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Improve your Alexa Rank from Millions to Thousands with These Simple Steps

10 Proven ways to Improve Alexa Rank from Million to Thousands

10 Proven ways to Improve Alexa Rank from Million to Thousands

What is Alexa?

Before coming to the point, let’s take an overview of Alexa itself first and importance of Alexa Ranking for your blog or website.

Alexa.com is a popular and reliable web information company by Amazon provides information about the level of popularity and traffic for websites and blogs by ranking the individual website or blog. The Company gives ranking (called Alexa Ranking) to websites based on certain parameters one of which is traffic.[AdSense-A]

What is Alexa Ranking?

According to Alexa itself, the Alexa Ranking or Alexa Traffic Ranking is “the rank which is calculated base on three months of combined historical traffic data from the community of millions of Alexa Toolbar users”

What is the importance of Alexa Ranking?

Alexa rank every website thus just ranking from Alexa doesn’t matter but the Good Alexa Ranking. A good Alexa ranking is an indicator of your blog or website popularity, catching advertisers who want to promote their products by putting aids on popular websites. Google too, approve AdSense for the sites with better Alexa rank (let say less than 400K).

It is also been noted that websites or blogs with high Alexa ranking got high Google PageRank too.

OK, I understand the importance of Alexa Rank, what should I do now to improve my Alexa Rank?

To get answer to this question, I put together 10 simple, efficient, and proven ways to improve you Alexa rank with and of course, these methods are free too. Remember one thing, traffic is the key yo better Alexa Ranking and the steps listed below are an attempt to get high traffic along with few other tricks to get better Alexa Ranking. So let’s start with the first one first and try it as soon as possible.

01. Install Alexa Toolbar

Do you know how Alexa determine popularity of your web page and give it ranks? It is primarily achieved by Alexa toolbar installed on browsers of Alexa community and internet users. The toolbar sends the information about your site to Alexa when it is being visits through those browsers. So what should you do then? Download and install Alexa Toolbar (from here) on your favorite browser and ant other browser on every computer which you use at home or work. Once it is done, make your blog the default homepage for these browsers or visit your own site, at least once a day with these Alexa toolbar installed browsers. Also, ask your friends to install Alexa Toolbar and surf your site and encourage your readers to do so. This way Alexa will determine popularity of your site and your Alexa ranking will decrease (improve) drastically.

02. Add Alexa Widget To Your Site

Alexa widget is a simple snippet of code which can easily be added to your site. The widget will show Alexa Rank of you site. Place the Alexa widget on your Web site. It will entice the visitors to check it out, and you know, each click counts.

You can create the Alexa widget and paste the java script codes for it on your html page. Make the Alexa widget for your site from here. It displays the Alexa ranking stats of your website on each of your pages and blogs.

03. Add Quality Content

Add quality content to your site which attracts more visitors and search engines too. The content should not only limited to bulky text but can be an audio, a video or series of pictures, and if the post get viral on the web, your blog Alexa Ranking will boost immediately.

04. Update your Blog constantly

Don’t be lazy while blogging as the blogging is not a lazy game. It wants you to be more active. So be active and updates your blog on regular basis (daily or at least weekly). Alexa really like the blogs or sites which updates regularly rather than static sites and give them better ranking.

05. Write about Alexa

In order to get a good Alexa reputation in term of decrease Alexa Rank, give them a backlink. It has been noticed that the site pointing or linking back to Alexa got better Alexa ranking soon after the Alexa detect a backlink from that site. Based on the principal of “Give and Take”, give Alexa a backlink and take good Alexa ranking in return.

In addition to this, your post about Alexa will attract other visitors who want to hear about Alexa, and most of them would probably installed Alexa Toolbar on browsers which will boost your ranking

06. Make Your Site Search Engine Optimized

Again, think of Alexa as a Search engine (like Google or Yahoo) and make your site optimize for them. A site with good SEO status got better rank in Alexa. DO optimize your Online, Offline and On-page SEO in order to get better Alexa rank.

This post might help you to improve your onsite SEO


07. Write content about SEO, Blogging

Well this is a tricky step and has guaranteed outcome on Alexa rank. Writing post about SEO, Alexa ranking, Blogging, hosting, web development and designing will catch bloggers and developers as visitors. These targeted visitors are most likely to have Alexa toolbar installed and as stated earlier, the more your site visits from Alexa toolbar installed browsers, the more it will get reputation and better ranking in Alexa Ranking system.

08. Get quality backlinks

As a key component of SEO, quality backlinks are crucial and 100% necessary for good Alexa ranking and the site with more backlinks especially quality backlinks from high PageRank sites, get good Alexa rank. Search for High PageRank Dofollow enabled sites and comment on them consecutively.

Here is a list of 45+ PageRank 8, 7, 6 and 5 Dofollow enabled Blogs List to get quality backlinks

09. Submit XML sitemap to Search engines

Submitting your site xml to search engines is also a key step of Search Engine Optimization and the way to get all your pages index in search engines. More indexed pages will boost Alexa rank for sure.

10. Submit your site to bookmarking and directories

Do not only relay on traffic from search engine but do submit your site to social bookmarking sites. This will help your site to get popular, bring more traffic to it and result in better Alexa ranking. Also submit your site to online internet directories (there are lots of free there e.g. dmoz.com) to get backlinks from theses directories as well as better SEO which will in turn, give you better Alexa Rank.

Here is a huge list of 101 High PageRank Social Bookmarking Sites To Improve SEO

Bonus Tip To Improve Alexa Rank

If you own a blog and want a good Alexa rank, just enable CommentLuv plugin on it. This plugin will attract more visitors who want a dofollow backlinks by commenting on your blog as the plugin rewards visitors or commentators with a dofollow backlink and most of these visitors are usually webmasters or bloggers, probably have Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers, surfing your site through which will results in better Alexa ranking of your site.

Read Why People Love to Comment On CommentLuv Blogs

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Top Reason Behind Poor Alexa Ranking of Your Site

Why Alexa Rank of My site goes Poorer - Get Answer

Why Alexa Rank of My site goes Poorer - Get Answer

My blog Alexa rank dropped and increased few times in its primitive ages (remember, the lower is better). I don’t know why this happened but it was really annoying as I put efforts to make my Alexa rank better but it sometimes suddenly dropped to zero. So I came with these questions in my mind:[AdSense-A]

  1. What is Alexa Ranking?
  2. Why it is Important?
  3. Why my site Alexa Rank goes Poorer?
  4. Why my site Alexa rank goes zero?
  5. How to improve my site Alexa Rank?

In this post, here we try to solve the question “Why My Site Alexa Rank Goes Poorer (Increase)?” and “Why my site Alexa rank goes zero?” in the light of opinions from expert’s bloggers. So if you too have this concern, read the post to know why it happens:

1. Decreased Traffic To Your Site

Traffic is the key to success and a good indicator of a blog or site reputation. Alexa, for sure, monitor the traffic to an individual site and measure it progress with how well the website or blog attract visitors. Thus for a good Alexa ranking, you need a good traffic to your site. So if you’re Alexa Ranking is static or increasing (remember the lower is better), it means your site traffic is dropping.

2. No Regular Updates

Another reason which affects your Alexa Ranking, both in a good or bad way, is how frequently or seldomly you update your blog or website and post good content. The more regular you update and post on your blog the more better your Alexa rank would be and vice versa. Alexa really love sites which post daily as compare to those which post weekly and so on. Remember, if you post on blog when you are board then don’t expect a good Alexa ranking. To have a good Alexa rank, you need to set a regular posting schedule and have to stick to it. So be consistent to your posting habit and post on blog when your visitors want not when you want.

3. Low Quality Content

Websites or blogs with poor contents don’t attract visitors and therefore, Alexa and Search engines as well. Visitors and Alexa both love quality contents and give more priority to the site with unique and quality contents. So if your site lacks this, it will lack good Alexa rank as well.

Another hindrance in good Alexa ranking is low amount of backlinks. With good and quality contents being posted on your blog, there is a chance that your post would get viral and you’ll get numbers of backlinks to your site or blog in turn which will results in improved Alexa rank.

4. Low Quantity or Quality of back-links

Think Alexa as search engine and like all search engine, Alexa determine the blog reputation by how much backlinks have been made to the particular website or blog. Search some popular blog or websites for their Alexa ranking and you will see at the bottom of the Alexa site info page the numbers of site linking in to that particular site. For example Mashable.com has Alexa Rank 196 and when you see the backlinks made to this site are 97, 178. That’s really big number of backlinks. So if your site has low backlinks, it will definitely have poor Alexa rank.5.

5. No Blog Promotion

Don’t rely on search engine to send you traffic to your site, but if you do so, you may experience a poor Alexa rank, or it may go increase (poorer) day by day. The engagement of people on social media about your blog or site really meter in sense of Alexa ranking. So don’t be lazy in this regards and promote your blog on social media and bookmarking sites to get more visitors and built reputation which will enhance your Alexa ranking.

6. Duplicate content

Among all the factors which lead to poorer or suddenly increase in the Alexa Ranking is duplicate content. Once again, think of search engines which crawls your whole site and can easily determine plagiarism or duplicate content, Alexa do so. Alexa crawl bot too, scan your site and comes to know whether you have posted original content or had copy it from elsewhere. If this is the matter, there is no way to complain about your poor Alexa rank as it is from your site not from Alexa.

Don’t be the one to copy paste content from other sites, be the one who post original and unique content that really attract and engaged visitors.

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