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WordPress Vs. Blogger: A Comprehensive Comparison

Blogger vs WordPress: A comprehensive Comparison

Blogger vs WordPress: A comprehensive Comparison

Blogger vs WordPress

Thinking about starting a blog for the first time? You may confuse, as I were, to choose the blogging platform among the existing big name, I mean Blogger and WordPress.

Although there are many other names emerges as blogging platform such as TypePad, LiveJournal, Tumbler but the main competitors in the contest are Google owned Blogger and Open Source WordPress.[AdSense-A]

Every blogger has the same concern regarding choosing the blogging platform in the beginning but with time, you may learn with experience the pros and cons, the advantages and disadvantages, the limitation and liberation of both, the WordPress and Blogger. Here I want to share my experience and a brief comparison between the two giants as I have been used the both well known blogging platforms. Comparison is made on the following aspects of Blogging as these features count most.

  1. Control over the Blog
  2. Search Engine Optimization Friendliness
  3. Functionalities and Plugins
  4. Security
  5. Look and Feel
  6. Storage and other specification
  7. Ease of Use
  8. Customization
  9. Monetization
  10. Community
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10 Things I Love about WordPress Blog

10 Things I Love About WordPress Blog

10 Things I Love About WordPress Blog

Came into existence in 2003, WordPress is a content management system and an open source platform for blogging which become so popular over the years and being emerged as one of the most used blogging platform, power more than 17% of the web and still growing day by day.

WordPress is not just a blogging platform but is more than that. With combination of simplicity for beginners and complexity for developers, one can built a simple blog or website to complex enterprise sites such as e-commerce websites and portals and even more complex web applications. Due to its simplicity and advanced functionalities, WordPress is the blogging platform of choice for most of beginners and also ultimate CMS used by big brands and blogs. A few name including Ford Motors, TechCrunch, Mashable, New York Times and People Magazine.[AdSense-A]

Although the features and functionalities of WordPress is limitless due to its vast number of plugins which add more functionalities but here are 10 things which I really love about WordPress and which makes WordPress a smart option for beginners and professionals:

Remember all these features and advantages are about self hosted WordPress blog. Some may apply to free hosted WordPress blog as well

1. Search Engine Optimized

Although Blogger is a product of Google, but it lacks many features which are crucial for search engine optimization. While Search engine friendliness nature of WordPress, on the other hand, is being accepted by the head of Google’s web spam team and recommends the WordPress is a best choice for blogging and business.

WordPress is taking care of almost 90% of search engine optimization activities leave least job for you in regards of Blog SEO. WordPress is SEO friendly for two main reasons, one is its well structured php coding which make it easy for Google and other search engines to read and index the pages and content of the blog. Each Post, page, video and image has its own title, description, meta tag and specific keyword. All these elements are essential for search engine optimization and search engine use these tags and elements to index your pages.

 The other main reason is WordPress pinging feature with which WordPress send pings to search engines every time you post something on the blog or the blog update. With this feature search engines easily index the pages or post you published on blog and it will appear high in search results.

 Bonus: WordPress has lots of SEO plug-ins such as All in One SEO, with which your blog can rank high in search engines.

2. Ease of Use

Although the back-end of WordPress has an advanced coding with php, the user interface of is quite simple and publishing a post, picture or adding a new page is much easy do not required any special skills or knowledge. You, at once, can familiar with WordPress dashboard and can learn to manage the elements like widgets, categories, tags, pages and other tools in a while.

3. Extended Functionality with Plugins

Plugins are the small snippets of code which do a lot. It adds functionality to your blog according to your needs and takes tough job of coding off you. WordPress is luckily come with directory of thousand inbuilt free plugins which can perform from simple to complex functionalities.

Many features ranging from simple text formatting, insertion of video gallery to Search Engine optimization and social media connections can be added simply with thousands of inbuilt plugins or can be achieved with affordably purchased one.

While the existing plugins are for beginners, professionals on the other hand, can create their own plugins according to needs with WordPress advance API as WordPress is an open-source software allow everyone to reuse and rebuilt it for any purpose.

4. Elegant Design with Themes

Themes are for the look and feel of your blog and helps in easy navigation of the blog. WordPress has an ocean of themes bundled with thousands of free inbuilt themes, using which, you can easily customize the look and feel of your blog and presentation of your contents easily with just few clicks. If none of these satisfied you needs, you can purchased and upload your own theme in a seconds to makeover your blog.

Bonus: WordPress also allows developers to built themes using WordPress API

5. Built in Comments

For a successful business, communication with customers is crucial and acts as a mean to know what the customer wants, are they satisfied with your services, and is there lacking in the services. The same rule applies to the blog. A successful blog is not the one which only shares knowledge, or post information but one which promote two way communications with its visitors or readers. This can be achieved best with having and encouraging comments on the posts.

Comments are the mean of communication with your visitors where the visitors allowed to express their feelings, give suggestion and feedback. While most of websites lacks comments system or to be added in manually, WordPress is come with built-in comments system to engage your visitors in discussion on the topics and helps let you know which post is got popular.

WordPress comments system is not only providing you the way of communication with the visitors but also lets you to control all the discussion by approving in order to prevent spamming

Bonus: Comments on a blog topic, along with reader engagement, also boos the SEO of the topic or post the comments is full of keyword

6. Multiple Users Management

At some stage of blogging, you might need to have multiple users of blog this including you, the administrator, a guest writer, an editor or a developer to contribute in the work and to manage your blog. The number may not just a few but can exceed hundreds sometimes. But this is not a big issue. Being as an administrator of your WordPress blog or site, you can add and allow access of your blog to multiple users and give them certain rights of your choice and set-up access level for them to manipulate your blog.

7. Full Control of Your Site

Your blog, your property. You have full control on your blog and have freedom to manage every aspect of it. Being a self hosted blog, WordPress allow you to choose the hosting service of your choice and install your blog on it. In addition WordPress allow you to modify your blog in any way you want to fulfill your needs. The whole process is easy enough so you do not have to pay for developer and designer to get the job done. The management of your blog also doesn’t require any special software, all you need is just a browser with internet connection and that’s it.

8. Mobile Readiness

Websites and blogs are now access and browse more from tablets and mobiles. A professional site is one which fit best on any resolution and any screen on any device. An ordinary website, to comply with this issue, constructs a separate mobile version for mobiles and other relatively small screen devices which is a complex and time consuming required efforts and extra money.

Thanks to WordPress, you don’t have to worry about that. WordPress blogs are programmed in a manner that they recognizes automatically the screen resolution and configure the contents to fit best and viewed appropriately on any screen resolution.

9. Community

Choosing WordPress as a blogging platform, you will not be the only one but there are more than millions of people on the same platform as well. Due huge popularity and being an open source Content Management System (CMS), WordPress has a vibrant engaged and supportive community. So begin as beginner, if you face any trouble, or have an issue, it might already been faced up and been solved by number of people and you will get answer and solution to your question in a while. Also as a part of huge community, you can better learn from the experiences shared by other bloggers on different support forums and be the part of community by sharing your ideas, suggestions and experiences too.

Bonus: WordPress has a huge number of developers too which develops lots of plugins and themes daily which adds in functionality and look and feel of blogs.

10. Importer

After reading above mentioned advantages and benefits of WordPress, you might think about shifting your blog from your current blogging platform to WordPress. Copy paste your content may be the option but not the smart choice. Don’t worry, thanks to WordPress inbuilt blog importer option, you can easily change your blogging platform to WordPress and can import your blog from Blogger, Tumbler, TypePad and LiveJournal.


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10 Things I Love About Blogger

10 things I Love about Blogger

Selection of suitable platform to start blogging is always a great challenge for beginners as they are novice in blogging and get confused with which platform to choose among the existing big names. In fact, Beginners usually chooses Google hosted blogging platform “Blogger” to make entry into the market and get started their journey of blogging as it is easy to use and free hosted (the hosting seems always a big deal for beginner). I myself started my blogging experience with the internet giant Google’s free hosted Blogging platform “Blogger” as I didn’t much familiar with the hosting, c panels, Bandwidth and other irritating technical terms like theses and these words hinder me to start blogging for a long time.[AdSense-A]

But when I start my blogging journey with Blogger, I got in love with the platform and fond it the best platform for beginner. Although there are too many reasons to choose Blogger as blogging platform but here I want to share the features of Blogger which I loved most and you should too. Just check it out

1. Easy to start with

So what if you don’t have any knowledge about coding, any idea of programming languages like PHP, HTML, CSS and of web hosting. Thanks to Bloggers, you can just start your blog with your own personal skills like content writing ability, story writhing, photography skill, presentation skills or anything else you’re master in. Leave the rest upon the Google to take care of.

Starting a blog with Blogger is just a few clicks and bingo. Blogger lets you choose from its preexisting themes and templates to customize your blog in the best way that fit your needs.

2. Easy to use

Blogger platform is not just easy to start with, but it is easy to use and manage throughout the journey of blogging too. Blogger comes with a simple user friendly interface and it takes easy steps to publish a post. It rarely required any special technical skills to get your job done. These features make the Blogger a right decision for newbies to start blogging.

3. Easy to Monetize

For most of us, blogging is just a hobby or a way to promote their business, but what bad if you can get extra $$$ with what you published and share on blogger. Yes you can and perhaps many blogger make a decent amount of money with their blogs.

Thanks to the built-in feature of blog monetizing in blogger, you can easily monetize your blog effortlessly with Google owned Adsense which is, by far, one of the most favorite and most profitable ads network. Since both the Blogger and Adsense are owned by Google, it is easy with Blogger platform to get monetize your blog as they both have good compatibility with one another. All you need is a reputable blog with quality content and some traffic and you done

Bonus: Managing ads on your blog and post in Blogger is easy too and you will have full controls over the ads.

4. Easy to Customize (HTML/CSS)

Although blogger comes with hundreds of built-in templates and widgets, but sometime it may not satisfy your need and you may want to customize your blog that fulfill your requirements. Not a big issue, with just having a basic knowledge of Markup and styling languages, I mean HTML and CSS, you can shape your blog and add functionality to it by your own way.

The blogger compatibility with HTML and CSS is one of the most lovable features the bloggers loves. These languages are easy enough to learn without any special training or classes and you can learn it easily through online learning site and tutorials.

5. Free Hosting with 100% up server

Although Google provide free domain (yourname.blogspot.com) but I personally (and most of other blogger) don’t like as it look massive and not SEO friendly. The feature which I love most is the Blogger free web hosting service, so to start blogging, you could only buy your own domain name (if you want) which is still quite cheap ($10/yr) and don’t have to be panic for hosting (which is quite expansive) as the Blogger is Google-hosted blogging platform provide you a sufficient disk space and unlimited bandwidth all for free.

But remember, it is not only the matter of cost rather it is important for your blog to stay alive and active 24/7. Google has most excellent servers, provides you 100% uptime servers (even the best hosting companies will not guarantee you 100%) to keep your blog alive 24/7.

Bonus: Unlike other free hosted blogging platforms (which will publish their ads on your site), your blog on blogger will remain ads-free means no advertisement from the company.

6. Hack Proof Security

Security of websites and blogs always remain great concerns for web designer, developers and bloggers. On an average, more than 30,000 websites and blogs hack daily create a hug economical impact on the bloggers as they spent a lot of money on site security. Hackers often attempt to hack or crack the site or blog for their own profit or for fun.

But for those who are on Blogger platform, security doesn’t matter as Google provide them the most secure and hack-proof (till yet) servers for their blogs which is impossible to crash or hack. Using Google’s Blogger, you don’t need to worry about lose of your data, information and efforts and you don’t need to be worry about security and backups of your blog.

7. Thousands of free in built templates and widgets

Blog widgets or the gadgets allow you to add useful functionalities, cool features, customization and lots of more to your blog, even if you don’t familiar with HTML and CSS to do it manually. Tempests, on the other hand, give your site a professional look and theme adds an eye catching design to your blog.

These widgets, templates and themes are usually made by professional programmers and web designers using Programming, scripting and styling languages like JavaScript, AJAX, CSS and HTML etc and you have to pay for these widgets and templates to use them on your blog.

Fortunately, Blogger is come with thousands of free useful widgets, themes and templates to add functionality, cool features and elegant design to your blog to fulfill your requirements. These templates and widgets are easily modifiable too according to your needs.

Blogger also has a huge community of professionals who create lots of gadgets and templates daily which you can use for free too, if the preexisting code snippets are not enough.

8. High pagerank and easy Page indexing

Speed does matter in term of Pagerank, whereas pagerank is the key indicator of blog reputation while page index, on the other hand, is an important blog SEO friendliness indicator. Due to its simple interface, design and the property of Google, Blogger ranks high in Search engine giant Google, its page indexed quickly and load too fast in browser (just in a blink) which yields a high page rank to the blog.

9. Unlimited blogs

Blogger allow you to generate as many blogs as you want with just one account, and of course, you can access and manage all of your blogs through one dashboard. With this great feature you can run and manage more than one blogs on different topics or niches to satisfy your blogging needs.
Note:  Although Blogger allow you to create 100 blogs per account but it is still beyond the limit.

10. Keep it secret

 Blogs are often made to express and share your ideas with other, thus by default, they are public and everyone can see what you post on it, but thanks to Blogger, you can keep you blog secret. You can make your blog private or can share it with people you want so only you and the people you allow can have access over the blog content.

 Blogger allow you to keep your work, data or material secret so you can use your blog as your personal diary, notebook, image album, video gallery or contact directory. Go to Setting and Permission Tab and under Blog reader heading, select the reader you want to see your blog content. It could be only you or a list of your friends (by adding their emails). This is the main distinguish feature Google has in Blogger make it different from other blogger platform.

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