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10 Features to Make You Fall in Love with Android Lollipop

10 Cool Android Lollipop Features

Cool Android Lollipop Features

Cool Android Lollipop Features [source: wikipedia.org]

Since its latest release on November 12th of the year, we all are now much familiar with what cool feature Google has added to the latest Android version “Lollipop”. With No doubt, the new Android v 5.0 “Lollipop” is the biggest released version of the Android with brand new gorgeous design called material design and so many cool features that can easily make you fall in love with “Lollipop”. From Screen pinning to notification control, Do Not Disturb Mode to Guest Mode and powerful file sharing feature “Android Beam”, there are many cool features in New Android 5.0 “Lollipop” that you can enjoy from the day first.[AdSense-A]

Among so many cool feature added in New Android L, here we collected and review 10 best features you probably never heard about. So take a deep breath and dive through the list of coolest features that we have dug out for you.

01. Lock screen notifications

Lollipop come with an exciting feature which give you full control to view and deals with the notifications right from your lock screen. You can swipe to dismiss, tap on screen to reply / respond to the notification or double tap to go to the relevant app. You can control which information should appear or hide by heading to setting –> Sound & Notification and set the sensitive information of notification from apps as “Redacted” to hide sensitive alerts


02. OK Google

Now you can talk to Google even if your screen is off and mobile on standby mode. Just say “OK Google” and your phone will wake let you to do voice search, get directions, send text messages and more. But this feature requires compatible hardware with digital signal processing support and work well with Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.


03. Do not Disturb Mode

With this feature integrated in Android 5.0 “Lollipop”, you can control the kind of notifications alerts and the time when you want to stop them. Do not Disturb mode is a Notification control feature allow user to control the notifications alerts as and when they want. The same can be achieved with Priority App Notification feature but Do Not Disturb Mode let you set the time in a day where you don’t want to be disturbed by any notification alert. Just head to setting –> Sound & Notification and set Interruption as you want.

04. Tap and Go

Buy a new Smartphone and worry about the data, settings and apps on old Smartphone? Lollipop gives you control to transfer the data, apps and preferences from your old Smartphone to the new one with its new “Tap and Go” feature. The “Tap and Go” feature uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology such as Bluetooth and allows your Smartphone to transfer all the details, Back-ups, Google accounts, wallpapers, widgets and feature apps to the new phone

05. Ambient Display

This cool feature integrated in Android 5.0 Lollipop is inspired by Motorola. Ambient Display makes your phone light up or displaying useful information whenever you get a new notification, pick your phone off your table or take it out of your bag or pocket.

But, once again, this feature requires a compatible hardware, OLED screen, to work and work well in Google Nexus 6 so far.

06. Flashlight

No need to buy or download a third party Flashlight app from Google Play Store as this feature is now added into the Android Lollipop to save your time and effort put on downloading a third party one. Since the Flashlight app is among the popular apps on Android thus Google decide to give its Android Lollipop customers a built-in one Flashlight app. To turn it on, just pull down the notification drawer and tap the top bar to turn on Flashlight. Once again your phone should have an LED flashlight alongside the camera.

07. Guest Mode

Thanks to Lollipop, Your android phone is now safe to give to your kid or your friend can make a call or check his email while your accounts, main profile and personal data will remain safe and untouched. With Android Lollipop, you can add or configure guest account on your phone as you want and can hand it over to your friends or children with no more worry about your sensitive data. Once done, just drag the notification drawer and tap “Guest” from user accounts to activate Guest Mode.

08. Pin Apps & Screen

Screen Pinning or app pinning is among the highlighted features of Android Lollipop which let you to limit someone to a specific app, share specific screen and restrict them to mess with your data, mail or contacts. If one of your distracted child or an annoying friend wants to play game or use a specific app, launch the game or app, pin it and hand your phone to your child or friend. Once pinned, your kid or friend won’t be able to leave the app and go to home screen or go back without entering pin code.

To “pin” your child or friend inside a single app, you first need to activate this feature by heading to Settings –> Security –> Screen pinning.

09. Android Beam

Android Beam is a powerful file sharing feature of New Android Lollipop which will let you to share files other then photo, piece of music or clip. Android beam make possible the sharing of almost anything between two devices easily, no matter how smaller or larger the file size is.

10. Predict and Save Battery

Last but not least, after all these hot and cool features, you may just run out of your battery. But don’t worry, new Android Lollipop has a built in feature to see how much battery is left and to save your battery timing. Tap on the battery icon to predict how much battery is remaining and activate Battery saving mode which can save your battery up to 15% and extends your device use up to 90mins, through minimizing the battery usage by vibration or background syncing.

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Quick Checklist To Get Google AdSense Approval For Your Blog

Quick Checklist To Get AdSense Approved

Quick Checklist To Get AdSense Approved

Google AdSense with no doubt is the most popular advertising company and share handsome revenue with publisher or bloggers who display AdSense Ads on their sites. Achieving Google AdSense account is one of the big dream and a key milestone for every blogger especially for the newbie blogger.[AdSense-A]

Almost every blogger struggle hard to make their site or blog eligible for AdSense as it is one of the best revenue generators for bloggers. Although there is many other advertizing networks exist but still, no one can beat Google AdSense in sense of profit it generates and share among the publisher or blogger.

Mentioned above are some good qualities of AdSense but the dark side of AdSense is it is hard to get. It is almost impossible to get AdSense approval at first attempt. Many bloggers try even 20 times to get AdSense approved.

Hard to get but not impossible, every blogger can get AdSense account and start making money if his or her blog comply with AdSense policy. So don’t lose your heart, read the quick checklist below to get approved AdSense account on your blog and enjoy making money the most popular advertizing network.

Here we have compiled a checklist and important requirement which you should follow before submitting your site for AdSense. First take a quick review and then explore in depth

Quick AdSense Approval Checklist:

  1. Write Content in AdSense Supported Languages
  2. Buy Top Level Domain (.com, .net, .in, .pk)
  3. Domain age should be older than 6 months
  4. A Complete Blog with No under Construction Pages
  5. Well Define and focused Topic
  6. Make Quality Contents not copy pasted
  7. Sufficient Numbers and Length of Post, let say 50+ articles with 500+ words
  8. Make Some About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy Pages
  9. Make Easy Navigation for site
  10. Have some Traffic from Organic Source r search engines

01. Write Content in AdSense Supported Languages

The first requirement to get Google AdSense approval for your blog or website is its content should be in one of the Google AdSense supported languages. Till now AdSense support 36 (local and international) languages. Check out the list of supported languages and if your blog content is written in one of these languages, you pass the first requirement to get AdSense approval. Now move to other steps.

02. Buy Top Level Domain

Forgot about yoursite.blogspot.com, yoursite.wordpress.com, yousite.co.cc etc. Those days are gone when Google approve AdSense for sub domains and now there is no more opportunity for sub domains to get AdSense approved. Nobody wants to pay for advertisement on sites which even don’t have their own custom domain.

 So the only way to get AdSense approval is to be professional and buy some Top Level Domain or TLD like yoursite.com, yoursite.com.in or one with .net, .org at the end.

Quick Tip: Don’t use sub domain to wait for decent traffic to your site. Start your blogging journey from day first with a Custom domain like .com.

03. Domain age (older than 6 months)

The condition of domain age depends on the country from where you applying for AdSense. In some centuries like China, India and Pakistan, Google make policy to approve the application of those blogs or websites with domain age older than 6 month. Although in other countries, people with just few days old domain get approval but again, how a site with just few days old domain can pass the other requirements to get AdSense approval like Sufficient content, traffic and number of post.

04. A Complete Blog with No Under Construction Pages

Before applying for AdSense account, strictly ensure that your site is complete with no page or category under construction. Google reject sites with under construction pages. So all you need is a complete site or blog with sufficient number of posts or pages with no any under construction page.

Quick Tip: If your site has let say, 20 categories 15 with sufficient number of posts and 5 with only few or no post (content), remove these page or categories at first and then apply for AdSense.

05. Well Define Topic

AdSense love the site and approve them fast with focused topic or the one build on a single niche. This makes AdSense able to put relevant ads on your site according to your site topic. Having too many topic covered at same time is not a best practice.

Quick Tip: Start with a single niche or topic first and then grow your blog to cover more.

06. Make Quality Contents

Another important requirement for AdSense account approval is Fresh unique and quality contents or articles. Quality of the content matters rather than quantity. If you have only 50+ quality written articles, it is much better than 100s poorly written articles with too less or huge content. Most of the applicants fail to get Google AdSense approved because they skip this step or really don’t understand what the Unique Quality Content mean. Google love the contents which “the only one of its kind”.

Remember, these contents should not be copy pasted from other sites or blogs as Google will detect plagiarism and will reject your site for AdSense. It is not only the text but also the media (Images or video), so if you took something like Images or Videos from other sites, keep in mind that it should be labeled for reuse and give the source site Credit back.

07. Sufficient Numbers and Length of Post

Although there is no hard and fat rule for the Numbers and Length of article but still this fact is to be consider before applying for Google AdSense. Some experts suggest that there should be at least 40+ well written articles while other insists 50 or more articles before applying for AdSense. For me the more quality content the more chance of approval, so be patient and wait until your number of blog post reach 50.

How long these articles should be?
The average length (in sense of word) of these 50 articles should be 500 + words. Again, 500 words may be insufficient to cover some topics like a 101 list of something or may be too much for a Top 5’s. Thus 500 words is an average and you can go beyond or limit yourself to 500words.

08. Make Some Important Pages

Just visit any well developed professional built website or blog and you will find About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy pages along with homepage on the top menu or in the footer (bottom) of website.

What are these pages and why they are there?
Having these pages on a site show that the site is managed by humans for humans and not for AdSense only. Google AdSense love the site which focuses human readers not search engines and advertisers. Having these pages on your site will make your site more professional

So make sure before applying for Google AdSense and create:

  • An “About us” Page which tells who you are and about what your site or blog is.
  • A “Contact Us” page to have some way to contact you by visitors as well as advertisers.
  • A “Privacy Policy” page which tells the visitors about some basic information and concerns related to their privacy. The page must contain information about Cookies like tracking Cookies and Double-Click DART Cookies which is used by Google to serve ads.

09. Easy Navigation

Believe it or not, some of the well developed site with sufficient number of quality posts and lots of unique visitors still rejected by AdSense team due to improper Navigation. Remember Google love the sites that are made for people with easy navigation. Your site may have quality content but if it has messy design and hard to navigate through, your application may rejected by AdSense Team.

So keep this in mind and make your navigation menu simple easy and in access of your visitor from each of your blog or site page.

10. Organic Source of Traffic

Last but not least, traffic is the key to get AdSense approval and this traffic must come through organic source like search engines not the paid traffic (Google reject the sites for AdSense with Paid Traffic). Although traffic is not mandatory nor it is stated in AdSense Policy as AdSense is not concerned with number of visitors, it is more concerned with the source of traffic but still site with good traffic get approval fast.

Quick Tip: Try to build some natural and organic traffic from search engines not only through social media.

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Did You Know These 10 Remarkable Facts About Google

Interesting Google Facts

Indeed, Google is the Planet famous search engines as it is along with billions of visitors from earth; sometime visited from Mars too (a famous Google April Fool). Well that’s a joke but following is really some surprising facts about the search engine giant Google which most of you probably didn’t know about before.[AdSense-A]

Google Fact # 1

Google Search Statistics

Google Search Statistics

On average there are 40,000 search queries processes by Google in just one second (equals to 23, 051 Gigabytes of internet traffic per second); over 3.5 billion searches per day (more than half of the total population on the Earth) reaching more than 100 Billions searches per month.

See how many Google Searches have made today up till now here

Google Fact # 2

Google Search

Google Search Source

Of all the above every second and daily Google Searches data, 10 to 20% of queries are that get asked are unique and have never been searched before.

Google Fact # 3

Google search statistics

Just type Facebook in Google search and the Google will return around 5,300,000,000 results in just few milliseconds. Amazing! Billions of results in a fraction of second. Even a simple query searches on Google take at least 1,000 computers to process on together to reproduce the search result.

Google Fact # 4

Google Simple Hompage

Google Has the Simplest Hompage

All of you know that Google has the simplest homepage. The reason behind so bare homepage is that the founder of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page didn’t familiar with HTML and thus created a quick and simple interface. They keep it and make it simpler yet even in the presence of advance web development technologies as the simple design of Google Homepage is now the symbol of excellence in internet search industry.

Google Fact # 5

Google, The Fastest Loading Web Page

Google, The Fastest Loading Web Page

Due to its simple interface, Google page loads fastest than any other site on the web (less than 0.5 s) and thus most of people use Google to test their internet connection.

Google Fact # 6

Google Originate from Googol

Google Originate from Googol

Google was initially nicknamed as BackRub (due to backlinks determination technology used initially) but then changed to Google which is interestingly the misspelling of world Googol (the mathematics term used to describe the figure such as 1 followed by 100 zeros)

Google Fact # 7

Google Owned Misspell Of Google

Google Owned Misspell Of Google

As the Name “Google” originated from misspelling of Googol, the company also owns the common misspelling of Google as well. Some common misspelling which is now owned by the Google Inc. including goggle.com, gooogle.com. Just type one of these URLs in your browser and see what happened. It will redirect you to the Google Homepage. Not surprised yet? Type www.466453.com in address bar and you will redirect to Google homepage as the company also own the Google spelled out on mobile or phone keypads.

Google Fact # 8

I m Feeling Lucky

Have you been used “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google’s homepage? I have never been used while searching for queries until I want something tricky. This famous button is almost never been used regularly but when the company try to remove the button from their homepage, the interface of the homepage looks annoying to the users. Users feel more comfortable having this button on homepage which compels the Google to keep it.

Google Fact # 9

Although Google keep “I’m feeling lucky” button on its homepage but the button costs the company $110 million each year. This is because the “I’m feeling lucky” button lands directly to the top web page for the specific search query; don’t let the Google to display ads to the users on its search result page.

Google Fact # 10

Google Goats Operation

Google Goats Operation Source

Last but not least, less technical but more interesting fact is that Google Inc. sometimes gets help of hungry goats to cut down the grass and keep their lawns in shape. Yes it is true and probably not one of the Google April Fools. The California based Google Head Quarters rents out goats (sometimes 200 goats) from California Grazing Company. This special force of lawn mowers is environment friendly, cut down extra grass, weeds and bushes to keep the lawn in shape.

Like the facts about Google? Take some time to share it with your friends too.

Read some more interesting facts here:



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