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Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Summer is inevitably coming! If you want to look great, you need to pay some attention to your weight. There are always those few excessive kilograms you can look great without but you are also too lazy to get rid of. Clearly, weight loss encompasses a great number of measures, including but not limited to workouts, healthy sleep and regime, avoiding stress, attitude and, maybe, some shakes for weight loss (find out more here: https://customerhealthguide.info/shakeology-review-is-it-safe/). However, the key constituent is your diet.

Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Loss

When it comes to diet, people often consider some horrifying options as eating only cucumbers for a week straight or cutting off all the meats and anything sweet. But that’s not the case with healthy diet plans as they always consist of a great variety of delicious and vibrant foods. It just happens so that picking the right products and meals is not that easy. We are here to help you choose the right options for your nutritionally rich diet for losing weight gradually and in a healthy way. Before we start, take a look at some of the basics of a healthy diet:

  1. Never skip breakfast. Naturally, it’s healthier to eat more in the morning and avoid eating three hours before sleep so that you get all the useful elements of your food. Eating right before you go to bed won’t let your body digest the meals properly thus you get fats and cars but pretty much no protein. Seems a huge waste, eh?
  2. Cut the portions. When you end your meal, you should feel just a little hungry. If you feel you are already full, leave the meal for later – your body knows better what’s good for you, so listen closely to it. Dividing your day ration in five to seven meals is a good idea but not obligatory to lose weight as it’s sometimes (too often) stated.
  3. Eat slowly. Do you know why Asian people are mostly skinny and fit? Yes, traditional foods and genetics play an important role. But don’t forget about the chopsticks they use instead of a standard cutlery. For example, it will take no more than five minutes to consume a bowl of soba noodles with shrimps when you use a fork. If you try to eat the same amount of food with chopsticks, you will surprisingly beat your hunger in the middle of the process. Oddly enough, overeating is a tradition in most Western countries – the tradition we don’t usually think of something existing.
  4. Quit drinking. Frequent drinking harshly affects metabolism. Likewise, binge drinking often comes alongside binge drinking. It’s also hard to concentrate on such an ambitious aim as getting fit while you are drunk three nights out of seven. Overall, drinking too much alcohol won’t let you achieve the so-wanted result. Stick to small amounts of dry wines and micro portions of such costly drinks as gin and single malt whisky. But quitting may work much better for you. It also means that you should avoid sugar fuzzy drinks and lots of coffee. Drinking the sufficient amount of fresh water and tea, juice is very important for both weight loss and a healthy lifestyle in general.
  5. Stop eating out. Cooking may seem boring. Going out for a dinner is much simples and at times even less expensive. Nonetheless, 99% of the restaurants don’t consider nutrition as something of a great importance while paying all the attention to the visual attractiveness and taste of the meals. And it totally makes sense but not if you are trying to lose weight. Cooking for yourself will allow you to get the best of all the ingredients while making foods taste just the way you want them to.

Now that you are aware of the basics, here are some of the healthy diet options full of carbs, fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins needed to maintain a nice state of your body while getting thinner. These plans work better with a proper workout plan but it’s totally up to you.

Option 1.

Breakfast – 1 bowl of oatmeal with the mix of fresh berries and 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 grapefruit, black or green tea.

Lunch – roasted chicken with herbs and veggies, fresh ciabatta (grey, 1 slice), thinly sliced apple or 1 cup of freshly squeezed apple-carrot juice with 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Supper – spinach and lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes, roasted beets, goat cheese (30 grams) dressed with juice of half a lemon and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil, water.

Snacks – mixed dried fruits (no added sugar), mixed nuts (fresh almonds and walnuts, no more than 50 grams a day), kale chips.


Option 2.

Breakfast – whites-only omelet with fresh basil, rocket and cherry tomatoes, 1 grapefruit, white or green tea.

Lunch – quinoa with soy meatballs, spinach, pumpkin seeds and yoghurt-based Aioli souse, 1 cup of freshly squeezed carrot juice with 1 teaspoon of olive oil or thin cream.

Supper – ratatouille with fresh herbs and chicken bouillon, fresh ciabatta (grey, 1 slice).

Snacks – mixed barriers (raspberries and blackberries), mixed dried fruits (no added sugar), lemon-cucumber water.


Option 3.

Breakfast – 1 cup of green smoothie (spinach, kale, broccoli, parsley), grey ciabatta toast with half an avocado and tomatoes, green or white tea.

Lunch –vegetable bullion with herbs, 100 grams of boiled or steamed tilapia or grilled squid, 1 cup of freshly squeezed beet juice.

Supper – Mexican-style vegetables and chicken wrap with think sour cream and lime juice dressing, coriander, parsley, water.

Snacks – vegan brownies, coconut water, mixed nuts (fresh almonds and walnuts, no more than 50 grams a day), lavash chips.

These options are just the outlines of all the beautiful and exciting meals you can have as a part of a healthy diet plan. The most important recommendation here is to stick to sugar-free and low-fat products while healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates can be found in such products as avocado, fruits, porridges, fish, white meats, grey bread, nuts, natural dairy products etc. And always stay hydrated! Eating heathy can be a lot of fun!

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Kidney Damaging Habits and Way to Overcome Them

Kidney Damaging Habits

Kidneys are among the vital body organs that not only filter and purify our blood from waste products but perform many other tasks such as to maintain homeostasis of our body, maintain fluid-elector lye balance and enhance the formation of Red Blood Cells. Therefore to stay health, we need health kidneys.

[AdSense-A]On the occasion of World Kidney Day, Here are some kidneys damaging habits and health tips to overcome those habits to keep our kidneys healthy

01. Not drinking adequate Water

Kidney Damaging Habits

You may have notice that the color of Urine becomes darken when you don’t stay well hydrate. This indicates that our kidneys requires sufficient amount of water in blood to function properly. As all of you know, the main function of kidneys is to remove waste products from our body that are the end products of metabolism of food; especially protein, and drugs. To do this crucial job, kidneys need to have sufficient blood supply. In case if we don’t drink enough water or remain dehydrated, the volume of blood decreases (called hypovolumia) which results in insufficient supply of blood to the vital organs, kidneys are one of them. The low blood supply results in improper functioning of kidneys and lead toward kidney damage.

Health Tip: you may heard or read that 8 glass of water a day is enough but The National Kidney Foundation suggests to drink at least 12 glasses of water a day to keep your kidney healthy.


02. Ignoring the Urge to Void, Long term bladder full

Kidney Damaging Habits

It is best to void earlier when you feel the urge to void. Retaining urine in bladder, along with many other urinary tract problems such as infection and incontinence, can damage your kidneys too. Our bladder has the capacity to stretch and accumulate up to 600 ml of urine at a time. Although you may feel the urge to void when the urine in bladder reaches 250 or 300 ml, retaining urine for long times in your bladder can increase the pressure on your kidneys and will eventually lead to incontinence and failure.

Health Tips: Don’t keep it for long. Listen to nature calls, don’t delay it. Empty your bladders as soon as you feel need to void.


03. Consuming too much sodium/Salt

Kidney Damaging Habits

Along with removal of waster products from our body, maintaining water-electrolytes balance is another job that our kidneys perform perfectly if don’t alter by us. We can stress our kidneys by taking too much electrolytes especially sodium which is found in table salt. By taking more slat than the recommended amount (more than 2,300 mg per day), we may disturbed the normal and proper functioning of our kidneys and will keep them busy more in excreting out the excessive sodium from our body which will lead to kidney damage.

Health Tip: Take the recommended amount of salt that is 2,300. In case if you have diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure or any chronic kidney disease, the recommended amount of salt per day for you is 1,500 mg per day.

04. Too much protein

Kidney Damaging Habits

As stated earlier, our kidneys remove waste produce of food especially of protein from our body. If your food is rich in protein or in case if you consume red meat and poultry products more, then your kidneys have to work harder and perform additional and tough task to remove excessive nitrogenous waste products from your body which may deteriorate kidneys functions and can lead to kidney damage.

Health Tip: Don’t eliminate proteins from your diet. Proteins are the crucial elements of our nutrition required for formation of new tissues and proper functioning of body cells. The daily recommended amount of protein intake is 56 grams. Don’t seek the total amount of protein form meat and poultry products, use green leafy vegetables instead.

05. Pain-killer abuse

Kidney Damaging Habits

Pain killer medication or analgesics are often OTC (over the counter) medication that one can take without doctor prescription as and when required. Many people use pain killer medication in high dose and more frequently that result in dysfunctions of many organs especially the liver and kidneys. Researchers found that taking pain killer medication for long time reduces blood supply to the kidneys which results n kidney damage.

Health Tip: Use non-pharmacological pain management strategies instead of using kidney damaging pain killer medications. Always use suitable pain killer medication that is prescribed by physician.

Kidney Damaging Habits

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10 interesting Facts about your Heart You Must Know

Interesting Human Heart Facts

What do you know else about the Heart other than being repressing it as a symbol of love? Heart is not just to deal with love; it is one of the complex body organs, busy to perform some important job to pump blood to part of your body continually (and still make sometime for love). It is a standalone organ which can live even if the controlling center of body, the brain dies. [AdSense-A]

So find some interesting facts about human heart below

01. The power of Human Heart

Human heart with no more than the size of your won fist, beats 100,000 times a day to send 2000 gallons of blood across the 60, 000 miles of blood vessels from your head to feet. If we multiply this figure with whole life, the heart pumps nearly 1.5 million barrels during your whole life enough to fill 200 tankers of 10,000 gallon.

02. Trip to Moon with Energy Generated By Your Heart

Heart is really mighty muscular pump which daily, during pumping blood across body, generates enough power to drive a truck for 32 kilometers or 20 miles. You may have a trip to The Moon and back to The Earth in your lifetime just on the energy by your heart. So have a nice trip.

03. Heart, The Un-fatigable

This tiny mighty muscular pump begins to beat when you were in womb at 4th week and beats till one pass away. Un-fatigable. It will not stop beating even if the brain dies because heart has its own intrinsic regulatory system which initiates the heart beat.

04. What Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases?

Now something about heart disease. According to some recent studies on heart disease, scientist found that have more education and less chances to die from heart disease. The rate of heart disease is also low vegetarians (about 19% less than non-vegetarians) and in those eating dark chocolate daily. Dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart diseases up to 30%.

05. Heart Diseases in Prehistoric People

With all the above researches to reduce the risk, heart diseases are still the greatest risk of death. The traces of heart disease are found in mummies from prehistoric civilization (3,000 years old)

06. What Increases the Risk of Heart Diseases?

Are you taking Multivitamins to strengthen your bones, boost your brain or to stay active (as most bran claims), remember multivitamins have linked with heart diseases and increases the risk of heart disease especially heart cancer (although heart cancer are very rare as heart loses its ability to divide early in the life). So be careful while taking such boosters.

07. Men vs. Women Heart Attack

Though there are minor differences in the anatomy and physiology of male and female (women have smaller but faster heart), the symptoms of heart diseases are differs in both. Males feel chest pain while females feel nausea, have vomiting and shoulder pain instead of chest pain.

08. Some interesting Facts about Treatment of Heart Diseases

It’s now turn to know something about investigation and treatment of heart diseases, the first mapping of human heart is done in 1929 by German surgeon Werner Forssmann. He mapped his own heart using a long catheter inserted via his arm vein directed toward heart.

09. The First Heart Transplantation

The first heart transplanted successfully in 1967by Dr. Christian Barnard. Though the procedure was successful but the patient didn’t survive and died after 18 days of the operation.

10. Synchronize your Heart Beat

When you listen to music, your heart beat and rhythm changes according to the rhythm of music. Even when a group of singers (choir) sings and in synchrony, their heart beats also synchronize. If you are not a singer or don’t like music, you can still synchronize your heart beat with your lover by gazing into each other’s eyes for two or three minutes

What else? If You Know some other interesting facts about Heart, let us know in Comments and if you like these facts, share it with your friends.

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