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20+ High Quality High PR Gov Backlinks for SEO

20+ High Quality High PR Gov Backlinks for SEO
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How many backlinks pointing to your website or blog? How many of them are from .gov domain? Do you want to get a Gov backlink? If yes you are at right spot. In this post we have selected a list of valuable .gov sites to get backlinks from.


To make their SEO strong, bloggers prompt to get backlinks from high authority websites either by commenting on the post or taking part in discussion on forums. All the bloggers want, is a high PageRank website or blog with high authority domain in order to get link juice from and to get better ranking in SERPs. One of such most trusted and high authority domains are .GOV domains.

Backlinks from .Gov sites is most ignorant and unpopular method of SEO. Backlinks from .gov source has better impact on SEO as compare to all other backlinking techniques. Backlinks from .Gov domains are great source to increase Page ranking and improve domain authority.

Here is a list of 20+ High Quality High PageRank Gov sites to get backlink from:

  1. https://forums.uspsoig.gov/ucp.php?mode=register&sid=e25f36f15bcbbd109387c5f04055a9b
  2. http://www.aikencountysc.gov/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=2f0fdf4776640d182a50d7747de7f207&action=register
  3. http://community.nicic.gov/user/CreateUser.aspx
  4. http://library.blogs.delaware.gov/2011/01/11/jacksonandsharp/
  5. http://www.calepa.ca.gov/Forums/registration_rules.asp?FID=0
  6. http://community.sba.gov/user/register?destination=community
  7. http://homelessness.samhsa.gov/default.aspx
  8. http://www.tn.primrose.wi.gov/townsquare/member.php?action=register
  9. http://flyp.library.florida.gov/user/register
  10. http://gio.wi.gov/Home/tabid/94/ctl/Register/Default.aspx
  11. http://www.rib.uscourts.gov/externalkb20/Register.aspx
  12. http://community.portal.ca.gov/blog/join.aspx
  13. http://nnlm.gov/moodle/login/signup.php
  14. http://elad.lbl.gov/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&type=signup
  15. https://wiki.citizen.apps.gov/nws_developers/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&type=signup
  16. https://wiki.citizen.apps.gov/CGLIMS/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&type=signup
  17. http://www.evidencewarehouse.ocp.dc.gov/index.php?title=Special:Userlogin&type=signup
  18. https://betterbuy.fas.gsa.gov/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&type=signup&returnto=Wireless_Information
  19. http://scln.statelibrary.sc.gov/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&type=signup
  20. http://kleene.er.usgs.gov/sdct/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&type=signup
  21. http://wiki.raleighnc.gov/streetnamehistory/index.php?title=Special:Userlogin&type=signup

How to Get Backlinks from GOV Sites

Now you have a list of 20+ high PageRank and high authority .Gov sites. the question is, how to get backlinks from these Gov sites.

Here are some simple steps following which you would be able to get backlinks which are indeed really high quality backlinks

As most of these links are the forums of the Gov sites or the sign up pages. Both of these allows you to put a link in your bio or use link to your blog in signature. So sign up there, stay active on those sites or forums and use link in signature and also don’t forget to have a link to your blog in your bio.

Let make these step simple. You can get backlinks from these sites:

  • By Signing up for an account on these Gov websites
  • Have a link in your profile page or bio.
  • Stay active and take part in discussion over the forums of Gov sites
  • Have a link in your signature so when you post on forum, you’ll get a backlink

Note: Don’t worry for the backlinks either if they are dofollow or nofollow, both will certainly pass link juice to your blog or website as these Gov sites are high authority passing high quality backlink to your blog or site.


  1. I’m a new one in both blogging and seo. I know about link building but don’t know anythings. I have heard that edu. or gov. backlinks are most important. So for future i keep these link. thanks

    • Yes, .EDU and .Gov are the most worthy backlinks to get but try to get some high Quality .ORG backlinks as well to have good pagerank

      • Some seo experts told me that .org domain is not valuable for seo but you said its important. Why? Would you explain please? And thanks for share these gov backlinks.

  2. .gov backlinks are powerful and very much beneficiary for off page seo. Many thanks for high pr .gov sites list which will help me make more .gov backlink for me.

  3. which one is best for seo .gov backlinks or .edu backlinks

  4. .edu and .gov website are effective for seo offpage and it can make high quality backlink for our website but how can be make it easy to get a link..

  5. Thank YOU ! Many thanks for high pr .gov sites

  6. thank you ! great site

  7. Thank you very much for the list of sites on the domain .gov, it is very useful information

  8. Thanks for the list of .gov websites for backlink creation.
    Having backlinks from .gov domain will defiantly give a boost for our website backlink quality
    thanks 🙂

  9. .gov and .edu is most valuable backlinks. thanks for sharing is collection.

  10. Hello thanks for the links. very useful, but my question is how do I use them??
    how can I manually build links with them, pls help me out. Thank u.

  11. Thanks for sharing the links. I have tried, but it was a little disappointing, because the first three urls didnot work. But the fourth did.

    I am still a little confused about edu and gov. Which one is the most important, if there is a difference between the two. Thank you

  12. i tried most of them but i don’t know where to put my link … which easiest one of the list to get backlink ?

  13. Nice collation of .gov website list thank you. i am going to use that website for link building. it is possible to take better ranking in google.

  14. thanks for sharing the list but maybe it needs update because some links not found
    thanks again

  15. Thank you for share information. This is Very helpful.

  16. Thank you.. for the list of sites on the domain .gov, it is very useful information

  17. Really it’s best dofollow back link list you can submit your website on given url. Because of i submitted on.

  18. Thank you for the list, definitely i will use it especially domain gov and forum links.
    thank you for sharing

  19. Oh thanks a lot for the post. I only new that edu and gov links are powerful but I was thinking how can we build link there, finally I tired to find if I can build on those sites and finally I got the list. I will try on those. Thanks for sharing

  20. Excellent and useful website list. good work..

  21. Gov. backlink is so much important in order to rank web page as early as quick.

  22. thanks for these links where can i get .edu link ?

  23. All the edu link is very nice and working thanks for sharing this blog beaceuse this links is very important for blog so that the rank of site may be increase.

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