Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Summer is inevitably coming! If you want to look great, you need to pay some attention to your weight. There are always those few excessive kilograms you can look great without but you are also too lazy to get rid of. Clearly, weight loss encompasses a great number of measures, including but not limited to workouts, healthy sleep and regime, avoiding stress, attitude and, maybe, some shakes for weight loss (find out more here: However, the key constituent is your diet.

Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Loss

When it comes to diet, people often consider some horrifying options as eating only cucumbers for a week straight or cutting off all the meats and anything sweet. But that’s not the case with healthy diet plans as they always consist of a great variety of delicious and vibrant foods. It just happens so that picking the right products and meals is not that easy. We are here to help you choose the right options for your nutritionally rich diet for losing weight gradually and in a healthy way. Before we start, take a look at some of the basics of a healthy diet:

  1. Never skip breakfast. Naturally, it’s healthier to eat more in the morning and avoid eating three hours before sleep so that you get all the useful elements of your food. Eating right before you go to bed won’t let your body digest the meals properly thus you get fats and cars but pretty much no protein. Seems a huge waste, eh?
  2. Cut the portions. When you end your meal, you should feel just a little hungry. If you feel you are already full, leave the meal for later – your body knows better what’s good for you, so listen closely to it. Dividing your day ration in five to seven meals is a good idea but not obligatory to lose weight as it’s sometimes (too often) stated.
  3. Eat slowly. Do you know why Asian people are mostly skinny and fit? Yes, traditional foods and genetics play an important role. But don’t forget about the chopsticks they use instead of a standard cutlery. For example, it will take no more than five minutes to consume a bowl of soba noodles with shrimps when you use a fork. If you try to eat the same amount of food with chopsticks, you will surprisingly beat your hunger in the middle of the process. Oddly enough, overeating is a tradition in most Western countries – the tradition we don’t usually think of something existing.
  4. Quit drinking. Frequent drinking harshly affects metabolism. Likewise, binge drinking often comes alongside binge drinking. It’s also hard to concentrate on such an ambitious aim as getting fit while you are drunk three nights out of seven. Overall, drinking too much alcohol won’t let you achieve the so-wanted result. Stick to small amounts of dry wines and micro portions of such costly drinks as gin and single malt whisky. But quitting may work much better for you. It also means that you should avoid sugar fuzzy drinks and lots of coffee. Drinking the sufficient amount of fresh water and tea, juice is very important for both weight loss and a healthy lifestyle in general.
  5. Stop eating out. Cooking may seem boring. Going out for a dinner is much simples and at times even less expensive. Nonetheless, 99% of the restaurants don’t consider nutrition as something of a great importance while paying all the attention to the visual attractiveness and taste of the meals. And it totally makes sense but not if you are trying to lose weight. Cooking for yourself will allow you to get the best of all the ingredients while making foods taste just the way you want them to.

Now that you are aware of the basics, here are some of the healthy diet options full of carbs, fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins needed to maintain a nice state of your body while getting thinner. These plans work better with a proper workout plan but it’s totally up to you.

Option 1.

Breakfast – 1 bowl of oatmeal with the mix of fresh berries and 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 grapefruit, black or green tea.

Lunch – roasted chicken with herbs and veggies, fresh ciabatta (grey, 1 slice), thinly sliced apple or 1 cup of freshly squeezed apple-carrot juice with 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Supper – spinach and lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes, roasted beets, goat cheese (30 grams) dressed with juice of half a lemon and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil, water.

Snacks – mixed dried fruits (no added sugar), mixed nuts (fresh almonds and walnuts, no more than 50 grams a day), kale chips.


Option 2.

Breakfast – whites-only omelet with fresh basil, rocket and cherry tomatoes, 1 grapefruit, white or green tea.

Lunch – quinoa with soy meatballs, spinach, pumpkin seeds and yoghurt-based Aioli souse, 1 cup of freshly squeezed carrot juice with 1 teaspoon of olive oil or thin cream.

Supper – ratatouille with fresh herbs and chicken bouillon, fresh ciabatta (grey, 1 slice).

Snacks – mixed barriers (raspberries and blackberries), mixed dried fruits (no added sugar), lemon-cucumber water.


Option 3.

Breakfast – 1 cup of green smoothie (spinach, kale, broccoli, parsley), grey ciabatta toast with half an avocado and tomatoes, green or white tea.

Lunch –vegetable bullion with herbs, 100 grams of boiled or steamed tilapia or grilled squid, 1 cup of freshly squeezed beet juice.

Supper – Mexican-style vegetables and chicken wrap with think sour cream and lime juice dressing, coriander, parsley, water.

Snacks – vegan brownies, coconut water, mixed nuts (fresh almonds and walnuts, no more than 50 grams a day), lavash chips.

These options are just the outlines of all the beautiful and exciting meals you can have as a part of a healthy diet plan. The most important recommendation here is to stick to sugar-free and low-fat products while healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates can be found in such products as avocado, fruits, porridges, fish, white meats, grey bread, nuts, natural dairy products etc. And always stay hydrated! Eating heathy can be a lot of fun!

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Main reasons you can’t get a girlfriend

There is a reason basically for everything, including figuring out why you can’t finally land a fine girlfriend which isn’t always that easy. What’s more, if you already knew why, you would not come there, right? So how can a nice guy get a girlfriend? To resolve that mystery we’re going to uncover oodles of different common reasons why you appear to be having some serious trouble in the hunt for girls, so you can make positive changes after all. Because you have to understand why you are having issues in order to make up a plan to break through your boundaries and find an ultimate solution.

1. You’re too picky

Chances are you have actually been inspecting too many Victoria Secret magazines and those have painted an unrealistic concept of the perfect girl for you in your mind. Chasing too many features or parameters is going to set you up to failure. Get real and you’ll figure out how you can get a girlfriend. Make a step outside your habitual comfort zone and take a second look at a girl that was not previously fitting your perfect picture. You’ll never know until you try.

2. Quitters never win

If you’re the type of guy that gives up too soon, there’s small wonder you still don’t have a girlfriend. Flexibility is gold when it comes to dating and relationship department. Ask a lady out and if she will politely tell you to get the hell out, don’t force. Your choice is not limited with exactly that one. Ask another girl out and remember to have a little patience and persistence. In the end, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to actually get a girl.

3. You let in your insecurities

Everyone has things they aren’t proud of and some things that just need to be accepted if they can’t be changed. Maybe you got a scar that is pretty visible, so all you have to do about it is to just get over that one. But if you are a bit overweight, you can make that issue dissolve and lose weight to gain more self-esteem. Regardless, you are who you are and if you don’t learn to love yourself, you can never make others do. Everyone has certain drawbacks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a girlfriend. Take a glance around you. Happy couples come in all shapes and sizes. Stop allowing your insecurities to be your excuse.

4. You feel lost in a crowd

If the reason of “why can’t I get a girlfriend” lies precisely in your inability to be the guy that hangs out with cool and popular dudes, you will be last in the line for getting a girl. So if the guys around you are shining brighter – your precious personality will never been seen much less valued. You will never ever in a billion years get a decent girlfriend, if all the chatters are only about the friends you’re with. Some stuff to think about, huh?

5. You’re not ballsy enough to say it how it is

To all the boys out there! If you miss the nuts to actually let a girl know you are interested in being more than just friends, you risk the possibility of only being friendzoned and nothing more. What you HAVE to do is move straight to the subject and tell a girl you want to date her and that you want her to be your chick. When saying this, she will either be head over heels astonished or… she won’t. Don’t you want to find it out?

6. You’re out of shape pretty bad

An answer to “how can I get a girlfriend” does not suppose you to be pumped up and have a full six-pack! What it does mean is that you should work out your beer belly and you make an effort to gain some muscle mass. That is super hot, don’t you think so?! You don’t have to be like Dwayne Johnson, but you certainly need to get in shape. Because when you have some relief muscles, you are showing her you care about your body and that will turn to your advantage when you are focused on getting a girl. Slobs get lost!

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How to Browse and Download Anonymously

Download Torrents in Anonymously

As there is an exponentially increasing amount of content on the internet there is an increasing need to browse the web anonymously. The sad part about privacy in a world where so much is public is that privacy is slowly eroding. What was once the sort of thing that would be private, has now become fair game for public discourse. Sex, religion, politics, all of the things that were once considered impolite in friendly conversation are no longer taboo.

anonymous surfing browsers

Unfortunately this lowered expectation has worked its way into everyone’s’ lives. This degradation of discretion has created a working environment where every keystroke an employee makes can be scrutinized without so much as a conversation. The good news is when you are working from home or traveling, but still have to rely on your companies software there are ways out. You can browse the web as privately as you like, anywhere in the world.


How to Browse the web anonymously

There are two competing but complimentary ways that this is accomplished.

1. Proxy Server

First and easiest is the proxy server. Proxies are one of the oldest ways to stay anonymous online. They are used the world over by anyone who has something they need to share but fear reprisal. They are also used for more mundane reasons like personal discretion. When we punch out at the end of the day we shouldn’t be expected to act like we would between 9 and 5. In this world of blended privacy you have every reason to want to keep what you do at home and what you do at work separate.

A proxy can give you this division and allow you to stay anonymous. A proxy is the quickest and cheapest way to make sure that when you are doing online gaming or other activity that wouldn’t be considered work safe, you can without professional retribution. The dedicated proxies are unobtrusive ways to do just that. They are far from perfect and some are better than others but they are typically provided less cost than others.

2. VPN Server

The second most popular method is a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is a little less ubiquitous than it’s far more popular predecessor. VPN’s are a bit more heavy duty. They are often a premium service of a proxy server and they are far more advanced in what they offer. VPN’s can provide you with faster speeds, more security, and a more reliable network. They provide a custom experience so that you can be as involved in it as you feel you need to. VPN’s really shine when it comes to cloud networking and multitasking as the servers tend to be more dynamic then proxies.

You should never have to feel boxed in when you are online. The internet needs to continue in its constantly growing and changing pattern. As the world becomes more global staying anonymous online is but one more step. You can truly feel free when you are at your most fearless, and when you are protected by the anonymity software that is available to you, you have nothing to fear.


How to Download Anonymously

Downloading on the internet is an interesting topic. There are those that call it piracy, copyright infringement, and just plain stealing. There are just as many that avidly support it, saying that it helps artists – not hurts them, that media corporations are already over charging and those that download movies and music from torrents and over P2P wouldn’t go out an buy the stuff anyway.

Download Torrents in Anonymously

They also say that there’s no way to control it, and laws trying to stop such activity are going to “break the internet”, killing sites like YouTube and Facebook, and other sites promoting creativity.  Perhaps most users don’t think about it too much, and just download online hoping that no one’s watching.

Whatever your take on it is, many countries are starting to crack down on downloading sites, especially P2P and torrent sites.  The US, The UK, New Zealand, and Australia are slowly passing more and more law protecting the copyrights of the media you download, and finding more ways to catch and prosecute the offenders.  This is why anonymous downloading is gaining popularity. VPNs for torrenting are one of the best way to download anonymously online with Reliable, Legal, and Fast.


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Current Era of Writing and Publishing

Writing is a process of providing and circulating kinds of literature or books publisher. Publishing involves the phases of the order, growth, graphic style, duplicate and editing, and printing. In addition, it requires advertising, generation and distribution of publications, book, magazines in addition to software, audio operates, fictional operates and different operates related to information. With the arrival of web and some digital data programs, the range of publishing is widened to digital resources such as the digital types of periodicals and publications along with game titles, websites and websites.
Image result for publishers and digital agencies

It is the publisher that frequently regulates the marketing and other marketing jobs but it can subcontract numerous features of the process to be able to specialist author advertising agencies. In many companies, up structure models, proofreading, editing and different top features of production procedures are made by freelancers.

Devoted in-home salespeople are seldom replaced by some firms that concentrate in sales up to sequence shops, merchants and bookshops for a fee. That style is accelerating as supermarkets and guide chains have centralized their offering techniques.

Mirror writing is known as one that constricts with authors, despite the marketability and quality of these work. Mirror squeezes also call themselves subsidy or joint venture presses. Nevertheless, in these mirror press agreements, the writer undertakes all of the dangers and pays all the costs of publication.

There are lots of publishing firms that are available round the world. An example could be the Whitston Publishing Company. Whitston centers on writing riction, non-fiction, classic re-issues, research products and anthology works. The business publishes the best quality items for experts, scholars, pupils, libraries and persons who have curiosity about the subject parts covered.

Writing Organization is really a full-service and modern publishing company. The business employs the current technology that provides supreme quality printing distribution along with an electronic version of papers published. This business gives legal and technical modifying solutions along with knowledge modification to some organizations. It also offers most of the holding, storage, making and distribution services. This really is for the products and codes. The company can offer Web hosting of community rules; plus, different documents and hosts that create little community websites.

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The latest Update of WhatsApp assists you to use read Siri messages

WhatsApp assists Siri

The apple iPhone has a new update called as Siri and therefore talking to the Siri computer program is a simpler and faster way to get the things easy. Its forever with you on your apple iPhone, iPod, Mac and the Apple Watch, therefore, it is ready to assist all over your day. Ask the Siri to set an alarm or Play a song or a voicemail. Send a call or a love note to anyone. And the more you use the Siri, the good it knows what you want at any moment of the life. Just say it to the Siri and Siri does it for you.

WhatsApp assists Siri

Here Siri is the name of personal digital assistant for the apple company. Its normal voice manage that the talks back to you, that know about the relationships and the context, and with traits straight out of the Pixar. Ask the Siri queries, or just ask the Siri to do belongings for you, just like you would ask an actual assistant, and the Siri will assist to keep you connected, conversant, in the correct place, and on the time. You can even use to build in dictation specification of the Siri to get in the text around everywhere by easily using your voice.

How to set up, safe, and begin using the Siri:

While in most of the cases you can begin by using the Siri right out of the box, in some of the cases you may have to authorize it first. There are also few settings that you can configure in your phone which including the ways to build the Siri safer. Since the Siri can, if you pick, ignore your PIN lock and bring to your phone contacts and the another data, you should verify out all your choices and make sure you select whatever combine of the convenience and the protection which makes the most sense to you and to the phone. You can also modify the language of the Siri which can control when you listen to the Siri and even adapted absolute settings on your iPhone and the iPad, all with the sound of your own voice.

How to check with Siri and how it helps for the people:

Not only can you command texts, emails, and more to the Siri, you can also have Siri carry you up to date on arriving notifications on your iPhone or an iPad. If you are driving and receive a normal message, alternatively of taking your hands off the wheel and by just have the Siri to read the text message for you. The same things which are hold you to the right for the emails and more supportive options.

A new WhatsApp application which updates on the iOS is now granting the Apple users to ask the Siri to learn out their new update of WhatsApp messages.

The nearby new specifications which came into view on Whatsapp update version 2.17.20. The update of the WhatsApp is 88.8MB in size and is ready on the App store or play store.

WhatsApp application had already granted the Apple users to bring under control or to send WhatsApp text message via calling out Siri.

The important thing of the WhatsApp application update is the latest feature that lets you call for Siri to read the messages of yours. If your mobile phone is on the table, and you are feeling too inactive to pick it up, you can easily say Hey Siri and ask by Reading my last WhatsApp text message. Therefore the Siri narrate you who to sent the last text message, and reads it to you. Siri also asks you if you need to answer to the text message, and you can command your reply.

WhatsApp application on the last day of the week launched the latest update for the iPhone user, which carry some nifty small visual advancement along with the capability to have the Siri read out your new text messages. The new WhatsApp update version v2.17.2 is now ready through the App Store.

The new version of the WhatsApp application, which is around 89MB in size, focus the four key updates and you can demand the Siri to read out your new text messages; visual advancements to the Calls tab, Contact info of yours, and the Group info of the screens; capability to choose the various statuses at once in the My Updates screen of the phone which you can onward and remove the data; and hold up for the Persian language.

New Updating:

By talking about the Siri accompanying update, WhatsApp application before lets you belong to and therefore sends the WhatsApp text messages via Siri. The latest update knows allow Siri to read out your new messages to your hands-free moment, which will come in easy to use when you are in driving, for instance.

The range of capabilities only works if you have few unread text messages. Say something like Hey Siri, read my last WhatsApp text message and therefore the Siri will read out the latest text messages which arrived on your phone to you and will then responsive you to belong to a reply. You can then select to reply to the text message by composing it to the Siri. We tried the latest feature and it looking to work as promised. You should also observe that once Siri has read your new messages, it would not to be able to read it repeat the next time. Furthermore, this specification will only work for the users who are having the version iOS 10.3 plus.

The WhatsApp application new update also carries few visual modifications to the Calls tab, Contact info of yours, and Group info screens on your phones. On beginning any sole of the screens, you will notice that the screen display pictures add to as you scroll down, and the different options below have colorful icons after that to them for few added flavor to what was in another way a fairly dull blend.

The update of the WhatsApp also lets you choose the various statuses in the My Update section of the app which you can ahead or remove the data from that, a modernized just by two-step verification on your interface which cause it simpler to set up and the camera function of your phone and therefore now keep in mind the lens you used in last of front or back. As by specified by earlier, WhatsApp application has also additional support for the Persian language on your phone with the new update to its iPhone application.

As for concluding that the important point of the application update is the latest feature and how it helps the user by that lets you demand the Siri read your text messages in your WhatsApp application. If your mobile phone is on the table, and you are feeling not good to pick it up or reply, you can just by saying Hey Siri and ask, Read my last WhatsApp text message. At the same time, the Siri inform you who sent the last message to you and reads it what the matter to you. Siri also demands you if you need to reply to the text message, and you can command your reply. Thus, therefore, this will help the user in many ways.

About the Author:

Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dectar a well known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Scimbo – Whatsapp Clone Script. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

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Best Free Movie Apps for Smartphones Updated 2017


For movies lover, here we are going to list the top 15 best free movie apps for smartphone. Since smartphones are now part of our life, we use to watch live sports streaming, dramas, TV serials, shows and movies on these high-end devices. However these devices are difficult to browse movies and TV shows using a browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox) as we do on computer or laptops but thanks to smartphones application or simply apps, this is not a big issue now.


There are thousands of apps available in app store or play store for almost every task. Whether it is learning, fun, entertainments, finance or health, there must be an app for that. Same is true for watching movies. There are thousands of available apps to watch movies for free. Some of them also let the user to save these movies for offline use. So let’s starts with the number one in the list.

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1. MegaBox HD

MegaBox is a free android movie app that let the user to enjoy free movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. This app stream in two different qualities; the 720p HD and relatively low 360p quality streaming. MegaBox HD is for now only available to Android users, we are expecting it launch for Apple users as well. This brilliant app is free to download and required 1.8 MB of space in your smartphone. Once downloaded it will let you enjoy your favorite movie in real HD.


2. CinemaBox

An advanced version of PlayBox HD, CinemaBox is a versatile app that has several unique features. Cinema Box movie app let you save and play videos for offline mode, have a kid mode, subtitle supports and Chrome Cast support. All these features make the app number one in Play store as well as in Apple iTunes.

3. Newest Movie HD

As its name suggest, Newest Movie HD is one of its kind movie app that let you watch the newly released movies from Hollywood and Bollywood on your smartphone. Along with newest movies, this app also brings the vintage movies to your phone on demand. The offline mode is there where you can download movies in your phone. Newest movie HD sorts the movies according to its date of release, genre and language.

4. Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie Box brings the box office top movies to your phone with just a few touches of finger. Downloading this app in your smartphone will connect you to the world of entertainment where you can enjoy the latest and old movies in English, Hindi and other foreign languages. This app is currently for iPhone users but soon android users will get this app from Play store. Bobby Movie Box playsmovies and videos in 720pHD.

5. Flipps HD

With Flipps HD movie app, smartphone users can watch any of required movies instantly with a few touches over screen. The app features latest and most popular movies on the home screen. The search bar is there to search for your desire movie. Tag section of the app let you explore further movies based on the categories, language, Genre and the film industry. With Flipps HD, you can also enjoy music as this app also allows you to listen to the latest movies songs. The streaming quality of this movie app, as its name suggest is HD. This app allow downloading of movies to watch it offline.

One of the unique features of Flipps HD movie app is that it let you watch movies over TV or the big screen. To do so, all you need is to connect your smartphone to the TV and hit the transmission button on the app screen. You can then watch the movie on the bigger screen and since the quality is HD, there will be no resolution issue.


6. Crackle

One of the best movies streaming apps that I’ve used in past and hence included it in my post. The app works efficiently without any freeze or hanging issue. The quality of streaming is good so the sound quality is. This app brings the latest movie watching features and let you surpass the complicated procedure of movie watching over internet.  This app, just like other apps in the list also let you stream media files over TV and play movies on the big screen or home theater.

7. ViewSter

ViewSter is a free movies streaming site where you can watch your favorite movie. To make their presence on smartphone and high-end mobile devices, this website has developed an app for users, the ViewSter. Similar to the website, ViewSter movie app let you watch movies and download it for later use. The app has an edge over other smartphone movies app by sharing TV shows, drama serials and realty shows. This app didn’t require any account or log in and all you need is to download this app for free, install it on mobile and watch movies on the go.

viewSter is among the few apps in the app store that is compatible with ChromCast. This feature let you enjoy the movies over the big screen of TV.

A little drawback of this app is that it slowdown the smartphone by consuming most of the RAM. This sometime freezes the movie in the mid or slow down the movie streaming speed. To work smoothly, this app requires phone with higher configuration RAM, Processing speed and resolution. The freezing issue is addressed to the developer and they will soon fix it in next updates.

For Android

For iOS

8. ShowBox

For those who love to watch movies, dramas, TV serials and shows on Smartphone, ShowBox is the app of choice. We have chosen this app from thousands other because it is easy to use and has indexed thousands of films. This app could bring movies from 1970s  as well as the recent movies of 2017. As far as the language is concerned, the app mainly support English but also hosted foreign languages movies especially Hindi movies from Bollywood. Its ease of use and user-friendly interface make the app most popular among the movies lovers. The quality of streaming is high and so the voice quality.  You can enjoy full HD movies of 1080p without any hassle.

Download ShowBox

9. Hubi

When speaking about Hubi, you can call it the best utility to watch movies online on mobile phones. This Smartphone app let you surf through the ocean of thousands beautiful films and series from all genre and different languages. You can find Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi or Chinese and lots of more with this little app. Hubi is not just a movie watching app but it is intended to replace many apps like video downloading and converting apps. Hubi let you download any of the video from any source to save it in disk and watch it later.

Hubi movie app comes in Free and Paid version where there is some ads in the free version and a little compromise on the quality of streaming. The paid version is ad-free and you can watch movies in real HD with stunning graphics and sound.

Download Hubi


10. Yidio

For no doubt, Yidio is one of the best movies app but put at the bottom of the list because of two reason. The paid version is a bit costly and the free version has plenty of ads that you have to face while watching movie. It is not free at all but still provide you most of the movies for free. However you can rent any movie on-demand.

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Top 30 Best Torrent (Torrenz) Search Engines and Sites

Best Torrent Search Engines and Sites

Most of the people are already using torrent websites to download movies, software, books and other premium stuff or tools. Few of these files are shared legally and are free to use, access or re-distribute. These premium stuffs, books or software are expensive which you have to buy from market. If you don’t know about the torrent or have not used the torrent before to download files, see the section below.

What is Torrent (Torrenz)?

For those who don’t know about torrenz file or torrent sites, here is a quick review of that. A torrent file is actually link to a file that is located on a distended PC. Torrent which is sometime referred as Torrenz or Bittorrent is a set protocol over internet where the users or PCs can share files with each other. The connecting PCs or users are known as Peer so the whole process is sometime called as Peer-to-Peer or P2P. Unlike traditional method of file downloading where the file is being uploaded to and downloaded from server, in torrent, the file is actually hosted or located in the PC and is directly accessed and downloads from that PC. The file might be a Hollywood movie, a TV show, graphic software, an anti-virus or a book. Torrent websites are collecting these torrent files or uploading it to their server. Users can download these files and then via torrent client, connect to the server where the desired file is located.

How Torentz Works?

Torentz file is just a locator which when open via torrent client, initiates the transfer of movies or something to the requested PC. There are many torrent clients that can be used to open and then access the file. Commonly using torrent clients are Vuze, Bittorrent, uTorrent and BitComet.These torrent clients usetorrent trackers to connect to peer computerand make the downloading fast. The file that is required is downloaded in chunks or pieces which is then reassembled into one by torrent tracker or by the torrent client.

Is torrenting legal?

While torrenting is considered as an illegal process or unlawful, there are many legal uses of torrenting (sharing or downloading via torrent).There are conditions the distribution of copyrighted material or their parts are legal. These including

  • File under Creative Commons (cc) are free to use by anyone so can be shared or put for downloading via torrenting.
  • Software or tools that give permissions of Fair Use are also legal to download or share via torrents sites. The original author or developer must be credited.
  • Works that are in Public domain are not subjected to copyright law and therefore can be redistributed via torrent.


What is Torrent Search Engine?

A torrent search engine is actually a torrent Meta-search engine which indexes other torrent websites and their content like torrent files of movies but do not actually host these files. While searching for a file or movie via torrent search engine like Torentz eu or, these sites will return the download link to the file or to the webpage where the torrent file exists.


Disclaimer:Note that using torrent for downloading illegal or copyrighted material is illegal by all. Sites sharing such illegal stuff are banned in many countries like USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia and Germany. Many sites got banned worldwide because their domains are seized by Law enforcement agencies or Department of Justice. A recent example of such closer is Kickasstorrents and the use torrent to download legal stuff only that are either on Public domain or Creative Commons


Best Torrent (Torrenz) Search Engines and Sites

Following are some of the best torrenz search engines sites. The List is updated and the banned, shut-downed torentz sites are being removed.

S# Torrent Site Specialty Alexa Rank Support Status
1. Pirate Bay All files 209 Yes Live
2. TorrentZ Torrent Search Engine 140 No Dead
3. Kickass All files 226 Yes Dead
4. Extratorrent All files 670 Yes Live
5. YTS Movies 850 Yes Live
6. Anime 2,190 Yes Live
7. ezTV TV Shows 55,987 Yes Live
8. Isohunt All files (.iso) 1,134 Yes Live
9. Iptorrents All files 105,343 Yes Live
10. Bitsnoop All files 5,435 Yes Live
11. TorrentR All files 65,309 Yes Live
12. Torrentleech TV shows 84,501 Yes Live
13. H33t All files 1,340 Yes Dead
14. Torrentproject All files 6,798 Yes Live
15. Yourbittorrent All files 1,10,327 Yes Live
16. Asiatorrents Asian Movies 1,46,221 Yes Live
17. Btdigg All files 78,943 No Dead
18. Music Albums 2,05,167 Yes Live
19. Broadcasthe TV Series 96,056 Yes Live
20. Revolutiontt All files 1,12,987 No Live
21. Mininova Legal Torrents 61,098 Yes Live
22. Bt-chat Non-specific 3,23,065 Yes Dead
23. Sceneaccess Movies torrent 2,09,287 Yes Live
24. Torrentus All categories 3,43,119 Yes Live
25. Anonamouse eBooks and journals 1,15,665 Yes Live
26. Animesuki Anime torrent 2,90,832 Yes Live
27. Movies torrent 90,198 Yes Live
28. Mamega All categories 2,65,387 Yes Dead
29. Trancetraffic TV series and movies 1,94,523 No Live
30. Bitmetv TV shows 1,56,761 Yes Live
31. Blackcats Video Games 2,84,345 Yes Live

Best Torrent Search Engines and Sites

Selected Torrent Search Engine and Sites List

From the above given list of torrent search engines and torrent websites, here we are going to review the top 10 websites. The link is giving along the website name for reference only; we are not promoting any of these sites or the torrenting process at all.

1. Torrentz / Torentz

Torrentz is a torrent search engine which got popular last year due to closure of some famous torrent sites. Torrentz itself emerges with numerous extensions like,, and The search engine was accessed by millions of visitors daily to find and download their favorite movies, books or required software. actually indexes other torrent websites like Bitsnoop, The Piratebay, Kickasstorrents and lime torrent. The site then reproduces the links to torrent files from these websites to the visitors


2. Kickass torrents (KAT)

Kickasstorrents is the major torrent downloading website of the era. Came into existence in 2007, KAT faces many ups and downs to reach to the top of the all torrent websites. This site provides files from all categories but kickass movies torrents are the popular and most searched item over

3. ThePirateBay TPB

ThePiratebay can be said as the pioneer of torrenting in the millennium. The site faces ban in many countires but is now fully functional under domain. Millions of people use this mega-torrent website to get their desired software, ebook, movie or audio files. Unlike other torrent websites, TPB uses magnet links to the file which can be fetch via torrent client like BitTorrent or uTorrent.

4. Isohunt is reviewed here because of one of its unique feature and that is, the .iso files. Iso hunt return back the results in the form of ISO files. These iso files can be open via MagicIso or other software. Almost files from every category can be found and downloaded there.

5. Bitsnoop

We personally like Bitsnoop for a few reasons. The major one is its simple interface where one can easily locate and download the torrent file on the page. The site has fewer ads. It allows you to comment the status of downloaded file and also to seed or leech a file.

6. Welltorrent (free movies torrent)

Well torrent ( is a free movies torrent website that is relatively new but has a large database of movies, tv shows, drama serials. Welltorrent uploads movies torrents files of Hollywood, Bollywood and other film industries in English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and Punjabi languages. You can request a movie torrent as they provide torrents on demand.



Welltorrent | Free Movies Torrents



So fan of Torrenz websites and torrenting, hope that we have covered the torrenting giants and search engine. The above list of torentz website however need addition from your side. So if you thinks that there is something lacking in the list or if you want to add your favorite torrnez site, please let us know in comments. We will add it later to the list of torrent search engine.

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Top 10 Websites to Download Free Movies Torrents

movies torrent sites

We already have reviewed the top websites to watch movies online; here we are going to cover the movies torrent websites where you can actually download movies for free. There are thousands of torrenting websites including Kickass torrent, Torrentz2, the Pirate Bay etc. but these are general torrent websites where you can download anything, any file and are not actually specific for downloading torrent movies.

To make it easy for our visitors and for those want to download movies torrents, we have compiled a list of torrent sites which are best for downloading movies torrent. These site has organized the structure and interface in such way that facilitate the visitors to easily locate and download movies torrents.


Websites to Download Free Movies Torrents


Our first best movie torrents site is the When visiting the site for the first time, the visitor really surprise with the great look and feel of this movie torrenting website. The homepage of YTS has several sections which included the latest movies, most popular movies, featured movies, most downloaded movies etc. This cool torrent website also organizes movies on the basis of Genre like Action, Adventure, Science Fiction or Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama, Suspense and comedy. This site serves as my favorite place to download Hollywood movies torrent as well as torrents of Bollywood movies.

There are 6 to 8 movies in each section on the front page but this didn’t mean that YTS has limited database of movies. The sites hosted thousands of videos and TV shows from different film industries. Clicking on any of the section will reveals more videos on internal pages, each with its Cover photo, title, description and the year of it production.Hitting a specific movie title link or the cover photo will lead you to the main page where a movie torrent file is actually located.Download the movies torrent file from here based on it health, seeds and leeches. Picking a file with good health will transfer to your PC fast.


2. is a large website for downloading torrent movies for free. This site is online since 2012 and till now, houses thousands of Hollywood movies, Indian movies from Bollywood, TV shows and Serials like Game of Thrones, CID Encounter, Breaking Bad and Big Boss etc. This website is being included in the list for the following reasons

Things Users love about

  • Allow you download movies torrent
  • Organizes the torrent files according to their health, date and rating
  • Let you download English movies from Hollywood as well as foreign language movies from Bollywood
  • User friendly interface, easy to locate movies based on genre
  • Have search bar which let you search the website

Things User Don’t likeabout

  • Have ads that are misleading
  • Can be confused among the actual torrent link and ad banner
  • Slow loading time
  • Specific only to movies
  • Can face ban sooner or later like Kickass torrent or is a similar to that of It resembles greatly the first listed website in the list. Not only in look and feel but yify-torrent .org has same amount of movies torrent as the first one provides. isn’t new onebut did already prove itself by serving thousands of movie torrents seekers daily. Great resource of online movies downloading site with ease of use and access made this site to be in our list.

Another great online source to download movies is The site is however not specific to download torrent files but also let the user to directly download the movies from file sharing sites like Mediafire, 4Shared, and Mega Share etc. Here you can found almost any video or movie that is being produce in 2016. This site also achieved vintage movies from 1980s, and 90s. The site has arranged the movies files and the torrent files according to the date it uploaded, the type, the genre, language, film industry as well as the most popular of the time.


HD Torrent Movies [dot] com, as its name suggest let the users to download movies in HD, the .mkv format as well as the low quality mp4 files. The site uploads torrents movie files according to the health status and the number of leeches and seeds. Files with low health status or less seeds are usually ignored or being placed in lower position.


Just like other sites reviewed above, this site also let the user to download movies file via Bittorrent or uTorrent client.Well torrent is not only hosting movies but it also uploaded TV shows and serials. The seeds and leeches of a torrent file are also mentioned along the file label and let the user know about the health status. The more the health of a file, the more quickly it will transfer to your PC.


Torrent site is similar to and it allows the users to search a specific move by title, year and language. This torrent site hosted Dual languages or dubbed English movies in Hindi and vice versa.

8. comes with great features that make it easy to find the torrent files of movies. Sorted by genre, language and date of uploading, the movies are categories in a user-friendly way.


Now let us disclosed a site that is a platform of movies; a website with thousands of new and old movies, VPPV Movies. This site allows the user to register and upload a movie as well as download a favorite one. The community support on forum of this website is a great and handy tool which would be helpful in the time of need or where assistance is required. Here users demand for a specific movie and other publish the link where it can be downloaded.


Movie Magnet [dot] Net is the last in the list but it didn’t mean that this site is not of that level. The site popularity can be determined by thousands of its daily visitors who are looking for their specific movie. Downloading movie with is a great fun and furious.

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