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5 Most Weird Phobias that are Unbelievable !!!

5 Most Weird Phobias

Phobia is a Psychological disorder which can be defined as an irrational and irresistible  fear of something which is usually not that much scary to others. Following is a list and explanation of Five most Weird Phobias.

1. Geliophobia  – Fear of Laughter

Geliophobia (Fear of Laugh)

Geliophobia or gelophobia (The Laughter Phobia, from Greek “gelo” meaning “laugh”) is the fear of one’s own laughter or of others or both. The root cause of Geliophobia may be internal (genetic predisposition or heredity) or external traumatic event. The person may experience anxiety, palpitation, dryness of mouth, inability to articulate word and hand tremors, depending upon his level of fear, when hear the someone laughing.[AdSense-A]

 2. Coulrophobia  – Fear of  Clown

Coulrophobia (Fear Of Clown)

Coulrophobia is extreme and irrational fear of clowns. This type is relatively present in children but can also found in teenager and adults. Although the cause may not known but it is sometime results from a traumatize experience with one personally or seeing “scary clowns” with their weird appearance in comics and films. A well-known example of such film is Steven Spielberg horror film “IT” (telecast in 1990s) depicting clown as a murder.

 3. Taphophobia – Fear of Buried alive

Taphophobia (Fear of Buried Alive)

Taken from Greek “taphos” mean grave, Technophobia is the fear of being buried alive.  History reveals that there have been many people who were being accidentally buried alive and the victims of Taphophobia have the same concern to worry about. The number of such cases was quit high in 17th and 18th centuries where people due to certain diseases gone to coma state but had been declared as deceased and were place in grave.

 4. Spectrophobia – Fear of Looking in Mirrors

Spectrophobia(Fear of Mirrors)

Spectrophobia is a morbid fear of looking in mirrors. It is a psychological condition which stem from one of several factors including ones’ dislike appearance or low self esteem, seeing one’s own reflection in darkness as it distorted in strange way, the sufferer may fear the breaking of mirror accidently (which is consider to brought extreme bad luck for them) or any unknown cause. These condition impacts greatly on the victim routine life as the reflective surfaces are common in everywhere.

5. Mneomphobia – Irrational Fear of Memories

Mnemophobia (Fear of Memories)

 For many people, memories are there precious but for the people with Mnemophobia, Memories are the horrifying. People with Mnemophobia are scared of remembering or losing their past memories (as in case of Alzheimer’s disease or other form of Dementia). Victims may have fear of all memories in general or specific fear of certain bad memories due to past traumatic event.

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10 Amazing facts about Bacteria

Top 10 Amazing Facts about Bacteria

Bacterial Fossils Bacteria are the oldest living organism on Earth. Their 3.5 billion years sold fossils are found
Bacterial Biomass Bacteria make largest biomass on Earth (half of total biomass) more than plants and animal (a single gram of Soil contains about 40 million bacterial cells; an mL of fresh water contains 1 million bacteria). They produce more oxygen on the other than all the plants.[AdSense-A]
10x-more-Bacteria-on-Body Bacteria found 10 times greater in numbers on Human body than own body cell (100 Trillion As compare to 10 Trillion Human Body Cells) collectively all these Bacteria weighs 4 pound. But fortunately most of them are harmless or even useful.
Bacteria on Sweat Pores Our sweat is Odorless, the foul smell of sweat is due to Bacterial Normal flora on skin. They mingle with perspiration and produce Odor.
Bacterial Transformation Bacteria adopt genetic change more rapidly which results in new disease and resistance to drugs. Due to this ability, Bacteria are greatly used in Genetic researches.
Bacteria Can Store Data Bacteria are capable to store data. A gram of E. coli (a type of Bacteria) can store more data than a traditional 90 GB Hard disk drive.
Bacteria in Hot Spring Bacteria found on the places where life is not possible. These places including dead sea, Radio Active waste, Acidic Hot spring, and deep Earth Crust)
bacterial Spores When not in a favorable condition, Bacteria cover itself in a highly resistance material to convert into spores to bare extreme condition.  Some form of Bacterial spore can bare 500 0C temperature)
Bacterial Growth Bacteria have high growth rate. They reproduce by Binary Fission (a from of asexual reproduction ) and may reproduce from one cell into 1 million in just 4 hours(double in number each 10 to 20 minutes)
Genetically Engineered Bacteria Bacteria can be engineered genetically to be useful for human being. They can synthesis useful substances (i.e. Insulin, Vitamins) or drugs (i.e. Antibiotics) for human being.


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