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Famous 3D Street artwork from around the world

3D Illusions Street Art Smart

3D street artwork is going popular nowadays and going viral on internet. 3D artist doe their work so brilliantly that you won’t believe on your eyes. After the 20 famous breathtaking 3D street artworks published last week, here is another cool collection of 3D street art that wait for your admiration. So watch them all and let us now about your favorite one.[AdSense-A]

01. Smart. “Smart” 3D drawing depicting a shiny translucent car.

3D Illusions Street Art Smart

02. Easy Jet – Edinburg. Now you can enjoy the beach on the street. Easy Jet is a clever depiction of beach on a street in the center of Edinburg.

3D Illusions Street Art Easy Jet

03. Costa – Covent Garden. Want to take such a huge cup of Italian coffee cappuccino? This 3D artwork is a sensible depiction of cup cappuccino.

3D Illusions Street Art Costa Covent Garden

04. Ford Mexico. Your favorite Ford car is coming out from the underground. Want to drive it?

3D Illusions Street Art Ford Mexico

05. Bukaresti – Romania. Another clever and realistic 3D painting of a crashing car. Watch it out.

3D Illusions Street Art Bukaresti

06. A fair in cologne. This cleverly depicted 3D painting of old tape recorder cassette in the middle of street will take you back to the era when Walkman were a common gadget.


3D Illusions Street Art A Fair Cologne

07. Self-portrait. It’s look like a mirror in between but it is actually a 3Diemensiaonal self portrait of the 3D artist on the street.

3D Illusions Street Art Self Portraits

08. Lizards. Incoming huge Lizards, Frog and mentis to attack on human. Watch out.

3D Illusions Street Art Lizards

09. Spiderman. It’s not a scene from Spiderman movie, it’s a beautiful and creative 3D artwork by 3D artist Julian Beever

3D Illusions Street Art Spider man

10. Basketball On the Road. Be careful Drivers, someone put that Basketball on the road. A clever and realistic 3D drawing of basketball

3D Illusions Street Art Basket Ball

11. Honeybees. The underground pole of Honey. Honeybees coming from underground.

Famous 3D street artwork honeybees

12. Asian Paints – Mumbai. A cool 3D color-fall by Asian Paints depicted on a famous street of Mumbai.

Famous 3D Street Artwork Asian Paints

13. Walk on Rope. Don’t worry, she won’t fall.

Famous 3D street artwork Rope Walk

14. Waste of water. Someone please stop the man wasting water on the street.

Famous 3D artwork West of Water

15. Water In The Way. Looks like a Pool filled with water; this is so realistic 3D artwork I have ever seen.

Famous 3D artwork Water in the way

16. King Kong. Oh It’s King Kong! A clever depiction of famous Hollywood movie King Kong.

Famous 3D artwork kingkong

17. Treasures. Look like if the artist has found a gold treasure in the middle of the city! A cool and clever 3D drawing.

Famous 3D Street Artwork Treasures

18. Machu Picchu. One of the Seven Wonders of the World. Machu Picchu is now on your town’s street.

Famous 3d street artwork machu Picchu

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20 Breathtaking Creative 3D Street Artworks

Mysterious Cave 3D Street Art

Well you may inspire from 2D art on paintings but what about the 3D artworks? 3D artwork especially 3D street art are going viral and popular day by day. There are some really cool and stunning 3D street artworks done by famous 3d artist around the world which will fall you in love with 3D street paintings. These 3D artists adorn the streets with cool 3-dimensional chalks and painting artwork which attract visitors from around the world to visit and see these smart and cool 3-dimensional artworks.


So, here is a cool collection of breathtaking nicely done 3D artwork done by famous 3d artist so realistically that you can’t bat your eyes. 3D Street art is actually a 2 dimensional artwork done so realistically and creatively that is look like a real life object or scene. In these 3 dimensional artworks, some depicted themselves while others portrayed the beauty of waterfall, paintings of flowers, ancient history, giants coming from inside the earth etc. Just checkout these cool 3D artwork by yourself and let us know in comments about your favorite one.

Hot river. This 3D artwork took nearly whole of the street to create such a breathtaking earth cracking effect. Really brilliant 3D art (via Edgar Mueller)

Hot River 3D Street-Art

Ice Abyss. After the Hot River, it’s now time to look at the huge Ice gulf. Be careful or you may fall in this ice abyss!

Ice Abyss 3D Street Art

Raft. What if your town is flooded like this? Enjoy this creatively depicted flooded street.

Raft 3D Street Art

Johnnie Walker in Taipei. What you like in this painting? The scene or Beer? By Johnnie Walker

3D Illusions Street Art By Walker

Mysterious cave. Well you may have seen some underground caves in Disney Movies, here is a real one under your feet.


Mysterious Cave 3D Street Art

Reflection. Although its look like a mirror or a pool of water reflecting the People seeing in it, but it’s not the case. This cool 3D street artwork is depicting the reflection.


Melstorm. Hmmm, what its look like? Yes, the vortex!


Muses. Similar to the 3D art shown earlier, this 3-Dimensionla artwork is a classic painting similar to old medieval castles paintings.


Hole. Look like a hole to the underworld.


Relaxing giant. The Giant come from the Greek Mythological stories is relaxing on the street


Horses. Horess, familiar hats and ropes, yes, this 3D painting depicting the cowboy show.


Office stress. Did you feel in your office like that? This cool 3D artwork represented and depicted the Office Stress you may have in a typical working day in your office. Or maybe not?


Crazy river. Somebody help them. There is an alligator in that Crazy River.



Escalator. Escalator in the shopping mall from the basement. Cool and Creative

3D-Illusions-Street-Art-Escalator 3D-Illusions-Street-Art-Escalator

Grant’s. Cool 3D chalk panting of “Grant’s”.


Nails. It’s not a circus or magic trick, it is quite real.


Escape of the mummy. Be careful, it’s old ancient mummies coming out of underground.

The world’s biggest fly. The World’s biggest fly found dead on the street.

HDI. What will you do if this happens to your car? So, be careful while parking your car.

Eiffel Tower Sand Sculpture. A nicely depiceted 3D Effie tower Send sculpture on the street.


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Acupuncture, Ancient Therapy But New Hope In Modern Era

Acupuncture, An Ancient Mystery or Best Therapy

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of therapy which is now used as a form of alternative medicine, originally Chinese practice evolved over thousand years ago in ancient China (about 2500 B.C). Acupuncture involves the stimulation of specific points on the body using a variety of techniques. These techniques (to stimulate specific body points) can includes insertion of fine needles (that are manipulated by hands or electrical stimulator) trough skin or applying pressure over these specific parts, usually done to achieve cure from certain diseases, relieve pain or anaesthetize the patient (as in surgery).


The word Acupuncture us taken from Latin “Acus” meaning “Needles” and “Punctura” meaning “to puncture” (Wikipedia)

How Acupuncture done?

One or more small metal needles are inserted at precise points along 12 pathways or channels (known as meridians) in the body, Traditional Chinese medicine explains that stimulating these points can correct imbalances in the flow of qi (vital life force) through channels known as meridians while Western practitioners believe that acupuncture stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue which boost the activity of body’s natural painkillers and increase blood flow.


How Acupuncture Works?

Current scientific research indicates that these traditional forms of therapy or acupuncture cause release of natural opiates, blockage of pain-signal transmission, thus more effective than placebos in the relief of certain types of pain. Although there is no histological or physiological correlates has been found for qi.

Is it Safe to Use Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is considered as safe when administered by well-trained practitioners with sterile needles and has been accepted and supported by USNIH (United States National Institutes of Health),NHS (National Health Service) of the United Kingdom, WHO (World Health Organization), and NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) for certain conditions.

When Acupuncture is recommended?

Being a common form of therapy, Acupuncture is recommended for symptomatic relief from a variety of conditions and disease including but not limited to:

  1. Headaches
  2. Migraines
  3. Low back pain
  4. Fibromyalgia
  5. Labor pain
  6. Menstrual cramps
  7. Osteoarthritis
  8. Tennis elbow
  9. Dental pain
  10. Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting


There is a report on use of acupuncture as anesthesia prior to surgical procedure in China. Anesthetic effect of acupuncture was achieved by blocking certain spinal nerves and thus reduce or no sensation.

Is there any risk or side effect of this procedure?

Although Acupuncture stimulate the natural body self-recovery mechanism, it has some side effects which is mainly the result of unsterilized needles which include

  • Infections (usually local)
  • Punctured Organs
  • Punctured blood vessels
  • Plural rapture
  • May result in bleeding especially if used by unqualified practitioner

Some form of acupuncture stimulate labor, may cause premature delivery if used in pregnant women.


One of the oldest forms of therapy, Acupuncture is a reliable form of therapy which acts by activating the body natural mechanism to combat diseases or overcome pain. Acupuncture can be a hope for those who tried other form of therapy for their chronic pain and failed.

If you want to try and take benefits of this old traditional Chinese form of therapy, find a trained therapist in order to gain maximum benefit and prevent the potential side effects.

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10 Health Benefits of Honey – The Golden Elixir

Health Benefits of Honey

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is being in used for thousands of year not only for its great taste but for its potential health benefits. The use of honey in remedies and for its possible health benefits has been reported in ayurvedic, Greek, Roman and Islamic texts. Holy Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) exalted the healing powers and health benefits of honey and so the ancient Greek philosophers. It is supposed by Greek philosopher that consuming honey could make the life longer.[AdSense-A]

Honey contains 70% to 80% sugar in the form of Fructose (the sweetest sugar), glucose, sucrose and maltose along with vitamins and minerals with 17% water. This composition makes honey the one of the sweetest and healthiest foods with great source of energy and other health benefits. Here are the top 10 health benefits of honey.

01. Healing Wound and Burns

Honey was traditionally used on the skin for soothing effects and was used as home remedies for treating wounds and skin infections including burns. Recants researches show that the topical application of honey over the wound or burnt skin area is as effective as the application of antiseptics or silver nitrate (the usual treatment of burns). Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nature as well as has drying effects; while apply over the wound, these properties of Honey helps keep the wound aseptic (free of germs), reduce swelling thus reduce pain and promotes wound healing and leave the wound without scars.

02. Fight Infections

While making honey, bees add certain enzymes to it including Lysozyme (the power bacterial destroying enzyme natural occurs in living organisms) and others that make hydrogen per oxide (a potent antiseptic). Another study done at University of Amsterdam in 2010 reported that the anti-bacterial activity of honey is also due to the presence of defensin – 1 a protein which kills the bacteria. With all these powerful bacteriolytic enzymes and protein substances, honey is the best natural antibacterial and antifungal agent which even kills the antibiotic resistant species. Honey (especially Manuka honey) may helpful in treating athletic foot (a fungal infection of skin), other skin infections and the upper respiratory infections.

03. Soothes Cough and Sore Throat

Another proven health benefit of honey is to sooth cough and treat sore throats. Honey, due to its soothing, softening and antibacterial effects, show proven effectiveness to soothes cough, especially nocturnal cough (sleep time cough) in children. A study on 110 children which involves a single dose of honey (the buckwheat honey) to the children with night time cough reveals that the honey is as effective in relieving nocturnal cough as the conventional treatment of cough with dextromethorphan.

Honey is just not the remedy for cough only but it also helps in treating sore throats. Taking pure honey or adding it to drinks (hot water or tea) soothes the throats and kills the germs (bacteria) which cause throat infection.

04. Treating Allergies May relieve seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies are among common health problems the symptoms of which can be lessen with honey. Many people using honey to get rid off or get relive from seasonal allergies, and this facts is prove by scientific research that honey may be useful in minimizing such conditions due to its anti-inflammatory effects. A study on a group of 36 people who have seasonal allergy shows better response to honey as compared to the placebo agent.

05. Prevent Cancer and Heart Diseases

Honey is anti-cancer though it doesn’t cure cancer but it prevents it. Honey contains antioxidants and flavonoids which to some extent reduce the risk of developing cancer and heart disease as well. This sound good as if it is true then honey will be the cheapest medicine to prevent cancer and heart diseases.

06. Beautiful skin

As stated earlier, honey was used as a home remedy to treat wound and burns; it was also used with other ingredients in facial masks for beautiful skin and conditioner for hairs. The anti-bacterial nature and bleaching effects of honey makes it an excellent face Cleanser to treat acne and blemish skin.

The moisturizing, hydrating and softening effects of honey make it wonderful conditioner for hair give the dull hair shining.

07. Blood Sugar Regulation

Honey contains Fructose in higher percentage as compared to Glucose. Fructose is sweeter then glucose but it doesn’t require insulin (a hormone that is necessary for glucose metabolism) for metabolism and can enter to the cells without insulin, thus helps to regulate the blood sugar level

08. Reduce Gastric Ulcers and GI disorders

The cause of Gastric ulcer is H. Pylori bacteria that inhabit the gastric (stomach) mucosa. Antibacterial nature of honey prevents the excess colonization, thus infection of stomach (gastritis). Eating honey regularly prevent GERD (Gastro-esophageal reflux Disease) because honey is 100 time more viscous than water (at room temperature) prevent regurgitation or reflux back of the stomach content.

09. Nutrients Rich Food

Honey is the nature’s nutrients rich food and far more beneficial than the artificial vitamin supplements as it contain a wide range of vitamins including the vitamins from B complex group and some vital minerals including zinc (the immunity booster), calcium (the bone cement), iron (the hematonic), copper, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and manganese.

10. Makes great workout fuel

Beyond its great taste, one of the great health benefits of honey is it is the instant source of energy because honey is already digest by bees and absorb rapidly in gastrointestinal tract fuel up the body instantly.

Honey contain glucose which absorb rapidly in intestine, gives immediate energy shoot and Fructose has low hypoglycemic index, absorbed slowly providing sustain level of energy to body. Again, honey is not only comes with sugar, it contain essential vitamins and minerals making honey the perfect workout fuel.

Honey is used and added to water or drinks by many professional athletes to get instant energy to fuel up their bodies, prevent fatigue during endurance event, boost performance and enhance muscle recovery after stressful event.

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What happens in One Internet Minute Here in 2014

What happens in One Internet Minute 2014

What happens in One Internet Minute 2014

source: Pixabay.com

One minute may not be much significant amount of time for you and it can go on without notice but in a single internet minute, the data which is produce and share on internet can require a whole life to go through. Since the internet population grows day by day and reaches 3 billion up till now (almost 43% of the total world population using internet) the insignificant sixty seconds produce staggering amount and numbers of digital data that you cannot even think about to do so in your whole life.[AdSense-A]

So below is a quick overview of what happened in just a single minute on internet.

  1. The number of Emails generated and sent by billions of internet users dominating over all the data shared over internet. In a single minute, more than 140 millions emails are sent.
  2. The second dominating figure in one internet minute is the search queries. More than 4 million search queries are processed by Google in one minute.
  3. All of you know Google generates revenue from Ads displayed on websites through AdSense or on Search Engine results Pages. With more than 4 million queries in one minute, the Google generates $100926 from these ads
  4. When talking about revenue, online marketing is one of the leading sources of revenue generation for many brands, Amazon is on the top of the list. In sixty seconds, products (including books and apps) of worth $148617 sold on Amazon
  5. Something about your favorite video sharing site YouTube. It would take 5 days to view all the videos uploaded to YouTube in just a single internet minute. Let the figure simpler, 126 hours of new video uploaded every minute to YouTube.
  6. More than 145782 hours of video watched online on YouTube among which 1.3 millions video clips are downloaded every minute
  7. Listening Music comes after watching videos as in each minute on internet, there are 64197 hours of music listen on Pandora
  8. Lets us explore something about the social media, with 3 billion active users, Facebook dominating the Social networking. Among these 1.3 billion Facebook users, 277,000 members are log-ins and active every minute on Facebook.
  9. When talking about the activity on Facebook, there are 2,460,000 Status, Links, Videos, Photos or other contents are shared on Facebook every minute. Together there are 378 GB of data shares on Facebook in every single minute.
  10. There are 20 million Photo views and 6 million Facebook page views in just a single minute.
  11. Just like you, every Facebook user like the selfie of their friend, group photo of their college mates, status updates or interesting videos. These Like in total make the shocking figure. In just one minute, there are 3,288,348 Likes made on Facebook
  12. Now something about Twitter, with 300 million already active users, 693+ new users signup for twitter accounts every minute.
  13. The number of tweets per minute in 2014 is now 477600 tweets (which were 100,000+ tweets in 2013 per minute)
  14. In every minute, 3000 photo uploaded on Flickr meanwhile there are 20 million photo views on Flickr
  15. 3,472 new images pined to Pinterest boards
  16. 2,16,000 Pictures post on Instagram every sixty seconds
  17. With more than 1.1 billion websites worldwide
    • 571 New Websites created every minute
    • 347 New Blogs created on WordPress
    • 1449 New blog post on WordPress
  18. Something about the apps and downloads. In every single internet minute there are
    • 77868 Apps downloads for Androids OS
    • 39942Apple Apps downloads for iOS
  19. Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia contains more than 46 million articles with 6 new articles posted every minute and 600 edits per minute made to these existing articles.
  20. 26, 380 Yelp Reviews written every minute
  21. 1,458,324 Skype minutes used every minute
  22. 24318 hours of videos watched on American based video on-demand video sharing Netflix
  23. With the above statistics and figure, collectively there is nearly  across the globe on internet in one minute.
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10 Remarkable Facts About Facebook You Didn’t Know

10 Interesting Facebook Facts

Facebook is a social networking site and the 2nd most popular website (after Google). Facebook is place where people share interesting information, facts, uploads pictures, videos and share links. Beside all these, there are some interesting facts about Facebook itself list below which most of you probably didn’t know before.


Facebook Facts # 01

From FaceMash to FaceBook

From FaceMash to FaceBook Source

Did you know that your favorite social media site Facebook were initially nicknamed FaceMash.com The company let the domain expires in 2007 and it is sold again for $30K on 25 October, 2010

Facebook Facts # 02

If Facebook were a country it would be the 2nd Largest Country

Facebook would be the 2nd Largest Country

Facebook has 1.3 billion users right now almost half of the total internet users (while the other half who doesn’t have Facebook account lives with one who has). So if the Facebook were a country, it would be the world 2nd largest country (after china) based on population.

Facebook Facts # 03

Facebook User and Usage Statistics

Facebook User and Usage Statistics Source

Among 1.3 billion Facebook users, there are 800 million daily active users who posts, updates status and share something on Facebook daily. On the basis of these data, there are 350 million photos uploaded daily and 4.75 billion pictures, videos or links are shared on Facebook daily

Facebook Facts # 04

338 Average Number Of Facebook Friends

338 Average Number Of Facebook Friends

On an average, every Facebook users has 338 Facebook friends making around 150 Billion Friends connection in total

Facebook Facts # 05

Facebook Dead People Account

Facebook Have Lots Of Dead People’s and Fake Account [source: pixabay.com]

Beside 1.3 Billions Facebook user’s accounts, there are more than 40 million dead people on Facebook and more than81 million fake Facebook account make for spamming.

Facebook Facts # 06

Canada, The Country of Most Active Facebook User

Canada, The Country With Most Active Facebook User

Initially created for college students of Harvard University, Facebook is now used by 70% of US population age under 26. Although Facebook is US based but 70% of it users are outside the US. The country with most active Facebook users is Canada.
Being popular worldwide, Facebook on the other hand is banned in China, Vietnam, Iran and Syria.

Facebook Facts # 07

Facebook Blue Color

Did you know the reason behind the blue color and theme of Facebook? Well in fact the blue is calming color and most social media sites has apparent Blue color but in the case of Facebook, the blue color of the site is because the founder of the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is color blind and can’t differentiate between red and green color, thus blue color is more apparent for him.

Facebook Facts # 08

Type in URL bar www.facebook.com and add 4 at the end of URL separated with “/” (i.e http://www.facebook.com/4). This will redirect you to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg profile. Don’t know yet why he chooses the number 4 instead of 1. Adding 5, 6, 7 into the end of Facebook URL will redirect you to the Facebook co-founders and Mark’s colleagues. They all were the initial users of Facebook

Facebook Facts # 09

Add Pirate Language To Facebook

Add Pirate Language To Facebook

In your Facebook account setting, you can change your language to “Pirate”. With Pirate as your language, you will see the Word “Cap’n” (Captain) before everyone’s name, “Friends” will appear as “Mateys” and “Pictures” are called “Portraits”. “Arr!” will replace Liking and “scrawling a mark” instead of Commenting.

So if you like and want to apply these changes, go into Account > Language, find and replace English (US) with English (Pirate).

Facebook Facts # 10

Facebook Tracks Your Browsing History

Facebook Tracks Your Browsing History Source

Even after logging out from your Facebook account, Facebook still able to track the site you visit. This is primarily  due to cookies that Facebook leave on your system which send the record of your browsing history.

If you know something more about Facebook, let us know in comments and if really enjoy these interesting facts about Facebook, Share it with you friends.

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Did You Know These 10 Remarkable Facts About Google

Interesting Google Facts

Indeed, Google is the Planet famous search engines as it is along with billions of visitors from earth; sometime visited from Mars too (a famous Google April Fool). Well that’s a joke but following is really some surprising facts about the search engine giant Google which most of you probably didn’t know about before.[AdSense-A]

Google Fact # 1

Google Search Statistics

Google Search Statistics

On average there are 40,000 search queries processes by Google in just one second (equals to 23, 051 Gigabytes of internet traffic per second); over 3.5 billion searches per day (more than half of the total population on the Earth) reaching more than 100 Billions searches per month.

See how many Google Searches have made today up till now here

Google Fact # 2

Google Search

Google Search Source

Of all the above every second and daily Google Searches data, 10 to 20% of queries are that get asked are unique and have never been searched before.

Google Fact # 3

Google search statistics

Just type Facebook in Google search and the Google will return around 5,300,000,000 results in just few milliseconds. Amazing! Billions of results in a fraction of second. Even a simple query searches on Google take at least 1,000 computers to process on together to reproduce the search result.

Google Fact # 4

Google Simple Hompage

Google Has the Simplest Hompage

All of you know that Google has the simplest homepage. The reason behind so bare homepage is that the founder of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page didn’t familiar with HTML and thus created a quick and simple interface. They keep it and make it simpler yet even in the presence of advance web development technologies as the simple design of Google Homepage is now the symbol of excellence in internet search industry.

Google Fact # 5

Google, The Fastest Loading Web Page

Google, The Fastest Loading Web Page

Due to its simple interface, Google page loads fastest than any other site on the web (less than 0.5 s) and thus most of people use Google to test their internet connection.

Google Fact # 6

Google Originate from Googol

Google Originate from Googol

Google was initially nicknamed as BackRub (due to backlinks determination technology used initially) but then changed to Google which is interestingly the misspelling of world Googol (the mathematics term used to describe the figure such as 1 followed by 100 zeros)

Google Fact # 7

Google Owned Misspell Of Google

Google Owned Misspell Of Google

As the Name “Google” originated from misspelling of Googol, the company also owns the common misspelling of Google as well. Some common misspelling which is now owned by the Google Inc. including goggle.com, gooogle.com. Just type one of these URLs in your browser and see what happened. It will redirect you to the Google Homepage. Not surprised yet? Type www.466453.com in address bar and you will redirect to Google homepage as the company also own the Google spelled out on mobile or phone keypads.

Google Fact # 8

I m Feeling Lucky

Have you been used “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google’s homepage? I have never been used while searching for queries until I want something tricky. This famous button is almost never been used regularly but when the company try to remove the button from their homepage, the interface of the homepage looks annoying to the users. Users feel more comfortable having this button on homepage which compels the Google to keep it.

Google Fact # 9

Although Google keep “I’m feeling lucky” button on its homepage but the button costs the company $110 million each year. This is because the “I’m feeling lucky” button lands directly to the top web page for the specific search query; don’t let the Google to display ads to the users on its search result page.

Google Fact # 10

Google Goats Operation

Google Goats Operation Source

Last but not least, less technical but more interesting fact is that Google Inc. sometimes gets help of hungry goats to cut down the grass and keep their lawns in shape. Yes it is true and probably not one of the Google April Fools. The California based Google Head Quarters rents out goats (sometimes 200 goats) from California Grazing Company. This special force of lawn mowers is environment friendly, cut down extra grass, weeds and bushes to keep the lawn in shape.

Like the facts about Google? Take some time to share it with your friends too.

Read some more interesting facts here:



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10 Surprising facts about Smartphones You Didn’t Know

Surprising Smartphones Facts

1. Smartphone Usage

1.75 Billion Smartphone Users In The World

1.75 Billion Smartphone Users In The World

33% people (among all age groups, but mostly between 18 – 24 years of age) using Smartphone which means that there are 1.75 Billion Smartphone users in the world (more then the combine population of China and USA). Although the total mobile phone devices exceeds the total population. The number is increasing constantly and estimated to reach 10 billion by 2020.[AdSense-A]

2. Slim or Massive

Stack of All Smartphones Would Stretch 8, 285 Miles Source

Stack of All Smartphones Would Stretch 8, 285 Miles Source

Although Smartphones are relatively slim and thin but if you stacked all of them on each other, the queue would stretch 8, 285 miles. It is almost double the length of one of the world longest high way TransCanada or same the length of Australia Highway 1, the longest national highway in the world. Or this figure is equals to 1500 times the height of Mount Everest.

3. Performance and Speed

iPhone 5s 15, 625 times more Speed Than Computer Used In Apollo 11 Source

iPhone 5s 15, 625 times more Speed Than Computer Used In Apollo 11 Source

If compare to one of the primitive computer used for Apollo 11 Mission for Moon landing, Apple Smartphone iPhone 5s would be the supercomputer as it has 15, 625 times more processing speed and hundreds time less bulky and more handsome. Indeed, it is cheap too.

4. Time spent

Smartphone User Checks Their Phone 110 Times a Day

Smartphone User Checks Their Phone 110 Times a Day Source

On an average, Smartphone user checks their phone 110 times a day and spent 37 hours (even more than that) per month on installed apps. Although it seems waste of time but, if it comes to the academic progress, smartphone users are three time more likely to track their academic progress and somewhat smarter as compare to others as they can study on the go.


5. From Sex to Shower

Smartphone users Don't Take it Down

Smartphone users Don’t Take it Down Source

People tend to addict to Smartphones and it’s hard for them to put their phone down even during sex. A online survey shows that 55% Smartphone users using their phone during driving, 12% take their Smartphone to bathroom during taking shower, 9% during sex and 19% during worships (in churches). Even more,  44% Smartphone users take phone with them to bed and 91% users want to keep their smartphone within easy access everywhere every time.

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