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World Series Winners List and Standings

World Series Winners

Baseball fans out there especially the fans of MLB would name their most favorite game show and sport event. Yes, for them the World Series is more awaited event than the FIFA World Cup or the ICC world cup. Baseball which is also known as America Cricket is a bat and ball game. Since it is the national sport of America, the sport is most loved in America than any other country. World Series is played among 2 United States leagues of Baseball that are American League and National League. Champions from both leagues face each other in the final of World Series. Championship is awarded to the team with best-of-seven playoff. The championship trophy for the World Series is known as Commissioner’s Trophy as well. [AdSense-A]

Fact: Do you know that the current World Series 2015 winners are Kansas City Royals

The first World Series was played in 1903 and since then, it is played every year. The only exception where there were no Series held was 1904 and 1994. In 1904, the champion of previous World Series Boston Americas refused to play and in 1994 the Series was canceled due to strike of player. Up till now, 111 World Series have been played. Overall, the American League has won 63 titles while the National League has won the title 48 times. New York Yankees from the American League appears 40 times while own the trophy 27 times. That is most of the time than any other team in both divisions. On the top second list of most winning teams resides the St. Louis Cardinals, a franchise form National League won the championship 11 times while they appears in World Series 19 times.


Fact: Do you know that the winner team of the World Series each year invited to White House to meet the United States President

World Series Winner List

Year Winning team Losing team Games
1903 Boston Americans (1, 1–0) Pittsburg Pirates (1, 0–1) 5–3
1904 No World Series
1905 New York Giants (1, 1–0) Philadelphia Athletics (1, 0–1) 4–1
1906 Chicago White Sox (1, 1–0) Chicago Cubs (1, 0–1) 4–2
1907 Chicago Cubs (2, 1–1) Detroit Tigers (1, 0–1) 4–0–(1)
1908 Chicago Cubs (3, 2–1) Detroit Tigers (2, 0–2) 4–1
1909 Pittsburg Pirates (2, 1–1) Detroit Tigers (3, 0–3) 4–3
1910 Philadelphia Athletics (2, 1–1) Chicago Cubs (4, 2–2) 4–1
1911 Philadelphia Athletics (3, 2–1) New York Giants (2, 1–1) 4–2
1912 Boston Red Sox (2, 2–0) New York Giants (3, 1–2) 4–3–(1)
1913 Philadelphia Athletics (4, 3–1) New York Giants (4, 1–3) 4–1
1914 Boston Braves (1, 1–0) Philadelphia Athletics (5, 3–2) 4–0
1915 Boston Red Sox (3, 3–0) Philadelphia Phillies (1, 0–1) 4–1
1916 Boston Red Sox (4, 4–0) Brooklyn Robins (1, 0–1) 4–1
1917 Chicago White Sox (2, 2–0) New York Giants (5, 1–4) 4–2
1918 Boston Red Sox (5, 5–0) Chicago Cubs (5, 2–3) 4–2
1919 Cincinnati Reds (1, 1–0) Chicago White Sox (3, 2–1) 5–3
1920 Cleveland Indians (1, 1–0) Brooklyn Robins (2, 0–2) 5–2
1921 New York Giants (6, 2–4) New York Yankees (1, 0–1) 5–3
1922 New York Giants (7, 3–4) New York Yankees (2, 0–2) 4–0–(1)
1923 New York Yankees (3, 1–2) New York Giants (8, 3–5) 4–2
1924 Washington Senators (1, 1–0) New York Giants (9, 3–6) 4–3
1925 Pittsburgh Pirates (3, 2–1) Washington Senators (2, 1–1) 4–3
1926 St. Louis Cardinals (1, 1–0) New York Yankees (4, 1–3) 4–3
1927 New York Yankees (5, 2–3) Pittsburgh Pirates (4, 2–2) 4–0
1928 New York Yankees (6, 3–3) St. Louis Cardinals (2, 1–1) 4–0
1929 Philadelphia Athletics (6, 4–2) Chicago Cubs (6, 2–4) 4–1
1930 Philadelphia Athletics (7, 5–2) St. Louis Cardinals (3, 1–2) 4–2
1931 St. Louis Cardinals (4, 2–2) Philadelphia Athletics (8, 5–3) 4–3
1932 New York Yankees (7, 4–3) Chicago Cubs (7, 2–5) 4–0
1933 New York Giants (10, 4–6) Washington Senators (3, 1–2) 4–1
1934 St. Louis Cardinals (5, 3–2) Detroit Tigers (4, 0–4) 4–3
1935 Detroit Tigers (5, 1–4) Chicago Cubs (8, 2–6) 4–2
1936 New York Yankees (8, 5–3) New York Giants (11, 4–7) 4–2
1937 New York Yankees (9, 6–3) New York Giants (12, 4–8) 4–1
1938 New York Yankees (10, 7–3) Chicago Cubs (9, 2–7) 4–0
1939 New York Yankees (11, 8–3) Cincinnati Reds (2, 1–1) 4–0
1940 Cincinnati Reds (3, 2–1) Detroit Tigers (6, 1–5) 4–3
1941 New York Yankees (12, 9–3) Brooklyn Dodgers (3, 0–3) 4–1
1942 St. Louis Cardinals (6, 4–2) New York Yankees (13, 9–4) 4–1
1943 New York Yankees (14, 10–4) St. Louis Cardinals (7, 4–3) 4–1
1944 St. Louis Cardinals (8, 5–3) St. Louis Browns (1, 0–1) 4–2
1945 Detroit Tigers (7, 2–5) Chicago Cubs (10, 2–8) 4–3
1946 St. Louis Cardinals (9, 6–3) Boston Red Sox (6, 5–1) 4–3
1947 New York Yankees (15, 11–4) Brooklyn Dodgers (4, 0–4) 4–3
1948 Cleveland Indians (2, 2–0) Boston Braves (2, 1–1) 4–2
1949 New York Yankees (16, 12–4) Brooklyn Dodgers (5, 0–5) 4–1
1950 New York Yankees (17, 13–4) Philadelphia Phillies (2, 0–2) 4–0
1951 New York Yankees (18, 14–4) New York Giants (13, 4–9) 4–2
1952 New York Yankees (19, 15–4) Brooklyn Dodgers (6, 0–6) 4–3
1953 New York Yankees (20, 16–4) Brooklyn Dodgers (7, 0–7) 4–2
1954 New York Giants (14, 5–9) Cleveland Indians (3, 2–1) 4–0
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers (8, 1–7) New York Yankees (21, 16–5) 4–3
1956 New York Yankees (22, 17–5) Brooklyn Dodgers (9, 1–8) 4–3
1957 Milwaukee Braves (3, 2–1) New York Yankees (23, 17–6) 4–3
1958 New York Yankees (24, 18–6) Milwaukee Braves (4, 2–2) 4–3
1959 Los Angeles Dodgers (10, 2–8) Chicago White Sox (4, 2–2) 4–2
1960 Pittsburgh Pirates (5, 3–2) New York Yankees (25, 18–7) 4–3
1961 New York Yankees (26, 19–7) Cincinnati Reds (4, 2–2) 4–1
1962 New York Yankees (27, 20–7) San Francisco Giants (15, 5–10) 4–3
1963 Los Angeles Dodgers (11, 3–8) New York Yankees (28, 20–8) 4–0
1964 St. Louis Cardinals (10, 7–3) New York Yankees (29, 20–9) 4–3
1965 Los Angeles Dodgers (12, 4–8) Minnesota Twins (4, 1–3) 4–3
1966 Baltimore Orioles (2, 1–1) Los Angeles Dodgers (13, 4–9) 4–0
1967 St. Louis Cardinals (11, 8–3) Boston Red Sox (7, 5–2) 4–3
1968 Detroit Tigers (8, 3–5) St. Louis Cardinals (12, 8–4) 4–3
1969 New York Mets (1, 1–0) Baltimore Orioles (3, 1–2) 4–1
1970 Baltimore Orioles (4, 2–2) Cincinnati Reds (5, 2–3) 4–1
1971 Pittsburgh Pirates (6, 4–2) Baltimore Orioles (5, 2–3) 4–3
1972 Oakland Athletics (9, 6–3) Cincinnati Reds (6, 2–4) 4–3
1973 Oakland Athletics (10, 7–3) New York Mets (2, 1–1) 4–3
1974 Oakland Athletics (11, 8–3) Los Angeles Dodgers (14, 4–10) 4–1
1975 Cincinnati Reds (7, 3–4) Boston Red Sox (8, 5–3) 4–3
1976 Cincinnati Reds (8, 4–4) New York Yankees (30, 20–10) 4–0
1977 New York Yankees (31, 21–10) Los Angeles Dodgers (15, 4–11) 4–2
1978 New York Yankees (32, 22–10) Los Angeles Dodgers (16, 4–12) 4–2
1979 Pittsburgh Pirates (7, 5–2) Baltimore Orioles (6, 2–4) 4–3
1980 Philadelphia Phillies (3, 1–2) Kansas City Royals (1, 0–1) 4–2
1981 Los Angeles Dodgers (17, 5–12) New York Yankees (33, 22–11) 4–2
1982 St. Louis Cardinals (13, 9–4) Milwaukee Brewers[L1] (1, 0–1) 4–3
1983 Baltimore Orioles (7, 3–4) Philadelphia Phillies (4, 1–3) 4–1
1984 Detroit Tigers (9, 4–5) San Diego Padres (1, 0–1) 4–1
1985 Kansas City Royals (2, 1–1) St. Louis Cardinals (14, 9–5) 4–3
1986 New York Mets (3, 2–1) Boston Red Sox (9, 5–4) 4–3
1987 Minnesota Twins (5, 2–3) St. Louis Cardinals (15, 9–6) 4–3
1988 Los Angeles Dodgers (18, 6–12) Oakland Athletics (12, 8–4) 4–1
1989 Oakland Athletics (13, 9–4) San Francisco Giants (16, 5–11) 4–0
1990 Cincinnati Reds (9, 5–4) Oakland Athletics (14, 9–5) 4–0
1991 Minnesota Twins (6, 3–3) Atlanta Braves (5, 2–3) 4–3
1992 Toronto Blue Jays (1, 1–0) Atlanta Braves (6, 2–4) 4–2
1993 Toronto Blue Jays (2, 2–0) Philadelphia Phillies (5, 1–4) 4–2
1994 No World Series (Players’ Strike)
1995 Atlanta Braves (7, 3–4) Cleveland Indians (4, 2–2) 4–2
1996 New York Yankees (34, 23–11) Atlanta Braves (8, 3–5) 4–2
1997 Florida Marlins[W] (1, 1–0) Cleveland Indians (5, 2–3) 4–3
1998 New York Yankees (35, 24–11) San Diego Padres (2, 0–2) 4–0
1999 New York Yankees (36, 25–11) Atlanta Braves (9, 3–6) 4–0
2000 New York Yankees (37, 26–11) New York Mets (4, 2–2)[W] 4–1
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks (1, 1–0) New York Yankees (38, 26–12) 4–3
2002 Anaheim Angels[W] (1, 1–0) San Francisco Giants (17, 5–12)[W] 4–3
2003 Florida Marlins[W] (2, 2–0) New York Yankees (39, 26–13) 4–2
2004 Boston Red Sox[W] (10, 6–4) St. Louis Cardinals (16, 9–7) 4–0
2005 Chicago White Sox (5, 3–2) Houston Astros[W] (1, 0–1) 4–0
2006 St. Louis Cardinals (17, 10–7) Detroit Tigers[W] (10, 4–6) 4–1
2007 Boston Red Sox (11, 7–4) Colorado Rockies[W] (1, 0–1) 4–0
2008 Philadelphia Phillies (6, 2–4) Tampa Bay Rays (1, 0–1) 4–1
2009 New York Yankees (40, 27–13) Philadelphia Phillies (7, 2–5) 4–2
2010 San Francisco Giants (18, 6–12) Texas Rangers (1, 0–1) 4–1
2011 St. Louis Cardinals[W] (18, 11–7) Texas Rangers (2, 0–2) 4–3
2012 San Francisco Giants (19, 7–12) Detroit Tigers (11, 4–7) 4–0
2013 Boston Red Sox (12, 8–4) St. Louis Cardinals (19, 11–8) 4–2
2014 San Francisco Giants[W] (20, 8–12) Kansas City Royals[W] (3, 1–2) 4–3
2015 Kansas City Royals (4, 2–2) New York Mets (5, 2–3) 4–1

World Series MLB Team Standings

Above is the complete list of winners, here is the team-wise standings of all the team that won the series one or more times. Well, NY Yankees won the title 27th times, that’s a record. The next most successful team is St. Louis Cardinals who appears in the series 19 times and won 11 out of it. On the 3rd place in the list of most winning teams, Oakland Athletics makes it position by winning 9 out of 14 games. A complete list of World Series Standings is given below

  • New York Yankees appears 40 times and won 27
  • Louis Cardinals appears 19 times and won 11
  • Oakland Athletics (Kansas City/Philadelphia) appears 11 times and won 9
  • San Francisco Giants (New York) appears 20 times and won 8
  • Boston Red Sox (Americans) appears 12 times and won 8
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (Brooklyn) appears 18 times and won 6
  • Cincinnati Reds appears 9 times and won 5
  • Pittsburgh Pirates appears 7 times and won 5
  • Detroit Tigers appears 11 times and won 4
  • Atlanta Braves (Milwaukee/Boston) appears 9 times and won 3
  • Baltimore Orioles (St. Louis Browns) appears 7 times and won 3
  • Minnesota Twins (Washington Senators) appears 6 times and won 3
  • Chicago White Sox appears 5 times and won 3
  • Chicago Cubs appears 10 times and won 2
  • Philadelphia Phillies appears 7 times and won 2
  • Cleveland Indians appears 5 times and won 2
  • New York Mets appears 5 times and won 2
  • Kansas City Royals appears 4 times and won 2
  • Miami Marlins (Florida) appears 2 times and won 2
  • Toronto Blue Jays appears 2 times and won 2
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim appears 1 times and won 1
  • Arizona Diamondbacks appears 1 times and won 1
World Series 2015 winners

Kansas City Royals, World Series 2015 winners

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There are some teams both from National League and American League that have never won a single World Series. These including

Colorado Rockies, Brooklyn Robins, Houston Astros, Kansas City Athletics, Houston Colt .45s, Milwaukee Brewers, Seattle Mariners, Montreal Expos, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, Seattle Pilots, Washington Nationals, St. Louis Browns.

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Winners of ICC Twenty20 World Cup

T20 World Cup Winners

The battle of T20 world cup fought this year and the cricket fans got crazy to watch it online. ICC Twenty20 world is the second most liked and most favorite sports event in cricket after the ICC ODI World Cup. It is relatively new competition that has just introduced after emergence of the shorter cricket format the T20. The first Word T20 was held in 2007 in South Africa and won by India. Pakistan was the runner-up. The last begin played recently in 2016 and the won by West Indies against the England. And, it was the second time West Indies become the champion of world T20.[AdSense-A]

The next two world cups in T20 formats are planed to be held in 2018 and 2020 respectively. However the host for the 2018 world cup is not yet announced, will be announced soon by ICC. It’s been rumored  that South Africa will be the next host. The 2020 world cup will be hosted by Australia. We will let you know soon when the schedule for 2018 world cup announce.

T20 World Cup Winners

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Winners of ICC Twenty20 World Cup

Year Host(s) Winner Runner-up Result
2007 South Africa India
157/5 (20 overs)
152 all out (19.4 overs)
India won by 5 runs
2009 England Pakistan
139/2 (18.4 overs)
Sri Lanka
138/6 (20 overs)
Pakistan won by 8 wickets
2010 West Indies England
148/3 (17 overs)
147/6 (20 overs)
England won by 7 wickets
2012 Sri Lanka West Indies
137/6 (20 overs)
Sri Lanka
101 all out (18.4 overs)
West Indies won by 36 runs
2014 Bangladesh Sri Lanka
134/4 (17.5 overs)
130/4 (20 overs)
Sri Lanka won by 6 wickets
2016 India West Indies
161/6 (19.4 overs)
155/9 (20 overs)
West Indies won by 4 wickets
2018 To Be announced
2020 Australia


Since 2007 till now, total 6 Twenty20 world cup competitions have held. The event held every two year. Almost same number of teams participates in the T20 world cup; few directly while other through a qualifying round.  There were total 16 teams in world T20 this year (2016). List of the teams participated in 2016 world cup are following:

See the Winners of ICC World Cup ODI

  • Pakistan: Won the world cup of 2009
  • Australia: The most successful team in ICC ODI World Cup, but has no T20 world cup won yet
  • India: The champion of the first World T20 Cup.
  • England: Hosted 2009 event and the winner of 2010
  • South Africa: The host for the first world cup T20
  • New Zealand
  • Sri Lanka won the world cup 2014 against the India
  • Bangladesh: Hosted 2014 world cup Twenty20
  • West Indies: won the vent 2 times
  • Zimbabwe
  • Netherlands
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Afghanistan
  • Hong Kong
  • Oman
Twenty20 World Cup 2016 Champions

West Indies Celebrating the Victory of Winning T20 world cup 2016


The Most Successful World T20 Team

West Indies is the current world T20 champion has won the event 2 times, once in 2012 and other in 2016.No other team has held the winner title for two times, however 4 other countries have won the championship one time. These include Pakistan, India, England and Sri Lanka. The Current ICC World Cup, the ODI Fifty50 format, champion Australia, who won the ICC Cup 5 times, fails to prove themselves in the shorter format of cricket. Australia remains the runner-up however in 2010 World Cup and lost the match against England. India appears 2 times in the final of the main event, won one with one being lost against the Sri Lanka in 2014.

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FIFA Football World Cup Winners List Year-wise

Before talking about the winners of FIFA world cup, let’s have some ice breaking question. So all the sports fans, can you name the world most viewed sports event? Are you thinking about Summer Olympics? Super Bowl game, or the ICC cricket world cup? No, none of these sports event is on the top of the world most viewed sports event. But the fact is that the FIFA world cup is the most viewed event with an estimate that 3.2 billion people have watched the 2014 FIFA football world cup. That is almost the half of the world total population. For more interesting information, here we have compiled a list of FIFA world cup winners along with the year it held and the fans that have watched and witnessed the event live.


Check the Winners of Super Bowl (year-wise)

If you’re a crazy fan of sport especially the football, you might know that the last world cup which was held in Brazil in 2014 was won by……… yes, the Germany. The final match held between Germany and the Argentina with the Argentina being hot favorite for the season, still face defeat by Germens. So this is all or most of us know. But can you tell me about the first FIFA football world cup? When and where was it held? Who won it and which team remains the runner-up? You might don’t know it. So here is another easy question, how many times you country won the world cup final and how many time it remains the runner-up? To get answers to all these questions, refer to the table below.

FIFA Football World Cup 2014 Winner

FIFA Football World Cup 2014 Winner is Germany

The list includes the world cup results since 1930. Total 20 FFIA world cups have held till now. The event held regularly with the interval of 4 years. The only exception is the period of World War 2 where the game postponed for 2 consecutive seasons, 1942 and 1946. The last world cup was hosted by Brazil in 2014 where as the upcoming world cup will be hosted by Russia in 2018.


List of FIFA World Cup Winners

Year Winners Vs Runner-up Total Teams Hosts Attendance
2014 Germany vs Argentina 32 team Brazil 74, 738
2010 Spain vs Netherlands 32 team South Africa 84, 490
2006 Italy vs France 32 team Germany 69,000
2002 Brazil vs Germany 32 team Korea/Japan 69, 029
1998 France vs Brazil 32 team France 80,000
1994 Brazil vs Italy 24 teams United States 94,194
1990 West Germany vs Argentina 24 teams Italy 73, 603
1986 Argentina vs West Germany 24 teams Mexico 114,600
1982 Italy vs West Germany 24 teams Spain 90,000
1978 Argentina vs Netherlands 16 teams Argentina 71,483
1974 West Germany vs Netherlands 16 teams West Germany 75,200
1970 Brazil vs Italy 16 teams Mexico 107,412
1966 England vs West Germany 16 teams England 93,000
1962 Brazil vs Czechslovakia 16 teams Chile 69,000
1958 Brazil vs Sweden 16 teams Sweden 51,800
1954 West Germany vs Hungary 16 teams Switzerland 60,000
1950 Uruguay vs Brazil 13 teams Brazil 174,000
1946 Not held due to WWII Plan to held at Brazil
1942 Not held due to WWII Plan to held at Germany
1938 Italy vs Hungary 16 teams France 45,000
1934 Italy vs Czechslovakia 16 teams Italy 50,000
1930 Uruguay vs Argentina 13 teams Uruguay 80,000


Team-wise winning of FIFA Football World Cup

Look at the above list and you’ll find that Brazil is the most successful country that has won 5 world cups. Brazil reaches the final 7 times and won 5 out of it. Brazil won its first FIFA cup on 1958, then in 1962, 3rd in 1970 and 4rth one in 1994. Brazil won its 5th world cup in 2002. Current world football champion Germany is the 2nd most successful country that has appeared in the FIFA final 8 times and won 4 out of it. For information about other country winning ratio, see the list below. Here we have the country-wise standing of FIFA World Cup for you

  • Brazil 5 times
  • Germany 4 times
  • Uruguay 2 times
  • Italy 2 times
  • Argentina 2 times
  • Spain 1 time
  • England 1 time
  • France 1 time
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List of Super Bowl Winners by Year

Super Bowl Winners by year

Have you heard about the last super bowl competition? So would you name the winner of Super Bowl 50? Ok here are the choices, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks or New York Giants. And the answer is, Denver Broncos. Well Super bowl is among the top rated and highly viewed competition that held every year in United States. It is a like a world cup, you can say of American Football, the Arm football or the Rugby.


The game first started in 1967 where the first Super Bowl competition (the Super bowl I) held in Los Angeles between the Kansas City and the Green Bay. The winner of the first superbowl competition was Green Bay. From 1967 till now, 50 competitions of super bowl has held in different cities. While looking at the year-wise list given below, you can notice that each super bowl game suffixed with the Roman Numerals like Super bowl I, II, III, IV, V and so on. The exception is the most recent game that is written as superbowl 50 with regular numerals (held in 2016). The next American Football game, the super bowl LI, is scheduled to be on 5th Feb 2017.

Super Bowl Winners by year

Denver Broncos: The Winner of Super Bowl 50

Super bowl was first play among the champion of National Football league (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL) from 1967 to 1970. From 1971 to onward American Football Conference and National Football conference take part in competition.

So after a brief overview of the Super bowl, its date of origin and the first and last superbowl result, here is a complete list of Super Bowl Winners that is arranged year-wise starting from the most recent to the least. At the end of this, we also let you know the team with most win and so on.


List of Super Bowl Winners by Year

Year No. Winner vs Loser Venue
2016 50 Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers California
2015 XLIX New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks Arizona
2014 XLVIII Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos New Jersey
2013 XLVII Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers New Orleans
2012 XLVI New York Giants vs New England Patriots Indianapolis
2011 XLV Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers Texas
2010 XLIV New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts Miami
2009 XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals Tampa
2008 XLII New York Giants vs New England Patriots Arizona
2007 XLI Indianapolis Colts vs Chicago Bears Miami
2006 XL Pittsburgh vs Seattle Detroit
2005 XXXIX New England vs Philadelphia Jacksonville
2004 XXXVIII New England vs Carolina Houston
2003 XXXVII Tampa Bay vs Oakland San Diego
2002 XXXVI New England vs St Louis N Orleans
2001 XXXV Baltimore vs NY Giants Tampa
2000 XXXIV St Louis vs Tennessee Atlanta
1999 XXXIII Denver vs Atlanta Miami
1998 XXXII Denver vs Green Bay San Diego
1997 XXXI Green Bay vs New England N Orleans
1996 XXX Dallas vs Pittsburgh Tempe
1995 XXIX San Francisco vs San Diego Miami
1994 XXVIII Dallas vs Buffalo Atlanta
1993 XXVII Dallas vs Buffalo Pasadena
1992 XXVI Washington vs Buffalo Minneapolis
1991 XXV NY Giants vs Buffalo Tampa
1990 XXIV San Francisco vs Denver N Orleans
1989 XXIII San Francisco vs Cincinnati Miami
1988 XXII Washington vs Denver San Diego
1987 XXI NY Giants vs Denver Pasadena
1986 XX Chicago vs New England N Orleans
1985 XIX San Francisco vs Miami Stanford
1984 XVIII LA Raiders vs Washington Tampa
1983 XVII Washington vs Miami Pasadena
1982 XVI San Francisco vs Cincinnati Pontiac
1981 XV Oakland vs Philadelphia N Orleans
1980 XIV Pittsburgh vs LA Rams Pasadena
1979 XIII Pittsburgh vs Dallas Miami
1978 XII Dallas vs Denver N Orleans
1977 XI Oakland vs Minnesota Pasadena
1976 X Pittsburgh vs Dallas Miami
1975 IX Pittsburgh vs Minnesota New Orleans
1974 VIII Miami vs Minnesota Houston
1973 VII Miami vs Washington Los Angeles
1972 VI Dallas vs Miami N Orleans
1971 V Baltimore vs Dallas Miami
1970 IV Kansas City vs Minnesota N Orleans
1969 III NY Jets vs Baltimore Miami
1968 II Green Bay vs Oakland Miami
1967 I Green Bay vs Kansas City Los Angeles


Most Successful Super Bowl Teams

Now you have a complete list of the winners, take a close look of this and you will see that there is a team that won the game 6 times, yes and the team is Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh Steelers appears in the competition 8 times and won six out of it. Next team with most winning ratio is the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys are really good at American football and they have won 5 out 8 super bowls. San Francisco 49ers stands on number 3rd in the list of most successful and winning teams of Super bowl. They won 5 out of 6 competitions where they appear in. a complete list of such teams is given below.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers appeared 8 time and won 6 games
  • Dallas Cowboys appeared 8 time and won 5 games
  • San Francisco 49ers appeared 6 time and won 5 games
  • New England Patriots appeared 8 time and won 4 games
  • Green Bay Packers appeared 5 time and won 4 games
  • New York Giants appeared 5 time and won 4 games
  • Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders appeared 5 time and won 3 games
  • Denver Broncos appeared 8 time and won 3 games
  • Washington Redskins appeared 5 time and won 3 games
  • Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts appeared 4 time and won 2 games
  • Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams appeared 3 time and won 1 game
  • Miami Dolphins appeared 5 time and won 2 games
  • Chicago Bears appeared 2 time and won 1 game
  • Seattle Seahawks appeared 3 time and won 1 game
  • Kansas City Chiefs appeared 2 time and won 1 game
  • Baltimore Ravens appeared 3 time and won both times
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5 Recently Extinct Animals That You’ll Miss in 2015

5 Recently Extinct Animals That You’ll Miss in 2015

5. Passenger Pigeon

Recently Extinct Passenger Pigeon

Passenger Pigeon Source

Passenger Pigeon was a common bird in North America which tends to have large flock with billion of birds in it just 200 year ago. But then the tragic part of the Passenger Pigeon occurs where this beautiful bird were hunted to extinct because their meat was commercialized for profit and sold at very cheap rate. The commercialization of the meat of Passenger Pigeon lead to massive hunting comparing against the bird which wipe-out all pigeons from the earth. The last Pigeon of this species, named Martha were kept in Cincinnati Zoo which was died alone there on September 1914. Now, no single bird of this species left behind.


4. Thylacine, the Tasmanian tiger

Recently Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

Last Tasmanian Tiger “Benjamin” Source

Despite the name and shape of this extinct animal was neither a tiger nor a dog rather they are the carnivorous marsupial which were the largest known Carnivorous marsupial of its time. In contrast to their name, Tasmanian Tigers were harmless to human but hunted to extinct because the farmer believe that this creature is responsible for killing their sheep, goats and small farm animals. Inhabiting the Tasmania and Australia Thylacine were being recognized in 1936 as being at risk of becoming extinct. The last Tasmanian tiger was died on September 07 of the same year (1936) in Hobart Zoo of Tasmania.


3. Golden Toad

Recently Extinct Golden Toad

Golden Toad Source

This small beautiful Golden Organ colored Toad, named as Golden Toad after its Golden color, was first discovered by Jay Savage, a herpetologist in 1966. Inhabited in the tropical forests of Montverde, Costa Rica, the species were not in danger to become extinct till 1987 and were found in large number there. But due to weather changes, the pools which were their breeding sites were dried and there were only 29 Toads left behind. In 1989 the researchers found the single male of the species and up till now, even after extensive searches, the researches failed to search out even a single Golden Toad.

2. Pyrenean Ibex

Recently Extinct Pyrenean Ibex

Pyrenean Ibex Source

Found in the Pyrenean Mountain range of Spain, France and Andorra, Pyrenean Ibex is the only extinct animal that was clone after its extinction but a few minutes after the reborn of the Pyrenean Ibex, the animal become extinct again as the cloned one died due to lung failure. This animal was extinct because of continuous persecution by human being. There were about 100 animals of the species found in the beginning of 20th century and in 1981, there were 30 individuals of the Pyrenean Ibex reported. The last member of this species named Celia was died on the 6th January 2000 at the age of 13 and the Pyrenean Ibex were announced as the extinct animal.

1. Caribbean Monk Seal

Recently Extinct Caribbean Monk Seal

Caribbean Monk Seal Source

Caribbean Monk seal is one of the most recently extinct species officially declared as the extinct animal on 6th June 2008. As the name suggest, the seal was native to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea and the only recognized seal of Caribbean Sea.

Discovered by Columbus along with his team on his second journey America in 1494, the Caribbean seal extinct because of human. Hunting of this seal was start by Columbus and his colleagues for food, the Caribbean seal were hunted massively to get the oil and food from the seal and become declared as extinct species in 2008.

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Acupuncture, Ancient Therapy But New Hope In Modern Era

Acupuncture, An Ancient Mystery or Best Therapy

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of therapy which is now used as a form of alternative medicine, originally Chinese practice evolved over thousand years ago in ancient China (about 2500 B.C). Acupuncture involves the stimulation of specific points on the body using a variety of techniques. These techniques (to stimulate specific body points) can includes insertion of fine needles (that are manipulated by hands or electrical stimulator) trough skin or applying pressure over these specific parts, usually done to achieve cure from certain diseases, relieve pain or anaesthetize the patient (as in surgery).


The word Acupuncture us taken from Latin “Acus” meaning “Needles” and “Punctura” meaning “to puncture” (Wikipedia)

How Acupuncture done?

One or more small metal needles are inserted at precise points along 12 pathways or channels (known as meridians) in the body, Traditional Chinese medicine explains that stimulating these points can correct imbalances in the flow of qi (vital life force) through channels known as meridians while Western practitioners believe that acupuncture stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue which boost the activity of body’s natural painkillers and increase blood flow.


How Acupuncture Works?

Current scientific research indicates that these traditional forms of therapy or acupuncture cause release of natural opiates, blockage of pain-signal transmission, thus more effective than placebos in the relief of certain types of pain. Although there is no histological or physiological correlates has been found for qi.

Is it Safe to Use Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is considered as safe when administered by well-trained practitioners with sterile needles and has been accepted and supported by USNIH (United States National Institutes of Health),NHS (National Health Service) of the United Kingdom, WHO (World Health Organization), and NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) for certain conditions.

When Acupuncture is recommended?

Being a common form of therapy, Acupuncture is recommended for symptomatic relief from a variety of conditions and disease including but not limited to:

  1. Headaches
  2. Migraines
  3. Low back pain
  4. Fibromyalgia
  5. Labor pain
  6. Menstrual cramps
  7. Osteoarthritis
  8. Tennis elbow
  9. Dental pain
  10. Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting


There is a report on use of acupuncture as anesthesia prior to surgical procedure in China. Anesthetic effect of acupuncture was achieved by blocking certain spinal nerves and thus reduce or no sensation.

Is there any risk or side effect of this procedure?

Although Acupuncture stimulate the natural body self-recovery mechanism, it has some side effects which is mainly the result of unsterilized needles which include

  • Infections (usually local)
  • Punctured Organs
  • Punctured blood vessels
  • Plural rapture
  • May result in bleeding especially if used by unqualified practitioner

Some form of acupuncture stimulate labor, may cause premature delivery if used in pregnant women.


One of the oldest forms of therapy, Acupuncture is a reliable form of therapy which acts by activating the body natural mechanism to combat diseases or overcome pain. Acupuncture can be a hope for those who tried other form of therapy for their chronic pain and failed.

If you want to try and take benefits of this old traditional Chinese form of therapy, find a trained therapist in order to gain maximum benefit and prevent the potential side effects.

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Top 10 interesting Facts about Viruses

Top 10 interesting Facts about Viruses

1.  Virus – A Nano technology

Nano Virus

Viruses are the example of nanotechnology by nature. Their size ranges between 20 nanometers (0.0002 mm) to 400 nanometers (0.0004 mm). The smaller known virus till to date is Circovirus (usually affect animal causing PCVD) and the biggest one is mimivirus (the causative agent of some form of Viral Pneumonia) which is even bigger than some smaller bacteria. There are even bigger virus discover called mamaviru.

[AdSense-A] 2.  Viral Chain – Double than the Diameter of Milky Way

Virus and Milky way
There are millions of viruses in a single drop of water, account for 1031 total viruses on the Earth. If calculated by the total number and the average size of virus (200 nanometers) all of them (lined up end to end) will stretch 108 Light years into space (2 times more than the diameter of Milky Way).

3.  Living or Dead

Virus, The Border Line between Living and non-livingViruses are neither living nor dead entity. They are among the border line of Live and dead. They don’t have their own food metabolism mechanism; they can’t produce energy by their own. But due to ability to replicate (reproduce) themselves Viruses, by some scientist, considered as living thing. Although they can’t reproduce outside the host cell


4.  Temperature Does matter for Virus

Effect of Temperature on Virus
On average, viruses live on 37 0C for seconds, for minutes on 20 0C, for hour on 10 0C for days on 0 0C and for years on temperature in minus. The hotter temperature of your body during viral infection helps immune system to get rid of viruses. On the other hand, in cold weather, you have more chances to get flu. There are still many ancient viruses living in sub freezing temperature of Antarctica.

5.  Wide Range Of Host

Host range of virus
Viruses are not only the worst enemy of human; they can infect every living organism under the Sun. The virus nature of more rapid genetic diversion enables them to parasitize all groups of Living organisms. Their range of hosts not only limited to men but include animal, plants, insects, Bacteria (infected by Bacteriophages), fungi, protozoa, amoebae their own relatives, yes there are viruses (viriophage) which infect other viruses.

6.  First written Proof of Viral Disease

Person with Poliomyelitis in Ancient drwaings
The first written evidence of a viral infection is dated back to ancient Egypt (3700 B.C), which shows a patient with typical clinical features of poliomyelitis. The first ever discovered virus is Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) discovered by a Russian Microbiologist, Dmitry Ivanovsky in 1892. The first discovered virus causing disease in Human is Yellow Fever virus, discovered by Walter Reed in 1901. Structure of Virus was not been observed until the invention of Electron Microscope in 1931. Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll (both are Germen Engineers) were the first who observe Virus under Electron Microscope.

7.  DNA Vs. RNA Virus

Types Of Virus (RNA virus, DNA virus)
On the basis of genetic material (Ribonucleic acid), Viruses are classifying as either DNA (Double Strand Nucleic Acid) or RNA (Single Strand Nucleic Acid) viruses. Among these types, DNA viruses are stable and while replicating, they make good copies of their genetic material. This can be useful to make vaccines against them. On other hand, RNA viruses are less stable, their genetic material changes quickly due to which it’s hard to make vaccine against them or get vaccinated against the same viral infection repeatedly. (Can you guess HIV belongs to which class?)

8.  Antiviral Drugs – Pseudo Genetic Codes

Antiviral Drugs, Pseudo Genetic Code
Antiviral drugs (such as Acyclovir) are Pseudo (fake) genetic material which is perceived and adopted by viruses as their own replicated genetic martial (RNA or DNA) in cell, using which render the viruses harmless.

9.  Social History of Virus

Traces of Virus found in Ancient human Remains
Traces of Viruses found in ancient human skeleton are used by scientist as a tool or evidence to uncover pre-historic migration by human being. Scientists are tracing prehistoric migration by viruses they carry with themselves.

10.  Friendly Virus

Gene Therapy through Virus
Despite all the harmful effects of virus, there is a useful Medical use of Viruses. They are being used in gene therapy as gene delivery systems for the treatment of various inherited and acquired diseases.
Viruses are the enemy of our enemies (bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa), they helping us by killing them as well.

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Proof of Ancient Aliens Visits and Interaction with Humans

Proof Of Ancient Aliens Visit to the EarthProof Of Ancient Aliens Visit to the Earth

Are we alone in the universe? Or, is there any extra terrestrials creatures in our neighbors? If yes, had they ever visited us? Did they made contact with us? Had they ever play role in development of our culture and modern technologies? These questions always wondered the human and for which they seeks answer.[AdSense-A]

Many scientist, archeologist and alien theorists say yes for the presence of alien and claim that earth was visited in past by intelligent extra terrestrials being who made contact with humans and helped shape human civilization, culture, religions and technologies.

Scientist found many clues scattered throughout the world, suggested that alien could have visited the earth long ago. Aliens like strange humanoid creatures and flying objects similar to UFO (quite same as today’s reported modern UFOs and aliens) are depicted in paintings, found in some religious text (which mentioned flying cars or flying chariots) and the presence of astronauts like stone sculptures from ancient culture. On the bases of these evidences, scientists claim the presence of ancient aliens or astronauts. Although there are many opponents to the theory, here are few evidence of ancient aliens existence, after looking at which, it’s up to you to believe or disbelieve the theory.


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