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Winners of ICC Twenty20 World Cup

T20 World Cup Winners

The battle of T20 world cup fought this year and the cricket fans got crazy to watch it online. ICC Twenty20 world is the second most liked and most favorite sports event in cricket after the ICC ODI World Cup. It is relatively new competition that has just introduced after emergence of the shorter cricket format the T20. The first Word T20 was held in 2007 in South Africa and won by India. Pakistan was the runner-up. The last begin played recently in 2016 and the won by West Indies against the England. And, it was the second time West Indies become the champion of world T20.[AdSense-A]

The next two world cups in T20 formats are planed to be held in 2018 and 2020 respectively. However the host for the 2018 world cup is not yet announced, will be announced soon by ICC. It’s been rumored  that South Africa will be the next host. The 2020 world cup will be hosted by Australia. We will let you know soon when the schedule for 2018 world cup announce.

T20 World Cup Winners

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Winners of ICC Twenty20 World Cup

Year Host(s) Winner Runner-up Result
2007 South Africa India
157/5 (20 overs)
152 all out (19.4 overs)
India won by 5 runs
2009 England Pakistan
139/2 (18.4 overs)
Sri Lanka
138/6 (20 overs)
Pakistan won by 8 wickets
2010 West Indies England
148/3 (17 overs)
147/6 (20 overs)
England won by 7 wickets
2012 Sri Lanka West Indies
137/6 (20 overs)
Sri Lanka
101 all out (18.4 overs)
West Indies won by 36 runs
2014 Bangladesh Sri Lanka
134/4 (17.5 overs)
130/4 (20 overs)
Sri Lanka won by 6 wickets
2016 India West Indies
161/6 (19.4 overs)
155/9 (20 overs)
West Indies won by 4 wickets
2018 To Be announced
2020 Australia


Since 2007 till now, total 6 Twenty20 world cup competitions have held. The event held every two year. Almost same number of teams participates in the T20 world cup; few directly while other through a qualifying round.  There were total 16 teams in world T20 this year (2016). List of the teams participated in 2016 world cup are following:

See the Winners of ICC World Cup ODI

  • Pakistan: Won the world cup of 2009
  • Australia: The most successful team in ICC ODI World Cup, but has no T20 world cup won yet
  • India: The champion of the first World T20 Cup.
  • England: Hosted 2009 event and the winner of 2010
  • South Africa: The host for the first world cup T20
  • New Zealand
  • Sri Lanka won the world cup 2014 against the India
  • Bangladesh: Hosted 2014 world cup Twenty20
  • West Indies: won the vent 2 times
  • Zimbabwe
  • Netherlands
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Afghanistan
  • Hong Kong
  • Oman
Twenty20 World Cup 2016 Champions

West Indies Celebrating the Victory of Winning T20 world cup 2016


The Most Successful World T20 Team

West Indies is the current world T20 champion has won the event 2 times, once in 2012 and other in 2016.No other team has held the winner title for two times, however 4 other countries have won the championship one time. These include Pakistan, India, England and Sri Lanka. The Current ICC World Cup, the ODI Fifty50 format, champion Australia, who won the ICC Cup 5 times, fails to prove themselves in the shorter format of cricket. Australia remains the runner-up however in 2010 World Cup and lost the match against England. India appears 2 times in the final of the main event, won one with one being lost against the Sri Lanka in 2014.

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Vipbox TV EU for Free Sports streaming Online


For the fan of sports, especially for those who love to watch their favorite sports show online on their computer screen, here we bring another cool website, “the Vipbox”. Vipbox is a sports streaming site that has indexed a huge volume of live streaming of almost every single sports. It means that there you can watch Rugby and its important events live Rugby World Cup, the Ice Hockey and NHL playoff for Stanley Cup, Football and FIFA world cup matches, Cricket including the T20, ODIs and test matches like the recent series between the India vs West Indies and the Pak vs Eng test series 2016. Not only these few popular sports streaming but VIPbox.eu is a kind of live TV for other less popular sports such as Gold, Swimming, Cycling, F1 racing, Boxing, TNA and UFC.


What makes it special to watch all the above mentioned sports live with VIPbox is that it provides real time steaming service. It means that the site will let you know in advance about the date and time where a match will held and the link to the server / site hosting the stream for that particular match. On an average, the VIP Box’s front page is filled with at least 100+ streaming links, all which is about to go on-air in next hours. Another great feature of VIPBoxtv sports streaming website that is free of cost and requires no registration, no account and unlike most other streaming sites, there is no monthly or weekly based subscription. Just visiting the site will reveals the sports streaming treasures on you. Enjoy the live sports with VIPbox TV.

Watch Free Sports Streaming n Firstrowsports


Which Sports can you stream with Vipbox

A number of sports are listed on their main page, here is the quick over of each sports that you can watch live on the site. Watch the list to see if your favorite sport is being listed there


Vipbox Football Streaming

Fans of football can watch the upcoming Copa America, Euro Football cup or the 2018 FIFA world cup live with their streaming services. There are numerous streaming links indexed for any single football match so in case one link is down, you would have a live alternate. So watch soccer uninterruptedly with VIP Box.

Cricket Streaming

Cricket matches and series are always on-air. Out of 20 countries being playing cricket 4 to 5 countries are playing a cricket series almost every month. Cricket live streaming is most searched on internet. So cricket fans, there is no need to surf here and there for live cricket streaming, vipbox is sufficient solely for you. Here you can watch the ICC World Cup, the T20 world cup, Asia Cup, IPL, CPL, PSL, BSL, and other cricket series held between the ICC full and non-full member teams.

Baseball Streaming

Not only Cricket and football but the baseball viewers can take advantage from the Vip box tv as well. The site stream the MLB matches and of course broadcast live streaming of the World Series.

Vipbox UFC Streaming

Get excited for the upcoming UFC fight between Stephen Thompson vs Rory MacDonald. Perhaps UFC fights are the most PPV events, now with VIP Box sports TV, you can watch the fight of Broke Lisaner and Robbie Lawler. The site also stream the WWE fights.

Rugby Streaming

Rugby or American football is the 3rd most popular game. And to entertain the huge fans of Rugby and the super bowl, the vip box brings an array of live streaming of the most popular game show. On VIP box front page, you can see the upcoming rugby union or the rugby federation matches and the link along with it to the streaming site.

So visit the VIPbox.eu now and see your favorite sport streaming there for free. If you didn’t found the streaming there, you can make a request to them via email and they will bring the live streaming of the sport of your choice or the game show live.

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FIFA Football World Cup Winners List Year-wise

Before talking about the winners of FIFA world cup, let’s have some ice breaking question. So all the sports fans, can you name the world most viewed sports event? Are you thinking about Summer Olympics? Super Bowl game, or the ICC cricket world cup? No, none of these sports event is on the top of the world most viewed sports event. But the fact is that the FIFA world cup is the most viewed event with an estimate that 3.2 billion people have watched the 2014 FIFA football world cup. That is almost the half of the world total population. For more interesting information, here we have compiled a list of FIFA world cup winners along with the year it held and the fans that have watched and witnessed the event live.


Check the Winners of Super Bowl (year-wise)

If you’re a crazy fan of sport especially the football, you might know that the last world cup which was held in Brazil in 2014 was won by……… yes, the Germany. The final match held between Germany and the Argentina with the Argentina being hot favorite for the season, still face defeat by Germens. So this is all or most of us know. But can you tell me about the first FIFA football world cup? When and where was it held? Who won it and which team remains the runner-up? You might don’t know it. So here is another easy question, how many times you country won the world cup final and how many time it remains the runner-up? To get answers to all these questions, refer to the table below.

FIFA Football World Cup 2014 Winner

FIFA Football World Cup 2014 Winner is Germany

The list includes the world cup results since 1930. Total 20 FFIA world cups have held till now. The event held regularly with the interval of 4 years. The only exception is the period of World War 2 where the game postponed for 2 consecutive seasons, 1942 and 1946. The last world cup was hosted by Brazil in 2014 where as the upcoming world cup will be hosted by Russia in 2018.


List of FIFA World Cup Winners

Year Winners Vs Runner-up Total Teams Hosts Attendance
2014 Germany vs Argentina 32 team Brazil 74, 738
2010 Spain vs Netherlands 32 team South Africa 84, 490
2006 Italy vs France 32 team Germany 69,000
2002 Brazil vs Germany 32 team Korea/Japan 69, 029
1998 France vs Brazil 32 team France 80,000
1994 Brazil vs Italy 24 teams United States 94,194
1990 West Germany vs Argentina 24 teams Italy 73, 603
1986 Argentina vs West Germany 24 teams Mexico 114,600
1982 Italy vs West Germany 24 teams Spain 90,000
1978 Argentina vs Netherlands 16 teams Argentina 71,483
1974 West Germany vs Netherlands 16 teams West Germany 75,200
1970 Brazil vs Italy 16 teams Mexico 107,412
1966 England vs West Germany 16 teams England 93,000
1962 Brazil vs Czechslovakia 16 teams Chile 69,000
1958 Brazil vs Sweden 16 teams Sweden 51,800
1954 West Germany vs Hungary 16 teams Switzerland 60,000
1950 Uruguay vs Brazil 13 teams Brazil 174,000
1946 Not held due to WWII Plan to held at Brazil
1942 Not held due to WWII Plan to held at Germany
1938 Italy vs Hungary 16 teams France 45,000
1934 Italy vs Czechslovakia 16 teams Italy 50,000
1930 Uruguay vs Argentina 13 teams Uruguay 80,000


Team-wise winning of FIFA Football World Cup

Look at the above list and you’ll find that Brazil is the most successful country that has won 5 world cups. Brazil reaches the final 7 times and won 5 out of it. Brazil won its first FIFA cup on 1958, then in 1962, 3rd in 1970 and 4rth one in 1994. Brazil won its 5th world cup in 2002. Current world football champion Germany is the 2nd most successful country that has appeared in the FIFA final 8 times and won 4 out of it. For information about other country winning ratio, see the list below. Here we have the country-wise standing of FIFA World Cup for you

  • Brazil 5 times
  • Germany 4 times
  • Uruguay 2 times
  • Italy 2 times
  • Argentina 2 times
  • Spain 1 time
  • England 1 time
  • France 1 time
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List of ICC Cricket World Cup Winners By Year

ICC Cricket World Cup Winners

To all the cricket fans out there, would you name the country that has won 5 ICC Cricket world cup finals? Here is clue; they are famous for their Kangaroos. Yes, Australia is the country that has won 5 cricket world cups so far. Australia is perhaps the country with most tenanted cricket players especially the fast bowlers. The team also holds the title of current world champion as they won the ICC Cup 2015.


Now let’s talk about the other teams that have won the cricket cup, but first take a look of ICC Cricket World Cup itself. It is an international championship trophy that is given to the winner of One Day International ICC World Cup. It is among the most favorite and most viewed sport event after Football World Cup, Rio Olympics and the Super Bowl. ICC WC is played in ODI format which encompasses a Day-Night match of 50 over length. ODI Cricket World Cup held every four yearly. Remember that there is also a T20 world cup that has the 20 over match format and held every 2 yearly.

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List of ICC Cricket World Cup Winner

Year Winner Runner-up Margin Host(s)
1975 West Indies
291/8 (60 overs)
274 all out (58.4 overs)
West Indies won by 17 runs England
1979 West Indies
286/9 (60 overs)
194 all out (51 overs)
West Indies won by 92 runs England
1983 India
183 all out (54.4 overs)
West Indies
140 all out (52 overs)
India won by 43 runs England
1987 Australia
253/5 (50 overs)
246/8 (50 overs)
Australia won by 7 runs India, Pakistan
1992 Pakistan
249/6 (50 overs)
227 all out (49.2 overs)
Pakistan won by 22 runs Australia, New Zealand
1996 Sri Lanka
245/3 (46.2 overs)
241/7 (50 overs)
Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets Pakistan, India
Sri Lanka
1999 Australia
133/2 (20.1 overs)
132 all out (39 overs)
Australia won by 8 wickets England
2003 Australia
359/2 (50 overs)
234 all out (39.2 overs)
Australia won by 125 runs South Africa, Zimbabwe
2007 Australia
281/4 (38 overs)
Sri Lanka
215/8 (36 overs)
Australia won by 53 runs West Indies
2011 India
277/4 (48.2 overs)
Sri Lanka
274/6 (50 overs)
India won by 6 wickets India, Sri Lank, Bangladesh
2015 Australia
186/3 (33.1 overs)
New Zealand
183 all out (45 overs)
Australia won by 7 wickets Australia, New Zealand

Upcoming Cricket World Cup

England, Wales
2023 India


ICC World Cup 2015 Winner

Australia: The Winner of ICC World Cup 2015

Cricket world Cup governs and organized by International Cricket Council in coordination with the National Cricket Board of the country where it going to be held. Cricket WC can be hosted in any of the countries that are the full-member of ICC. These are 10 countries namely Pakistan, England, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa. All these countries are Test Playing countries. There are some non full-members that can be the part of Cricket World Cup by going through qualifying rounds. These ICC non full-member teams include Afghanistan, Kenya, Ireland, UAE and Hong Kong.

The first world cup was played in England and it was in 1975. The winner for that world cup was West Indies who defeat Australia. West Indies also won the next World cup as well that was held in 1979. Australia was once again the runner up of that tournament. Winner of the 3rd main event of cricket was India who beat West Indies in final. All these first 3 world cups were hosted by England. Since 1975, 11 world cup events has have taken place. Out of these eleven, Australia won 5 WCs; India won 2 and so the West Indies. Pakistan won the world cup of 1992 and Sri Lanka won the 1996 one. For more precise view of the World Cup winning countries, refer to the list given below. It’s a year-wise list starting from 1975 to onward.


About the Upcoming ICC World Cups

Well, so far the 11 world cup has played while two upcoming WCs are being schedule to play four year apart in 2019 and 2023. The 12th Cricket World Cup will be held in England while the 13th World Cup will be hosted by India. Now be patient and wait for those cricket mega events. Stay connected with Crizmo to stay updated with all the latest news about Cricket, World Cup, Squads, Schedule and many more. You can also visit our site to get handy information about other sports including the American football, NHL, MLB, NFC and more.

Quick Question: Who Will Win the ICC World Cup 2019? Let’s Predict and let us know in Comments

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List of Super Bowl Winners by Year

Super Bowl Winners by year

Have you heard about the last super bowl competition? So would you name the winner of Super Bowl 50? Ok here are the choices, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks or New York Giants. And the answer is, Denver Broncos. Well Super bowl is among the top rated and highly viewed competition that held every year in United States. It is a like a world cup, you can say of American Football, the Arm football or the Rugby.


The game first started in 1967 where the first Super Bowl competition (the Super bowl I) held in Los Angeles between the Kansas City and the Green Bay. The winner of the first superbowl competition was Green Bay. From 1967 till now, 50 competitions of super bowl has held in different cities. While looking at the year-wise list given below, you can notice that each super bowl game suffixed with the Roman Numerals like Super bowl I, II, III, IV, V and so on. The exception is the most recent game that is written as superbowl 50 with regular numerals (held in 2016). The next American Football game, the super bowl LI, is scheduled to be on 5th Feb 2017.

Super Bowl Winners by year

Denver Broncos: The Winner of Super Bowl 50

Super bowl was first play among the champion of National Football league (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL) from 1967 to 1970. From 1971 to onward American Football Conference and National Football conference take part in competition.

So after a brief overview of the Super bowl, its date of origin and the first and last superbowl result, here is a complete list of Super Bowl Winners that is arranged year-wise starting from the most recent to the least. At the end of this, we also let you know the team with most win and so on.


List of Super Bowl Winners by Year

Year No. Winner vs Loser Venue
2016 50 Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers California
2015 XLIX New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks Arizona
2014 XLVIII Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos New Jersey
2013 XLVII Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers New Orleans
2012 XLVI New York Giants vs New England Patriots Indianapolis
2011 XLV Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers Texas
2010 XLIV New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts Miami
2009 XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals Tampa
2008 XLII New York Giants vs New England Patriots Arizona
2007 XLI Indianapolis Colts vs Chicago Bears Miami
2006 XL Pittsburgh vs Seattle Detroit
2005 XXXIX New England vs Philadelphia Jacksonville
2004 XXXVIII New England vs Carolina Houston
2003 XXXVII Tampa Bay vs Oakland San Diego
2002 XXXVI New England vs St Louis N Orleans
2001 XXXV Baltimore vs NY Giants Tampa
2000 XXXIV St Louis vs Tennessee Atlanta
1999 XXXIII Denver vs Atlanta Miami
1998 XXXII Denver vs Green Bay San Diego
1997 XXXI Green Bay vs New England N Orleans
1996 XXX Dallas vs Pittsburgh Tempe
1995 XXIX San Francisco vs San Diego Miami
1994 XXVIII Dallas vs Buffalo Atlanta
1993 XXVII Dallas vs Buffalo Pasadena
1992 XXVI Washington vs Buffalo Minneapolis
1991 XXV NY Giants vs Buffalo Tampa
1990 XXIV San Francisco vs Denver N Orleans
1989 XXIII San Francisco vs Cincinnati Miami
1988 XXII Washington vs Denver San Diego
1987 XXI NY Giants vs Denver Pasadena
1986 XX Chicago vs New England N Orleans
1985 XIX San Francisco vs Miami Stanford
1984 XVIII LA Raiders vs Washington Tampa
1983 XVII Washington vs Miami Pasadena
1982 XVI San Francisco vs Cincinnati Pontiac
1981 XV Oakland vs Philadelphia N Orleans
1980 XIV Pittsburgh vs LA Rams Pasadena
1979 XIII Pittsburgh vs Dallas Miami
1978 XII Dallas vs Denver N Orleans
1977 XI Oakland vs Minnesota Pasadena
1976 X Pittsburgh vs Dallas Miami
1975 IX Pittsburgh vs Minnesota New Orleans
1974 VIII Miami vs Minnesota Houston
1973 VII Miami vs Washington Los Angeles
1972 VI Dallas vs Miami N Orleans
1971 V Baltimore vs Dallas Miami
1970 IV Kansas City vs Minnesota N Orleans
1969 III NY Jets vs Baltimore Miami
1968 II Green Bay vs Oakland Miami
1967 I Green Bay vs Kansas City Los Angeles


Most Successful Super Bowl Teams

Now you have a complete list of the winners, take a close look of this and you will see that there is a team that won the game 6 times, yes and the team is Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh Steelers appears in the competition 8 times and won six out of it. Next team with most winning ratio is the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys are really good at American football and they have won 5 out 8 super bowls. San Francisco 49ers stands on number 3rd in the list of most successful and winning teams of Super bowl. They won 5 out of 6 competitions where they appear in. a complete list of such teams is given below.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers appeared 8 time and won 6 games
  • Dallas Cowboys appeared 8 time and won 5 games
  • San Francisco 49ers appeared 6 time and won 5 games
  • New England Patriots appeared 8 time and won 4 games
  • Green Bay Packers appeared 5 time and won 4 games
  • New York Giants appeared 5 time and won 4 games
  • Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders appeared 5 time and won 3 games
  • Denver Broncos appeared 8 time and won 3 games
  • Washington Redskins appeared 5 time and won 3 games
  • Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts appeared 4 time and won 2 games
  • Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams appeared 3 time and won 1 game
  • Miami Dolphins appeared 5 time and won 2 games
  • Chicago Bears appeared 2 time and won 1 game
  • Seattle Seahawks appeared 3 time and won 1 game
  • Kansas City Chiefs appeared 2 time and won 1 game
  • Baltimore Ravens appeared 3 time and won both times
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Cricket 365 Live Streaming and Cricket Score Review

Cricket 365

Fans of Cricket know that Cricket is an evergreen sport that has matches and events spread over the 365 days a year. To cover all the matches around the year, Cricket 365 is the site worth to visit. The site came into existence in Feb 2010 and become the authority website to provide valuable cricket and sports related content. Other the news, views and information, Cricket365 is best known and famous for it live cricket streaming. It provides a 24/7 live streaming of matches from all major events and series. Here you can watch the current Pak vs Eng series or the Asia Cup. Other than international cricket events, you can enjoy the domestic cricket especially the league match such as the current session of CPL, IPL or upcoming PSL and BSL here as well. Another thing which makes the Cricket365.com distinctive from the others is that it covers and broadcasts County cricket and England (EWCB) domestic cricket matches very well. [AdSense-A]

Also Check out: England vs Pakistan Cricket Series Schedule

Click to watch Cricket 365 Live Streaming

Cricket 365 is among the top streaming sites that brought up the live streaming and ball by ball score updates. On this site, visitors can enjoy live cricket sore and commentary as well while they are watching a match live over there. Cricket-365 is a good alternate to the home TV if there is no Sports channel broadcasting live Cricket in your region or in case if you want to watch it in your office. The site is mobile friendly hence you can enjoy almost every sport and match on your Smartphone everywhere.


Watch Cricket Live on your mobile

There is also an app available for the fans of cricket to enjoy and get ultimate sport viewing experience on your device. The app can be downloaded according the OS running on your Smartphone either from Play store or Apple iTune. Have mobile data connection make the mobile cricket TV and surfing easier.

Cricket 365

What Make Cricket 365.com an Ideal Streaming site?

Unlike most other sports streaming sites which charges money for viewing a match or  bouts pay per view, Cricket365.com is free of cost and it doesn’t require any subscription at all. The site is on high speed hosting server which makes it loads quickly in few milliseconds. Let me explain few more unique feature of Cricket365.

  • It is UK based website, best for the cricket fans of England and Ireland
  • An ideal site to watch County cricket and domestic matches updates
  • Provide up to dated cricket related news and information
  • Have ball by ball score update feature and live commentary of a match
  • Achieve highlights like no other sites do

And above all of these, it is a free good quality streaming provider


More sports streaming websites and resources

While the above stated site is exclusively covers the cricket sports, there are lots of resourceful websites and blogs over there for fans of other sports. For example, Firstrowsports, is a unique website that has streaming for almost all the famous sports games such as Hockey, Moto racing, formula car racing, Rugby union, Rugby league, major league baseball, national basketball, soccer and more. You can enjoy Euro cup France 2016 over there or the Stanley Cup. A list is given here for information. Note that we do not promote these sites; it is discussed here just for information. Be careful while visiting these sites especially when making account or going for paid subscription. Read their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions as well.

  • Firstrow.eu
  • Firstrowsports.eu
  • ESPN Cricinfo ball by ball
  • NDTV Cricket live
  • Watchcric
  • Webcric
  • Cricbuzz
  • Front Row Sports
  • Lemonsport
  • Crictime

Have A few Good words for Us!

If you like this article on Cricket website and like our effort to bring such useful information in future, please like us on social media accounts and share the news with your friends circle so that we will grow together.

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List of Stanley Cup Winners and Finalists

List of Stanley Cup Winners

Stanley Cup is considered as one of the major sports event especially for Ice Hockey and NHL. The cup is awarded every year to the winner of the NHL final match. The playoff winner’s team name is written over the silver cup. And it is not recent but the history of Stanley cup is dated back since 1893 where it first held for a year by Montreal AAA. However there was no competition for the cup that year and Montreal AAA (the Amateur Athletic Association) hockey club held it without any match with challenger. On subsequent year, in 1894, Montreal AAA won the cup once again but this time there was a full-length hockey match held between the AAA and Ottawa Generals. Below in the table, you can see the full list of all Stanley Cup winner along with the year the competition held and the runner up team.


Guidelines for Stanley Cup and Winners

Stanley cup is actually a donation to the Amateur Athletic Association of Canada by Lord Stanley in 1892. Lord Stanley was the Governor General of Canada at that time. There is now competition for the cup each year and the NHL and association has set some guidelines for handing over the cup to the next team. These guidelines are following

  • Stanley Cup is not the property of any of the Hockey team of either NHL or any other association.
  • The Hockey Cup is a challenge and will remain challenge competition each year.
  • Winning team of Stanley’s cup has to maintain the trophy in good condition
  • The winner of the cup has to return the cup to governing body as and when required
  • Trustees of the NHL and Stanley’s trophy have the right and authority over the cup in all situations.
  • Every winner name to be imprinted over the cup on the day they won the cup.
  • From the board of existing trustee, if someone died or dropped, the board will nominate another suitable person whether from the former players of NHL or from members of NHL clubs.

List of Stanley Cup Winners


List of Stanley Cup Winners till 2016

Year Winning Team Runner Up Finalist
2016 Pittsburgh Penguins San Jose Sharks
2015 Chicago Blackhawks Tampa Bay Lightning
2014 Los Angeles Kings New York Rangers
2013 Chicago Blackhawks Boston Bruins
2012 Los Angeles Kings New Jersey Devils
2011 Boston Bruins Vancouver Canucks
2010 Chicago Blackhawks Philadelphia Flyers
2009 Pittsburgh Penguins Detroit Red Wings
2008 Detroit Red Wings Pittsburgh Penguins
2007 Anaheim Ducks Ottawa Senators
2006 Carolina Hurricanes Edmonton Oilers
2004 Tampa Bay Lightning Calgary Flames
2003 New Jersey Devils Mighty Ducks Of Anaheim
2002 Detroit Red Wings Carolina Hurricanes
2001 Colorado Avalanche New Jersey Devils
2000 New Jersey Devils Dallas Stars
1999 Dallas Stars Buffalo Sabres
1998 Detroit Red Wings Washington Capitals
1997 Detroit Red Wings Philadelphia Flyers
1996 Colorado Avalanche Florida Panthers
1995 New Jersey Devils Detroit Red Wings
1994 New York Rangers Vancouver Canucks
1993 Montreal Canadiens Los Angeles Kings
1992 Pittsburgh Penguins Chicago Blackhawks
1991 Pittsburgh Penguins Minnesota North Stars
1990 Edmonton Oilers Boston Bruins
1989 Calgary Flames Montreal Canadiens
1988 Edmonton Oilers Boston Bruins
1987 Edmonton Oilers Philadelphia Flyers
1986 Montreal Canadiens Calgary Flames
1985 Edmonton Oilers Philadelphia Fyers
1984 Edmonton Oilers New York Islanders
1983 New York Islanders Edmonton Oilers
1982 New York Islanders Vancouver Canucks
1981 New York Islanders Minnesota North Stars
1980 New York Islanders Philadelphia Flyers
1979 Montreal Canadiens New York Rangers
1978 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins
1977 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins
1976 Montreal Canadiens Philadelphia Flyers
1975 Philadelphia Flyers Buffalo Sabres
1974 Philadelphia Flyers Boston Bruins
1973 Montreal Canadiens Chicago Blackhawks
1972 Boston Bruins New York Rangers
1971 Montreal Canadiens Chicago Blackhawks
1970 Boston Bruins St. Louis Blues
1969 Montreal Canadiens St. Louis Blues
1968 Montreal Canadiens St. Louis Blues
1967 Toronto Maple Leafs Montreal Canadiens
1966 Montreal Canadiens Detroit Red Wings
1965 Montreal Canadiens Chicago Blackhawks
1964 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings
1963 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings
1962 Toronto Maple Leafs Chicago Blackhawks
1961 Chicago Blackhawks Detroit Red Wings
1960 Montreal Canadiens Toronto Maple Leafs
1959 Montreal Canadiens Toronto Maple Leafs
1958 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins
1957 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins
1956 Montreal Canadiens Detroit Red Wings
1955 Detroit Red Wings Montreal Canadiens
1954 Detroit Red Wings Montreal Canadiens
1953 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins
1952 Detroit Red Wings Montreal Canadiens
1951 Toronto Maple Leafs Montreal Canadiens
1950 Detroit Red Wings New York Rangers
1949 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings
1948 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings
1947 Toronto Maple Leafs Montreal Canadiens
1946 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins
1945 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings
1944 Montreal Canadiens Chicago Blackhawks
1943 Detroit Red Wings Boston Bruins
1942 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings
1941 Boston Bruins Detroit Red Wings
1940 New York Rangers Toronto Maple Leafs
1939 Boston Bruins Toronto Maple Leafs
1938 Chicago Blackhawks Toronto Maple Leafs
1937 Detroit Red Wings New York Rangers
1936 Detroit Red Wings Toronto Maple Leafs
1935 Montreal Maroons Toronto Maple Leafs
1934 Chicago Black Hawks Detroit Red Wings
1933 New York Rangers Toronto Maple Leafs
1932 Toronto Maple Leafs New York Rangers
1931 Montreal Canadiens Chicago Black Hawks
1930 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins
1929 Boston Bruins New York Rangers
1928 New York Rangers Montreal Maroons
1927 Ottawa Senators Boston Bruins
1926 Montreal Maroons Victoria Cougars
1925 Victoria Cougars Montreal Canadiens
1924 Montreal Canadiens Calgary Tigers
Vancouver Maroons
1923 Ottawa Senators Edmonton Eskimos
Vancouver Maroons
1922 Toronto St. Pats Vancouver Millionaires
1921 Ottawa Senators Vancouver Millionaires
1920 Ottawa Senators Seattle Metropolitans
1919 No Decision
1918 Toronto Arenas Vancouver Millionaires
1917 Seattle Metropolitans Montreal Canadiens
1916 Montreal Canadiens Portland Rosebuds
1915 Vancouver Millionaires Ottawa Senators>Td>
1914 Toronto Blueshirts Victoria Cougars
Montreal Canadiens
1913 Quebec Bulldogs Sydney Miners
1912 Quebec Bulldogs Moncton Victories
1911 Ottawa Senators Port Arthur Bearcats
1910 Montreal Wanderers
Ottawa Senators
Berlin Union Jacks
Edmonton Eskimos
1909 Ottawa Senators (No Challengers)
1908 Montreal Wanderers Edmonton Eskimos
Toronto Trolley Leaguers
Winnipeg Maple Leafs
Ottawa Victorias
1907 Montreal Wanderers
Kenora Thistles
Kenora Thistles
Brandon Wheat Kings
Montreal Wanderers

Montreal Wanderers

Ottawa Silver Seven

New Glascow Cubs
Ottawa Silver Seven
Montreal Wanderers
Smiths Falls
Queen’s University
1905 Ottawa Silver Seven Rat Portage Thistles
Dawson City Nuggets
1904 Ottawa Silver Seven Brandon Wheat Kings
Montreal Wanderers
Toronto Marlboros
Winnipeg Rowing Club

Ottawa Silver Seven

Montreal AAA

Rat Portage Thistles
Montreal Victorias
Winnipeg Victorias
1902 Montreal AAA
Winnipeg Victorias
Winnipeg Victorias
Toronto Wellingtons
1901 Winnipeg Victorias Montreal Shamrocks
1900 Montreal Shamrocks Halifax Crescents
Winnipeg Victorias
1899 Montreal Shamrocks
Montreal Victorias
Queen’s University
Winnipeg Victorias
1898 Montreal Victorias (No Challengers)
1897 Montreal Victorias Ottawa Capitals
1896 Montreal Victorias
Winnipeg Victorias
Winnipeg Victorias
Montreal Victorias
1895 Montreal Victorias (No Challengers)
1894 Montreal AAA Ottawa Generals
1893 Montreal AAA (No Challengers)


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Webcric Live Cricket Streaming and Score [Review]


Webcric is a sports streaming website dedicated to bring and broadcast live cricket streaming and ball by ball score of cricket and other sports events. The site is much popular as in today’s era of technology and internet; people love to find watch their favorite sports online right from home on their smartphones or computers. This website is come into existence in July 2010 serve as a trusted and reliable source of cricket live score and streaming provider to the fans. The site is up and running 24/7 on dedicated servers which hosts sports streaming.[AdSense-A]

Webcric live cricket streaming site is not an

HD streaming portal like other premium services and sites provides including Sky Sports, Star sports and Hotstar etc. However its fine quality streaming which is free of cost makes the site popular worth to bookmark it.Another advantage of not being HD is that the video loads quickly and people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh where the average internet speed is less than 1 mbps or has 2G network can enjoy the real time match from their mobile screens.It has fast loading time and on average, loads in 900ms which is perfect. The site has few on-page ads however there are some popup ads when the site first loads or when a visitor clicks on a link and streaming. These ads can be avoided while watching the match by entering full screen mode.


Why to Use Webcric for Live Streaming

There are many reasons due to which we choose webcric to be the part of the list of our favorite sports streaming sites especially those providing cricket score and streaming live. A few are share here; many others can be reveal by surfing the site.


  • Webcric is free of cost
  • It is solely dedicated to Cricket and thus a hub for cricket fan
  • It do not require you to make an account or sign in to watch matches
  • It has fine quality sports streaming
  • It is up and running almost 24/7
  • It covers every single cricket match whether and IPL, CPL, PSL or BSL match or and ICC world cup ODI and T20.
  • Webcric is mobile friendly site
  • Has few on the page annoying ads
  • Can be accessed worldwide as there is no geo-restriction or bannedcountry level IPs

How to Stream Cricket matches with Free Streaming site like Webcric

The answer to the question is not tricky. This do not require and special skill. Just visit the site and the look for your favorite matches / channels that are Live. The link to webcric.com is given above.

There are few other trusted yet free websites that broadcast live cricket matches. A list is given here. Click on the link against each of them to visit the site and enjoy first row sports experience from anywhere.

  • Smartcric.com
  • Cricbuzz
  • firstrowsports.eu
  • crictime.com
  • watchcric
  • Skysports
  • Star Sports
  • ESPN Cricinfo
  • vCricket
  • NDTV Cricket
  • Cricket 365

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