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65+ High PageRank Dofollow Forums List to get Quality Backlinks

65+ High PageRank Dofollow Forums List to get Quality Backlinks
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As all of you know the importance of Backlinks in term of site SEO and it is now exposed to everybody that Google favors the quality backlinks from High PageRank sites not the quantity from low PageRank sites and after release of Panda & Penguin updates, penalty the sites or blogs that have generated too many backlinks from low quality sites or blogs.


So it is now crystal clear that bloggers have to get quality backlinks from High PageRank, most of them generate backlinks from commenting of other blogs with CommentLuv plugin enabled or by guest posting on other blogs relevant to their niche. Although commenting on High PageRank blogs is an effective method to get links and boost SEO but forum posting is an effective option too. Forum posting in term of getting backlinks is an underrated source using which one can generate tones of quality backlinks to improve site SEO and will also get more targeted traffic from forums. Getting backlinks from forums is not an easy game but stay active on forum and posting interesting information on it will give you the result that you want.

Here is a list of 65 plus high PageRank forums range from PageRank 6 to 9 to improve your blog SEO in 2014. All you need is to make a free account on any of these forums (related to your niche) and post some interesting or relevant information on them using your blog URL as signature to get dofollow backlinks and targeted traffic as well. So be quick from now on these forums to get both, backlinks and traffic.

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PageRank 9 dofollow Forum

  1. http://www.addthis.com/forum
  2. http://www.sba.gov/community
  3. http://www.flickr.com/help/forum
  4. http://forums.mysql.com

PageRank 8 dofollow Forum

  1. http://forums.cnet.com
  2. http://www.answers.microsoft.com/
  3. http://www.gardenweb.com
  4. http://forum.claroline.net/
  5. http://www.bbpress.org/forums
  6. http://www.flagcounter.boardhost.com/
  7. http://online.wsj.com/community
  8. https://forum.filezilla-project.org
  9. http://www.chronicle.com/forums
  10. http://www.careerbuilder.com
  11. http://forums.cpanel.net
  12. http://forum.joomla.org
  13. http://www.ckeditor.com/forums

PageRank 7 dofollow Forum

  1. http://www.ewebdiscussion.com
  2. https://forums.digitalpoint.com
  3. http://forum.siteground.com
  4. http://forums.hostgator.com
  5. http://www.bookforum.com
  6. https://www.phpbb.com/community
  7. http://www.mathforum.org
  8. http://www.accessifyforum.com
  9. http://forum.statcounter.com/vb
  10. http://forum.videolan.org
  11. http://forums.mozilla.or.kr
  12. http://www.000webhost.com/forum
  13. http://forum.parallels.com/index.php
  14. http://www.oracle.com/us/community/index.html
  15. http://www.spiegel.de/forum
  16. http://www.wrensoft.com/forum
  17. http://forums.photobucket.com
  18. http://arch.designcommunity.com/
  19. http://forum.wordreference.com
  20. http://galleryproject.org/forum
  21. http://forums.mozillazine.org
  22. http://community.skype.com

PageRank 6 dofollow Forum

  1. http://www.alice.org/community
  2. http://www.ozzu.com
  3. http://ubuntuforums.org
  4. http://www.chinalanguage.com/forums
  5. http://www.eubusiness.com/discussion
  6. http://www.webhostingtalk.com
  7. http://www.city-data.com/forum
  8. http://www.gardenweb.com
  9. http://message.snopes.com
  10. http://www.webmasterworld.com
  11. http://www.smallbusinessbrief.com/forum
  12. http://forums.businessweek.com
  13. http://forum.audacityteam.org
  14. http://forum.maxthon.com
  15. http://forums.gentoo.org
  16. http://forums.omnigroup.com
  17. http://forums.yourkit.com
  18. http://forums.searchenginewatch.com
  19. http://boards.core77.com
  20. http://www.businessmodelhub.com/forum
  21. http://seoforums.org
  22. http://www.forum.uni-hannover.de
  23. http://forums.spry.com
  24. http://forum.wordreference.com
  25. http://forum.wpde.org
  26. http://forums.allaboutjazz.com
  27. http://forums.lablit.com
  28. http://forums.foxitsoftware.com

So itโ€™s a huge list of popular and high PageRank dofollow forums to get quality backlinks and traffic to your site. Let us know if you know some more High PageRank dofollow forums by commenting below or if any of these links do not work anymore or has dropped or gain the PageRank. I am not sure if all of the forums still have dofollow attribute enables for the links as webmasters of these forums sometime disable the dofollow to prevent spamming.

If you know some other high PageRank forums with dofollow attribute in backlinks enabled, let us know them in comments.

If you really like this huge list of High PageRank dofollow enabled forums to generate backlinks from, Like it and share it with your friends as well to help them improve their sites SEO too.


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