depiceted 3D Effie tower Send sculpture on the street.


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What happens in One Internet Minute Here in 2014

What happens in One Internet Minute 2014

What happens in One Internet Minute 2014

source: Pixabay.com

One minute may not be much significant amount of time for you and it can go on without notice but in a single internet minute, the data which is produce and share on internet can require a whole life to go through. Since the internet population grows day by day and reaches 3 billion up till now (almost 43% of the total world population using internet) the insignificant sixty seconds produce staggering amount and numbers of digital data that you cannot even think about to do so in your whole life.[AdSense-A]

So below is a quick overview of what happened in just a single minute on internet.

  1. The number of Emails generated and sent by billions of internet users dominating over all the data shared over internet. In a single minute, more than 140 millions emails are sent.
  2. The second dominating figure in one internet minute is the search queries. More than 4 million search queries are processed by Google in one minute.
  3. All of you know Google generates revenue from Ads displayed on websites through AdSense or on Search Engine results Pages. With more than 4 million queries in one minute, the Google generates $100926 from these ads
  4. When talking about revenue, online marketing is one of the leading sources of revenue generation for many brands, Amazon is on the top of the list. In sixty seconds, products (including books and apps) of worth $148617 sold on Amazon
  5. Something about your favorite video sharing site YouTube. It would take 5 days to view all the videos uploaded to YouTube in just a single internet minute. Let the figure simpler, 126 hours of new video uploaded every minute to YouTube.
  6. More than 145782 hours of video watched online on YouTube among which 1.3 millions video clips are downloaded every minute
  7. Listening Music comes after watching videos as in each minute on internet, there are 64197 hours of music listen on Pandora
  8. Lets us explore something about the social media, with 3 billion active users, Facebook dominating the Social networking. Among these 1.3 billion Facebook users, 277,000 members are log-ins and active every minute on Facebook.
  9. When talking about the activity on Facebook, there are 2,460,000 Status, Links, Videos, Photos or other contents are shared on Facebook every minute. Together there are 378 GB of data shares on Facebook in every single minute.
  10. There are 20 million Photo views and 6 million Facebook page views in just a single minute.
  11. Just like you, every Facebook user like the selfie of their friend, group photo of their college mates, status updates or interesting videos. These Like in total make the shocking figure. In just one minute, there are 3,288,348 Likes made on Facebook
  12. Now something about Twitter, with 300 million already active users, 693+ new users signup for twitter accounts every minute.
  13. The number of tweets per minute in 2014 is now 477600 tweets (which were 100,000+ tweets in 2013 per minute)
  14. In every minute, 3000 photo uploaded on Flickr meanwhile there are 20 million photo views on Flickr
  15. 3,472 new images pined to Pinterest boards
  16. 2,16,000 Pictures post on Instagram every sixty seconds
  17. With more than 1.1 billion websites worldwide
    • 571 New Websites created every minute
    • 347 New Blogs created on WordPress
    • 1449 New blog post on WordPress
  18. Something about the apps and downloads. In every single internet minute there are
    • 77868 Apps downloads for Androids OS
    • 39942Apple Apps downloads for iOS
  19. Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia contains more than 46 million articles with 6 new articles posted every minute and 600 edits per minute made to these existing articles.
  20. 26, 380 Yelp Reviews written every minute
  21. 1,458,324 Skype minutes used every minute
  22. 24318 hours of videos watched on American based video on-demand video sharing Netflix
  23. With the above statistics and figure, collectively there is nearly  across the globe on internet in one minute.
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10 interesting Facts about your Heart You Must Know

Interesting Human Heart Facts

What do you know else about the Heart other than being repressing it as a symbol of love? Heart is not just to deal with love; it is one of the complex body organs, busy to perform some important job to pump blood to part of your body continually (and still make sometime for love). It is a standalone organ which can live even if the controlling center of body, the brain dies. [AdSense-A]

So find some interesting facts about human heart below

01. The power of Human Heart

Human heart with no more than the size of your won fist, beats 100,000 times a day to send 2000 gallons of blood across the 60, 000 miles of blood vessels from your head to feet. If we multiply this figure with whole life, the heart pumps nearly 1.5 million barrels during your whole life enough to fill 200 tankers of 10,000 gallon.

02. Trip to Moon with Energy Generated By Your Heart

Heart is really mighty muscular pump which daily, during pumping blood across body, generates enough power to drive a truck for 32 kilometers or 20 miles. You may have a trip to The Moon and back to The Earth in your lifetime just on the energy by your heart. So have a nice trip.

03. Heart, The Un-fatigable

This tiny mighty muscular pump begins to beat when you were in womb at 4th week and beats till one pass away. Un-fatigable. It will not stop beating even if the brain dies because heart has its own intrinsic regulatory system which initiates the heart beat.

04. What Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases?

Now something about heart disease. According to some recent studies on heart disease, scientist found that have more education and less chances to die from heart disease. The rate of heart disease is also low vegetarians (about 19% less than non-vegetarians) and in those eating dark chocolate daily. Dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart diseases up to 30%.

05. Heart Diseases in Prehistoric People

With all the above researches to reduce the risk, heart diseases are still the greatest risk of death. The traces of heart disease are found in mummies from prehistoric civilization (3,000 years old)

06. What Increases the Risk of Heart Diseases?

Are you taking Multivitamins to strengthen your bones, boost your brain or to stay active (as most bran claims), remember multivitamins have linked with heart diseases and increases the risk of heart disease especially heart cancer (although heart cancer are very rare as heart loses its ability to divide early in the life). So be careful while taking such boosters.

07. Men vs. Women Heart Attack

Though there are minor differences in the anatomy and physiology of male and female (women have smaller but faster heart), the symptoms of heart diseases are differs in both. Males feel chest pain while females feel nausea, have vomiting and shoulder pain instead of chest pain.

08. Some interesting Facts about Treatment of Heart Diseases

It’s now turn to know something about investigation and treatment of heart diseases, the first mapping of human heart is done in 1929 by German surgeon Werner Forssmann. He mapped his own heart using a long catheter inserted via his arm vein directed toward heart.

09. The First Heart Transplantation

The first heart transplanted successfully in 1967by Dr. Christian Barnard. Though the procedure was successful but the patient didn’t survive and died after 18 days of the operation.

10. Synchronize your Heart Beat

When you listen to music, your heart beat and rhythm changes according to the rhythm of music. Even when a group of singers (choir) sings and in synchrony, their heart beats also synchronize. If you are not a singer or don’t like music, you can still synchronize your heart beat with your lover by gazing into each other’s eyes for two or three minutes

What else? If You Know some other interesting facts about Heart, let us know in Comments and if you like these facts, share it with your friends.

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25 Cool and Creative Bookmarks For Readers

Cool Help Me Bookmark

Since one cannot read the whole book at once, it is troublesome to remember the page when you read the book again after a while. To avoid the frustration of losing the page while reading favorite novel or book, extra receipts, folded corners, a piece of fabric or even a bird feather or quill were used as a bookmarks. These popular traditional bookmarks are still used to remember the place in a book where one has left reading. Since these traditional bookmarks are not cool and attractive enough and even one can lost a piece of cloth as put as a bookmark or the folded corner of the page may still remain fold and mark the page making it difficult to differentiate if too many pages where bookmarked this way.[AdSense-A]

So let’s put some really cool and creative bookmarks on your table to put them on place in book while closing the book for a time and return to the page with ease.

Here are 25 fanciful, smart, creative and super cool bookmarks to ensure your page is marked without dog-eared corners.


01. Zipper Bookmark: Cool Zipper Bookmarks are come with elegant colors make you reading and study table colorful (source)

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

02. Help Me Bookmark: Help Me Bookmark is a really distinct and creative idea (source)

Cool Help Me Bookmark

Cool Help Me Bookmark

Cool Help Me Bookmark

Cool Help Me Bookmark

03. Finger pointed Bookmark: This bookmark is really creative. It is not just the bookmark to remember the page but it will also point out the line on the page from where you leave reading. (source)

Cool Pointing Finger Bookmark

Cool Pointing Finger Bookmark

Cool Pointing Finger Bookmark

Cool Pointing Finger Bookmark

Cool Pointing Finger Bookmark

Cool Pointing Finger Bookmark

04. Sprout Bookmark: Comes in Green, Pink and Yellow color, Sprout Bookmark is look like a bud that has grown from inside of your book (source)

Add Life to your Books with Sprout Bookmark

Add Life to your Books with Sprout Bookmark

Add Life to your Books with Sprout Bookmark

Add Life to your Books with Sprout Bookmark

Add Life to your Books with Sprout Bookmark

Add Life to your Books with Sprout Bookmark

05. Eiffel Tower Bookmark: The mini Eiffel Tower bookmark design is a really innovative bookmarking idea inspired from Eiffel Tower (source)

Eiffel tower Inspired Bookmark Design

Eiffel tower Inspired Bookmark Design

Eiffel tower Inspired Bookmark Design

Eiffel tower Inspired Bookmark Design

Eiffel tower Inspired Bookmark Design

Eiffel tower Inspired Bookmark Design

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10 Remarkable Facts About Facebook You Didn’t Know

10 Interesting Facebook Facts

Facebook is a social networking site and the 2nd most popular website (after Google). Facebook is place where people share interesting information, facts, uploads pictures, videos and share links. Beside all these, there are some interesting facts about Facebook itself list below which most of you probably didn’t know before.


Facebook Facts # 01

From FaceMash to FaceBook

From FaceMash to FaceBook Source

Did you know that your favorite social media site Facebook were initially nicknamed FaceMash.com The company let the domain expires in 2007 and it is sold again for $30K on 25 October, 2010

Facebook Facts # 02

If Facebook were a country it would be the 2nd Largest Country

Facebook would be the 2nd Largest Country

Facebook has 1.3 billion users right now almost half of the total internet users (while the other half who doesn’t have Facebook account lives with one who has). So if the Facebook were a country, it would be the world 2nd largest country (after china) based on population.

Facebook Facts # 03

Facebook User and Usage Statistics

Facebook User and Usage Statistics Source

Among 1.3 billion Facebook users, there are 800 million daily active users who posts, updates status and share something on Facebook daily. On the basis of these data, there are 350 million photos uploaded daily and 4.75 billion pictures, videos or links are shared on Facebook daily

Facebook Facts # 04

338 Average Number Of Facebook Friends

338 Average Number Of Facebook Friends

On an average, every Facebook users has 338 Facebook friends making around 150 Billion Friends connection in total

Facebook Facts # 05

Facebook Dead People Account

Facebook Have Lots Of Dead People’s and Fake Account [source: pixabay.com]

Beside 1.3 Billions Facebook user’s accounts, there are more than 40 million dead people on Facebook and more than81 million fake Facebook account make for spamming.

Facebook Facts # 06

Canada, The Country of Most Active Facebook User

Canada, The Country With Most Active Facebook User

Initially created for college students of Harvard University, Facebook is now used by 70% of US population age under 26. Although Facebook is US based but 70% of it users are outside the US. The country with most active Facebook users is Canada.
Being popular worldwide, Facebook on the other hand is banned in China, Vietnam, Iran and Syria.

Facebook Facts # 07

Facebook Blue Color

Did you know the reason behind the blue color and theme of Facebook? Well in fact the blue is calming color and most social media sites has apparent Blue color but in the case of Facebook, the blue color of the site is because the founder of the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is color blind and can’t differentiate between red and green color, thus blue color is more apparent for him.

Facebook Facts # 08

Type in URL bar www.facebook.com and add 4 at the end of URL separated with “/” (i.e http://www.facebook.com/4). This will redirect you to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg profile. Don’t know yet why he chooses the number 4 instead of 1. Adding 5, 6, 7 into the end of Facebook URL will redirect you to the Facebook co-founders and Mark’s colleagues. They all were the initial users of Facebook

Facebook Facts # 09

Add Pirate Language To Facebook

Add Pirate Language To Facebook

In your Facebook account setting, you can change your language to “Pirate”. With Pirate as your language, you will see the Word “Cap’n” (Captain) before everyone’s name, “Friends” will appear as “Mateys” and “Pictures” are called “Portraits”. “Arr!” will replace Liking and “scrawling a mark” instead of Commenting.

So if you like and want to apply these changes, go into Account > Language, find and replace English (US) with English (Pirate).

Facebook Facts # 10

Facebook Tracks Your Browsing History

Facebook Tracks Your Browsing History Source

Even after logging out from your Facebook account, Facebook still able to track the site you visit. This is primarily  due to cookies that Facebook leave on your system which send the record of your browsing history.

If you know something more about Facebook, let us know in comments and if really enjoy these interesting facts about Facebook, Share it with you friends.

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