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20+ Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading 2016

watch free movies online


Everyone loves to watch free movies online whether it is from Warner Bros, an animated movie from Disney, a Hollywood action movie or a film full of suspense. Most of the people are crazy about watching a newly released movie in Cinema; with friends or alone. Some on the other hand, enjoy watching movies online rather than going to cinema. I am personally among this kind of folks. That’s of course free and convenient.

Here for my friends who are kind of computer geek, stick with their PCs and live life there, I have compiled a list of websites where one can watch movies for free without downloading. The list comprises a total of 20 websites, most of which do not require sign up or login details. These free movies websites provide good quality videos streaming and sound, although not premium one.

In today era of internet, if you search for a website where you can watch online movies for free, you’ll end up with having some paid video hosting websites on the front pages of Google. They are of course authority websites, provide you premium HD quality movies but charge you money. So to give you a direct access to free video hosting website where you can watch next Hollywood film, the list along with the site name and link is given below.

Note that the list is up to dated but there is still a chance that we might have missed a favorite site. We will try our best to update the list as comprehensive as possible. New website will be added on weekly or monthly basis. If you found some lacking in the list of if your favorite movies sharing site is not in our list, let us know by commenting below or contacting us.

Note: Please check the availability and legality of the movies streaming websites for you location.



So let’s start with our first online movies sharing site, The MoviePlus.cc. This website is an amazing place to watch movies online whether Hollywood, Bollywood or Animated movies. Over this Movie Tube site, you can watch all the latest 2016 movies for free. The site truly is a home Cinema for movie lovers.

02. MovieTvHub

Note:Movie TV Hub was formerly known as WATCHMOVIES-PRO.COM.Clinking on the link will redirect you to free online movie hub.Movie TV Hub, as its name suggests is a hub or portal of online movies where one can enjoy the latest or vintage movies without logging in or making account. There is no need to download the movie, however the site allow you to save it to playin offline mode.This is the largest collection of online movies.


Number 3in the list of best movies watching site but EvoMovies.com is the number one site for most of the online movies viewers. The site is bookmarked by many visitors and on average the site receives thousands page views per day.

04, Movie TV All

As its name suggest, this website sever as an online place to watch all the movies whether newly released movies or the old one.This site is perhaps free to use and easy to access therefore it is listed in our Top 20 Free Movies Streaming sites.

05. Ozoomic.com

Here comes my favorite movie streaming site, theOzoomic. The site is popular due to its user friendly and appealing user interface. Once can watch all the movies there from past, present and of course the upcoming movies in future. The front page of Ozoomic is beautifully craft and organized, showcasing the popular, the newest and the most watched movies of the week. Here you can watch Disney movies, Hollywood movies and few selected Bollywood movies for free.


OZOMovies was built as clone of Ozoomic but has never gain such popularity. However the site is worth to mentioned here due to the quality of streaming the site provide. Not all but most of the movies hosted on Ozomovies.com are in HD which the movies lovers love to watch. The site receives huge number of visitors per day and gain popularity day by day.

List of Websites To Watch Free Movies Online (Cont…)


MovieWatcher.to is for the online movies watcher or viewers. The site has a huge database of old and new movies dated from 1961 till 2016. The streaming by MovieWatcher s of fine quality, noise free and has very few ads to display. You can access the site without registration however registering there is worth because, then you can keep record of your favorite movies.



WatchMoviesOnline is the online source of free English, French and Hindi movies. The site offers a free streaming where you can watch movies online without downloading it on PC. There is no registration required to watch the movie trailer. Logging in Watch-Movies-Online account enables you to watch full length movies and do more.


Here you can watch free online movies as well as TV Shows and series. The site mostly hosts content in English language and from countries like United State, Canada and England. Full length movies and complete episodes of your favorite TV show can be found and watch over VODLockerB.com. Enjoy watching free movies with this site and share it with your friends as well.


Just like YouTube,this movies tube website let the user upload movies of their choice to Movie Tube Online. This online source of movies is for free and any one form everywhere in world can access this site to watch movies. You can watch any movie here without prior downloading it or can download it too for offline use.


On our list, the number 11 is occupied by Top Movies Online.CC. The TopMoviesOnline website is one of its kinds as it is full of adventure, action, horror, suspense, warand animated movies. Not only could the place to watch movie online but this fulfill your desire to watch TV Serials for free on internet.  Visit the site today; there is lot of fun over there.


FreeMoviesOnline.cc is a real source to watch movies for free. This movie streaming website emerge in the mid of the year 2013 and till now, gain popularity because of the quality of video streaming it share with the visitors. This site for true is an online movie cinema for those who love to watch films there.

Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online (Cont…)


The site let you to watch the trailer of a newly release movie, full length movie online or to watch it offline by downloading the file you are looking for. The user interface of HaloaMovies is clean and user-friendly which makes the site easy to use. Not only Hollywood movies but this site does stream Bollywood files as well.


Housemovie.to is truly a Movie house and remain one of the best movies watching site for those who love to watch movies at home. Free to use, easy to access, clean interface, less ads, HD Sound and quality streaming are all the great features of House Movie TO. So bookmark this movie streaming site for future and enjoy latest movies for free.


Finding a good movie streaming site is difficult but finding a great place like MoGoMovies.com is almost impossible. This is because the site sometime penalized and de-indexed from search engines. Mogomovies is the best site and worth to be included in our list. This site provides free movies from 5 years and has huge fan base. The site remains up and running 24/7 providing a great deal on free movies online.


On number 16 of our list of top online free movies sharing sites, here comes the WURA.tv, an online TV to watch and enjoy your favorite Hollywood movies and TV serials. This free to watch movies streaming site is famous for its foreign language movies. The site provides streaming of Bollywood and Nollywood movies as well. A few Chinese movies, Yorubaand movies from Africa can be watch here for free.



This site indexes the streaming of new movies as and when the movie release. Here you can watch free trailers of movies before the movie launched on Box office. New Movies Online is a handy site to watch all the latest movies that are otherwise paid to watch. So be seated and watch the newly released movies of 2016, this site has it all for you.


Not only a site but HugeMoviesDB.net serve as a database of movies from different filmmakers industries like Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood&Lollywood and differen genre like Action, Adventure, Suspense , Drama, Romance,Comedy and War movies.


Here comes another great and user-friendly movie-streaming site, the FMovies. The initial F from FMovies.to represents both the FREE and FULL. This means that here you can watch any new or old movie in full length for free. There are some ads but not the annoying popups. No sing in is required, no account is needed, no subscription, no pay-per-view charges are required. All for free all the time.


Last but not lease, the Putlocker. This movie streaming engine has stored a huge collection of English and foreign language movies to fulfill the needs of people from different origin with different language preferences. Putlocker121.com is the actual domain or URL where this popular site is located. Click on the link to land on the page of free online movies. Next time when you wish to watch a movie with your friends, family or the lover, use PutLocker and enjoy what you want.

Bonus Free Online Movies Streaming Site


I have added this site here for two main reasons, 1) it has a huge collection of movies, over 10000+ movies are stored in their server and 2) it also hosts TV shows and documentaries from Animal Planet, History TV and Nat Geo. Bookmark the site if you are documentary lover or fond of TV shows.

watch free movies online

[Post Updated]

Other Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Apart from the above mentioned free movies sites, here are 10 more worth to mention in this post. These 10 sites allow you to watch movies online for free without downloading.

  1. http://www.zmovie.co/
  2. http://www.icefilmstube.com/videos
  3. http://www.alluc.to/
  4. http://www.freemovielinker.com/
  5. http://www.boxtv.com/
  6. http://www.movie25.com/
  7. http://www.tvmovielinks.com/
  8. http://www.solarmovie.so/
  9. http://www.filmlinks4u.com/
  10. http://www.freefullmovies.net


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This is How Futuristic Apple iCar Might Look Like

iCar is a project by Apple to transform the future vehicles by introducing a totally new electronic car concept that will be more environment friendly, semi-autonomous integrated with different features of Apple Inc. like LED Screen for both front and rear view. The possible year the car will hit road is 2020 but here the designer gives concept of this new car design that how the rumored iCar will look like. Freelancer.com hosted a contest on their site for designers to depict what the new Apple iCar might look like. There were total 193 contestants. Among all the entries some designs are really look like the cars that we hae seen in science fiction movies while some cars are look like an alien’s vehicle.[AdSense-A]

futuristic-icar-concept (2)

futuristic-icar-concept (3)

futuristic-icar-concept (4)

futuristic-icar-concept (16)

futuristic-icar-concept (1)


Although these all pictures have no basis in reality but few imagination are there. The contest was to know how the designer tool Apple iCar shape and design and apply them to futuristic car.

The winning design of the contest is from Aristomenis Tsirbas win the prize of $1500 by giving a flat design with sliding doors and smooth curves. The designer of the winning iCar entry rationalizes their design and says

“This concept explores a semi-autonomous electric car in the minimalist tradition of Apple design. It features external high resolution LED screens front and back for user selected headlight/taillight designs. The car includes structural body modeling with discreet hatch and doors that open laterally”

futuristic-icar-concept (12)

futuristic-icar-concept (7)

futuristic-icar-concept (6)

Other than the winning entry, there are many other popular entries with an exemplary futuristic design of iCar and a try to depict a different type of car than the conventional cars, vans and trucks.

futuristic-icar-concept (15)

futuristic-icar-concept (13)

futuristic-icar-concept (11)

futuristic-icar-concept (10)

futuristic-icar-concept (9)

futuristic-icar-concept (8)

Images Source: Freelancer iCar Contest

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Famous 3D Street artwork from around the world

3D Illusions Street Art Smart

3D street artwork is going popular nowadays and going viral on internet. 3D artist doe their work so brilliantly that you won’t believe on your eyes. After the 20 famous breathtaking 3D street artworks published last week, here is another cool collection of 3D street art that wait for your admiration. So watch them all and let us now about your favorite one.[AdSense-A]

01. Smart. “Smart” 3D drawing depicting a shiny translucent car.

3D Illusions Street Art Smart

02. Easy Jet – Edinburg. Now you can enjoy the beach on the street. Easy Jet is a clever depiction of beach on a street in the center of Edinburg.

3D Illusions Street Art Easy Jet

03. Costa – Covent Garden. Want to take such a huge cup of Italian coffee cappuccino? This 3D artwork is a sensible depiction of cup cappuccino.

3D Illusions Street Art Costa Covent Garden

04. Ford Mexico. Your favorite Ford car is coming out from the underground. Want to drive it?

3D Illusions Street Art Ford Mexico

05. Bukaresti – Romania. Another clever and realistic 3D painting of a crashing car. Watch it out.

3D Illusions Street Art Bukaresti

06. A fair in cologne. This cleverly depicted 3D painting of old tape recorder cassette in the middle of street will take you back to the era when Walkman were a common gadget.


3D Illusions Street Art A Fair Cologne

07. Self-portrait. It’s look like a mirror in between but it is actually a 3Diemensiaonal self portrait of the 3D artist on the street.

3D Illusions Street Art Self Portraits

08. Lizards. Incoming huge Lizards, Frog and mentis to attack on human. Watch out.

3D Illusions Street Art Lizards

09. Spiderman. It’s not a scene from Spiderman movie, it’s a beautiful and creative 3D artwork by 3D artist Julian Beever

3D Illusions Street Art Spider man

10. Basketball On the Road. Be careful Drivers, someone put that Basketball on the road. A clever and realistic 3D drawing of basketball

3D Illusions Street Art Basket Ball

11. Honeybees. The underground pole of Honey. Honeybees coming from underground.

Famous 3D street artwork honeybees

12. Asian Paints – Mumbai. A cool 3D color-fall by Asian Paints depicted on a famous street of Mumbai.

Famous 3D Street Artwork Asian Paints

13. Walk on Rope. Don’t worry, she won’t fall.

Famous 3D street artwork Rope Walk

14. Waste of water. Someone please stop the man wasting water on the street.

Famous 3D artwork West of Water

15. Water In The Way. Looks like a Pool filled with water; this is so realistic 3D artwork I have ever seen.

Famous 3D artwork Water in the way

16. King Kong. Oh It’s King Kong! A clever depiction of famous Hollywood movie King Kong.

Famous 3D artwork kingkong

17. Treasures. Look like if the artist has found a gold treasure in the middle of the city! A cool and clever 3D drawing.

Famous 3D Street Artwork Treasures

18. Machu Picchu. One of the Seven Wonders of the World. Machu Picchu is now on your town’s street.

Famous 3d street artwork machu Picchu

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20 Breathtaking Creative 3D Street Artworks

Mysterious Cave 3D Street Art

Well you may inspire from 2D art on paintings but what about the 3D artworks? 3D artwork especially 3D street art are going viral and popular day by day. There are some really cool and stunning 3D street artworks done by famous 3d artist around the world which will fall you in love with 3D street paintings. These 3D artists adorn the streets with cool 3-dimensional chalks and painting artwork which attract visitors from around the world to visit and see these smart and cool 3-dimensional artworks.


So, here is a cool collection of breathtaking nicely done 3D artwork done by famous 3d artist so realistically that you can’t bat your eyes. 3D Street art is actually a 2 dimensional artwork done so realistically and creatively that is look like a real life object or scene. In these 3 dimensional artworks, some depicted themselves while others portrayed the beauty of waterfall, paintings of flowers, ancient history, giants coming from inside the earth etc. Just checkout these cool 3D artwork by yourself and let us know in comments about your favorite one.

Hot river. This 3D artwork took nearly whole of the street to create such a breathtaking earth cracking effect. Really brilliant 3D art (via Edgar Mueller)

Hot River 3D Street-Art

Ice Abyss. After the Hot River, it’s now time to look at the huge Ice gulf. Be careful or you may fall in this ice abyss!

Ice Abyss 3D Street Art

Raft. What if your town is flooded like this? Enjoy this creatively depicted flooded street.

Raft 3D Street Art

Johnnie Walker in Taipei. What you like in this painting? The scene or Beer? By Johnnie Walker

3D Illusions Street Art By Walker

Mysterious cave. Well you may have seen some underground caves in Disney Movies, here is a real one under your feet.


Mysterious Cave 3D Street Art

Reflection. Although its look like a mirror or a pool of water reflecting the People seeing in it, but it’s not the case. This cool 3D street artwork is depicting the reflection.


Melstorm. Hmmm, what its look like? Yes, the vortex!


Muses. Similar to the 3D art shown earlier, this 3-Dimensionla artwork is a classic painting similar to old medieval castles paintings.


Hole. Look like a hole to the underworld.


Relaxing giant. The Giant come from the Greek Mythological stories is relaxing on the street


Horses. Horess, familiar hats and ropes, yes, this 3D painting depicting the cowboy show.


Office stress. Did you feel in your office like that? This cool 3D artwork represented and depicted the Office Stress you may have in a typical working day in your office. Or maybe not?


Crazy river. Somebody help them. There is an alligator in that Crazy River.



Escalator. Escalator in the shopping mall from the basement. Cool and Creative

3D-Illusions-Street-Art-Escalator 3D-Illusions-Street-Art-Escalator

Grant’s. Cool 3D chalk panting of “Grant’s”.


Nails. It’s not a circus or magic trick, it is quite real.


Escape of the mummy. Be careful, it’s old ancient mummies coming out of underground.

The world’s biggest fly. The World’s biggest fly found dead on the street.

HDI. What will you do if this happens to your car? So, be careful while parking your car.

Eiffel Tower Sand Sculpture. A nicely depiceted 3D Effie tower Send sculpture on the street.


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25 Cool and Creative Bookmarks For Readers

Cool Help Me Bookmark

Since one cannot read the whole book at once, it is troublesome to remember the page when you read the book again after a while. To avoid the frustration of losing the page while reading favorite novel or book, extra receipts, folded corners, a piece of fabric or even a bird feather or quill were used as a bookmarks. These popular traditional bookmarks are still used to remember the place in a book where one has left reading. Since these traditional bookmarks are not cool and attractive enough and even one can lost a piece of cloth as put as a bookmark or the folded corner of the page may still remain fold and mark the page making it difficult to differentiate if too many pages where bookmarked this way.[AdSense-A]

So let’s put some really cool and creative bookmarks on your table to put them on place in book while closing the book for a time and return to the page with ease.

Here are 25 fanciful, smart, creative and super cool bookmarks to ensure your page is marked without dog-eared corners.


01. Zipper Bookmark: Cool Zipper Bookmarks are come with elegant colors make you reading and study table colorful (source)

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

Cool Zipper Bookmark

02. Help Me Bookmark: Help Me Bookmark is a really distinct and creative idea (source)

Cool Help Me Bookmark

Cool Help Me Bookmark

Cool Help Me Bookmark

Cool Help Me Bookmark

03. Finger pointed Bookmark: This bookmark is really creative. It is not just the bookmark to remember the page but it will also point out the line on the page from where you leave reading. (source)

Cool Pointing Finger Bookmark

Cool Pointing Finger Bookmark

Cool Pointing Finger Bookmark

Cool Pointing Finger Bookmark

Cool Pointing Finger Bookmark

Cool Pointing Finger Bookmark

04. Sprout Bookmark: Comes in Green, Pink and Yellow color, Sprout Bookmark is look like a bud that has grown from inside of your book (source)

Add Life to your Books with Sprout Bookmark

Add Life to your Books with Sprout Bookmark

Add Life to your Books with Sprout Bookmark

Add Life to your Books with Sprout Bookmark

Add Life to your Books with Sprout Bookmark

Add Life to your Books with Sprout Bookmark

05. Eiffel Tower Bookmark: The mini Eiffel Tower bookmark design is a really innovative bookmarking idea inspired from Eiffel Tower (source)

Eiffel tower Inspired Bookmark Design

Eiffel tower Inspired Bookmark Design

Eiffel tower Inspired Bookmark Design

Eiffel tower Inspired Bookmark Design

Eiffel tower Inspired Bookmark Design

Eiffel tower Inspired Bookmark Design

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15 Most Creative daily used objects inspired by Rubik’s Cubes

Rubik's Cube Tissue Box

Rubik’s Cube is a mechanical 3D combination puzzle game which is, due to its iconic design and mechanics, also known as “Magic Cube”. Rubik’s Cubes was invented in 1974 by a Hungarian professor of architecture and sculptor Prof. Erno Rubik and in over 30 years 350 millions Rubik’s Cube were sold worldwide making it the world most favorite and best selling toy.[AdSense-A]

The Cube remains the iconic for most and people get inspired by their design try to make the objects similar to it. For the Rubik’s Cube lovers, here is a hand-picked list of daily life objects the design of which inspired by Rubik’s Magic Cubes with which you may probably want to decorate your office or home

1. Rubik’s Cube Cup

Rubik's Cube Cup

Rubik’s Cube Cup Source

Rubik's Cube Cup

Rubik’s Cube Cup Source

2. Rubik’s Cube Clock Analog

Rubik's Cube Analog Clock

Rubik’s Cube Analog Clock Source

Rubik's Cube Analog Clock

Rubik’s Cube Analog Clock Source

Rubik's Cube Analog Clock

Rubik’s Cube Analog Clock Source

3. Rubik’s Cube Clock Digital

Rubik's Cube Digital Clock

Rubik’s Cube Digital Clock Source

4. Rubik’s Cube Drink Coaster

Rubik's Cube Drink Cup Coaster

Rubik’s Cube Drink Cup Coaster Source

Rubik's Cube Drink Cup Coaster

Rubik’s Cube Drink Cup Coaster Source

5. Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box

Rubik's Cube Tissue Box

Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Source

Rubik's Cube Tissue Box

Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Source

Rubik's Cube Tissue Box

Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Source

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31 Creative Food Advertisements To Make You Hungry

Creative Food Advertisement: McDonald’s: Veggieburger

Do you think you’re not influenced by advertisement, even if is about the food? Of course most of us think that they are not influenced by advertisements and don’t need an ad commercial or poster to tell them when to eat, what to eat and where to eat.  But remember the food industries and popular fast food chains hired psychologist who know best how to motivate people to consumes their products or encourage people to eat what they want and skilled graphics designer who know well how to creatively depict the food aesthetics to promote the product.[AdSense-A]

Following is a handpicked list of 31 creatively depicted food advertisements of snacks, beverage and other food products which for sure make you hungry while being amazed by the creativity of these advertisements.

1. Maggi Soup: Crane House

Food Advertisement: Meggi Soup

Creative Food Advertisement: Meggi Soup Source

2. Heinz Seriously Juicy Seriously Goo: Pasta Sauce

Creative Food Advertisement: Heinz

Creative Food Advertisement: Heinz Source

3. Eini & Co: Cupcake and Bee



Creative Food Advertisement: Eini & Co: Cupcake and Bee

Creative Food Advertisement: Eini & Co Cupcake and Bee Source</>


4. Pampaverde: Big, Extra Big Burger

Creative Food Advertisement: Pampaverde: Big, Extra Big Burger

Creative Food Advertisement: Pampaverde: Big, Extra Big Burger Source

5. Nestle Kit Kat: Take A Break With Kit Kat

Creative Food Advertisement: Nestle Kit Kat: Take A Break With Kit Kat

Creative Food Advertisement: Nestle Kit Kat: Take A Break With Kit Kat Source

6. McDonald’s: The M Burger

Creative Food Advertisement: McDonald’s: The M Burger

Creative Food Advertisement: McDonald’s: The M Burger Source

7. McDonald’s McWrap: The New Comer

Creative Food Advertisement: McDonald’s McWrap: The New Comer

Creative Food Advertisement: McDonald’s McWrap: The New Comer Source

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Hi-Tech Night Vision Capable Contact Lenses and Cell Phones

Night Vision Contact Lenses

Although Night vision technology is not new and have been around us from many decades emerged dated back in 1970, but the devices for night vision are big and bulky, wearing which on your night jaunt will surely not be a smart idea. Currently existing night vision devices or the clunky, huge goggles are used by army to take over the enemy in night or by professional wildlife researchers while they are in forest.[AdSense-A]

But what if you have the same technology fit in your eyes?
What if you have night vision enables cell phones or cameras?
Yeah, this will be really cool.

Thanks to the team of researchers leading by Zhaohui Zhing at University of Michigan, USA, we will soon have contact lenses with the capability to sense infrared and ultraviolet lights renders our eyes to see in darkness.

The team is doing research on Graphene (a thin layer of pure carbon) using it on contact lenses will give the lens the power to sense non-visible infrared and ultraviolet light plus visible lights and, as heard through some sources, can enhance ambient light up to 200 percent.

These lenses will have several advantages over the conventional night vision goggles as these lenses will be more comfortable to use, provide full peripheral vision and sure, will be less expensive.

The technology will not only limited to contact lenses but can also be integrated with camera phones and other visual gadgets.

The lenses would probably used by military in war field mostly but you too can enjoy the power of night vision even while walking home in dark late night or go for a night-time journey through jungle. These lenses may help medical professional to sense the blood flow in patients body and can aid in historian and artists eyes to analyze the old paintings or sculptures.



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