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Best Android Smartphones to Buy in 2015

Best Android Phones to Buy 2015

Want to buy a Smartphone and didn’t decide to buy which one? You’re not only the one in this dilemma, many people can’t decide about the right choice of Smartphone to buy.[AdSense-A]

Compare to its traditional opponent iOS, Android OS installed on an array of Smartphones, all come in great design, shape & size and excellent feature sets which make it difficult to choose among them. So the question “What is the Best Smartphone” or “What is the Best Android Phone?” ask more than any other question by the lovers of Android Phones. It’s not any easy to answer question and no one can prove any of the Smartphone as the world best Smartphone or the Best Android Phone as each Smartphone has its own Pros and cons.

To make your confusion clear and to answer the question regarding the best Smartphone, we have picked some best Smartphone and reviewed them. Read the review of following Smartphone and decide by yourself about the best Smartphone. Our criteria for Best Smartphone cover the following aspect of Smartphone:

  • Price
  • Display and Resolution
  • Version of Android OS
  • Battery Life
  • Camera Quality

01. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

For the lovers of android Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the phone of choice. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 along with other distinct features, have large screen up to 5.7 inches, fast processing speed and higher resolution QHD display that will thrill its users. 16 megapixels camera is another pro of this Smartphone make the phone to take shots in low light with image stabilization on the go. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a long life 3,220 mAh removable battery give the phone phenomenal life.


  • $699


  • Beautiful and elegant Design
  • High Resolution QHD Display
  • Removable Long life battery
  • 16 MP camera for excellent shots
  • Upgradable to latest Android 5.0 “Lollipop”


  • Oversize, May be too big
  • More Costly than the other offerings
  • old-fashioned hardware buttons

02. LG G3

If you love to have a Smartphone with great design and descent features, LG G3 is the Smartphone of choice for you. LG is one of the most innovative Smartphone making companies in the industry and a big competitor to Samsung in making Smartphone. LG G3 is one of the proudly product of LG with 5.5 inches large screen, 1440X2560 QHD display, 13 megapixels camera with OIS (optical imaging stabilization) system and a powerful 3,000mAh swappable battery that gives the phone long life and standby time. With sufficient built in memory, LG G3 has slot for micro SD card to expand the storage to your desire. The Phone has Android 5.0 “Lollipop” OS installed in it which gives the phone a range of features that most of us like about Android OS.



  • $549


  • 1440×2560 Sharp Display
  • Swappable Battery
  • Expandable memory with Removable storage card
  • 13 MP excellent Camera


  • Unfamiliar rear volume and power buttons
  • Body of the phone feels like plastic
  • May be big for some users

03. Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

One of the best selling Smartphone by Samsung, Galaxy S5 is indeed one of the best Smartphone for many reasons one of which is; it is a solid phone. Comes with great features that the other Smartphones lacking including but not limited to the great battery life, waterproof casing, unique design, High resolution 5.1-inch AMOLED display, 16 Megapixels camera excellent for photo shots and 2.5GHz Quad Core Processor to run the application at maximum speed; Galaxy S5 is the Smartphone of choice for those who want all these feature in just one phone.


  • $599


  • Great battery timing
  • Dust and Waterproof design
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Can monitor users heart rate


  • Overwhelming software customizations
  • Uninspiring hardware design
  • Annoying cover over charging port

04. Motorola Moto X

Android Smartphone comes with lots of functionality in it but some time you’d not be able to customize it for you. But if you want to add some handy additions to your Smartphone, Motorola Moto X is the right phone of choice for you. You can customize Moto X features and can easily add useful additions in it.

Comes with 5.2 inches smart display and 13-Megapixels improved quality camera capable of recording taking fine photo shoots and recording video in 4K resolution, Motorola’s Moto X is the phone of choice for those who want to record and share their memories on the go.

An extremely handy feature in Moto X is the software update. You can get the latest Android version upon its release. Moto X is also the first one to get Android 5.0 Lollipop.


  • $499


  • Customizable Smartphone
  • Android 5.0 “Lollipop” OS
  • Handy Moto Assist apps
  • Upgradable to Newts Android Version upon release


  • Average Battery Timing
  • No expandable storage
  • Camera is just okay, not excellent

05. HTC One M9

For those who already use and in love with HTC One M8, HTC One M9 will be a better Smartphone if they want the features of M8 in more refined and advance way. M9 is an advanced evolution of M8 as it has full metal body and design or look & feel is similar to its predecessor M8 but more tighter and sharper than M8. With 5 inches HD display, M9 is smaller but more comfortable than M8 which is charming. Now a little bit about the Camera, with 20-MP rear camera and the 4-MP front camera, HTC One M9 is far better than its forerunner M8 which only have 4 Megapixels camera.


  • Will release on March 31, 2015


  • Excellent battery Timing
  • Phenomenal Great speakers for Best Sound
  • Solid Metal Body
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Chipset for faster processing


  • May be too large to hold
  • May look like just a copy of HTC One M8

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5 Highest Paying Survey Sites to Make Extra Money

5 Highest Paying Online Survey Sites to Make Extra Money

We all have some Leisure or extra time which we can use to make money online instead of watching Videos on YouTube or liking the friend’s status on social media. So if you are serious about making money right from your home in free time and turn you free time into money, Online Paid Survey sites is the answers. Yes, you can earn up to £1000 per year being taking part in or active on online survey sites which rewards you in turn for each survey form you fill.[AdSense-A]

Well you may think why these sites will pay you for few clicks or just spending a few minutes?

The answer is simple. You are a potential consumer of some products, your opinion or feedback about a product is valuable for companies. To know the opinion of customers like you, companies hires market researchers to conducts surveys for them, taking part or spent time on these surveys rewards you with cash.

Although there are 100s online paid survey sites, out of the crowd, we have selected and review the best and reliable highest paid online survey site, spending time on which is worthy. Sign up there and make extra money on the go.

Valued Opinions

ValuedOpinions Online Paid Survey Site

Among all online paying survey sites, Valued Opinions is one of the most paying sites pays £1 to £5 per survey or around £10 per hour. Your rewards or earning will be in the form of retail voucher of Amazon, Topshop, Sainsbury’s and John Lewis. You can claim your reward vouchers once your payment ££ reaches £ 8.50. It will generally took 4 to 6 weeks to get your vouchers

Valued Opinions site is actually a group of market researchers; send surveys to their members based on the demographic location and product requirements. Start adding little bit more to your pocket money and Sign up for Valued Opinions here. By signing up there, you will enter into a lucky draw for an iPad.

Quick Overview

  • Average Survey Time: 15 – 20 minutes
  • Average ££ per Survey: £1 – £5
  • Payment Threshold: £8.50
  • Payment Methods: Retails vouchers (Amazon, Topshop, Sainsbury’s & More)


  • Interesting topics
  • Relevant surveys
  • High pay rate per survey
  • Low minimum payment threshold


Ipsos Online Paid Survey Site

Ipsos is another high paying survey sites which you must join to have an extra pocket money. The Ipsos team is a well trusted group of market researchers founded the company in 1975. Up till now the company has conducted 200 million surveys for more than 5000 companies or clients worldwide in 100 countries.


While answering the questions during taking surveys, you will be rewarded 5 to 250 points which turn into £10 for 1380 points. Members can have 4 surveys per month which is sufficient to make £10 or more per month.

Quick Overview

  • Average Survey Time: 10 – 15 minutes
  • Average points/£ per Survey: 5 – 250 points or £1.80
  • Payment Threshold: £10 (1380 points)
  • Payment Methods: Retails Vouchers (Amazon, Argos & John Lewis)


  • Well trusted Company
  • 4 or more surveys per month
  • High points per survey
  • Low minimum payment threshold
  • Pay in Retails vouchers


MySurvey Online Paid Survey Site

In fact, joining only one online paid survey site will not add much to your pocket money, hence you have to join several sites carefully which have high pay rate and not just the waste of time. MySurvey is one of that. With high pay rate and very low payout threshold, MySurvey is the site of choice for those who can’t wait to have £40 or £50 to get payout.

Like the site stated above, MySurvey along with retail vouchers of Amazon or Argos, pay cash through PayPal for the points you earned. You will be rewired with points (100 per survey) which will be exchange with cash (£3 for 345) or gift cards / vouchers

Quick Overview

  • Average Survey Time: ~20 minutes
  • Average points/£ per Survey: 100 points or £1
  • Payment Threshold: £3 (for 345 points via PayPal)
  • Payment Methods: Cash and Vouchers (Amazon, Argos etc.)


  • Pays in Retails vouchers
  • Pays in Cash as well
  • Relatively high points per survey
  • Earn £3 to £5 per hours
  • Very Low minimum payment threshold


vivatic Online Paid Survey Site

Vivatic is another greater name in the list of top paid online survey sites. The only things which the members don’t like is it’s high payout threshold which £25. But the good thing is their frequent number of survey per month, the short survey time required and ~£1 reward per survey. This will make it easy for you to reach their payout threshold in a month or less.

Other than surveys, Vivatic allows you to have extra cash via a number of ways such as writing reviews & data entry. This makes the site worthy to sign up.

Quick Overview

  • Average Survey Time: ~15 minutes
  • Average ££ per Survey: £1 to £2
  • Payment Threshold: £25 (relatively high)
  • Payment Methods: Cash via PayPal


  • Have plenty of surveys
  • One of the sites which Pays in real Cash, not just vouchers
  • High pay rate per survey
  • Earn £25 to £30 per month
  • Allows to earn money through Data Entry and Review Writing


Toluna Online Paid Survey Site

In the list of highest paid online survey sites, Toluna is totally different. Toluna is not like usual survey sites listed above but it is a place where you can earn via giving feedback, answering questions and giving opinions.

Toluna offers has relatively high points per survey that is 3,000 to 6,000 points / survey which you will be able to exchange with cash, vouchers or gift cards. Their average survey time is more or less 15 minutes and Minimum payout threshold is 60,000 points which is equals to £10.

Quick Overview

  • Average Survey Time: ~15 minutes
  • Average points/£ per Survey: 3000 – 6000 points (~£1)
  • Payment Threshold: 60,000 points (£10)
  • Payment Methods: Retails vouchers of Amazon & Love2Shop


  • Give opinion, do survey, answer questions
  • High points or pay rate per survey
  • Low Payout threshold
  • Let you earn up to $4,500 in sweepstakes competition

Now It’s up to you. Sign up for an account on these Online Paid survey sites and take part or fill the survey forms as many as you can to earn some money.

If you like these sites, share it with your friends as well to let them know how to make money online with these survey sites. If you know some other survey sites, let us know in comments.


You can also make money reading these simple strategies:


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5 Best WordPress AdSense Integration Plugins 2015

Best WordPress AdSense Integration Plugins 2015

One of the 10 things I really love about WordPress is the ocean of plugins developed by WordPress community of developer with which you can add almost every functionality to your blog you imagine. Plugins make the blogging related tasks much easier which will otherwise take time and efforts of bloggers. One such task is to add and manage Ads (especially Google AdSense Ads to make money) to blog.[AdSense-A]

But thanks to hundreds of plugins available, insertion and displaying ads on your blog is much easier and just few clicks of mouse. From those numerous Google AdSense ads insertion plugins, I choose the best 5 most popular AdSense plugins to place ads on best location on your blog, attract visitors and maximize your earning through AdSense. All plugins have its own pro and cons, read them all and choose the plugin suits best your needs.

Here is the list of AdSense Plugins:

  1. Google AdSense Plugin (The Official Plugin by AdSense)
  2. Quick AdSense
  3. Easy Plugin for AdSense
  4. Ad Injection
  5. Ad Rotate

Google AdSense Plugin

Among all the available WordPress plugins to insert and display Google AdSense ads on your blog, Google AdSense Plugin is the plugin of the choice for the beginner bloggers as well as for professionals. This is an official plugin by Google AdSense with which you can easily insert and display ads on your blog. Google AdSense plugin give you options where to put ads and what type and format of ads you want to show on a specific location on page or post. You can also exclude pages (like About Us, Contact Us) from having ads on them.

Other then displaying ads Google AdSense plugin enables you to integrate and manage other Google Products like Google Webmaster and Google analytics from same Dashboard.

Google AdSense Plugin comes and option to automate your ads for Mobile with on-click.

Download Google AdSense Plugin from here

Quick AdSense

Quick AdSense is yet another AdSense plugin to easily insert and display Google AdSense Ads on your blog posts or pages. This plugin do not require you to have any coding knowledge, all you have to do is to put Ads code or just click to select the area where you want to display it.

Quick AdSense WordPress Plugin comes with some great features like; it allows you to display ads on random places anywhere in the post. All its features are simple so you don’t have to go through complicated customization. Quick AdSense allows you to add up to 10 ads per page (however the recommended number per page is 3). You can insert ads or disable ad on the go with <!–Ads– > and <!–NoAds– >tags.

Download Quick AdSense from here

Easy Plugin for AdSense

As its name indicates, Easy Plugin for AdSense is another simple and easy way to insert AdSense ads on you blog to have handsome revenue from your blog. This plugins come with a set of features which allows you to display ads in the sidebar widgets with custom title and parameters.

Some of Easy Plugin for AdSense includes:

  • Enforce Google AdSense policy to have only 03 ads per page
  • Have customized title for Ad Block
  • Insert Ads in sidebar widgets
  • Insert AdSense Blocks in header or footer.
  • Display ads according to the length of post
  • Allows you to have full control over the position of the ads
  • Multiple language supported

Download Easy Plugin for AdSense here


Ad Injection

Although not specific to Google AdSense ads, Ad injection WordPress plugin is for those who use other advertisements (like TradeDoubler, ClickBank etc) along with Google AdSense. With this plugin you can easily insert or let say, inject ads from all popular advertisement network into your WordPress blog.

This plugin comes with advance option and tricky customization. Some of its great features include:

  • Ad rotation: Display ads from different publisher on the same ad space randomly or on the basis of predefined ration
  • Automatic advert injection: Automatically insert ads at specific place on the post between the paragraphs.
  • Widget support: Allows you to place ads on the sidebar widget or other widget area on your blog (e.g. footer)
  • Ad quantity by post length: This feature allows you to set the number of ads per post based on its length. This way, you can have more ads on longer post.
  • Display Ads to real visitors (restrict referrer)
  • Worry about click fraud? Restrict your ads display only to the visitors from authentic source like Search engines or social media sites.
  • Alternate content: This feature of this plugin can be use to display predefined content (picture, text) to block users.
  • Inject anything: Last but not least, with Ad Injection plugin, you can insert content other then ads like email opt-in form, Disclaimer at header or footer, random image and social media icons

Download Ad Injection here

05. Ad Rotate

One of the most popular Ad insertion plugin, Ad Rotate is the plugin of choice to insert and display AdSense ads along with ads from other adverts network and your own ads on your blog. This plugins allow you to easily add and manage multiple ads from one dashboard and view the stats of the ads to see how they are performing or which ad get more attention. Ad Rotate comes with a bunch of beautiful features few of them are listed below

  • Works well with Google AdSense and other ad networks
  • Let you set advertisement according to Geo location of visitors
  • Let you view daily or monthly stats of ads
  • Have an option to auto disable an ad after certain views or clicks to avoid click fraud
  • Allows you to add multiple ad widgets on page

Download Ad Rotate here

If you are using any other better AdSense Plugin, recommend us in comments or if you like these plugins, like and share it on social Media.

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Best Free WordPress Social Sharing Plugins for 2015

Best Free WordPress Social Sharing Plugins for 2015

Perhaps, social media sharing is the 2nd important thing to got popular and drive more traffic to blog after Search engines. To do so, bloggers need to integrate the social media sharing and social bookmarking buttons to their blog pages and post which let the readers simply and quickly share the post or contents on social media or social bookmarking sites. This helps the bloggers to drive more traffic and get better search ranking too.[AdSense-A]

Well there are thousands of plugins available in WordPress plugins directory and probably you may be using one of them (if you are a serious blogger), but they may cause extra load on your site speed or may not enough to have all popular social media sharing icons or buttons. If it’s true for your existing plugin, here we have compiled a list of top 5 essential WordPress Social Media Sharing plugins for you to have most of the popular social sharing integration, view the analytics of sharing and dominate the social media in 2015.

Quick Overview of Social Media Plugins

Our list of best social media sharing plugins contains:

  1. JetPack
  2. Digg Digg
  3. AddToAny
  4. DC Simple Sharing Buttons
  5. AddThis

01. JetPack Sharing

JetPack Sharing Module

If you haven’t installed Jetpack WordPress plugin, install it now and you will fall in Love with this plugin. Developed by Automatti, Jetpack is the most popular and most downloaded WordPress plugin which adds many superb features to your self-hosted WordPress blog, one of which is the Social Media sharing buttons. Jetpack allow let you to add social media buttons to your blog post allow the visitors to share the post or content on popular social media networks including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg and many others. All you need is to install JetPack plugin and activate the sharing module to add simple sharing buttons to your blog.

Install JetPack from WordPress plugins directory here Jetpack plugin

02. Digg Digg

Digg Digg Social Sharing Plugin

Digg Digg is another Social media sharing plugin developed by Buffer used by popular websites like Mashabel.com. Digg Digg Social sharing plugin supports all popular social media networks along with Email and Print buttons. With Digg Digg, you can add social media sharing buttons either to the top or bottom of the post or can add left or right floating sharing bar to the post with social share counter. The plugin has many unique features one of which is the Lazy Loading which is best for site speed and performance by delaying the load of social media buttons.

So if you want social sharing along with performance, download and install Digg Digg Social sharing plugin here.


03. AddToany Social Sharing Plugins

AddToAny Social Sharing Plugin

With more than 3 million downloads and 4 out of 5 rating, AddToany is perhaps a best sharing plugin for WordPress to allow your visitors share your content on popular social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest and over 100 more social media and social bookmarking sites. Along with sharing buttons for popular social media sites, AddToAny add a universal sharing and email buttons to the sharing bar.

You can add the sharing bar to the top or bottom of the post or align it as vertical or horizontal floating sharing bar. This plugin is highly customizable and you can change the sharing icon or color of the buttons to meet your need and theme style. AddToAny load asynchronously their script so do not slow the page loading.


One of the unique features in AddToAny social sharing plugin is that it can be integrated with Google Analytics so you can view the stats of sharing from your Google analytic dashboard. Click to go to AddToAny Official page on WordPress and Install the plugin.

04. DC Simple Share Buttons

DC simple share button

If you are tiered of extra load made by sharing plugins, DC simple share plugin is the solution. DC simple share plugin, as the name indicates, is a simple and light-weight social sharing plugin which do not load external recourses or JavaScript files to show sharing buttons but it’s rather a code written in HTML, CSS and PHP which do not cause delay in page loading. Since page loading time or site speed is one of the key factors in page ranking so you may like this plugin due to its light-weight.

DC simple Share plugin allow visitors to share content on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and LinkedIn. This plugin can automatically add social sharing buttons to your blog pages and post or you can put them manually where you want by simply putting php tag in the template.

The limitations in this plugin are that it do not show the number of share made and that you can only put the sharing buttons on the bottom of page. So if the share count and placement of sharing buttons is not a big issue for you, DC simple share plugin is the best choice among all other social sharing plugins. Download and install DC simple Sharing plugin from WordPress Plugin directory here.

05. AddThis Sharing Plugins

AddThis Social Sharing Plugin

Developed by AddThis Team, AddThis social plugin support over 330 social media and social bookmarking sites which makes this plugin the largest sharing tool among all others. AddThis plugin provides a clean and simple sharing buttons for popular social networking sites as well as Email and following buttons.

Not only sharing of content but, AddThis plugin keeps your visitors engages by recommending them the trending content of your blog and provide real time social analytics to webmaster to track how content being shared on social media netwoeks.

Another unique feature of AddThis social sharing plugin is that you can shorten the URL of the post or page (with Bit.ly or awe.sm) before sharing it on Social Media.

Over To You

If you have ever been tried one of them, what was your experience or if you recommend any other social media sharing plugin to our audience let us know in comments. If you like these plugins share it with your friends.

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25+ Mind blowing Facts and Figures about Twitter

Mind Blowing Twitter Facts

Some Mind blowing facts About Twitter Users

  1. In the end of 2014, Twitter has 319 million user’s accounts (more than 10% of total internet population) which are growing at the rate of 470,000 new accounts a day.
  2. If don’t have Twitter account and just sign up for one now and, at the end of the week, you will still be ahead of 3.2 million people.
  3. However Twitter head office is based in San Francisco, 70% of all traffic to Twitter come from outside the United State, with most users from China. China has over 38 million Twitter users.[AdSense-A]
  4. Among 319 millions Twitter Users, frequent Twitter users are male at the age between 25 – 35 years.
  5. More than 80% users access their Twitter accounts through mobile devices.

Incredible Data about Number of Tweets

  1. How active are you on Twitter. Well I Tweets 3 to 4 times a day, some may even tweets 100 times a day while other not at all. Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Facebook) has tweeted only 19 times. If we compare all the tweets vs. the active users, an average Twitter user has sent 307 tweets.
  2. On an average, 6000 Tweets are sent in a second which means that there are more than 500 million tweets are sent every day. That’s a huge number and it will only take 2 to 3 days to reach billion tweet sent.
  3. The number of tweets / second is not same at all the time and may fluctuate. In Japan on 3rd August, 2013, there were records 143, 199 tweets sent.
  4. Initially when the Twitter was not so popular, it took almost 3years and 2 months to get the billionth tweet. The first billionth tweet was made in May 2009. In the start of 2015, there would be billions of tweets every day.
  5. Since the beginning of the Twitter, there are more than 450 billion tweets have been made and sent. That’s a mind blowing figure.

What about Retweets

  1. When you like someone tweet, you retweet that. In the history of Twitter, the most retweeted tweet till to date is the all-star selfie by Ellen DeGeneres from Oscar 2014. The all star selfie has retweeted 3.4 million time and broke the record of Obama’s Victory tweet (800K) in just 34 minutes.
  2. While the Ellen made the history making selfie from one of Samsung Smartphone, the company donates $3 million to a charity in the honor of 3 million retweets of Ellen’s selfie.

 When the Twitter Shutdown

  1. The Twitter is shutdown temporarily two times due to traffic overload. Once when the Ellen’s all star selfie were retweeted abruptly and second after the death pop singer of Michael Jackson when the story broke out.

The Game of Followers and Following

  1. On an average, each Twitter account has 210 followers. But there are thousands of accounts with over 1 million followers.
  2. The first Twitter user who reaches 1 million followers is Ashton Kutcher. He gains 1 million followers in April 2009 when the Twitter didn’t reach 1 billionth tweet.
  3. 80% of the most followed accounts belong to celebrities and singers.
  4. The user with most followers is the American singer Katy Perry. Katy Perry has 59 million followers.
  5. Other most followed users are Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Collectively these three singers have more followers on Twitter than the total population of Germany, Canada, Turkey, Argentina, Egypt and South Africa.
  6. The most popular and followed brand is YouTube. YouTube has more than 46 million followers.
  7. On the other hand, the user who has more following is ArabicBest with 2.4 million followings. HootSuit (social media Management Company) comes second in the rank and has followed 1.6 million twitter accounts.

The story behind 140

  1. Why Tweet Length is restricted to 140 characters? Since the company was founded as an SMS service, the character limit in a tweet was restricted to 140 words.

Twttr, Twitter or Twittter?

  1. Twitter was initially introduced as “Twttr” in March 2006 which is later change to what it is now “Twitter” in July 2006 and then launched for public.
  2. The company also holds misspells of the “Twitter” with an extra “T” i.e. Twittter and with a missing “T” i.e. Twiter. You can access the Twitter with both Twittter and Twiter
  3. You may well aware of the iconic bird appears in Twitter logo and everywhere on the site. Did you know his name? The official name for this little fellow is “Larry” or you may call him “Larry Bird”

Some Fact from Marketing Point of View

  1. Since you may tweet text, image or infographics for brand marketing, texts with hashtags have 2x engagements as compared to those without hashtags. Images are 5 time more engagement rate as compare to text tweets. Infographics is dominating the engagement rate and get 800% more retweets as compared to both text and images tweets. So make some cool infographics if you want brand awareness and marketing with Twitter

Something about Retweet, HasgTags and Apps

  1. Did you know that the Hashtag, Retweets feature and even the Twitter mobile app is not created by Twitter, but developed by the developers in Twitter ecosystem.

Twitter on Facebook, Facebook on Twitter

  1. Did you know, the Facebook has an official account on Twitter with 14 million followers while Twitter has a Facebook page with 15.2 million fans.
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10 Best and Free Android Apps Every Blogger Should Have

Must Have Android Apps

An idea can come into blogger’s minds at any time and everywhere which he probably wants to share on internet with the readers and followers. Moreover, the blogger may want to respond to the comments or view the statistics of blog on the go. But how these tasks can bloggers perform if they are out and away from desktops? Thanks to mass technological advancement and huge innovations in the field of mobile devices, bloggers can now enjoy their blogging journey right from their Smartphone screen.[AdSense-A]

Android; as a popular Smartphone’s operating system and with larger community of apps developers, give opportunity to bloggers and make it easy to express their self everywhere, respond to the comments, view stats and perform many blogging-related task at any time and from everywhere on the internet just with their Smartphone and some Apps installed on it.

Must Have Android Apps

Must Have Android Apps Image source

To make your blogging journey easy with your Smartphone, here we have organized a list of 10 free android apps which the bloggers must have on their Smartphones and Tablets to perform blogging related task on the go. Just install them and enjoy blogging in a smart way.

01. WordPress

In the list of top 10 apps that the bloggers must have in their Smartphones, the first one would be WordPress. WordPress is the most popular Open source CMS and blogging platform with millions of users. The WordPress Android app; developed for the bloggers who want to blog through Smartphone, is the perfect solution to keep them up with the demand of blogging. WordPress app allows the users to enjoy their blogging journey with ease, enable them to create, edit and publish the post or save as draft. It also allows the users to manage media files, moderate comments and view their analytic data with view stats. Users can also share their recent posts with WordPress app to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst, Reddit, Tumblr and many more.

This app is compatible with both the self-hosted blog on WordPress.org and free hosted blog on WordPress.com. Download the WordPress Android app from the Google Play Store now.


02. Blogger

Blogger app is Google Official app to access and use the features of the Google blogging platform “Blogger” right from your Smartphone screen. With an easy sign-up process, you can start blogging on Blogger, create new articles, edit existing one, add media files to your articles and publish the article from everywhere. Not just only the posting but you can view the site stats and share the post on Google+. With Blogger app you can easily manage multiple blog as it enables the user to switch between blogs. Download Blogger Android Apps now.

03. Tumblr

If you don’t want to write and share lengthy text-rich post, Tumblr is an option for you. Tumblr is a microblogging platform with which you can create short and interesting contents and publish it on your Tumblr blog. To do microblogging right from your Smartphone, Tumblr android app is the perfect solution. This app allows you to create and publish short blurbs of text such a quotes or proverbs along with pictures, music, videos and more. You can queue or schedule the post and save as draft for future. The app also allows you to interact with the readers and other bloggers by viewing and replying to their messages, following them to view their post and repost their interesting post on your own blog with a click.

Have multiple Tumblr blogs, don’t worry, the app allow you to manage multiple blogs. Download Tumblr Android App and enjoy microblogging with Tumblr.

04. Writer

On the little screen of Smartphone, writing distraction-free post with focus is not an easy job to done because of incoming notifications from other apps. To get rid of this, Writer is the solution. This app provides the bloggers a distraction free writing environment to write post within their Smartphone without fuss as in traditional word processing apps. Writer let you to convert your opinions, ideas or thoughts into text with peace of mind. You can save you work as draft and publish it on you blog later with writer. Download Writer Android App from the Google Play Store now to have a distraction-free writing environment.

05. SwiftKey Keyboard

One of major hindrance for blogger to write posts on their Smartphone is the small keyboard buttons with vulnerability of typo errors. For those who are tired of these hitches, Swift Keyboard android app is the perfect solution. This does not only comes with big keyboard keys but it auto correct your typo errors and predict the words based on your personalize prediction input or on your previous typing activities. Download SwiftKey Keyboard from Google Play Store and start typing you post with ease from now.

06. Evernote

Evernote is an easy to use free app which is very useful to save you ideas, create to-do list, write or copy text, capture images and record audio clips whenever and wherever you want. Evernote will then synchronize everything you capture or record across all of your devices to access them easily when and where you want. Download Evernote android app from Google Play here to stay organized and improve your productivity.

07. Google Drive

Smartphone not only have small screen but smaller memory too to keep all media files such as photos, audio and video clips. To have them in easy access on Cloud storage, Google Drive is the solution. This tiny app enables the bloggers to store larger media files along with text documents, spreadsheets and many others. Once stored in Google Drive, the files can access across multiple devices on the go. Download Google Drive from Google Play store to get synchronized your devices and access your files.

08. Hootsuit

Hootsuit is not just an app but it more like social media management tool which will helps you to access and manage your multiple social media accounts in one place. With this free app, you can update your status to Facebook, upload photos, Tweet on twitter, receive notification +1 interesting pots and send messages to all your followers on the social networking sites. you can even view the stats of your social media profile and pages. Download Hootsuit now and stay active on all social media sites at once.

09. Disqus

Disqus is one of the popular commenting systems offers community feature where commentators keep engaged in discussion. Disqus is integrated into blogs by many bloggers as it is easy to moderate comments with and it helps fight spamming. With Disqus Android app, bloggers can moderates and reply to comments, mark spam and deletes comments from their Smartphone on the go.

Note: Disqus is No longer available at Google Play Store. See here

10. Photo Editor

Some time bloggers want to add effects, text or water marks to pictures they want to upload to their post. These tasks seem difficult to do on Smartphone but Photo Editor makes it easy for bloggers. With Android Photo Editor App, bloggers can edit, resize and crop photo to custom size, add finishing effect or text to it and upload the photo to blog or attach with blog post on the go. Download Photo Editor from Google Play Store now to add effects, text or finishing your pictures before uploading to blog.

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10 Features to Make You Fall in Love with Android Lollipop

10 Cool Android Lollipop Features

Cool Android Lollipop Features

Cool Android Lollipop Features [source: wikipedia.org]

Since its latest release on November 12th of the year, we all are now much familiar with what cool feature Google has added to the latest Android version “Lollipop”. With No doubt, the new Android v 5.0 “Lollipop” is the biggest released version of the Android with brand new gorgeous design called material design and so many cool features that can easily make you fall in love with “Lollipop”. From Screen pinning to notification control, Do Not Disturb Mode to Guest Mode and powerful file sharing feature “Android Beam”, there are many cool features in New Android 5.0 “Lollipop” that you can enjoy from the day first.[AdSense-A]

Among so many cool feature added in New Android L, here we collected and review 10 best features you probably never heard about. So take a deep breath and dive through the list of coolest features that we have dug out for you.

01. Lock screen notifications

Lollipop come with an exciting feature which give you full control to view and deals with the notifications right from your lock screen. You can swipe to dismiss, tap on screen to reply / respond to the notification or double tap to go to the relevant app. You can control which information should appear or hide by heading to setting –> Sound & Notification and set the sensitive information of notification from apps as “Redacted” to hide sensitive alerts


02. OK Google

Now you can talk to Google even if your screen is off and mobile on standby mode. Just say “OK Google” and your phone will wake let you to do voice search, get directions, send text messages and more. But this feature requires compatible hardware with digital signal processing support and work well with Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.


03. Do not Disturb Mode

With this feature integrated in Android 5.0 “Lollipop”, you can control the kind of notifications alerts and the time when you want to stop them. Do not Disturb mode is a Notification control feature allow user to control the notifications alerts as and when they want. The same can be achieved with Priority App Notification feature but Do Not Disturb Mode let you set the time in a day where you don’t want to be disturbed by any notification alert. Just head to setting –> Sound & Notification and set Interruption as you want.

04. Tap and Go

Buy a new Smartphone and worry about the data, settings and apps on old Smartphone? Lollipop gives you control to transfer the data, apps and preferences from your old Smartphone to the new one with its new “Tap and Go” feature. The “Tap and Go” feature uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology such as Bluetooth and allows your Smartphone to transfer all the details, Back-ups, Google accounts, wallpapers, widgets and feature apps to the new phone

05. Ambient Display

This cool feature integrated in Android 5.0 Lollipop is inspired by Motorola. Ambient Display makes your phone light up or displaying useful information whenever you get a new notification, pick your phone off your table or take it out of your bag or pocket.

But, once again, this feature requires a compatible hardware, OLED screen, to work and work well in Google Nexus 6 so far.

06. Flashlight

No need to buy or download a third party Flashlight app from Google Play Store as this feature is now added into the Android Lollipop to save your time and effort put on downloading a third party one. Since the Flashlight app is among the popular apps on Android thus Google decide to give its Android Lollipop customers a built-in one Flashlight app. To turn it on, just pull down the notification drawer and tap the top bar to turn on Flashlight. Once again your phone should have an LED flashlight alongside the camera.

07. Guest Mode

Thanks to Lollipop, Your android phone is now safe to give to your kid or your friend can make a call or check his email while your accounts, main profile and personal data will remain safe and untouched. With Android Lollipop, you can add or configure guest account on your phone as you want and can hand it over to your friends or children with no more worry about your sensitive data. Once done, just drag the notification drawer and tap “Guest” from user accounts to activate Guest Mode.

08. Pin Apps & Screen

Screen Pinning or app pinning is among the highlighted features of Android Lollipop which let you to limit someone to a specific app, share specific screen and restrict them to mess with your data, mail or contacts. If one of your distracted child or an annoying friend wants to play game or use a specific app, launch the game or app, pin it and hand your phone to your child or friend. Once pinned, your kid or friend won’t be able to leave the app and go to home screen or go back without entering pin code.

To “pin” your child or friend inside a single app, you first need to activate this feature by heading to Settings –> Security –> Screen pinning.

09. Android Beam

Android Beam is a powerful file sharing feature of New Android Lollipop which will let you to share files other then photo, piece of music or clip. Android beam make possible the sharing of almost anything between two devices easily, no matter how smaller or larger the file size is.

10. Predict and Save Battery

Last but not least, after all these hot and cool features, you may just run out of your battery. But don’t worry, new Android Lollipop has a built in feature to see how much battery is left and to save your battery timing. Tap on the battery icon to predict how much battery is remaining and activate Battery saving mode which can save your battery up to 15% and extends your device use up to 90mins, through minimizing the battery usage by vibration or background syncing.

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Know The Important Facts About Ebola That Matters

10 Must Know Ebola Facts

10 Must Know Ebola Facts

Important Facts About Ebola [source: en.wikipedia.org]

01. What is Ebola?

 Ebola disease, also known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever or Ebola is a severe viral disease caused by an RNA virus, the Ebola virus.

The first case of Ebola disease or Ebola hemorrhagic fever was reported in Democratic Republic of Congo at 1976. The disease is widespread in West Africa with 14, 413 victims are reported till to date, half of these are died short after the appearance of sign and symptoms of Ebola disease.[AdSense-A]

Ebola disease is the major health concerns for many Governments around the world for which they developed strict planning to prevent Ebola outbreaks in their countries.

02. How Ebola transmitted


Ebola Transmission to Human [source: en.wikipedia.org]

Although it is known that human is not the natural host of Ebola virus but it is not totally clear that which specie is the natural host for Ebola virus and how the disease is transmitted to human. Scientist believes that the virus of Ebola disease is transmitted to human by contact with wild infected animals. A group of scientists believe that this disease might spread from chimpanzees, forest antelopes, or cynomolgus monkeys by having contact with them or by eating their brain while most of other believes that the virus is transmitted from fruit bats by their bits or eating their meat as food (bushmeat).

During outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever, the person to person spear of disease can occurs as a result of direct contact with the infected person’s (or the one who died from the disease) body fluids including blood, semen, sweat, vomit, spit, feces and urine. The entry points for the virus to the body of host including mouth, nose, eyes, skin breakdown & cuts, open wounds and abrasion.

Contact with contaminated objects (medical equipment, syringes, needles) and infected animals can too transmit the Ebola virus to healthy host.

03. Symptoms of Ebola

Symptoms of Ebola Disease

Symptoms of Ebola Disease [source: en.wikipedia.org]

Like most Viral diseases, the initial symptoms of Ebola disease are quite similar to common cold or flu i.e. headache, body aches, muscle ache, sore throat, intense weakness & exhaustion and fever, making Ebola difficult to diagnose. Later it affects gastrointestinal system and patient develops diarrhea, vomiting, severe gastrointestinal pain, altered liver and kidney functions

This course of disease is followed by goriest part when the disease turned into hemorrhagic fever and the victim started internal bleeding, have bloody diarrhea, vomit blood, develop bruises as well as spontaneous bleeding from eyes, ears and the skin turned into blisters. Not all but most of the cases died shortly once the disease turned to hemorrhagic fever due to cardiovascular collapse and shock.

The incubation period of the Ebola disease, means the time it took to develop sign and symptoms of disease after being infected with virus is 2 to 21 days.

04. Ebola Vaccine

Ebola Vaccine

Ebola Vaccine [source: flicker.com]

Till to date, there is no any vaccine exist to prevent people to become infected with Ebola disease but governments are looking for the prevention of disease by funding public health officials and sinking millions of dollars for the research and development process of vaccine. Trials of vaccine on human are underway however animal study show positive progress. Some vaccines tried on monkeys have shown great results and prevented the monkeys to become infected with Ebola virus and even cure some already infected monkeys. But for now you have to follow the preventive measured and guidelines as instructed by government to lower the risk of infection.

05. Treatment of Ebola

Treatment for Ebola

Treatment for Ebola [source: en.wikipedia.org]

Currently there is no specific treatment or cure for Ebola, only supportive symptomatic treatment can be given to the patient according to the symptoms. This including the painkiller medicines, initiation of IV fluid replacement, administration of supplemental oxygen and initiation of inotropic support to maintain blood pressure. All these measures make the patient comfortable and improve the chance of patient’s survival but cannot cure the illness completely.

However there are some experimental medicines tried over the infected cases which show effective results. The medicines were mostly the blood serums (having antibodies) from animal exposed to and survived Ebola.

06. Current Outbreak

Current outbreak Ebola

Current outbreak Ebola [source: en.wikipedia.org]

Although Ebola virus was first appeared in 1976 in Democratic Republic of Congo, current outbreak of disease is most intense and widespread, infected 14, 413 persons mostly from countries of West Africa including Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia with additional cases reported in Senegal, Nigeria and reached to Spain, Mali and United States Mali. Among these 14, 413 victims of Ebola disease, half are died due to complication of the disease.

07. Ebola in America

Ebola is now not only limited to the Central or West Africa. Its roots reached to America and the first case reported in August 2nd, 2014 where a 33 year old doctor Kent Brantley returned back to America from Liberia infected with Ebola. Luckily the case was treated successfully, survived the disease and released virus free.

08. Proton down Lab Ebola Experiment

Proton Down Lab Ebola Experiment

Proton Down Lab Ebola Experiment [source: pixabay.org]

As most of people think and reflected in Hollywood movies, many of the diseases were thought to be results of secret research experiments by some “Bad Doctors” or Government agencies to use them as biological weapons, there is an incident happened in Proton down Lab for applied Microbiology in England on 5th November, 1976 where during research on Ebola virus, a researches pricked his thumb with contaminated needle. The researcher ill few days later helps the scientist familiar with the nature of disease, providing initial data about the disease and let them know how much dangerous the diseases is.

09. Quarantine and Pre – Post Travel screening are important

Ebola Isolation

Ebola Isolation Bed [source: en.wikipedia.org]

Are you about to travel to an Ebola suspected region? First let go through the preventive measures or guidelines issue by the government. There is a strict screening process which you have to face if you were in the Ebola suspected region and returned back to your country. If you are positive with the symptoms of Ebola, you may be put in isolation (Quarantine) from other for several days till you get free from virus. This might not help you but may prevent others in your country to get infected with Ebola.

10. How Ebola gets its Name

Ebola Named After Ebola River

Ebola Named After Ebola River [source: en.wikipedia.org]

Last but not least, after all terrible facts and information on Ebola disease, here is some interesting information about the disease name. The disease got its name after the Ebola River as the disease first appears in a village of Democratic Republic of Congo close to Ebola River.

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