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Are You At Risk of Dengue Fever? Learn How To Prevent It

Dengue Prevention Tips



Dengue Fever is a tropical viral disease caused by Dengue Virus, vector born in nature transmitted by Aedes Aegypti Mosquito (having characteristics zebra like black and white marking on body). The disease outspreads in the season of winter as the mosquito grow best at temperature between 250C to 350C affecting 400 million people yearly (CDC). The disease is more common in densely populated urban areas of Southeast Asia (Pakistan, India and China)[AdSense-A]

Currently there is no definite vaccine available at market against Dengue Fever (although there are 6 vaccines in the process of preparation) thus the only preventive way is to “Fight the Bite” by keeping the mosquito away or by limiting the number of mosquito by reducing their habitats

Aedes Aegypti mosquito, unlike female anopheles mosquito of Malaria is active more at daytime rather than night and bites more at dusk and dawn. Thus the following preventive measure should be taken more seriously at that specific time

01. Awareness of Dengue  Fever and Prevention

Dengue Awareness

Dengue Awareness source

  • The first and prime important step to prevent and eliminate dengue from your community is that you must have awareness about what the disease is, when it spread, how the disease occurs, who is responsible for, who is transmitting the disease and how it can be prevented. Take part in Dengue awareness campaign or health education seminars on Dengue to have better understanding or disease and it prevention

 02. Clothing Help Fight the Bite

Wear Protective Clothing

Wear Protective Clothing source

  • Try to cover much of your skin by wearing loose-fitting, light colored clothing (as dark color especially black and blue attract mosquito) during day time or when going outdoor, to protect from mosquito bit.
  • Don’t wear half sleeves shirts or tights as mosquito can bit through tight fitting clothes.
  • Wearing shoes (boots) with socks is ideal than wearing sandals or open shoes

03. Use Some Good Mosquito Repellent

Wear Mosquito Repellent

Wear Mosquito Repellent source

  • Use a good mosquito repellent (those containing Picaridin or DEET are thought to be best) on the exposed areas of your skin including hands & feet, cuff & collars to keep away the Aedes aegypti (Vector of Dengue).
  • If you don’t want to wear mosquito repellent all the day, apply it at least in dawn and dusk.
  • Note: Use these repellent in infants and babies with caution and should not be used in child under two months of age.
  • A traditional way to get rid of mosquito and keep them away from you is to keep Ocimum tenuiflorum or tulsi plant in the room. Tulsi plant is a natural mosquito repellent.

04. Mosquito Killer Works Best

Use Some Mosquito Killer

Use Some Mosquito Killer source

  • Use a good mosquito killer coil, mat or plug-in devices containing liquid insecticide to kill mosquito. Application of liquid insecticide spray directly on the mosquito kill mosquito effectively. Place mosquito coil or apply spray neat the entrance to the room or home such as doors or windows.

 05. Mosquito Net Keep the Vector away

Mosquito Bed Net

Mosquito Bed Net source

  • Although the Aedes aegypti is more active during day time, but still sleeping under mosquito bed net helps to avoid mosquito bit at dawn.
  • Make sure that screens or net over the doors and window are in good conditions and have no hole or space to let mosquito enter the room.

06. Vector Control! Just Eliminate the Mosquito form Surrounding

Guppy Fish

Guppy Fish source

  • Vector means the Dengue transmitting mosquito (Aedes aegypti). This mosquito breeds in stagnant water standing in water storage containers, vases, bowels, old tyres. Don’t let the water stand in these places. Try to keep your environment clean and dry.
  • Frequently changes the water in vases, bowels and tanks. Cover water containers, bamboo pole holders, cans and buckets as these all are potential sites for dengue mosquito breeding.
  • Stagnant water, if not possible to cover or dry, pour kerosene oil to make a thin layer over water prevent the mosquito breeding.
  • In swimming pools or larger water tanks which cannot be cover or put kerosene oil in, the vector control can be achieved using Guppy fish (a small mosquito eating fish). Just release some Guppy fishes into the tank and they will eat the dengue mosquito larva.

07. Isolate the Infected Person

Isolate the Dengue Infected Person

Isolate the Dengue Infected Person source

  • Infected person can be a source of dengue act as a reservoir from where the mosquito can take the germs (dengue virus) and transmit it to you. If (unfortunately) one of your family members is Dengue positive, limit him/her to a separate room and strictly prevent the infected person from mosquito bit as the patient can transmit the virus to mosquito which can be then transmitted to anyone else in the family.
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10 Health Benefits of Honey – The Golden Elixir

Health Benefits of Honey

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is being in used for thousands of year not only for its great taste but for its potential health benefits. The use of honey in remedies and for its possible health benefits has been reported in ayurvedic, Greek, Roman and Islamic texts. Holy Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) exalted the healing powers and health benefits of honey and so the ancient Greek philosophers. It is supposed by Greek philosopher that consuming honey could make the life longer.[AdSense-A]

Honey contains 70% to 80% sugar in the form of Fructose (the sweetest sugar), glucose, sucrose and maltose along with vitamins and minerals with 17% water. This composition makes honey the one of the sweetest and healthiest foods with great source of energy and other health benefits. Here are the top 10 health benefits of honey.

01. Healing Wound and Burns

Honey was traditionally used on the skin for soothing effects and was used as home remedies for treating wounds and skin infections including burns. Recants researches show that the topical application of honey over the wound or burnt skin area is as effective as the application of antiseptics or silver nitrate (the usual treatment of burns). Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nature as well as has drying effects; while apply over the wound, these properties of Honey helps keep the wound aseptic (free of germs), reduce swelling thus reduce pain and promotes wound healing and leave the wound without scars.

02. Fight Infections

While making honey, bees add certain enzymes to it including Lysozyme (the power bacterial destroying enzyme natural occurs in living organisms) and others that make hydrogen per oxide (a potent antiseptic). Another study done at University of Amsterdam in 2010 reported that the anti-bacterial activity of honey is also due to the presence of defensin – 1 a protein which kills the bacteria. With all these powerful bacteriolytic enzymes and protein substances, honey is the best natural antibacterial and antifungal agent which even kills the antibiotic resistant species. Honey (especially Manuka honey) may helpful in treating athletic foot (a fungal infection of skin), other skin infections and the upper respiratory infections.

03. Soothes Cough and Sore Throat

Another proven health benefit of honey is to sooth cough and treat sore throats. Honey, due to its soothing, softening and antibacterial effects, show proven effectiveness to soothes cough, especially nocturnal cough (sleep time cough) in children. A study on 110 children which involves a single dose of honey (the buckwheat honey) to the children with night time cough reveals that the honey is as effective in relieving nocturnal cough as the conventional treatment of cough with dextromethorphan.

Honey is just not the remedy for cough only but it also helps in treating sore throats. Taking pure honey or adding it to drinks (hot water or tea) soothes the throats and kills the germs (bacteria) which cause throat infection.

04. Treating Allergies May relieve seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies are among common health problems the symptoms of which can be lessen with honey. Many people using honey to get rid off or get relive from seasonal allergies, and this facts is prove by scientific research that honey may be useful in minimizing such conditions due to its anti-inflammatory effects. A study on a group of 36 people who have seasonal allergy shows better response to honey as compared to the placebo agent.

05. Prevent Cancer and Heart Diseases

Honey is anti-cancer though it doesn’t cure cancer but it prevents it. Honey contains antioxidants and flavonoids which to some extent reduce the risk of developing cancer and heart disease as well. This sound good as if it is true then honey will be the cheapest medicine to prevent cancer and heart diseases.

06. Beautiful skin

As stated earlier, honey was used as a home remedy to treat wound and burns; it was also used with other ingredients in facial masks for beautiful skin and conditioner for hairs. The anti-bacterial nature and bleaching effects of honey makes it an excellent face Cleanser to treat acne and blemish skin.

The moisturizing, hydrating and softening effects of honey make it wonderful conditioner for hair give the dull hair shining.

07. Blood Sugar Regulation

Honey contains Fructose in higher percentage as compared to Glucose. Fructose is sweeter then glucose but it doesn’t require insulin (a hormone that is necessary for glucose metabolism) for metabolism and can enter to the cells without insulin, thus helps to regulate the blood sugar level

08. Reduce Gastric Ulcers and GI disorders

The cause of Gastric ulcer is H. Pylori bacteria that inhabit the gastric (stomach) mucosa. Antibacterial nature of honey prevents the excess colonization, thus infection of stomach (gastritis). Eating honey regularly prevent GERD (Gastro-esophageal reflux Disease) because honey is 100 time more viscous than water (at room temperature) prevent regurgitation or reflux back of the stomach content.

09. Nutrients Rich Food

Honey is the nature’s nutrients rich food and far more beneficial than the artificial vitamin supplements as it contain a wide range of vitamins including the vitamins from B complex group and some vital minerals including zinc (the immunity booster), calcium (the bone cement), iron (the hematonic), copper, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and manganese.

10. Makes great workout fuel

Beyond its great taste, one of the great health benefits of honey is it is the instant source of energy because honey is already digest by bees and absorb rapidly in gastrointestinal tract fuel up the body instantly.

Honey contain glucose which absorb rapidly in intestine, gives immediate energy shoot and Fructose has low hypoglycemic index, absorbed slowly providing sustain level of energy to body. Again, honey is not only comes with sugar, it contain essential vitamins and minerals making honey the perfect workout fuel.

Honey is used and added to water or drinks by many professional athletes to get instant energy to fuel up their bodies, prevent fatigue during endurance event, boost performance and enhance muscle recovery after stressful event.

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What happens in One Internet Minute Here in 2014

What happens in One Internet Minute 2014

What happens in One Internet Minute 2014

source: Pixabay.com

One minute may not be much significant amount of time for you and it can go on without notice but in a single internet minute, the data which is produce and share on internet can require a whole life to go through. Since the internet population grows day by day and reaches 3 billion up till now (almost 43% of the total world population using internet) the insignificant sixty seconds produce staggering amount and numbers of digital data that you cannot even think about to do so in your whole life.[AdSense-A]

So below is a quick overview of what happened in just a single minute on internet.

  1. The number of Emails generated and sent by billions of internet users dominating over all the data shared over internet. In a single minute, more than 140 millions emails are sent.
  2. The second dominating figure in one internet minute is the search queries. More than 4 million search queries are processed by Google in one minute.
  3. All of you know Google generates revenue from Ads displayed on websites through AdSense or on Search Engine results Pages. With more than 4 million queries in one minute, the Google generates $100926 from these ads
  4. When talking about revenue, online marketing is one of the leading sources of revenue generation for many brands, Amazon is on the top of the list. In sixty seconds, products (including books and apps) of worth $148617 sold on Amazon
  5. Something about your favorite video sharing site YouTube. It would take 5 days to view all the videos uploaded to YouTube in just a single internet minute. Let the figure simpler, 126 hours of new video uploaded every minute to YouTube.
  6. More than 145782 hours of video watched online on YouTube among which 1.3 millions video clips are downloaded every minute
  7. Listening Music comes after watching videos as in each minute on internet, there are 64197 hours of music listen on Pandora
  8. Lets us explore something about the social media, with 3 billion active users, Facebook dominating the Social networking. Among these 1.3 billion Facebook users, 277,000 members are log-ins and active every minute on Facebook.
  9. When talking about the activity on Facebook, there are 2,460,000 Status, Links, Videos, Photos or other contents are shared on Facebook every minute. Together there are 378 GB of data shares on Facebook in every single minute.
  10. There are 20 million Photo views and 6 million Facebook page views in just a single minute.
  11. Just like you, every Facebook user like the selfie of their friend, group photo of their college mates, status updates or interesting videos. These Like in total make the shocking figure. In just one minute, there are 3,288,348 Likes made on Facebook
  12. Now something about Twitter, with 300 million already active users, 693+ new users signup for twitter accounts every minute.
  13. The number of tweets per minute in 2014 is now 477600 tweets (which were 100,000+ tweets in 2013 per minute)
  14. In every minute, 3000 photo uploaded on Flickr meanwhile there are 20 million photo views on Flickr
  15. 3,472 new images pined to Pinterest boards
  16. 2,16,000 Pictures post on Instagram every sixty seconds
  17. With more than 1.1 billion websites worldwide
    • 571 New Websites created every minute
    • 347 New Blogs created on WordPress
    • 1449 New blog post on WordPress
  18. Something about the apps and downloads. In every single internet minute there are
    • 77868 Apps downloads for Androids OS
    • 39942Apple Apps downloads for iOS
  19. Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia contains more than 46 million articles with 6 new articles posted every minute and 600 edits per minute made to these existing articles.
  20. 26, 380 Yelp Reviews written every minute
  21. 1,458,324 Skype minutes used every minute
  22. 24318 hours of videos watched on American based video on-demand video sharing Netflix
  23. With the above statistics and figure, collectively there is nearly  across the globe on internet in one minute.
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Increase Your Blog Traffic up to 80% with These Smart Strategies

Increase Your Blog Traffic up to 80% with These Smart Strategies

10 Proven Ways to Drive and Retain More Traffic to Your Blog

To become popular in the industry or to be a famous blogger is the dream by mostly new comers and novice bloggers. Everyone knows the path to become famous and that is of course, the interest people show in your brand or blog which is reflected by the number of unique and returning visitors. In order to bring more traffic to your blog and retain it there, you need to take some action and work on traffic generation strategies not only dreaming.[AdSense-A]

Driving more traffic to your blog isn’t hard task but it actually requires some efforts in a smart way. Although there are 100s ways to get more traffic to your site or blog, the following 10 strategies are the best and proven ways to drive lots of traffic to your blog and of course retain it there in a smart way in short time.

01. Promote Your Blog With Social Media

Perhaps, social media now days has key role in promotion of brands, product or blog. Social media sites receive almost half of internet traffic daily and may be the great opportunity for your blog to get a bit from such huge traffic. So be consistent to promote you blog through social media platforms. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn are some good examples and can be helpful to drive lots of traffic by just posting on these sites regularly.

Tip: Make a Facebook group or join the existing one with vast number of members and post on it with link back to your blog. Same can be done on Google Plus communities to drive more traffic.

02. Submit Blog To Social Bookmarking Sites

There is no any fastest way to drive traffic to your blog other than submitting your blog or content to social bookmarking sites. Submitting your blog to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, pinterest and Digg will not only provide you a dofollow backlinks but will drive a stream of targeted traffic to you site or blog as well.

So make a schedule and take time for submitting your post regularly to social bookmarking sites to drive lots of traffic to your blog.

Tip: Stay active on these social bookmarking sites to built a large number of followers and share your content with them.

03. Post Well and Post Often

Don’t forget to catch the attention of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo as they are the major source of organic or natural visitors. To gain their attention, I mean to make the search engine crawler to visit and index you blog pages more often, you need to post often. Keep in mind, Quantity is the King in this regards. So be active and post quality content at least daily. The sites or blogs which updates or posts daily or more frequently appears in Google News.

Tip: Visitors are not only hard to gain but hard to retain as well. Regularly posting great contents will also retain the visitors and they will be more likely to visit your site again and again.

04. Don’t Forget Site SEO

As stated earlier, attract search engine to get more traffic. Just don’t rely on the content even if you post really quality content every second day or on daily basis, you still need to optimize your site or blog for search engines using proper on-site, on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

Tip: Add some relevant keyword to the new post or page you publish, built internal linking to your old post from the new one, use related post plugin like YARPP (Yet Another Related Post Plugin) and try to generate quality backlinks from high PageRank sites to improve your own PageRank and SEO.

05. Add interesting Images / Graphics

It doesn’t mean to make your blog look appealing or eye catching (although images do so) but it is a best way to drive traffic from image search option presented by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. People often search contents (like Quotes, Wallpapers etc) using Image search option. Adding interesting image and put a proper title and alt tag for each image will results in High SERPs of your post on Image Search option of search engines and there are chance to have more traffic.

My own blog Crizmo.com, receives almost 10% of total traffic just from Image search via Google image. So don’t forget to add few images to your new post and make them Search engine optimize by adding Title and Alt tag.

Tip: Make some interesting infographics and upload it in your post so if they go viral, you will receive tons of visitors. Don’t forget to add a watermark or stamp of your blog name on it.

06. Stay Active in Forums

Forums are the hubs for bloggers, developers, tech geeks and people to ask queries or share ideas. There are numerous high PageRank forums where you can participate by solving queries asked by other people or share some valuable information with them referencing your blog for more information or adding a link to you blog in your signature or in profile, so that the people may visit your blog to learn or know more about.

07. Write About Hot and Trending Topics

 Don’t choose and waste time on the out dated topics that are no more interesting. Pick a hot and trending topic and write post on it. Use Google Trends Hot Searches to see what is trending around and pick the one from list and make a post on it. It can be the release of new products like Apple’s iPhone 6 on which you can write and post review.

Also remember notable days and dates like 14th February Valentine day, national days, world health days, holidays and post content relevant or suited to these occasions.

Tip: Add a descriptive and eye catching title or headline to your post. You may post the interviews of the trending personality in your niche as these posts get more attention and will bring lots of visitors. Write a Top List of facts related to important days like 10 interesting facts about heart on World Heart Day.

08. Giveaway to Get Traffic

Another proven way to get more visitors and retain them for long time is to offer something. It means that you have to giveaway something in order to get traffic. The giveaway can be something like WordPress theme, an E-book on how to make money, collection of HD wallpapers or some other stuff according to your blog niche and interest of the visitors.

Tip: Whenever you offer something valuable to your visitors for free on your blog, don’t be shy to ask for their e-mail address so you may send them newsletter or offer them some other good stuff in future.

09. Don’t Ignore Email Promotion

Don’t ignore this traffic building strategies as email is one of the major sources of traffic generation. So promote your blog or the new post via emails to visitors subscribed to your blog or collected through free offers. It doesn’t mean to send them mails daily but make it once a week especially select the weekend as people are free to read and respond to their mails.

Tip: You can offer an E-book, a giveaway product or promote the new post published in order to bring the old visitors back. Remember, your email readers are your real fans and they are more likely to share your content on social media as well.

10. Focuses on What Work Best

 After the application of all the above methods to drive more traffic to your blog, track that which of these methods work best and bring lots of traffic to your blog and spent most of your time and energy on that specific method (but don’t ignore the other methods even if they bring only 1% of the traffic).


As I stated earlier, there are 100s ways to increase traffic to your blog but these 10 strategies are the best to take start with and will be enough bring lots of traffic to your blog. Stay focused on these strategies to build more traffic and got popular in the industry.

If you really like these strategies share it with your friends as well and if you like to add another proven strategy to drive more traffic, let us know in the comments.

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101 High PageRank Social Bookmarking Sites To Improve SEO

101 High PageRank Social Bookmarking Sites

Even after the release of Panda and Penguin updates in Google search algorithm, submitting your site to social bookmarking sites is still legitimate and safe way to quality build backlinks. Social bookmarking sites like Digg.com, reddit.com or pinertest.com are really helpful to boost site SEO and one among the best ways to get quality backlinks to your site. Having a plenty of quality backlinks from social bookmarking sites helps to increase the SERPs Position and a way to drive targeted traffic to you site as well


Benefit of submitting site URLs to Social Bookmarks Sites

  1. Helps to built quality backlinks as these sites have High PageRank and Alexa Ranking.
  2. Helps to get targeted traffic to your site as lots of visitor visits these sites daily
  3. Improve your brand awareness
  4. Improve your site or blog SEO by having lots of backlinks
  5. Improve your site or blog PageRank and Alexa Rank
  6. Improve your site or blog SERPs position
  7. Increase your site or blog domain authority


101 High PageRank Social Bookmarking Sites

So, to get all these benefits and link juice from social bookmarking sites, we are here proudly sharing a huge list of 101 top Bookmarking sites having Good PageRank and Alexa Rank.

Note them all and make a habit to post there or submit your content on these sites to get quality backlinks and lots of traffic in return.


S. No

Page URL


Alexa Rank

1 http://www.pinterest.com/ 9 25
2 http://www.reddit.com/ 8 46
3 http://www.stumbleupon.com/ 8 165
4 https://delicious.com/ 8 1327
5 http://www.bibsonomy.org/ 7 4944
6 http://blinklist.com 6 6278
7 http://actweb-sport.com/ 6 24962
8 http://www.bizsugar.com/ 5 7806
9 http://ak3.biz/ 5 25690
10 http://online-gv.com 5 28888
11 http://madeinusadirectory.org/ 5 29088
12 http://www.iesa.co 5 30039
13 http://www.arizonavalueshuttle.org 5 32436
14 http://youmob.com/ 4 6618
15 http://fwisp.com/ 4 17903
16 http://factson37.com/ 4 20629
17 http://www.airpim.biz/ 4 21237
18 http://softsblog.com/ 4 21300
19 http://qqpipi.com 4 25074
20 http://www.careep.org/ 4 25626
21 http://registertovotetoday.com 4 26634
22 http://37warrenave.com/ 4 27428
23 http://aixindashi.org 4 28934
24 http://www.digitalnatives.co/ 4 30508
25 http://www.ptquiz.com 4 31763
26 http://epinex.biz/ 4 38327
27 http://www.usefulenglish.net 4 38465
28 http://www.bookmark4you.com/ 3 11001
29 http://www.yemle.com/ 3 11015
30 http://www.pulsimo.com 3 19988
31 http://www.felmausa.com/ 3 21499
32 http://freeticketopen.com/ 3 26261
33 http://cyberplea.com/ 3 28101
34 http://www.limesparrow.com 3 29419
35 http://biolocator.org 3 31160
36 http://www.emolinks.com 3 35129
37 http://bynu.info/ 3 37386
38 http://deathlyyours.com 3 38678
39 http://cabaneduvelan.info 3 38793
40 http://chaoticcoding.info/ 3 39095
41 http://jayrigby.info 3 39173
42 http://a2zbookmarks.com 3 40328
43 http://hostlerburrows.info/ 3 41302
44 http://bestouyagames.info/ 3 41346
45 http://guter-punkt.info/ 3 42803
46 http://adrp.info/ 3 44235
47 http://jazbomb.info 3 46760
48 http://desert-dwellers.info/ 3 47096
49 http://jordaninfo.info 3 47362
50 http://salbithuette.info/ 3 48177
51 http://midascareteam.info 3 49144
52 http://loetschenpass.info/ 3 50643
53 http://x-drl.info/ 3 51543
54 http://theineptowl.info/ 3 53034
55 http://aperfectimage.info/ 3 54919
56 http://saintpierreandmiquelonnews.info 3 56002
57 http://anndas.com/ 3 56011
58 http://punteglias.info/ 3 56115
59 http://edictosonline.com/ 3 56581
60 http://icebreak.co/ 3 60533
61 http://sendgift.info/ 3 63586
62 http://savvima.info/ 3 65912
63 http://cocosislandsnews.info 3 70136
64 http://chrisfolk.info/ 3 73217
65 http://somemorphs.com/ 3 77649
66 http://trucktor.info/ 3 83847
67 http://colegioclaret.org/ 3 107000
68 http://sciora.info/ 3 121309
69 http://skinnybikiniswimwear.info 3 164498
70 http://psbrno.info/ 3 378064
71 http://recoverysong.info/ 3 429527
72 http://wikikod.com/ 3 1312362
73 http://www.sociopost.com/ 2 16040
74 http://indofeed.com 2 20723
75 http://openfaves.com 2 21157
76 http://www.addthismark.com/ 2 25214
77 http://joyku.com/ 2 28011
78 http://eshoptong.com/ 2 34310
79 http://www.whatisyourmoo.com/ 2 36154
80 http://bookmarkindonesia.com 2 42522
81 http://3-peace.info/ 2 43952
82 http://articleto.com/ 2 59185
83 http://transd.info/ 2 70474
84 http://www.ikaaro.net 2 99994
85 http://global-networkers.info/ 2 119585
86 http://justshaunna.info/ 2 124841
87 http://coloradospringsroofing.info/ 2 133112
88 http://www.sociopost.com/ 2 16040
89 http://indofeed.com 2 20723
90 http://openfaves.com 2 21157
91 http://eshoptong.com/ 2 34310
92 http://bookmarkindonesia.com 2 42522
93 http://articleto.com/ 2 59185
94 http://1look4.com 1 22807
95 http://4bukmark.com 1 26540
96 http://mettablog.com/ 1 30219
97 http://pligg.in 1 46299
98 http://bookmarks2u.com 1 48584
99 http://activebookmarks.com 1 59379
100 http://onlinewebmarks.com 1 62799
101 http://votetags.info 1 63699

Note: PageRank and Alexa Rank Mentioned for All above Book marking sites are as on 18.10.2014. Both of these parameters are dynamic and can change day to day.

Do you know any other High PageRank Social Bookmarking site to get quality backlinks from? Let us know in comments and if you like the list, share it with others too.

Want more natural and safe backlinks to optimize your site for search engines? These article can help you to get high quality natural and safe backlinks:

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10 interesting Facts about your Heart You Must Know

Interesting Human Heart Facts

What do you know else about the Heart other than being repressing it as a symbol of love? Heart is not just to deal with love; it is one of the complex body organs, busy to perform some important job to pump blood to part of your body continually (and still make sometime for love). It is a standalone organ which can live even if the controlling center of body, the brain dies. [AdSense-A]

So find some interesting facts about human heart below

01. The power of Human Heart

Human heart with no more than the size of your won fist, beats 100,000 times a day to send 2000 gallons of blood across the 60, 000 miles of blood vessels from your head to feet. If we multiply this figure with whole life, the heart pumps nearly 1.5 million barrels during your whole life enough to fill 200 tankers of 10,000 gallon.

02. Trip to Moon with Energy Generated By Your Heart

Heart is really mighty muscular pump which daily, during pumping blood across body, generates enough power to drive a truck for 32 kilometers or 20 miles. You may have a trip to The Moon and back to The Earth in your lifetime just on the energy by your heart. So have a nice trip.

03. Heart, The Un-fatigable

This tiny mighty muscular pump begins to beat when you were in womb at 4th week and beats till one pass away. Un-fatigable. It will not stop beating even if the brain dies because heart has its own intrinsic regulatory system which initiates the heart beat.

04. What Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases?

Now something about heart disease. According to some recent studies on heart disease, scientist found that have more education and less chances to die from heart disease. The rate of heart disease is also low vegetarians (about 19% less than non-vegetarians) and in those eating dark chocolate daily. Dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart diseases up to 30%.

05. Heart Diseases in Prehistoric People

With all the above researches to reduce the risk, heart diseases are still the greatest risk of death. The traces of heart disease are found in mummies from prehistoric civilization (3,000 years old)

06. What Increases the Risk of Heart Diseases?

Are you taking Multivitamins to strengthen your bones, boost your brain or to stay active (as most bran claims), remember multivitamins have linked with heart diseases and increases the risk of heart disease especially heart cancer (although heart cancer are very rare as heart loses its ability to divide early in the life). So be careful while taking such boosters.

07. Men vs. Women Heart Attack

Though there are minor differences in the anatomy and physiology of male and female (women have smaller but faster heart), the symptoms of heart diseases are differs in both. Males feel chest pain while females feel nausea, have vomiting and shoulder pain instead of chest pain.

08. Some interesting Facts about Treatment of Heart Diseases

It’s now turn to know something about investigation and treatment of heart diseases, the first mapping of human heart is done in 1929 by German surgeon Werner Forssmann. He mapped his own heart using a long catheter inserted via his arm vein directed toward heart.

09. The First Heart Transplantation

The first heart transplanted successfully in 1967by Dr. Christian Barnard. Though the procedure was successful but the patient didn’t survive and died after 18 days of the operation.

10. Synchronize your Heart Beat

When you listen to music, your heart beat and rhythm changes according to the rhythm of music. Even when a group of singers (choir) sings and in synchrony, their heart beats also synchronize. If you are not a singer or don’t like music, you can still synchronize your heart beat with your lover by gazing into each other’s eyes for two or three minutes

What else? If You Know some other interesting facts about Heart, let us know in Comments and if you like these facts, share it with your friends.

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10 Common Link Building Mistakes and Ways To Overcome Them

10 Common Link Building Mistakes and Ways To Overcome Them

Backlinks are an essential SEO element toward which every blogger is conscious and try to generate as many backlinks as they can. In their journey to generate backlinks in order to improve blog or site SEO and PageRank, blogger sometime make mistake and harm their site SEO rather than improving it.[AdSense-A]

Following is a list of 10 common link building mistakes which will harm your site SEO and the way to overcome these mistakes.

01. Links only to Home Page

One of the major SEO mistake regarding generating backlinks is to promote links only to your blog’s homepage and pay no attention to the rest of site. This major backlinks generating mistake is carry out by many novice bloggers as well as by SEO experts. It will not look natural if you have hundreds of backlinks to your homepage but have ignored others pages of your blog. Google hats this as well and will panelize the sites with an imbalance backlinks proportion among the homepage and other pages

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

To make your backlinks account look natural, balance the proportion of backlinks to your blog’s homepage and other pages

02. Over Optimized Keywords Anchor Text

Even after Penguin updates in Google Search Algorithm, many blogger still believe in over optimization of keywords by having hundreds of backlinks using same anchor text. They still tend to repeat the same mistake and got punished by Google by dropping the blog’s ranking in SERPs. Again it is not natural to have too many links from same anchor text whether internal or external.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

To avoid over-optimized anchor text backlinks generating mistake and penalty by Google, try to get backlinks from mixed keywords or anchor texts. This will look natural to both Search engines and to the readers.

An example of well optimized and balanced anchor text backlinks is to have 80% of the links coming from your brand name (like Crizmo or Crizmo.com for my blog) and 20% from keyword rich anchor text (like SEO or How to Get Backlinks for my blog).

While some brand and SEO experts follow the 80:20 rule, others keep keyword rich anchor text backlinks limited to only 5% as compared to 95% links coming from their brand name

03. Links from Bad Reputation (De-Indexed) Sites

Google and other search engines don’t like the sites with thin or duplicate contents, gambling sites spam blogs, auto-blogs and p*rn sites. These sites are usually de-indexed by Search Engines due to violation of rules or due to stealing of Copyrighted material. Backlinks from such sites which are usually banned by search engines, are for sure much easy but will results in low ranking of your blog or website in SERPs and may even get de-indexed.

So the bloggers who want to generate the quantity of backlinks rather the quality must conscious about this dangerous backlinks generating mistake.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Never try to get links from sites stated above or if you want to get backlink from sites which you don’t know much about, do some background search about it to avoid penalty y search engines especially Google.


04. Lots of Backlinks in Short Time

Another common backlinks generating mistake which most of the blogger made is generating too many backlinks in a short period of time. It doesn’t require building backlinks quickly but it is the quality of backlinks that matters to improve SEO. Creating too many backlinks in a short period will consider as spam links and will hurts your site SEO.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Try to build backlinks naturally not quickly and try to get it from authoritative domains. Have one link from High PageRank site with authoritative domain in a week is better than 100 backlinks from low PageRank domain in a day.

05. Buying Backlinks

Generating natural backlinks requires time and efforts but if you spent money to overpass the time and effort section of generating backlinks, you are doing it wrong. Although few so called SEO companies offering High PageRank Backlinks for a small amount of money but these links will be consider as spam and illegal by search engine and will hurts your site SEO rather than promoting it.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Don’t buy links no matter how less it costs because it is not natural anyhow. Be professional in regards of generating backlinks and try to build your backlink bank at your own.


06. Reciprocal links (Links Exchange)

Reciprocal links were one of the most popular methods of generating backlinks in past because it was easy to do. All it required is to find relevant site in industry and mutual understanding between webmasters. But when this method grows at rapid rate and people misuse it to over-promote their thin content-website, search engines like Google take notice of this method. Websites which participates in “link farming” (technically known as blogroll) were panelized by Google as this method is unnatural way of building backlinks and reputation.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Reciprocal links or link exchange get really bad reputation so avoid this mistake to generate backlink and don’t take part in any reciprocal link building or link exchanging campaign. Some high PageRank online web directories too, offer to list sites and give backlink in turn of a reciprocal link to them. Don’t accept the offer and be natural to build backlinks.


07. Backlinks from Irrelevant Niche sites

My blog is about SEO and Blogging but if I get a backlink from PageRank 7 blog related to travel or Health and Fitness, will it benefit my blog reputation? Definitely No. Many bloggers repeat this mistake and do comments on irrelevant sites to get backlinks. Backlinks from irrelevant sites add very less magnitude to your site SEO.

How to Overcome This Link Building Mistake

Try to get backlinks from relevant sites in your industry or site with same niche instead of irrelevant site.


08. Links from Low PageRank Sites

Building backlinks to improve SEO means to built quality links not just the quantity and quality mean to get backlinks from High PageRank sites with authoritative domain. Using low PageRank (PageRank 0/10 or PageRank N/A) sites to build backlinks will not boost your SEO and sometime will harm your site reputation and ranking too.

How to overcome This Link Building Mistake

Try to get backlinks from at least PageRank 2 to PR 3 and look further for Higher PageRank sites (PR 4 to 9). These quality links will pass you “link juice” and boost your SEO.


09. Linking from High PR sites only (Ignoring Low PR)

It’s true that quality matters in case of backlinks rather than quantity. But contrary to above stated point #8, links from low PageRank sites are necessary too to generate natural backlinks. A mix of backlinks from both High and Low PageRank sites is required to get link juice.

How to overcome This Link Building Mistake

To make your backlinks bank look more natural, try to keep a balance of backlinks from high PageRank and low PageRank sites as it will give good result.


10. Forgetting Internal Links

Last but not least, forgetting or not paying attention to internal links is really common linking mistake most of blogger made. Internal links are as essential as incoming links or backlinks. Internal links are not only essential for site navigation but they pass the link juice effects throughout the site. Suppose that one of your blog pages have high PageRank, linking others low PageRanked pages from the said page will boost the other page rank as well.

How to overcome This Link Building Mistake

Try to spread internal links all over the blog or website. Include links to low ranking pages or post from relevant high ranking or most read post and page.

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10 Free and Safe ways to get Quality Backlinks for SEO

Ways to Get Panda and Penguin Backlinks

SEO got really hard after the release of Google Panda and Penguin updates in the Search engine algorithm. Google Panda and Penguin penalize hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs with really low quality backlinks, too many backlinks from same site or backlinks from irrelevant site. These changes make every SEO expert and blogger conscious about the way they improve site SEO and get backlinks.[AdSense-A]

But backlinks are still helpful and valuable in term of Site SEO. So here we have collected top 10 free ways to get quality backlinks that are Panda and Penguin safe. Let enjoy these legitimate link building techniques to boost your blog SEO

01. Comments on Blogs

Commenting on websites or blogs with dofollow attribute enabled in backlinks is one of the popular methods to get backlinks. Every novice blogger initially build backlinks by commenting on blogs with same niche or topic. Although after the release of Google Penguin update in Google Search algorithm, most of bloggers worry about this method and uncertain about either to use it or not as Google Penguin penalize many blogs who have thousands of backlink from low PageRank blogs or site. Commenting on blog to get backlinks is still a legitimate way but if the links are from High PageRank sites. So find a list of High PageRank site and be active on it in discussions and comments there. Here we have complied lists of High PageRank blogs with dofollow attribute enabled:


02. Forums Posting

Commenting on High PageRank blogs especially those related to your blog niche is really effective but this method alone isn’t that much fruitful when talking about SEO.

Another legitimate method to get backlinks is forum posting. This underrated source of gating backlinks is missed by most of bloggers but posting on forums regularly and using a link in signature to your blog will help to boost your site SEO.

Here we have compiled a list of High PageRank Dofollow forums using few will add extra links to your blog

03. Online Web Directories

When talking about SEO, submitting your blog to Dmoz.org is the crucial element of it. Dmoz is an online web directory owned by AOL and maintain by a community of volunteer editors. The bloggers submits their blog by suggesting URL and get backlink in return. However Dmoz is an example, there are many online directories some of which are paid others are free to get your site listed in.


04. Yahoo Answer

Yahoo answer is the most popular community based Question & Answer sites where user can ask question or answer a question. Both these methods may help you to get backlinks.

Ask a question about the look and feel of your site and give a link to your site for reference or answer the question related to your blog niche and give a link for reference here as well.


05. RSS Directories

Similar to Online Web Directories, RSS directories are also a great source of getting backlinks. These directories serve people and help them to discover different websites or blog for their topic of interest.

To get link juice from RSS Directories, you need to submit your blog to these directories and get a valuable backlink from these directories in return


06. Social Book marking Sites

Submitting my blog’s pages or post to social bookmarking site is one of my favorite activities and on the top of my SEO to-do-list after I hit publish button upon completion of my post. Social bookmarking sites like Digg.com, Reddit.com or Stumbleupon.com are not only helpful to get lots of traffic from but to get valuable quality backlinks as well. These sites also help the search engine to fast index your pages.

Perhaps, social bookmarking sites have high PageRank but some of these sites uses Nofollow attribute, other have dofollow backlink attribute (well I don’t care much about dofollow and nofollow attribute, I just submit my post or URL there). Find some dofollow enabled social bookmarking sites and submit your blog post’s URLs regularly there.

07. Document Sharing Sites

Document sharing sites are access by millions of users on daily bases. Using their huge visitors, you can drive traffic to your blog by submitting a piece of document for example a mini PDF Book, a PowerPoint presentation, a word document or template, an excel format or an info-graphic image, and embed a link in the document or put a link on your profile page.

A popular document submitting site which I have using too is Slidshare.com. Oter best examples are authorstream.com and Docstoc.com. you may Google for any other

08. Get Backlink from Wikipedia

Wikipedia is famous encyclopedia covers almost every topic related to science, technology, health, medicine, internet and blogging. Each of Wikipedia page has high PageRank usually PR 6, 7 or 8. Have a backlink from high PageRank pages will fruitful in order to boost SEO.

Although getting backlink from Wikipedia is not easy deal but still possible. All you need is to find the dead pages or the pages related to your blog niche, edit them and put a link back to your blog in reference section. Remember, backlink from Wikipedia is beyond all other methods so try to get backlink from Wikipedia.


09. Get Backlink from YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site, have more than 800 million unique visitors and over 4 billion videos are watched daily. This makes a great opportunity for blogger to publish their videos to get tons of traffic from YouTube. But here we talk about the backlinks which can be gain easily with YouTube. All you need is to have an original piece of video. It can be a tutorial, a how to or a video of your travel to a museum or beautiful place. Once you have your own piece of work (video), upload it to YouTube and put a link back to your blog or have a link in your YouTube profile. This way you can get a High quality backlink to boost your site SEO.

Note: You can submit your video to others video sharing site like Vimoe.com, Metacafe.com, Dailymotion.com  and veoh.com etc.


10. Get Backlink from Audio Sharing Sites

An Audio sharing site is one of the easiest sources to get backlinks from. Most of the blogger even if they are experts in SEO, never uses audio sharing sites to get backlinks and these sites perhaps have higher PageRank.

So if you want to get backlinks from audio sharing site, you only need to create a piece of music or an audio song (you may take help from expert or find an online professional on Fiverr.com). Or even if you aren’t good at creating or composing music or don’t want to spent $$ for that, just record your own voice with your laptop. When you finish this, upload this piece of music to one of the following High PageRank audio sharing site or search for some others which grant you with a dofollow backlink.

BandCamp.com (PR7)

Reverbnation.com (PR6)

YourListen.com (PR5)

Sutros.com (PR5)

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