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A Little bit about Crizmo.com

About Us


Welcome to Crizmo, A knowledge Hub with Entertainment Just for You. Thank for your time to visit us.

Crizmo.com founded by Farooq Marwat, is a blog about Creativity, Inspiration, Motivation, Interesting & Shocking facts along with Tip & Tricks, Reviews and Latest Updates on Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Science, and Technology. We also write on Health & Fitness and try to explore what is better for your health.

With keep in touch and stay tuned with Crizmo.com and you will be stay updates with what happening in the world of Technology and lots more.

The author of the blog is get inspired by creativity He notice when he surf the world of internet and really want to share his experience with the world to satisfy their curiosity.

Crizmo.com is an attempt to cover the most trending niches and interesting topics which have been around.

Feel free to contact the Author of Crizmo at farooq.marwat88@gmail.com


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