Top 10 Fastest Bowlers & Deliveries in Cricket History

Fastest Bowlers in Cricket

Hey Cricket fans, can you name the fastest bowler of cricket history? If not, see the below list that we have compiled for your information. A fast bowler in Cricket is considered as an important player. He for sure, can change the game in favor of his team. He can take out the team out of crises with his fast deliveries. However there are Spinners who spun the ball and take wickets with their magical googly, a fast bowler in the team is always a nightmare for opponents, especially if he is Shoaib Akhtar or Brett Lee. These two for sure are the fastest bowlers in the shortest history of cricket.


Cricket is the most interesting and thrilling game where each and every ball can be unexpected. A 160 km/h bowl blows the wickets away; can be deadly for the batsmen too. Here we have compiled a list of fastest bowlers in the history with their average and fastest bowl deliveries. These cricketers have terrorized the opponent team. Check it if your favorite bowlers are in the top ten or five and if any of your country player is in the list.

Top 10 Fastest Bowlers and Deliveries Table

S. No Bowler Avg. Speed Top Speed Against
1 Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan) ~151 km/h 161.3 km/h England
2 Shaun Tait (Australia) ~150 km/h 161.1 km/h New Zealand
3 Brett Lee (Australia) ~150 km/h 160.0 km/h New Zealand
4 Jeffrey Thompson (Australia) ~148 km/h 160.6 km/h WACA Study
5 Mitchell Starc (Australia) ~14 km/h 160.4km/h New Zealand
6 Andy Roberts (West Indies) ~140 km/h 159.5 km/h Australia
7 Fidel Edwards (West Indies) ~140 km/h 157.7 km/h South Africa
8 Mitchell Johnson (Australia) ~142 km/h 156.8 km/h England
9 Muhammad Sami (Pakistan) ~140km/h 156.4 km/h Zimbabwe
10 Shane Bond (New Zealand) ~140km/h 156.4 km/h India


1. Shoaib Akhtar (161.3 km/h)

Born and rise in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and well known as the “Pindi Express”, Shoaib Akhtar was an Ultra fast bowler and the first one to reach the 100 miles per hour. Shoaib Akhtar is not only the Pakistan fastest bowler but he holds the record of the fastest bowl delivery and that was 161.3 km/h. He delivered his career fastest bowl against the England in 2003 in Newland Cricket stadium. He has an average bowling speed of 151 plus which make him the nightmare for the top batsmen including the Sachin Tendulkar. Shoaib Akhtar is the Official Fastest Bowler Record holder of Guinness World Records

Shoaib Akhtar


  • Country Pakistan
  • Average Bowling Speed ~151 km/h
  • Fastest Delivery 161.3 km/h
  • When World Cup 2003
  • Where Newlands
  • Against Knick Knight (England)

2. Shaun Tait  (161.1 km/h)

In 2010, the Lord’s stadium and the viewers there witnessed the 2nd fastest ball being delivered by Australian bowler Shaun Tait. The speed of the ball just touches the mesmerizing figure of 100 miles per hours. This happens in a match against England where Shaun bowls with the speed of 161.1 km/h (100. mph). The 2nd fastest delivery by the bowler was against Pakistan with record of 160.7 km/h speed. Shaun Tait remains the successful bowler for his country, meanwhile broke the record of his own colleague, an Australian cricketer Brett Lee.

Shaun Tait


  • Country Australia
  • Average Bowling Speed ~150 km/h
  • Fastest Delivery 161.1 km/h
  • When 2005
  • Where Napier
  • Against New Zealand

3. Brett Lee (161.0 km/h)

In our list of top 10 fastest bowlers, Brett Lee is on the 3rd spot by delivering his career fastest delivery with the speed of 161.1 km/h. Brett Lee is one of the most successful bowler and most wicket taker of Australian team, whose average bowling speed is around 150. And this was happened in Napier in 2005 where he bowled against the New Zealand. Brett Lee is the second bowler after Shoaib Akhtar who recognized by ICC to bowl at the speed of 100 miles per hours.

Brett Lee


  • Country Australia
  • Average Bowling Speed ~150 km/h
  • Fastest Delivery 161.0 km/h
  • When 2005
  • Where Napier
  • Against New Zealand

4. Jeffrey Thompson (160.6 km/h)

On number 4th of our list, the bowler is from Australia who has played cricket in 70s and 80s. It was the time when there was lacking of such accurate and reliable equipment exists today. A study was conducted in WACA ground to calculate the speed of the top bowlers of that time. Jeff Thompson was the part of that. He bowled at the speed of 160.6 km/h there. He was considered the fastest bowler of his time while some batsmen still believe that he was faster than Shaun Tait and Shoaib Akhtar.

Jeffrey Thompson


  • Country Australia
  • Average Bowling Speed ~148 km/h
  • Fastest Delivery 160.6 km/h
  • When 1976
  • Where WACA Ground


5. Mitchell Starc 160.4km/h

Here comes another Australian player and fast bowler Mitchell Starc. Starc average bowling speed is 144 plus and the fastest ball being delivered by him was 100 mph or 160.4 km/h. And this happened at WACA ground in a test match against New Zealand in 2015.

Mitchell Starc


  • Country Australia
  • Average Bowling Speed ~144 km/h
  • Fastest Delivery 160.4 km/h
  • When 1976
  • Where WACA Ground
  • Against New Zealand

6. Andy Roberts (159.5 km/h)

On number 6th, here is the first bowler in the list from West Indies.  He was the most successful bowler in his team as well and has taken 7 wickets in an innings two times. Andy Roberts Fastest bowl was at the speed of 99.11 mph or 159.5 km/h. He although didn’t touch the 100 figure in his career.

Andy Roberts


  • Country West Indies
  • Average Bowling Speed ~140 km/h
  • Fastest Delivery 159.5 km/h
  • When 1975
  • Where WACA Ground
  • Against Australia

7. Fidel Edwards (157.7 km/h)

From the current squad of West Indies, here comes the bowler on the 7th spot in our list of top 10 fastest bowlers in cricket history. He delivered the fastest bowl of his career against South Africa in 2003 at Wanderers Cricket Stadium. The speed of that bowl was 157.7 km/h. However his average bowling speed is not consistent and is somewhat between 140 to 144 km/h

Fidel Edwards


  • Country West Indies
  • Average Bowling Speed ~140 km/h
  • Fastest Delivery 157.7 km/h
  • When 2003
  • Where Wanderers Cricket Stadium
  • Against South Africa

8. Mitchell Johnson (156.8 km/h)

Another Australian pace bowler Mitchell Johnson who bowled at the speed of 156.8 against England. This happened in Melbourne in 2013in the 4th Ashes Series test match. He is the current serving fast bowler of Australian team and has an average bowling speed around 142km/h.

Mitchell Johnson


  • Country Australia
  • Average Bowling Speed ~142 km/h
  • Fastest Delivery 156.8 km/h
  • When 2013
  • Where Melbourne
  • Against England (Ashes Series)


9. Muhammad Sami (156.4 km/h)

Muhammad Sami is a right-armed fast bowler from Pakistan. This talented pace bowler has delivered his career fastest delivery at the speed of 156.4 km/h against Zimbabwe in 2003 in Sharjah. He is a consistent bowler with average speed around 140 km/h.

Mohammad Sami


  • Country Pakistan
  • Average Bowling Speed ~140 km/h
  • Fastest Delivery 156.4 km/h
  • When 2003
  • Where Sharjah Cricket Stadium
  • Against Zimbabwe

10. Shane Bond (156.4 km/h)

Here comes the first fast bowler from New Zealand, Shane Bond. He was a nightmare for the batsmen and has blow out their wickets with his striking deliveries. His fastest bowl was against India in 2003 World Cup in Centurion. The speed recorded was 156.4 km/h.

Shane Bond


  • Country New Zealand
  • Average Bowling Speed ~140 km/h
  • Fastest Delivery 156.4 km/h
  • When 2003
  • Where Centurion Cricket Stadium (South Africa)
  • Against India
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Watch PTV Sports Live Streaming Online Free [Review]

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PTV Sports Live

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Why NFL Annual Championship Game Called Super Bowl

How Super Bowl Gets its Name

You might be a big fan of American Football and the NFL, but did you know that your popular America Football sporting event Super Bowl was initially called the AFL-NFL championship Game for the first two years and then the “World Champion Game” for the next game that was held in 1970. So why we called it Super Bowl now? Who suggest the name for the former AFL-NFL championship? When the name was suggested, when it goes official? There is an interesting story behind the origin of this name but first we’ll take a look of the 2 words, “Super” and “Bowl” to answer all these questions.


Both these words, Super and Bowl are not new and enter the English language a thousand year ago. We all know that Bowl is referred to a deep and round basin or dish that is used to store food or contain water. But did you know that in the context of sports, the term bowl is used for Stadiums that shaped like a bowl. Most commonly the football stadiums are shape like this so that every person can watch the match uninterruptedly. The basin shaped stadiums are first built in early 1900s and the first know bowl-shaped stadium was the Yale Bowl and the one built in 1923, the Rose Bowl.

From Superball to Super Bowl

From Super Ball to Super Bowl


So it is now clear that the bowl actually used for a stadium a bowl shaped ground in sports which means that the word bowl is used in some context in sports. However the origin or the name super bowl is not inspired with the stadiums. It is actually inspired from and a misspell of Super Ball and was first introduced and suggested by Lamar Hunt, Businessman, a member of American Football League and the owner of Kansas City Chiefs . In 1966, Hunt wrote letter to the NFL commissioner of that time Mr. Pete Rozelle about the name he has in his mind. He wrote “I have kiddingly called the game the ‘Super Bowl’ which obviously can be improved upon.” Hunt later stated that he inspired with the word Super Ball used for a rubber ball. So it means it was not the Bowl-shaped stadiums but it was the Super Ball from which the name for the popular American sporting event coined.


However the Hunt’s suggested name do not take seriously at that time by NFL and hence the first 3 events are named as AFL-NFL championship and world championship game, which is obviously not attractive and specific. Once the AFL came into the authority and when considered equally to the AFL, the name Super Bowl is considered for the game. It happened after the New York Jets (AFL team) won against the NFL Green Bay Packers. Click here for the complete list of super bowl winners.

Now that was all about the name process, do you know why the event is numbered or suffixed with Roman Numerals? The same person, the Lamar Hunt advised to use the roman digits with the contests. And after that, it becomes a tradition which continues till today .

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World Series Winners List and Standings

World Series Winners

Baseball fans out there especially the fans of MLB would name their most favorite game show and sport event. Yes, for them the World Series is more awaited event than the FIFA World Cup or the ICC world cup. Baseball which is also known as America Cricket is a bat and ball game. Since it is the national sport of America, the sport is most loved in America than any other country. World Series is played among 2 United States leagues of Baseball that are American League and National League. Champions from both leagues face each other in the final of World Series. Championship is awarded to the team with best-of-seven playoff. The championship trophy for the World Series is known as Commissioner’s Trophy as well.


Fact: Do you know that the current World Series 2015 winners are Kansas City Royals

The first World Series was played in 1903 and since then, it is played every year. The only exception where there were no Series held was 1904 and 1994. In 1904, the champion of previous World Series Boston Americas refused to play and in 1994 the Series was canceled due to strike of player. Up till now, 111 World Series have been played. Overall, the American League has won 63 titles while the National League has won the title 48 times. New York Yankees from the American League appears 40 times while own the trophy 27 times. That is most of the time than any other team in both divisions. On the top second list of most winning teams resides the St. Louis Cardinals, a franchise form National League won the championship 11 times while they appears in World Series 19 times.


Fact: Do you know that the winner team of the World Series each year invited to White House to meet the United States President

World Series Winner List

Year Winning team Losing team Games
1903 Boston Americans (1, 1–0) Pittsburg Pirates (1, 0–1) 5–3
1904 No World Series
1905 New York Giants (1, 1–0) Philadelphia Athletics (1, 0–1) 4–1
1906 Chicago White Sox (1, 1–0) Chicago Cubs (1, 0–1) 4–2
1907 Chicago Cubs (2, 1–1) Detroit Tigers (1, 0–1) 4–0–(1)
1908 Chicago Cubs (3, 2–1) Detroit Tigers (2, 0–2) 4–1
1909 Pittsburg Pirates (2, 1–1) Detroit Tigers (3, 0–3) 4–3
1910 Philadelphia Athletics (2, 1–1) Chicago Cubs (4, 2–2) 4–1
1911 Philadelphia Athletics (3, 2–1) New York Giants (2, 1–1) 4–2
1912 Boston Red Sox (2, 2–0) New York Giants (3, 1–2) 4–3–(1)
1913 Philadelphia Athletics (4, 3–1) New York Giants (4, 1–3) 4–1
1914 Boston Braves (1, 1–0) Philadelphia Athletics (5, 3–2) 4–0
1915 Boston Red Sox (3, 3–0) Philadelphia Phillies (1, 0–1) 4–1
1916 Boston Red Sox (4, 4–0) Brooklyn Robins (1, 0–1) 4–1
1917 Chicago White Sox (2, 2–0) New York Giants (5, 1–4) 4–2
1918 Boston Red Sox (5, 5–0) Chicago Cubs (5, 2–3) 4–2
1919 Cincinnati Reds (1, 1–0) Chicago White Sox (3, 2–1) 5–3
1920 Cleveland Indians (1, 1–0) Brooklyn Robins (2, 0–2) 5–2
1921 New York Giants (6, 2–4) New York Yankees (1, 0–1) 5–3
1922 New York Giants (7, 3–4) New York Yankees (2, 0–2) 4–0–(1)
1923 New York Yankees (3, 1–2) New York Giants (8, 3–5) 4–2
1924 Washington Senators (1, 1–0) New York Giants (9, 3–6) 4–3
1925 Pittsburgh Pirates (3, 2–1) Washington Senators (2, 1–1) 4–3
1926 St. Louis Cardinals (1, 1–0) New York Yankees (4, 1–3) 4–3
1927 New York Yankees (5, 2–3) Pittsburgh Pirates (4, 2–2) 4–0
1928 New York Yankees (6, 3–3) St. Louis Cardinals (2, 1–1) 4–0
1929 Philadelphia Athletics (6, 4–2) Chicago Cubs (6, 2–4) 4–1
1930 Philadelphia Athletics (7, 5–2) St. Louis Cardinals (3, 1–2) 4–2
1931 St. Louis Cardinals (4, 2–2) Philadelphia Athletics (8, 5–3) 4–3
1932 New York Yankees (7, 4–3) Chicago Cubs (7, 2–5) 4–0
1933 New York Giants (10, 4–6) Washington Senators (3, 1–2) 4–1
1934 St. Louis Cardinals (5, 3–2) Detroit Tigers (4, 0–4) 4–3
1935 Detroit Tigers (5, 1–4) Chicago Cubs (8, 2–6) 4–2
1936 New York Yankees (8, 5–3) New York Giants (11, 4–7) 4–2
1937 New York Yankees (9, 6–3) New York Giants (12, 4–8) 4–1
1938 New York Yankees (10, 7–3) Chicago Cubs (9, 2–7) 4–0
1939 New York Yankees (11, 8–3) Cincinnati Reds (2, 1–1) 4–0
1940 Cincinnati Reds (3, 2–1) Detroit Tigers (6, 1–5) 4–3
1941 New York Yankees (12, 9–3) Brooklyn Dodgers (3, 0–3) 4–1
1942 St. Louis Cardinals (6, 4–2) New York Yankees (13, 9–4) 4–1
1943 New York Yankees (14, 10–4) St. Louis Cardinals (7, 4–3) 4–1
1944 St. Louis Cardinals (8, 5–3) St. Louis Browns (1, 0–1) 4–2
1945 Detroit Tigers (7, 2–5) Chicago Cubs (10, 2–8) 4–3
1946 St. Louis Cardinals (9, 6–3) Boston Red Sox (6, 5–1) 4–3
1947 New York Yankees (15, 11–4) Brooklyn Dodgers (4, 0–4) 4–3
1948 Cleveland Indians (2, 2–0) Boston Braves (2, 1–1) 4–2
1949 New York Yankees (16, 12–4) Brooklyn Dodgers (5, 0–5) 4–1
1950 New York Yankees (17, 13–4) Philadelphia Phillies (2, 0–2) 4–0
1951 New York Yankees (18, 14–4) New York Giants (13, 4–9) 4–2
1952 New York Yankees (19, 15–4) Brooklyn Dodgers (6, 0–6) 4–3
1953 New York Yankees (20, 16–4) Brooklyn Dodgers (7, 0–7) 4–2
1954 New York Giants (14, 5–9) Cleveland Indians (3, 2–1) 4–0
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers (8, 1–7) New York Yankees (21, 16–5) 4–3
1956 New York Yankees (22, 17–5) Brooklyn Dodgers (9, 1–8) 4–3
1957 Milwaukee Braves (3, 2–1) New York Yankees (23, 17–6) 4–3
1958 New York Yankees (24, 18–6) Milwaukee Braves (4, 2–2) 4–3
1959 Los Angeles Dodgers (10, 2–8) Chicago White Sox (4, 2–2) 4–2
1960 Pittsburgh Pirates (5, 3–2) New York Yankees (25, 18–7) 4–3
1961 New York Yankees (26, 19–7) Cincinnati Reds (4, 2–2) 4–1
1962 New York Yankees (27, 20–7) San Francisco Giants (15, 5–10) 4–3
1963 Los Angeles Dodgers (11, 3–8) New York Yankees (28, 20–8) 4–0
1964 St. Louis Cardinals (10, 7–3) New York Yankees (29, 20–9) 4–3
1965 Los Angeles Dodgers (12, 4–8) Minnesota Twins (4, 1–3) 4–3
1966 Baltimore Orioles (2, 1–1) Los Angeles Dodgers (13, 4–9) 4–0
1967 St. Louis Cardinals (11, 8–3) Boston Red Sox (7, 5–2) 4–3
1968 Detroit Tigers (8, 3–5) St. Louis Cardinals (12, 8–4) 4–3
1969 New York Mets (1, 1–0) Baltimore Orioles (3, 1–2) 4–1
1970 Baltimore Orioles (4, 2–2) Cincinnati Reds (5, 2–3) 4–1
1971 Pittsburgh Pirates (6, 4–2) Baltimore Orioles (5, 2–3) 4–3
1972 Oakland Athletics (9, 6–3) Cincinnati Reds (6, 2–4) 4–3
1973 Oakland Athletics (10, 7–3) New York Mets (2, 1–1) 4–3
1974 Oakland Athletics (11, 8–3) Los Angeles Dodgers (14, 4–10) 4–1
1975 Cincinnati Reds (7, 3–4) Boston Red Sox (8, 5–3) 4–3
1976 Cincinnati Reds (8, 4–4) New York Yankees (30, 20–10) 4–0
1977 New York Yankees (31, 21–10) Los Angeles Dodgers (15, 4–11) 4–2
1978 New York Yankees (32, 22–10) Los Angeles Dodgers (16, 4–12) 4–2
1979 Pittsburgh Pirates (7, 5–2) Baltimore Orioles (6, 2–4) 4–3
1980 Philadelphia Phillies (3, 1–2) Kansas City Royals (1, 0–1) 4–2
1981 Los Angeles Dodgers (17, 5–12) New York Yankees (33, 22–11) 4–2
1982 St. Louis Cardinals (13, 9–4) Milwaukee Brewers[L1] (1, 0–1) 4–3
1983 Baltimore Orioles (7, 3–4) Philadelphia Phillies (4, 1–3) 4–1
1984 Detroit Tigers (9, 4–5) San Diego Padres (1, 0–1) 4–1
1985 Kansas City Royals (2, 1–1) St. Louis Cardinals (14, 9–5) 4–3
1986 New York Mets (3, 2–1) Boston Red Sox (9, 5–4) 4–3
1987 Minnesota Twins (5, 2–3) St. Louis Cardinals (15, 9–6) 4–3
1988 Los Angeles Dodgers (18, 6–12) Oakland Athletics (12, 8–4) 4–1
1989 Oakland Athletics (13, 9–4) San Francisco Giants (16, 5–11) 4–0
1990 Cincinnati Reds (9, 5–4) Oakland Athletics (14, 9–5) 4–0
1991 Minnesota Twins (6, 3–3) Atlanta Braves (5, 2–3) 4–3
1992 Toronto Blue Jays (1, 1–0) Atlanta Braves (6, 2–4) 4–2
1993 Toronto Blue Jays (2, 2–0) Philadelphia Phillies (5, 1–4) 4–2
1994 No World Series (Players’ Strike)
1995 Atlanta Braves (7, 3–4) Cleveland Indians (4, 2–2) 4–2
1996 New York Yankees (34, 23–11) Atlanta Braves (8, 3–5) 4–2
1997 Florida Marlins[W] (1, 1–0) Cleveland Indians (5, 2–3) 4–3
1998 New York Yankees (35, 24–11) San Diego Padres (2, 0–2) 4–0
1999 New York Yankees (36, 25–11) Atlanta Braves (9, 3–6) 4–0
2000 New York Yankees (37, 26–11) New York Mets (4, 2–2)[W] 4–1
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks (1, 1–0) New York Yankees (38, 26–12) 4–3
2002 Anaheim Angels[W] (1, 1–0) San Francisco Giants (17, 5–12)[W] 4–3
2003 Florida Marlins[W] (2, 2–0) New York Yankees (39, 26–13) 4–2
2004 Boston Red Sox[W] (10, 6–4) St. Louis Cardinals (16, 9–7) 4–0
2005 Chicago White Sox (5, 3–2) Houston Astros[W] (1, 0–1) 4–0
2006 St. Louis Cardinals (17, 10–7) Detroit Tigers[W] (10, 4–6) 4–1
2007 Boston Red Sox (11, 7–4) Colorado Rockies[W] (1, 0–1) 4–0
2008 Philadelphia Phillies (6, 2–4) Tampa Bay Rays (1, 0–1) 4–1
2009 New York Yankees (40, 27–13) Philadelphia Phillies (7, 2–5) 4–2
2010 San Francisco Giants (18, 6–12) Texas Rangers (1, 0–1) 4–1
2011 St. Louis Cardinals[W] (18, 11–7) Texas Rangers (2, 0–2) 4–3
2012 San Francisco Giants (19, 7–12) Detroit Tigers (11, 4–7) 4–0
2013 Boston Red Sox (12, 8–4) St. Louis Cardinals (19, 11–8) 4–2
2014 San Francisco Giants[W] (20, 8–12) Kansas City Royals[W] (3, 1–2) 4–3
2015 Kansas City Royals (4, 2–2) New York Mets (5, 2–3) 4–1

World Series MLB Team Standings

Above is the complete list of winners, here is the team-wise standings of all the team that won the series one or more times. Well, NY Yankees won the title 27th times, that’s a record. The next most successful team is St. Louis Cardinals who appears in the series 19 times and won 11 out of it. On the 3rd place in the list of most winning teams, Oakland Athletics makes it position by winning 9 out of 14 games. A complete list of World Series Standings is given below

  • New York Yankees appears 40 times and won 27
  • Louis Cardinals appears 19 times and won 11
  • Oakland Athletics (Kansas City/Philadelphia) appears 11 times and won 9
  • San Francisco Giants (New York) appears 20 times and won 8
  • Boston Red Sox (Americans) appears 12 times and won 8
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (Brooklyn) appears 18 times and won 6
  • Cincinnati Reds appears 9 times and won 5
  • Pittsburgh Pirates appears 7 times and won 5
  • Detroit Tigers appears 11 times and won 4
  • Atlanta Braves (Milwaukee/Boston) appears 9 times and won 3
  • Baltimore Orioles (St. Louis Browns) appears 7 times and won 3
  • Minnesota Twins (Washington Senators) appears 6 times and won 3
  • Chicago White Sox appears 5 times and won 3
  • Chicago Cubs appears 10 times and won 2
  • Philadelphia Phillies appears 7 times and won 2
  • Cleveland Indians appears 5 times and won 2
  • New York Mets appears 5 times and won 2
  • Kansas City Royals appears 4 times and won 2
  • Miami Marlins (Florida) appears 2 times and won 2
  • Toronto Blue Jays appears 2 times and won 2
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim appears 1 times and won 1
  • Arizona Diamondbacks appears 1 times and won 1
World Series 2015 winners

Kansas City Royals, World Series 2015 winners

Click here for FIFA World Cup winners and team standings

There are some teams both from National League and American League that have never won a single World Series. These including

Colorado Rockies, Brooklyn Robins, Houston Astros, Kansas City Athletics, Houston Colt .45s, Milwaukee Brewers, Seattle Mariners, Montreal Expos, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, Seattle Pilots, Washington Nationals, St. Louis Browns.

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Winners of ICC Twenty20 World Cup

T20 World Cup Winners

The battle of T20 world cup fought this year and the cricket fans got crazy to watch it online. ICC Twenty20 world is the second most liked and most favorite sports event in cricket after the ICC ODI World Cup. It is relatively new competition that has just introduced after emergence of the shorter cricket format the T20. The first Word T20 was held in 2007 in South Africa and won by India. Pakistan was the runner-up. The last begin played recently in 2016 and the won by West Indies against the England. And, it was the second time West Indies become the champion of world T20.


The next two world cups in T20 formats are planed to be held in 2018 and 2020 respectively. However the host for the 2018 world cup is not yet announced, will be announced soon by ICC. It’s been rumored  that South Africa will be the next host. The 2020 world cup will be hosted by Australia. We will let you know soon when the schedule for 2018 world cup announce.

T20 World Cup Winners

For Live World Cup matches Online, Click Here

Winners of ICC Twenty20 World Cup

Year Host(s) Winner Runner-up Result
2007 South Africa India
157/5 (20 overs)
152 all out (19.4 overs)
India won by 5 runs
2009 England Pakistan
139/2 (18.4 overs)
Sri Lanka
138/6 (20 overs)
Pakistan won by 8 wickets
2010 West Indies England
148/3 (17 overs)
147/6 (20 overs)
England won by 7 wickets
2012 Sri Lanka West Indies
137/6 (20 overs)
Sri Lanka
101 all out (18.4 overs)
West Indies won by 36 runs
2014 Bangladesh Sri Lanka
134/4 (17.5 overs)
130/4 (20 overs)
Sri Lanka won by 6 wickets
2016 India West Indies
161/6 (19.4 overs)
155/9 (20 overs)
West Indies won by 4 wickets
2018 To Be announced
2020 Australia



Since 2007 till now, total 6 Twenty20 world cup competitions have held. The event held every two year. Almost same number of teams participates in the T20 world cup; few directly while other through a qualifying round.  There were total 16 teams in world T20 this year (2016). List of the teams participated in 2016 world cup are following:

See the Winners of ICC World Cup ODI

  • Pakistan: Won the world cup of 2009
  • Australia: The most successful team in ICC ODI World Cup, but has no T20 world cup won yet
  • India: The champion of the first World T20 Cup.
  • England: Hosted 2009 event and the winner of 2010
  • South Africa: The host for the first world cup T20
  • New Zealand
  • Sri Lanka won the world cup 2014 against the India
  • Bangladesh: Hosted 2014 world cup Twenty20
  • West Indies: won the vent 2 times
  • Zimbabwe
  • Netherlands
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Afghanistan
  • Hong Kong
  • Oman
Twenty20 World Cup 2016 Champions

West Indies Celebrating the Victory of Winning T20 world cup 2016


The Most Successful World T20 Team

West Indies is the current world T20 champion has won the event 2 times, once in 2012 and other in 2016.No other team has held the winner title for two times, however 4 other countries have won the championship one time. These include Pakistan, India, England and Sri Lanka. The Current ICC World Cup, the ODI Fifty50 format, champion Australia, who won the ICC Cup 5 times, fails to prove themselves in the shorter format of cricket. Australia remains the runner-up however in 2010 World Cup and lost the match against England. India appears 2 times in the final of the main event, won one with one being lost against the Sri Lanka in 2014.

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Vipbox TV EU for Free Sports streaming Online


For the fan of sports, especially for those who love to watch their favorite sports show online on their computer screen, here we bring another cool website, “the Vipbox”. Vipbox is a sports streaming site that has indexed a huge volume of live streaming of almost every single sports. It means that there you can watch Rugby and its important events live Rugby World Cup, the Ice Hockey and NHL playoff for Stanley Cup, Football and FIFA world cup matches, Cricket including the T20, ODIs and test matches like the recent series between the India vs West Indies and the Pak vs Eng test series 2016. Not only these few popular sports streaming but is a kind of live TV for other less popular sports such as Gold, Swimming, Cycling, F1 racing, Boxing, TNA and UFC.


What makes it special to watch all the above mentioned sports live with VIPbox is that it provides real time steaming service. It means that the site will let you know in advance about the date and time where a match will held and the link to the server / site hosting the stream for that particular match. On an average, the VIP Box’s front page is filled with at least 100+ streaming links, all which is about to go on-air in next hours. Another great feature of VIPBoxtv sports streaming website that is free of cost and requires no registration, no account and unlike most other streaming sites, there is no monthly or weekly based subscription. Just visiting the site will reveals the sports streaming treasures on you. Enjoy the live sports with VIPbox TV.

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Which Sports can you stream with Vipbox

A number of sports are listed on their main page, here is the quick over of each sports that you can watch live on the site. Watch the list to see if your favorite sport is being listed there



Vipbox Football Streaming

Fans of football can watch the upcoming Copa America, Euro Football cup or the 2018 FIFA world cup live with their streaming services. There are numerous streaming links indexed for any single football match so in case one link is down, you would have a live alternate. So watch soccer uninterruptedly with VIP Box.

Cricket Streaming

Cricket matches and series are always on-air. Out of 20 countries being playing cricket 4 to 5 countries are playing a cricket series almost every month. Cricket live streaming is most searched on internet. So cricket fans, there is no need to surf here and there for live cricket streaming, vipbox is sufficient solely for you. Here you can watch the ICC World Cup, the T20 world cup, Asia Cup, IPL, CPL, PSL, BSL, and other cricket series held between the ICC full and non-full member teams.

Baseball Streaming

Not only Cricket and football but the baseball viewers can take advantage from the Vip box tv as well. The site stream the MLB matches and of course broadcast live streaming of the World Series.

Vipbox UFC Streaming

Get excited for the upcoming UFC fight between Stephen Thompson vs Rory MacDonald. Perhaps UFC fights are the most PPV events, now with VIP Box sports TV, you can watch the fight of Broke Lisaner and Robbie Lawler. The site also stream the WWE fights.

Rugby Streaming

Rugby or American football is the 3rd most popular game. And to entertain the huge fans of Rugby and the super bowl, the vip box brings an array of live streaming of the most popular game show. On VIP box front page, you can see the upcoming rugby union or the rugby federation matches and the link along with it to the streaming site.

So visit the now and see your favorite sport streaming there for free. If you didn’t found the streaming there, you can make a request to them via email and they will bring the live streaming of the sport of your choice or the game show live.

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