Top 10 Interesting Human Psychological Facts

10 interesting Psychological Facts

1. Lies Lies – The average person tells 4 lies a day, 28 lies a week, 1460 a year and a total of 87,600 till they are 60. The most common lie of which is ‘I’m fine’. It is said that lying is the second thing Human develop soon after they learn to walk. (a 2 year old baby can ... Read More »

5 Most Weird Phobias that are Unbelievable !!!

5 Most Weird Phobias

Phobia is a Psychological disorder which can be defined as an irrational and irresistible  fear of something which is usually not that much scary to others. Following is a list and explanation of Five most Weird Phobias. 1. Geliophobia  – Fear of Laughter Geliophobia or gelophobia (The Laughter Phobia, from Greek “gelo” meaning “laugh”) is the fear of one’s own laughter ... Read More »

10 Amazing facts about Bacteria

Top 10 Amazing Facts about Bacteria

Bacteria are the oldest living organism on Earth. Their 3.5 billion years sold fossils are found Bacteria make largest biomass on Earth (half of total biomass) more than plants and animal (a single gram of Soil contains about 40 million bacterial cells; an mL of fresh water contains 1 million bacteria). They produce more oxygen on the other than all ... Read More »

Proof of Ancient Aliens Visits and Interaction with Humans

Proof Of Ancient Aliens Visit to the EarthProof Of Ancient Aliens Visit to the Earth

Are we alone in the universe? Or, is there any extra terrestrials creatures in our neighbors? If yes, had they ever visited us? Did they made contact with us? Had they ever play role in development of our culture and modern technologies? These questions always wondered the human and for which they seeks answer. Many scientist, archeologist and alien theorists ... Read More »

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