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Top Reason Behind Poor Alexa Ranking of Your Site

Why Alexa Rank of My site goes Poorer - Get Answer

Why Alexa Rank of My site goes Poorer - Get Answer

My blog Alexa rank dropped and increased few times in its primitive ages (remember, the lower is better). I don’t know why this happened but it was really annoying as I put efforts to make my Alexa rank better but it sometimes suddenly dropped to zero. So I came with these questions in my mind:[AdSense-A]

  1. What is Alexa Ranking?
  2. Why it is Important?
  3. Why my site Alexa Rank goes Poorer?
  4. Why my site Alexa rank goes zero?
  5. How to improve my site Alexa Rank?

In this post, here we try to solve the question “Why My Site Alexa Rank Goes Poorer (Increase)?” and “Why my site Alexa rank goes zero?” in the light of opinions from expert’s bloggers. So if you too have this concern, read the post to know why it happens:

1. Decreased Traffic To Your Site

Traffic is the key to success and a good indicator of a blog or site reputation. Alexa, for sure, monitor the traffic to an individual site and measure it progress with how well the website or blog attract visitors. Thus for a good Alexa ranking, you need a good traffic to your site. So if you’re Alexa Ranking is static or increasing (remember the lower is better), it means your site traffic is dropping.

2. No Regular Updates

Another reason which affects your Alexa Ranking, both in a good or bad way, is how frequently or seldomly you update your blog or website and post good content. The more regular you update and post on your blog the more better your Alexa rank would be and vice versa. Alexa really love sites which post daily as compare to those which post weekly and so on. Remember, if you post on blog when you are board then don’t expect a good Alexa ranking. To have a good Alexa rank, you need to set a regular posting schedule and have to stick to it. So be consistent to your posting habit and post on blog when your visitors want not when you want.

3. Low Quality Content

Websites or blogs with poor contents don’t attract visitors and therefore, Alexa and Search engines as well. Visitors and Alexa both love quality contents and give more priority to the site with unique and quality contents. So if your site lacks this, it will lack good Alexa rank as well.

Another hindrance in good Alexa ranking is low amount of backlinks. With good and quality contents being posted on your blog, there is a chance that your post would get viral and you’ll get numbers of backlinks to your site or blog in turn which will results in improved Alexa rank.

4. Low Quantity or Quality of back-links

Think Alexa as search engine and like all search engine, Alexa determine the blog reputation by how much backlinks have been made to the particular website or blog. Search some popular blog or websites for their Alexa ranking and you will see at the bottom of the Alexa site info page the numbers of site linking in to that particular site. For example Mashable.com has Alexa Rank 196 and when you see the backlinks made to this site are 97, 178. That’s really big number of backlinks. So if your site has low backlinks, it will definitely have poor Alexa rank.5.

5. No Blog Promotion

Don’t rely on search engine to send you traffic to your site, but if you do so, you may experience a poor Alexa rank, or it may go increase (poorer) day by day. The engagement of people on social media about your blog or site really meter in sense of Alexa ranking. So don’t be lazy in this regards and promote your blog on social media and bookmarking sites to get more visitors and built reputation which will enhance your Alexa ranking.

6. Duplicate content

Among all the factors which lead to poorer or suddenly increase in the Alexa Ranking is duplicate content. Once again, think of search engines which crawls your whole site and can easily determine plagiarism or duplicate content, Alexa do so. Alexa crawl bot too, scan your site and comes to know whether you have posted original content or had copy it from elsewhere. If this is the matter, there is no way to complain about your poor Alexa rank as it is from your site not from Alexa.

Don’t be the one to copy paste content from other sites, be the one who post original and unique content that really attract and engaged visitors.

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You’re Just 10 Steps away to Make Money On YouTube

Make Money with YouTube

Ever tried making money online? Most of us thinks it’s only possible if you have a reputable blog or own website with tons of interesting information and lots of visitors. In fact, that was true and all these are required a few years ago. But now Google let you to make money with your favorite video-sharing site YouTube.[AdSense-A]

YouTube is one of the most visiting sites on internet, visits by hundreds of thousands of people daily and billions monthly, which make it a huge market for Google, through which the company (Google) makes more than $4 Billion annually. The income is generated from advertisement which is being place on the user’s uploaded videos.

As a huge market and one of the most revenue generated products by Google, it could also be a source of good income for you. As Google make revenue from advertisements on the uploaded videos, the company also share a cut of the revenue generated from advertisement with those who uploaded the content. Your video uploaded on YouTube could make your luck too. Although the income may not be sufficient at first but there are some people (so called YouTube Stars) who make 5 figures income a month from YouTube.

Follow the steps listed below to join these so called YouTube Stars and make a smart income from YouTube.

Make Money On YouTube Step 01: Sign up for YouTube account

Create YouTube Account

To be partner with YouTube, you need YouTube account. You can easily signup for YouTube account with your existing Gmail ID or you may create a new one for this purpose. I suggest it is better to create a separate Gmail ID if the exiting one is coupled with your name. Thus make new Gmail ID with Eye catching, keyword’s specific User ID to connect it with Your YouTube Channel (Read next step). Try to make ID short easy to remember, not only for you but for the visitors too

Make Money On YouTube Step 02: Create YouTube Channel

Create YouTube Channel

Build a YouTube Channel and define it well, give it an attractive title name which is easy to find and remember and a brief meaningful description. “PhotoshopForBeginner” will attract more visitors and easy to remember as compared to “johnbmc88”.


Apart from your YouTube channel name, you can also add keywords in your YouTube channel setting in Advance section. Add keywords relevant to your content and make it sure not to play keyword game with Google as it will result in cancelation of your YouTube Partnership.

Also add an attractive image which will be displayed at the top of your YouTube Channel

Make Money On YouTube Step 03: Add Content to your channel

Upload Content to Your Channel

Once created account and YouTube channel, fill the pot with flower. Try to fill your YouTube channel by uploading keyword specific, high quality original videos.  Remember the guidelines before uploading something. You cannot upload anything containing adult content, violent and hateful content, hatred speech and the copyrighted video or video which contain copyrighted images and music. Infringing these rule and regulation will result in loss of your YouTube partnership

Make Money On YouTube Step 04: Define Your Video Well

Define Well Your Video

Your visitors and even YouTube will not know well that what you have uploaded and where to put it if you haven’t describe your effort. So make sure to upload and publish your video with specific keyword, tags and a nice description of it. This will make your video search friendly and help t drive more people to your video.

Make Money On YouTube Step 05: Be Consistent

Be Consistent

Uploading a video or two are not enough. Your job even isn’t done with uploading only few. More videos, more visitors, more reputation, more clicks. Be consistent in uploading quality content to make sure that visitor will subscribe for your channel and visit it often for a reason.

Regular publishing schedule is recommended by YouTube too. So make it habit to regularly upload and update your YouTube channel more often to build reputation and gain audience.

Make Money on YouTube Step 06: Gain Audience

Gain Audience

The key to successful monetization of your videos is to build large audience. In order to make money from your videos (and the advertisement placed there), it needs to be viewed by people.

One great effort to build audience is to upload unique and quality content. The best you upload the more visitors it will attract.

Another way to gain visitors is to publish your video elsewhere as you can. YouTube made it really simple to share videos on social media (Facebook, Twitter) or embed it on websites. So distribute your videos on the internet as much as you can.

Also take part in discussion on your videos in comments and clarify if they have any quarries.

Make Money On YouTube Step 07: Enable Monetization To Start Earning

Enable Monetization On Video

The next step to earn money on YouTube is to monetize your videos. Monetization means to allow YouTube to display ads in or on your video and you acknowledge it too that your video do not contain any copyright material.

You can enable monetization on video or on channel in Monetization tab under channel setting tab and checking in the “Monetize with Ads”.

If you put really good content or if your videos goes viral on YouTube, their Team will send you email by their own with subject “Apply for revenue sharing for You Video” indicating the video title. So be prompt to apply for what they stated.

Make Money On YouTube Step 08: Set up AdSense

Build AdSense Account

One more step is to setup Google AdSense account (if you don’t have one) and link it to your YouTube account. With this you’ll be able to collect your revenue. YouTube will pay for per ad click and per view. The more your video attracts audience, the more views and more potential of ads click leads to more revenue.

Although AdSense were initially designed and allotted to webmasters (through a difficult process), but it is now quite simple with YouTube to setup AdSense account.

You can add AdSense account for free but you must be 18 years older (or need help of your elder brother or father), must have a bank or PayPal account and a valid physical mailing address.

Make Money On YouTube Step 09: Promote You Video

Promote Your Video

Don’t just relay on the traffic from YouTube organic search but take all steps to promote and share your video on the internet to get huge visitors. To get better result, use your social media account; share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble upon and where ever possible. You can even embed them on you website. This will increase the chance of your video getting noticed and more visitors it will attract.

Make Money On YouTube Step 10: Just Wait and Watch Your Analytics

Wait and Watch YouTube Analytics

After you publish some good videos which are being notice by audience and have monetized it, check your video analytics to see the status of your video. i.e. Video views, estimated minutes watched, ad performance, estimated earnings, demographics and more. Interpret the data to know if your video attracts the right audience which you want and use it guide to change the content, theme, idea of your video or the marketing to attract the right audience.

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10 Simple Yet Free Ways To Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Since everybody wants to make handsome amount of money from home online, admit it, no one wants to spend even a penny and most of us want to start making money from the day first, they even don’t want to spent time as well. If you are among them, remember one thing, making money online is not gambling, you have to be patient and will spend a little $$$ to get more.[AdSense-A]

But if you still want to make money without paying, I mean if you don’t have a blog, website or don’t want to build them at first or pay to get one, you still can make money from home sitting on the chair in front of your computer using what you have I mean, your Brain and Skills.

So get ready. Here are 10 decent ways to make money from home without spending a penny (legal way, not fraud or scam). Although there are some others method of making money such as blogging (which I really prefer), affiliates programs, pay per click (PPC) programs, selling products from home online etc but all these required cash, time, efforts and some know-how, but here I explored the way that don’t require these. All you need is, and will probably have, a Computer (or laptop), internet connection, a comfortable room (I mean without distraction) and a creative mind and I am sure all have some sort of creativity. So let being to make money from home right now

1. Online Survey

Take Part in Online Survey To Make Money

Take Part in Online Survey To Make Money Source

Take part in Online Surveys isn’t time wasting, rather it can add in your online income a bit without spending even little. There are many trusted website where you can register to take part in online surveys. These websites or companies are willing to pay handsome bucks in returnee to taking part to fill their online survey forms. Although people make around $300 – $400 per month from taking part in online surveys but a single site would not be enough to give you this decent amount. Sign up for multiple sites to add good cash in your pocket money. Following are few reputable online survey sites, to earn good cash, register in all of these Online Survey Sites.[AdSense-B]

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Savvy
  3. My Survey
  4. Opinion Outpost
  5. Survey Head
  6. Global Test Market

Remember: Online survey would not make you rich, so don’t be fool to quite your day job for online surveys as it would never replace your day job income.

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10 Surprising facts about Smartphones You Didn’t Know

Surprising Smartphones Facts

1. Smartphone Usage

1.75 Billion Smartphone Users In The World

1.75 Billion Smartphone Users In The World

33% people (among all age groups, but mostly between 18 – 24 years of age) using Smartphone which means that there are 1.75 Billion Smartphone users in the world (more then the combine population of China and USA). Although the total mobile phone devices exceeds the total population. The number is increasing constantly and estimated to reach 10 billion by 2020.[AdSense-A]

2. Slim or Massive

Stack of All Smartphones Would Stretch 8, 285 Miles Source

Stack of All Smartphones Would Stretch 8, 285 Miles Source

Although Smartphones are relatively slim and thin but if you stacked all of them on each other, the queue would stretch 8, 285 miles. It is almost double the length of one of the world longest high way TransCanada or same the length of Australia Highway 1, the longest national highway in the world. Or this figure is equals to 1500 times the height of Mount Everest.

3. Performance and Speed

iPhone 5s 15, 625 times more Speed Than Computer Used In Apollo 11 Source

iPhone 5s 15, 625 times more Speed Than Computer Used In Apollo 11 Source

If compare to one of the primitive computer used for Apollo 11 Mission for Moon landing, Apple Smartphone iPhone 5s would be the supercomputer as it has 15, 625 times more processing speed and hundreds time less bulky and more handsome. Indeed, it is cheap too.

4. Time spent

Smartphone User Checks Their Phone 110 Times a Day

Smartphone User Checks Their Phone 110 Times a Day Source

On an average, Smartphone user checks their phone 110 times a day and spent 37 hours (even more than that) per month on installed apps. Although it seems waste of time but, if it comes to the academic progress, smartphone users are three time more likely to track their academic progress and somewhat smarter as compare to others as they can study on the go.


5. From Sex to Shower

Smartphone users Don't Take it Down

Smartphone users Don’t Take it Down Source

People tend to addict to Smartphones and it’s hard for them to put their phone down even during sex. A online survey shows that 55% Smartphone users using their phone during driving, 12% take their Smartphone to bathroom during taking shower, 9% during sex and 19% during worships (in churches). Even more,  44% Smartphone users take phone with them to bed and 91% users want to keep their smartphone within easy access everywhere every time.

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15 Most Creative daily used objects inspired by Rubik’s Cubes

Rubik's Cube Tissue Box

Rubik’s Cube is a mechanical 3D combination puzzle game which is, due to its iconic design and mechanics, also known as “Magic Cube”. Rubik’s Cubes was invented in 1974 by a Hungarian professor of architecture and sculptor Prof. Erno Rubik and in over 30 years 350 millions Rubik’s Cube were sold worldwide making it the world most favorite and best selling toy.[AdSense-A]

The Cube remains the iconic for most and people get inspired by their design try to make the objects similar to it. For the Rubik’s Cube lovers, here is a hand-picked list of daily life objects the design of which inspired by Rubik’s Magic Cubes with which you may probably want to decorate your office or home

1. Rubik’s Cube Cup

Rubik's Cube Cup

Rubik’s Cube Cup Source

Rubik's Cube Cup

Rubik’s Cube Cup Source

2. Rubik’s Cube Clock Analog

Rubik's Cube Analog Clock

Rubik’s Cube Analog Clock Source

Rubik's Cube Analog Clock

Rubik’s Cube Analog Clock Source

Rubik's Cube Analog Clock

Rubik’s Cube Analog Clock Source

3. Rubik’s Cube Clock Digital

Rubik's Cube Digital Clock

Rubik’s Cube Digital Clock Source

4. Rubik’s Cube Drink Coaster

Rubik's Cube Drink Cup Coaster

Rubik’s Cube Drink Cup Coaster Source

Rubik's Cube Drink Cup Coaster

Rubik’s Cube Drink Cup Coaster Source

5. Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box

Rubik's Cube Tissue Box

Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Source

Rubik's Cube Tissue Box

Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Source

Rubik's Cube Tissue Box

Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Source

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31 Creative Food Advertisements To Make You Hungry

Creative Food Advertisement: McDonald’s: Veggieburger

Do you think you’re not influenced by advertisement, even if is about the food? Of course most of us think that they are not influenced by advertisements and don’t need an ad commercial or poster to tell them when to eat, what to eat and where to eat.  But remember the food industries and popular fast food chains hired psychologist who know best how to motivate people to consumes their products or encourage people to eat what they want and skilled graphics designer who know well how to creatively depict the food aesthetics to promote the product.[AdSense-A]

Following is a handpicked list of 31 creatively depicted food advertisements of snacks, beverage and other food products which for sure make you hungry while being amazed by the creativity of these advertisements.

1. Maggi Soup: Crane House

Food Advertisement: Meggi Soup

Creative Food Advertisement: Meggi Soup Source

2. Heinz Seriously Juicy Seriously Goo: Pasta Sauce

Creative Food Advertisement: Heinz

Creative Food Advertisement: Heinz Source

3. Eini & Co: Cupcake and Bee



Creative Food Advertisement: Eini & Co: Cupcake and Bee

Creative Food Advertisement: Eini & Co Cupcake and Bee Source</>


4. Pampaverde: Big, Extra Big Burger

Creative Food Advertisement: Pampaverde: Big, Extra Big Burger

Creative Food Advertisement: Pampaverde: Big, Extra Big Burger Source

5. Nestle Kit Kat: Take A Break With Kit Kat

Creative Food Advertisement: Nestle Kit Kat: Take A Break With Kit Kat

Creative Food Advertisement: Nestle Kit Kat: Take A Break With Kit Kat Source

6. McDonald’s: The M Burger

Creative Food Advertisement: McDonald’s: The M Burger

Creative Food Advertisement: McDonald’s: The M Burger Source

7. McDonald’s McWrap: The New Comer

Creative Food Advertisement: McDonald’s McWrap: The New Comer

Creative Food Advertisement: McDonald’s McWrap: The New Comer Source

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10 Interesting Facts About Human Body



1. Stomach is full of a strong digestive acid the HCL, which (in specific duration of time) can digest bones but don’t worry, stomach cannot eat itself because the lining of stomach renew itself quickly than the acid digest.[AdSense-A]

2.  Lungs consist of 300,000 millions capillaries (tiny blood vessels) which is queued end to end would stretch up to 1500 miles. If all the blood vessels in human body were placed end to end, they would stretch up to 25000 miles, enough to circle the globe.

3. It is always confusing and most of us think the liver or the brain as the largest organ of the body. But the largest organ of our body is skin (integument). It weighs 8 to 10 pounds (triple the weight of Brain and liver together) making 15% of total body weight. If stretch out, the skin would cover the surface area of 16 to 22 square feet or 2 square meters.

4.  Human bones are 4 times stronger than concert (especially the bone of thigh or femur bone). A cubic inch of bone can bear the load of 19000 lbs.

5.  The largest proportion of dust on our bed, table and Television is the cells that shads from our skin. Human skin is continually shad dead cells on an astonishing rate of 30,000 to 40,000 cells per minutes and about 8 pounds per year. During half of our life, our skin shads approximately 80 kg of dead cells

6. Salivary glands in our mouth produce about 0.5 to 0.7 ml saliva per minute (up to 3 ml per minutes when you see or eat delicious food) making 1.5 liter per day. In this perspective, we can produce enough saliva to fill up to two swimming pools

7.  On average, the testicles produce 10 million sperms each day. Enough to repopulate the entire world in just 6 months.

8. On an average day, ocular muscles which helps to focus eye, is move about 100,000 times. To put that in perspective, this would be same as walking 50 miles every day for our leg muscles

9.  A postage-stamp sized piece of circumcised foreskin (prepuce) takes only 21 days to grow enough to cover 3 basket ball courts. The circumcised foreskin is frequently grown in lab and is used as a skin graft while treating deep burns.

10.  Among all the mammalian, Humans are the only mammal who cannot swallow and breath at very same time.

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Top 10 Best Ever April Fool’s Day Prank From Around The World

Top 10 Best ever April fool's Day Prank

1st April is being known traditionally as Fool’s Day, April fool’s day or All fool’s Day in many countries particularly in western culture. It is an odd celebration celebrated for the sense of humor usually involves harmless jokes, pranks and hoaxes which are socially sanctioned. Although, there is a huge list of April fools pranks and hoaxes but few of which get most popular and still confusing the people. Here is the list of top 10 all the time most Popular April fools Pranks or hoaxes.[AdSense-A]

1.  Dead Fairy Hoax

Dead Fairy Hoax

Dead fairy hoax is one of the most popular April fool’s day pranks, which is still going strong well and many believed it yet to be real even after the creator of the hoax has been declared it as a prank.

The hoax appear a day or two before the Fool’s Day, April 1st of 2007, where an image of a Dead mummified fairy which is roughly 8-inches or the size of our palm, was posted on the website Lebanon  Circle Magic Company in an article titled “Do Fairies Live at the Bottom of Your Garden?”. The website published several closed up detailed images of remains of Dead Fairy with the explanation that the creature (resemble to fairy) had been found in Derbyshire on an old Roman road by a dog walker.

The hoax was so strong attracted too many people and the website received more than 20,000 visitors hits, thousands of calls and hundreds of emails on April 1st, 2007 seeking clarification. The Mummy of Dead fairy was actually an art piece made by Dan Baines, a skill prop-maker and the owner of the website. He, at the end of the day, announced that the Corpse of fairy is a hoax but many still refused to accept the fact that the fairy was not real.

Note: The artifact of Dead Fairy was then sold on eBay received the highest bid 0f £280.

2. Spaghetti Tree Hoax

Spaghetti Harvest

Dated back to 1957, when Spaghetti grew on trees.
On April 1st, BBC news show Panorama broadcast a three minutes documentary segment about bumper spaghetti farms in Switzerland where a Swiss family carrying out their annual spaghetti harvest and pulling the strands of spaghetti off the trees and placing it into baskets. The show attracts a huge number of viewers many of which got crazy about spaghetti farming and contacted BBC to know how to grow their own spaghetti trees. At that time spaghetti was not so famous and so there composition, thus many people believe the hoax as reality.

  3. Swedish Instant Color TV DIY Prank

DIY Color TV

On April 1, 1962 in Sweden, the most famous April’s Fool day prank occurred. At that time, the only TV channel was Sveriges Television (SVT) which broadcast their shows in black and white. Although the regular color transmission was began in Sweden on April 1, 1970. But on April’s fool day of the year 1962, the technical expert’s of SVT TV Station Kjell Stensson which was a well known and respected person, announced something which the viewers really get excited about, and that was, converting the existing Black and White into Color TV. All it required was easily accessible material, the pieces of nylon stocking, they had to pull over the TV screen and that’s it. Stensson explain and demonstrate the process and thousand of viewers follow him in an attempt to color their TVs. People got crazy and rush through house to find nylon stocking and place on TV set, as they are instructed, to get color picture.

 4. Planetary Alignment 1976,  Decreases Gravity

Planetary Alignment

BBC is good in making April’s Fool day pranks; although the company had been criticize for that. On the April’s Fool Day of the year 1976, one of the famous astronomers, Patrick Moore, announced that there is once in a lifetime event going to take place at 9:47 AM. He says that the Pluto would pass behind the planet Jupiter and this planetary alignment, he said, would reduce the Earth’s own force of gravity and the people will feel less weight than usual at this moment. He adds more that if someone jumped in the air at the specific time when planetary alignment occurred, he will float or experience floating sensation. After the announcement, many people fell in the hoax and BBC received hundreds of calls from people who claiming to have felt the same floating sensation as Patrick Moore states.

 5. Metric Time System

Metric Time

The next most famous Aprils Fools day prank is from Australia. On 1 April 1975, Australia’s famous news program, This Day Tonight or TDT announced that the country would be converting soon the traditional time system to “metric time” the base of which will be 10. The station added more that in this new proposed metric time system, there would be 100 seconds in a minute, 100 minutes in an hour and 20 hours in a day and, furthermore, a second would turned into milli-day, a minute would become centi-day and hour would become deci-day. The report also show image of one of their reporter Nigel Starck posing with a metric clock. This really confuses the viewers make them fell in the hoax and numbers of frustrated viewers call TDT.

6. Republic of San Serriffe

Republic Of San Serriffe

On 1 April 1977, a seven-page hoax supplement was published by one of the famous British newspaper, The Guardian, devoted to discovery of a small republic San Serriffe located in Indian Ocean. The country was said to consist of several island resemble to semi colon, the main two island of which are Lower Caisse (Case) and Upper Caisse (Case) and its capital was Bodoni. The hoax fooled many readers and only few noticed that the name of the republic and all other information published are just taken from printing terminology, which were not famous among people at the time.

Note: The San Serriffe hoax is the most successful hoax and reused many time, even today, you can register yourself in The Guardian website and can select San Serriffe as your country of origin.

7. UFO landing in London

UFO Landing Hoax

On March 31, 1989, a day before April fool’s day, a glowing bizarre craft resemble to flying saucer appears in the air draw attention of thousands of drivers driving on highway outside London. The flying saucer or UFO was descending on London City and finally landed in a field in Surrey on the outskirts of London. The local resident around the flying saucer landing zone immediately call police and warn them about the landing of UFO and alien invasion. The police just after a while arrived at the site and one of them approached the bizarre craft which is thought to be UFO. Suddenly the door of the UFO opened and a silver suited, small creature walk out of the flying saucer make the scene more real.

But soon the reality disclosed on people and declared as April fool prank, the flying saucer was actually a hot air balloon made specially and skillfully to like UFO and the alien who emerged from it was a midget person.

Note: Although the prank was planned for 1st April on April fool’s day with landing of craft in Hyde Park of London but wind changes causes the balloon to blow down a day earlier

8. Discovery of Life on Jupiter

Life On Jupiter

Evidence of life on planets other than the Earth is what we all are curious about, and this is what the American Online (AOL) had took advantage of on April fool day in 1996 to draw the attention of people. On April 1 1996, the company announced the news that USA Government source claims the signs of life on Jupiter as detected by Galileo mission to Jupiter. The news was supported by statements from planetary biologist and stated that the government is hiding the discovery of life on Jupiter but the company (AOL) has documents to prove the fact.

The hoax fooled many people and as the news speared and until the story being declared as a hoax, company received hundreds of mails and calls from subscribers to obtain more information about the discovery.

9. Wisconsin State Capitol Collapses

Wisconsin State Capitol Collapse

April 1 1933, The Madison Capital Times April fool’s day edition front page showed a picture of collapsing Wisconsin State Capitol dome under the headline which announced “Dome Topples Off Statehouse”. The news reported that the beautiful capital of Wisconsin state was destroyed today following a series of six small and large mysterious explosion resulted from too much hot air or gas generated at the base dome. Although the news was concluded with the words “April fool”, it upset many readers and they being fell for hoax.

 Note: 1n 1985The hoax had been listed in The Science Digest as one of the Best hoax ever.

10. Internet Spring Cleaning

Internet Spring Cleaning

A few days before the April fool’s day of the year 1997, an email was circulated worldwide announcing that internet service would be closed between March 31 and April 2 all around the world due to cleaning process of internet, so do not connect to the internet during the cleaning process.

The mail which is supposedly generated by “Interconnected Network Maintenance Staff, Main Branch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology” rationalizes that the cleaning process is necessary to remove dead email, www, inactive ftp accounts and to clear out “flotsam and jetsam” all the efforts would be done to improve the speed of internet.

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